Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today is MY DAY

I am one year older today!! Yes, i am very old, i can see a big 4 just another 3 miles from me! hahahahahahhaha

Today just a normal day for me, except receive a lot sms, wishes on FB, msn and IM, i feel so warm and so loved. Thanks for the birthday wish, presents, dinner and the lovely cake!

Well, everyone sure will ask, how i am going to celebrate it tonight, since chinese new year is round the corner, hub is busy with his work till late at night, so i won't ask him to buy me dinner tonight, maybe will have a belated dinner during chinese new year.

Last two days, actually me and my biz partner and ex colleagues from previous co have a small gathering cum chinese new year "lou sang" dinner @ Supertanker Restaurant at Damansara Kim. Ending part it turn out a surprise birthday celebration for me! Who is the head in "crime"? No other than my biz partner - Vivian. We had the normal 8 course chinese dinner, during dessert time, waiter carry out a very "cute" cake and put in front of me, i got stunned a while, as i thought, why the dessert had change, because last sunday i just had dinner with family in the same restaurant and with the same dishes, and i know what the dessert is. I was starring at the jelly cake before read the "Happy Birthday" wording on the cake. When i read it, i was like "OMG!!! It's my birthday cake!!!" Suddenly i feel so so shy!! I mean if just among a few of our usual gang i still feel ok, but with some ex manager from the co, i was so shy, and two of my ex boss was there too!!
Yes, Vivian being very naughty, she actually brought the exact amount of candles of my age. I stop her to put all the candles on the cake, i just put three big one. :) They all sing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" song in a packed restaurant!!! I feel happy, surprise and embarrasing too! Can said is a mixed feeling? They pass me the present and card.

Well, i have to said a big Thanks to Vivian and some partners in "crime" for arrange such a surprise birthday for me, lucky my heart strong enough to take this kind of surprise. hahhahahahhahaha

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!

yee sang...
lou lou lou lou sang.....
My "CUTE" birthday cake!!!

my birthday present..
cake cutting...
singing happy birthday....
last but not and the "Head in Crime" Vivian

My Creation - Part 11

My weekly simple snack bento creation.

bread with marie in the centre, kiwi and cereal.

raisins bun, tangerin, grapes and cereal

try to do a bear in the centre, but it look ugly. hahahha
seaweed, banana and coco balls.

some cakes, biscuit to dip with black berry sauce, and grapes.
My new bento box collection - mickey.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My little vain pot - Cruz

My young boy Cruz, he is always full of idea, always give me heart attack, everytime will create something new to shock me or crack me up.

Last month, during christmas time, when i busy snapping the Christmas tree picture, Cruz pose for me to take few picture with the tree, then after that he said he want to play his cousin sister's piano, so i let him "play". After a while, he run upstair, i thought what he is doing, he come down with a book in his hand and he want to put the book on the piano like how other people play piano. See what he get










see how he play his piano, and give me the cheeky look,
cannot see the book clearly?

his colouring book!!!!!!!!!

Second case, one day before the cousin's birthday, which is on sat night (10/1) he finish 1/4 bottle of victamin C, without me knowing. When night time he told me, "mummy, no more sweet" sometime he will said vitamin as "sweet", i was wondering, because i remember day day before when i give them vitamin c, still got some more about 10 tablets, how come he said no more. I go and have a look at the bottle, to my horror, the bottle is EMPTY!!!!! I question the maid why let him take the vitamin and finish the balance, as usual la, my sotong maid, will tell me all the reason la, i give her a good lecture and also Cruz. I beat his hand and telling him, no more take any vitamin/sweets himself, it has to be given by me, otherwise NO! I so so angry and worried, ask hub want to sent him to hospital or not, scare he overdose the vitamin C, hub answer in a cool way, "vitamin should be ok kua, not medicine." So far i see him still ok, still active.

The next day is the cousin birthday party, SIL did get some candies and some cookies on the table for the kids. My boy took some small candies put in his pocket, when i change him to his pyjamas, he took out his candies, he said he want to eat tomorrow, i said "ok, now is bed time, no more eat sweets". He nodded, and went to the room while i still change Fearles. After done, i went into the room, Cruz told me " mummy, got sweets!" He show me the empty vitamin bottle, you know what he did???

he put all the candies into the bottle and tell me the bottle is full again.

I don't know want to laugh or mad at him. Next day, he finish the candies again. :( This is how vain is my Cruz.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cousin's birthday..

Last Sunday, my sil organise a birthday party for her two lovely boys at home. Two of her boys birthday fall on January and just a week apart, so she just do one time go party.In fact my bil (hub's younger brother) and herself birthday also on month of January, i call them January family!! She wanted to get party shop to organise for her, but the full package is way too expensive, so end up she just take certain service, which include a clown and the staff to organise some games for the kids and also the party pack.

