Thursday, February 26, 2009

Interesting Pregnancy Tag

Tag! Usually, i am way behind to do tag, but i find this tag is really interesting, here you go Irene, thanks for tagging me. :)



3. WHAT WERE YOUR REACTIONS? I was happy, I was worried, and a lot mixed feeling, as i am not sure whether i will success, and have a smooth pregnancy or not.


5. HOW OLD WERE YOU? I was 33 (super old lei :))

6. HOW DID YOU FIND OUT YOU WERE PREGNANT? Being told by my gynae, because i was go through IVF and i have to wait for two weeks to know the result whether i am successful or not.

7. WHO DID YOU TELL FIRST? My hub & my mum

8. DID YOU WANT TO FIND OUT THE SEX? No, i only pray for i can have two healthy babies. Anyway, i didn't know both sex, my gynae only told me one and the other one he let me guess. (naughty gynae huh?)

9. DUE DATE? Mid June 2005


11. WHAT DID YOU CRAVE? Curry mee and nasi lemak

12. WHO/WHAT IRRITATED YOU THE MOST? Legs cramp at night and towards the last trimester, i am so so heavy to walk.




16. DID YOU HAVE A BABY SHOWER? Nope, but had a big full moon party. :)


18. DID YOU HAVE ANY COMPLICATIONS DURING YOUR PREGNANCY? Yes, during the sixth month pregnant, i was bleed one of the night, i was so worried, rush to hospital, lucky nothing serious, doc said it's normal.

19. WHERE DID YOU GIVE BIRTH? Chinese Maternity Hospital (as my gynae based there)



22. WHO WATCHED YOU GIVE BIRTH? My doctor and nurses only, hub not allow in the operation room.


24. DID YOU TAKE MEDICINE TO EASE THE PAIN? I was fully "pengsan" because i scare of pain. :)

27. HOW MUCH DID YOUR CHILD WEIGH? 2.6kg and 2.65kg


30. WHAT DID YOU NAME HIM/HER? Fearles Lee and Cruz Lee (This is their real name in IC :) )

31. HOW OLD IS YOUR FIRST BORN TODAY? They are 3 years, 9 months & 3 days old.

picture taken when they are four months old and shave them "bold"

Here i would like to pass this tag to ........

1. Binky - mummy to cute little boy Ian
2. Elaine - mummy to cute little girl Amber
3. Jacss - mummy to a pair of handsome twin boys
4. Sie Choo - mummy to a pretty girl - Misha Paris

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

lil that i know...

my boys turn 45 months old today and another three more months, they will celebrate their 4 year old birthday!!!!

I won't update their monthly development, but i will jot down how they put a smile on my face. I "think" they are more "managable" at this stage, not always drive me up the wall, less screaming, less "smacking" their bum bum. Now i only give them a "killer stare" they can read me already, and usually will use the magic word " sorry mummy " then i am ok again. Unless sometime they really do something make me angry, i will "beat" their hands.

Less fighting among the brothers, will help each other.

- When i sent them to school, Cruz always is the "lazy bum", don't carry his school bag, Fearles is the one who always help the brother to carry the bags. :(

- When they are downstair watching tv, if one of them "craving" for the "smelly bolster" and "jut jut", usually Fearles is the one will go upstair and take the "smelly bolster" and "jut jut" down and he won't forget his brother Cruz, he will bring Cruz one together down and "throw it" at him.

Sometime it also funny to see two of them having mini conversation, and i find that Cruz is very long winded, he will nag nag nag till the person do what he want and he like people or he like to address himself as "Cruz Lee" instead of "Cruz".

- While Cruz want to drink Yakult, he will take one bottle for Fearles, but before passing to Fearles, he will said " Fearles said, thank you Cruz Lee", as usual Fearles always had the cool attitude, he don't simply said "thank you", "please" and "sorry". On the other hand, Cruz always "forcing" Fearles to said "thank you Cruz Lee!" After few "forcing", Fearles said "thank you Cruz Lee" and my little chatter box Cruz will said " welcome" and pass him the Yakult.

- Sometime when they having shower, Fearles will said "Cruz is naughty boy", and Cruz don't want admit he is naughty, he will tell Fearles or he will "nag" Fearles and said " Don't call me naughty Cruz Lee huh!" he will nag nag nag till sometime i also cannot stand.

- There is one time while they sitting on the coach watching tv in the room, and Fearles accidently beat Cruz, Cruz said "don't beat me ok, Fearles?" Fearles act cool, mouth zip, pretend not hearing, and Cruz will go "said Ok Fearles" "said Ok" "said Ok Fearles" "said ok"!!! Till sometime i have to tell Fearles, quick and said "Ok Cruz Lee" if no Cruz will never end and the mummy got headache.

