Monday, December 14, 2009

A Good Experience

Last week Wednesday (9/12) i took half day leave and brought my sons for CASTING. Yes, you read it correct, i bring my sons for casting!

Week before when i "hunting" some gifts at ToyRyus @ Bangsar Village, two malay young ladies approach me, and give me a flyer, asking me how old is my boys, i am a bit puzzle and still thinking what this two ladies want. They explain to me, they are from Chili Pepper Film House, they are looking for boys who is age from 3-6 ,able to speak, asian look, no camera shy, to participate in the advertisement for Enfagrow.

I told her i will think about it (knowing that my boys won't get it). After thinking for few days, i said to myself why not i just sent them for casting, at least give them a chance to try and gain some experience, it will be quite fun. ( Not that i so desperate want to become a "sin ma") hahahhahahahahha

Since i still got some annual leave to clear, i decide to take half day leave on Wednesday and bring them to cast. Reach there, my boys are the only two for casting on that day (they give a week time for parent who wish to bring the kids over for casting). At first my boys still behave a bit, after she saw the lady who set up the camera, they start their "monkeying", Cruz facing the camera do all the funny faces, monster faces, while Fearles stand behind the camera and giggle non stop. I really scare my two boys knocked the camera down.

I ask Fearles to go first but Cruz said he want to go first. Cruz didn't feel shy at all in front of the camera, he cannot stand still, walk front walk back, turn here and there. The lady who cast them got a hard time to ask Cruz to stand still. Then the lady ask some questions,

What is your name? Cruz Lee (suppose to answer as My name is Cruz Lee)

How old are you? 4 years old ( suppose to answer as I am 4 years old)

What is your favourite food? MCD!!

What is your favourite colour? Black colour

What is your favourite cartoon? Batman!!

After that, the lady ask Cruz to do some face expression, happy face, angry face, sad face and shock face. hahahhahah..he manage to do a few, but to me all looks like happy face! Then, Cruz has to follow the lady read some script and with action, (story is about to make pumpkin soup)..Cruz can follow what the lady said and do with action, but he talk too soft, so the lady have to take a few re-take. Till the last, Cruz got no patient, he just stand there, when the lady said can do one more last time?? He shake his head and said "NO"! *pengsan*!!

Fearles turn...he got the same questions and have to do all the same.

What is your name? Fearles Lee (again, suppose to answer - My name is Fearles Lee)

How old are you? 4 years old (again, suppose to answer - I am 4 years old)

What is your favourite food? *Fearles stand there and smile, don't know how to answer, my keepo Cruz, quickly run in front and WHISPER on Fearles's ear and said "MCD"!!!!

Ah! I got no eye see, everyone at the back is laughing (at that time there are some sexy and pretty "mat salleh" ladies at back waiting for their turn for casting) I have quickly pull Cruz back to the back of the camera, and told him cannot disturb Fearles.

What is your favourite colour? Red colour.

What is your favourite cartoon? *Fearles smilling again and not answering* Cruz answer at the back saying "SPIDERMAN"!!

Those with Cruz's answer on behalf, have to re-take the shoot again. :(

When ask Fearles to do the face expression, happy face, angry face, sad face and shock face, all he does was "SMILLING FACE"!! hahahahhahahhahahhahahah

Come to the script, he can read very loud but cannot do the action. hahahhahahah

Stress?? hahahahah, when one do the casting, i have to stop the other one by running around or running to front of the camera.

If my boys don't get it, i'm happy also, it's a good exposure for them and for myself too.

It took only about 1/2 hour to cast, reached home, three of us are so tired and had a two hours nap!! HAHAHAHAH

before casting, start "monkeying" first....

while the lady do the setting, see what is Cruz doing?? *slap forehead*

my two naughty boys with cheeky face

Cruz try to be serious a bit..

his lately "monster look" *pengsan*

after get the "warning" from me, he behave a bit...

Fearles with "shy shy" smile...

Fearles with more "serious" face compare to Cruz..


eugene said...

If the casting is a success,please let us know ya, by the way, who knows this could be the start of great things to come or some sort of Tom Cruz in the making.

Never know,but at least the courage to try is applaudable and you did a great job for the effort.

take care now and have a great week ahead

Irene said...

chewah, yr twins is going to be celebrity! enfa kids! hehehe...

mommy to chumsy said... much fun!!! yes, very good exposure. i hope the boys will picked and we can see them on tv ;) now, i can call you "Sing Ma"? *runs away quickly*

lyncpf513 said...

Hahahahahhaah Annie, your boys are really really farnee!!! whether they are chosen or not, I bet they have some how "entertained" the lady there..

michelle@mybabybay said...

Did they get any part? Sounds like a good experience.

coffeesncookies said...

You know what ? I really think they should do an ad with both Fearles and Cruz in it and with Cruz always cutting in to answer for Fearles, sooo cute.
Hey,you gel-ed up their hair ? Very yau ying wor...pedst

MK mummy said...

good exposure for them. sure they enjoyed the process.

Cynthia said...

so funny with your writings.. and if they get in, will surely bring lots of laugh to the other.. :D

suituapui said...

There's no business like show business. Wishing them good luck! They're so cute... So nice to live in the city with all these opportunities!

Sasha said...

Eh can i go ask them to give me signature first ah? Sekali get edi, ... fuiyoh.. celebrity! and u SING MAH! hahah

jazzmint said...

haha i like their monkey face in front of the camera LOL

khongfamily said...

Wahh..soon they will be super stars...hehe. Brae was supposed to go for the casting for this ad too but then we couldn't locate the production house, therefore we skipped. I was surprised they still haven't found anyone for this ad yet.

etceteramommy said...

It is indeed a good experience!! They both have unique personalities in each of them. I'm sure the Directors would be impressed!!

Angeleyes said...

I hope your boys got the chance to star in the advert!!!!!

Lil' Monsters, Inc. said...

Hope they get it, that would be so cool rite? I know a parents whose 3 girls r earning mega bucks for their college funds, so no harm being 'meng sing'!

Health Freak Mommy said...

I hope your boys will get selected. If they do, you will be a celebrity's mum, woooo!

2ma said...

wow, this is indeed a great experience for the boys and yourself!!! i hope the boys will be chosen!!!

LittleLamb said...

so how is it? did the company call u back?????

slavemom said...

It's really good that they're not afraid to stand in front of the camera n strangers. They seem to be having lots of fun during the casting. And "entertaining" others too. :) Good luck!

jacss said...

haha annie, this brings back memories to me too.
i bet if yr boys r selected... u'll be very happy :D

my boys had casting too, not just once but twice, blek...d crew came to their kindy to find kids, haha

but then i think any director would freak out having to deal with difficult boys like mine...they just wouldn't cooperate & kept making FUN..sigh!
so we gave up..enuf of casting them, LOL!

good luck ya

twin said...

yea its a good exposure for them and cruz is so comical .. hehehhe.

IMMomsDaughter said...

If your twins get selected, don't forget to get them to sign autographs for me ;)