This is the extra balloons sil bought to decorate the place

party pack, one from the partyshop, one from my sil to the kids

two banners from the partyshop

As for food, we prepare it, so the party food consists "home cook" food. Not said is a big party, but the kids and the parent more or less also about 50 pax. Since it's a kids party, so we all prepare some kids food and some simple adults food, that also a lot of work. Now i know it's not easy to be a caterer.

all home cooked food, not bad huh? Main chef is my sil

some dessert

sausage and fairy bread done by your truly...hahahahhaah

Party start at 6pm before it turn dark, all kids enjoy themselve so so much with the games, i can said, non of the kids do sit down and eat the food, because all the time they are with the party shop organiser and also the clown. My boys too enjoy themselve so so much, but on the game part, they are still young, so not really understand how the games about. I feed them earlier, so while they join other kids to play game, i can have a peaceful time enjoy my food.

all the kids start with the games.

"mummy" wrap

cup cakes and Thomas birthday cake!

cake cutting, see how the birthday boys sweat, can imagine how
they enjoy themselves.

Happy January family!!

After cake cutting, clown time to entertain the kids!

lining up to get the balloons.

Fearles request a sword balloon.

same goes to Cruz.

Last but not least, all the kids enjoy themselves to the max, everyone had fun, tired part is the preparation and the cleaning part, lucky got maids to help up with the cleaning.

Side note: while all the kids enjoy playing games, hub took this picture, did u notice all the kids are wearing Crocs!!!! Free ad for Crocs! C.R.O.C.S better paid me for this ad! hahaha

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Goodies bag from Teik Senn!

One day this pretty mama message me and said one of her friend, want to find some mummies to try out some products and write a review/testimony on the products. After knowing the products is Sunsweet and Sunmaid, i think why not, since i give my boys sunmaid raisins quite often and also i use sunmaid raisin to add to my coleslaw always too.

After talking to Min Hui, suppose to meet up with her to get the goodies, but on the day i can't make it, so i ask her to pass it to Barb, since Min Hui also going to pass some goodies bag to Barb. On new year day, me and my boys went to Barb house to pick up the goodies bag and at the same time me having a good time chatting with Barb and while my boys having a good time messing up Barb house. *paiseh paiseh*

Inside the goodies bag, contain one Sunsweet Prunes, 2 packs of Sun-maid Raisins, 1 tulip luncheon meat, diamond zipper bag, an apron and a recipe book!!! Above products are all under Teik Senn. Most of the Teik Senn products i consume it quite often, especially raisins, it so convenience and most important, my boys love it. After i get the packet of Prunes, i introduce it to my boys, Fearles just love it so much. As for zipper bag, i find it very useful, i didn't know Diamond brand got this zipper bag! Most interesting is the receipe book, i didn't know we can use prunes to cook as a dish! If you interested to try out some new recipe and want to know the nutrition of prunes , you can check out Sunsweet website.

Thanks Min Hui for the goodies bag!

Monday, January 12, 2009

after a long silence.....

1st post for the new year!! OMG!! I "abandon" this blog for nearly two weeks! What i have been busy lately?

School start one week ago, two of my boys back to school again. 1st day at school, Fearles cried again, on the other hand, Cruz is in a happy mood. This year, two of the older cousins go to Primary school, so in this kindy, only left my two boys and one more cousin, i have less havoc/headache bringing them to school. This year my boys got their school uniform, they feel excited to wear it, everytime they only got to see their cousins wear the uniform, this year they got it too.

look how skinny is my boys on their school uniform.

Still prepare morning bento snack for my boys, but after a long rest, i'm getting lazy, so all the preparation is super simple. Except during weekend, when i'm in the mood, will prepare something different for them. hahahhahhahaha.

some butter cake, grapes, cereal, candies.

New lunch box - madagascar
super simple snack- cake, sweet, some biscuit and apples.

my bento

coco crunch, cake and grapes.

raisin as nori on the rice, kiwi, baked bean and luncheon meat
and some sausage.

two sons, different taste, so i prepare Cruz rice and Fearles

Since beginning of the year, i was busy with my work and every weekend also busy, either is "makan makan" session or birthday or my online biz, and first week of the month, i already fall sick. *sigh*

Maid also give me a hard time ALMOST everyday, till i really fed up and wanted to sent her back to agent for counselling. When i about to sent her, she like can sense it, and "improve" a little bit. Just hope she really "improve" and don't make me "yell" & scream everyday like a mad woman! This is one of my new year resolution, "Be patient with my maid, don't scream always!" & most important is I want to lose more weight!!! Everyone see me had said i put on weight a lot!!! This look like is my yearly resolution but it always fail.

This just some little update, hope i can have more time to update more. :)