Last week while i was blog hopping at home, i was reading Hijackqueen blog on this post, Cruz sitting on my lap and suddenly he said "mummy, HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!" i look at him, i never know my boys will know "high school musical" because i don't have any high school musical CD at home. I got a bit surprise to know that actually he knew High School Musical. hahhahaha

My life won't be boring with my two boys, everyday they will give me surprise, and lots entertainment from two of them. Last night, after read them bed time story, about to sleep, suddenly Cruz sit up and take off his jut jut and tell me "mummy, teacher said , *point at his mouth* this is MULUT, this is HIDUNG, this is MATA, this is TELINGA!!" WAH!!! I open my mouth so big!! Now i know, my boys do learn something in school, at least they remember what the teacher taught.

Now, they got a "bad habit" like to "tell lie"! Each day, after i come back from work, most of the day they will tell me with acting some more. Fearles will have pity face and said " mummy, i cried, just now kakak beat me". At first i do suspect on my maid whether she really beat my sons, but actual is my boys make up the story. Like today, teacher call me and told me Cruz hurt his face while playing with another boy, they bump into each other, and Cruz face got blue black, but nothing serious, teacher just let me know. Later in the afternoon i do call my sil and check with her since she is picking up my sons from the school. She said, ya the face got little patch blue black, she ask me what happen, i said he bump into a boy in the school. Then my sil laugh, she said when she ask Cruz what happen to his face, he told my sil "kakak beat me!!" sei mou?

This is little update about my boys. Happy 45 months old to my two boys.

Fearles & Cruz @ 45 months old

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Creation Part 13

Over the weekend, i am fixing some bento lunch box for my boys again because I want to try out the two new rice moulds i bought sometime ago.

round shape rice mould, some meat ball, sweet and sour meat
and anchovies (my sons all time favourite) with a crab stick rocket
deco on top.

triangle small rice, same menu as the afternoon, i add in
two quail egg for them.

triangle rice with cauliflower, meat patties with sauce,
anchovies and two strawberries.

Happy bento-ing everyone.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Unique furniture for your home

Usually end of the year or beginning of the year I always heard people saying, “I am moving, moving to a new house” then not long after that i will get invite to the house warming party. I love and enjoy seeing how people decorate their new house, their furniture, house decoration and their garden.

After one year moving to my new house, I am a bit bored looking at my same old furniture in my house, thought of changing some furniture and make my house look new again. While I was browsing through the website one of the day I come across this Lombok Eastern Inspired Living; I am so delight to see all the beautiful furniture on this Lombok website. Beside than the usual furniture like beds, bedside tables, desks, office chairs, dining table & more, they also have some unique and stunning home decorating accessories, like candles, cushions, rugs and runners, quilts and throws, you can all find it here.

This is a furniture shop based in London, but this shop is renowned for stylish Eastern inspired furniture. I read further about the store, I am surprise to know that, the co-founder of Lombok actually brings in the beautiful furniture all the way from Jakarta! If you want to know the story behind Lombok, you can log on to their website to find out how the co-founder Alex start this business.

I browse through the item one by one, it is so beautiful, it look so exclusive and classy but of course the price also a bit pricey. Now I am eyeing on a few items which I can affordable like Log Basket, I can put it in my living room as a basket to keep magazines and newspaper, a new laundry basket, since my old laundry basket look old already and a lamp shades, other just let me drool over it first.

Those who want to get an unique and classy wooden furniture for your new home, wait no more, please log in to Lombok

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Backdated - Lion Dance

This year, my sons manage to see a few round lion dance. This make them very happy, till today they still ask for lion dance. We got a lion dance competition CD at home, they have been watching over and over again.

Beside than the chinese new year eve they saw once at FGS, then on the 8th days of chinese new year which is a replacement holiday for FT day, i brought them to mid valley. Since i need to change the SD card for their Ninetendo (yes, my boys very rough on playing it, this is the second card i change for them and it's not cheap ok.:( ) I leave them with their daddy and maid at the shop, then i went shopping myself. hahahhahahhahahahha

After my shopping while on my way up to the game shop to look for them, i saw lion dance troupe are getting ready in front of Yamaha want to do "lion dance". I quickly run up to the shop and bring my boys down to see the lion dance.

On the 14th days of chinese new year, hub and BILs engaged a lion dance troupe to 'bless' their stalls at the market. We (me and sils) bring all the kids to market to see the lion dance. Two rounds, one is on the 1st floor of the market, that is meant for the whole market, second round is on the individual stall that engaged them.

This is at the main market

my two boys manage to get the orange from the "lion"

this is a group picture, when all the kids waiting for the "lion" to come
"lion" eat the vege at our stall

lion resting and doing the flower deco
tada!!!!! it's ready!

father and son monkey-ing at the market.

On the last day of chinese new year, 15th day (chap goh meh), we went out for dinner instead of cooking a storm at home. We had dinner at Oversea Restaurant at Jaya 1, after dinner, we heard there is "lion dance" sound from somewhere, we go and find where the sound come from. My boys so happy they can see the last round Lion Dance, when we are there it almost finish, and the lion already finish their "acrobatic stunt" we still manage to see the ending part. That is one of the bistro engaged the lion dance troupe, i think must be the expensive one, and after the ending lion dance show, they light up 8 long fire crackers!! One of the famous MY FM DJ and one of the local artist was there with the bistro owner to receive the "blessing" from the "lion".

After watching so many lion dance this year. Two of my boys also do their own lion dance at home. Since they don't have lion head to dance with they use the blanket, jump from one bed to another bed. Sick or not? Not only this, they wear their arm gear and leg gear too!!!! Actually it is Fearles more "addicted" to lion dance, he start all this first, then only his brother Cruz also follow. *slap forehead*

*sorry for the blur picture*
Hand and leg gear - BOLSTERS

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!! Today, on this special day, i do this "Love Lunch Bento" for my boys. Hope everyone of you had a great valentine's day and have fun!

heart shape rice, adjoin heart shape luncheon meat, cherry
anchovies in the centre with small heart shape, two mini mushroom,
heart shape carrot and some french beans.

this bento is for my boys school snack. The two lovely cupcakes, courtesy
from Alice. Thank you so much!!

This is one of the day snack bento. A brown bear laying on top
of the white bread, tangerine, chocolate and "jambu madu"

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Chinese New Year Picnic and mummies meet up

Today i want to write something happy, beside my maid still make me angry this morning. After yesterday "drama", hub already remind her, not to laze on the bed, once alarm clock ring, wake up! This morning i went downstair and check on her, she still on her bed sleeping @ 6.20am!!! I fuming mad, i "bang" the door and ask her what time already, she still sleeping. After that give her some nagging, ask her what did sir tell her yesterday?? I told her i don't care, ask her go and tell sir what she did today.

This evening while i'm back from work, i told hub, the maid wake up late again this morning, he said he know, i'm a bit surprise how he know. He told me after he came back from work, the maid stand there with guilty face and told hub today she wake up late, tomorrow she will wake up early to replace back today late wake up. Hub look at her and tell her, he will give her chance till next monday, if she still cannot wake up in the morning, then she have to wake up at 4am. I hope she will keep her promise and learn from yesterday lesson.

Ok, now back to the happy story. On the 7th day of chinese new year, which is the day of "everyone birthday", Peggy arrange a picnic. Not many mummies can make it, so end up only myself, Barbara, Jacss, Chritene and Peggy, a small group mummies meeting up. We had the picnic at Taman Tun Park, and i didn't know there is two parks there, i only know the one opposite the school. I was on time that day, but i went to the wrong park, after going into the big park cannot find Peggy, call her and i only i went to a wrong one! Drive out, and start looking for another "small park", after few turn and finally i found the place.

Reach there, barb and family, peggy and family and jacss and family already there. Good weather with not so hot. This is my sons first time had their picnic in the park, they are so excited, running around, checking out the place. Lucky this park is not so crowded and i can said we are the only group people there. Maid running and look after the boys, so mummy can enjoy eating. :) I brought chicken drummet and wedges, Peggy cook "lor mai kai", Barb brought some "char siew pau" and Jacss brought some dim sum and new year tidbits? Christene come a bit later with her two pretty princesses and she brought fruits. We had a good time chatting and eating, while all the maids look after the kids. We are there for about an hour to 2 hours, the weather decide to end our picnic, it drizzle, we have to quickly pack the things and do some cleaning up then we left. It's a fun meet up, hope we can have more picnic gathering?

the food i bring - chicken drummet with some flower deco

Christene with her two lovely princesses - Kim & Ashley

Christene and Jacss

Cute little Ashley

Cruz with the flower, hahahahha

Barb with Ashley and her hub

Finally a group picture!

Want to see more pictures can hop over to Barb and Christene blog.

Tuesday night Alice arrange a meet up with another two mummies which i met them for the first time, but Alice already met them before. One is mystery mummy, knew her for sometime already, but never got chance to meet up with her, and the other mummy is coming back for holidays. I am very excited and looking forward to meet up with them. Do you know who is the surprise guest? I meet up with this cute little girl and her parent, do u know her???

Yes, she is no other than Vien's elder daughter Belle! She is so so cute!! That night, Vien only bring Belle so i don't have chance to see another cutie pie Cassie.

Cruz with Belle

We and Belle

When we are busy taking picture, we left out another cute little boy Darrius, his daddy bring him for a walk, so cannot see his face here. After taking pictures with the kids, now it's mummy turn to take group picture. Oh ya, you all must be wondering who is another mystery mummy, she is..................Elina (IMMomsDaughter)!!! Finally i got chance to meet up with her, i have to said a BIG thank you to Alice for arrange this meet up. :) Want to see our picture???? here u go......


me, Elina, Vien and Alice

Sorry, i have to blur "mystery mummy" - Elina face, if no she said she don't want to friend me or see me again, so leave me no choice. :) Oh ya, Jon (Vien's husband) was there too. Guess the above picture is taken by who??? Not Jon, but is my son Fearles Lee. hahhahahah not bad huh???

We stay for about 2 hours then we left, as usual, this friendly mummy Alice bring us some yummy and cute cup cakes for us to bring home, i have to thanks Elina for the lovely present for my boys and not forgetting the ending part is everyone exchaging "ang pow" for the kids. :) hahahahhahhahaha.

When we about to leave i saw a funny scene, my boy Cruz was talking to an old uncle, i think he is the owner of the kopitiam, because he is sitting next to our table, and he serve us too. While we are about to leave, i saw Cruz was talking to him, i overheard Cruz told him "My name is Cruz Lee, i go home lo, bye bye, good night" I think the old uncle was asking Cruz what is his name, because my boys are naughty, running around, and the old uncle keep looking at the boys and smile. I had a laugh at my "very socialable" boy Cruz Lee!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My Maid, A Thief, A BIG Liar!!!!!

The title said it all! Yes, i suppose to post something happy about chinese new year, but this cambo maid really make me pissed off, i cannot help, but have to vent it out here again!!! I really don't hope this blog is all "polluted" by my cambo maid story, but what to do, this is the only place i can talk as much as i can!

Yes yes yes yes, my maid, a big liar, a thief!!!!!!!!! 2 months back, one of my sil's son lost her Nintendo at home, but no where to find. We already suspect is the maids took it, but not sure which maids, we did not spot check nor do any checking on their bag. We still put "trust" on the maid, after a month, still cannot no sign of the Nintendo, we give up, we know it's gone. We learn the lesson, have always to keep the Nintendo, after the kids play.

Yesterday sil told me she found her Nintendo already, and it's found by "MY MAID", she said she found it in guest room. We a bit puzzle, why after so long and now it suddenly appear in guest room. Actual story is, according to the other indon maid, my maid was playing Nintendo in the guest room, and she thought why there is sound in the guest room, she open the door and saw my maid there! I think my maid got shock when saw by the indon maid, after my sil back from picking up kids from school, my maid quickly take out the Nintendo and pass it to my sil said she found it. Last night i give her a good lecture, asking her is she the one who took it, she keep denied and said "NO!" sound like i accuse her for taking it! I yelled, i said want to sent her to police station, she still don't admit it, i was on the way to the Curve to meet up with some "mystery guests" (which i will blog about it in another post, i suppose to blog it now, but i can't!) and it was so bad jam, and i was rushing, because i was late, that made me didn't make a trip to police station and give her a fright see she will tell the truth or not.

Today evening, while i was still at work, hub give me a call, said the maid already admit she is the one who "took" the game boy and keep it. At first when hub question her she said she didn't take it, after a few question then said she only keep it for 3 days, hub asked again, only 3 days??? After few "hard" question, she finally admit she keep it for a month already!!!! See the big liar???? Not only this, after that hub said want to check her bag, just went to the maid's room and took out all her thing and start checking, detail and deep checking, never miss a thing. My maid actually not stupid, she is smart! My hub found a RM100 note on a basket with a newspaper wrap it into small piece and leave it in an obvious space, which normally we said "the most dangerous place is the safer place." Hub ask her where she got the money from, she LIE again!!! She said that is her "gong xi fa chai" money, hub said all her "gong xi fa chai" money is with me, how come she still got some more. Actually i just ask her to give me all her ang pow money and i will keep for her last few days, which she give it to me un-willingly and she put all the money together in one ang pow packet and seal it with cellotape and wrote her name big big in front. I saw it when i ask her to pass to me and she still not bring to me after a while and i check her in her room and saw her do that, i told her "you scare your ma'am STOLE your money?" I just shake my head and laugh. Now who is the one who stole money???? When hub ask her about the RM100 note money she said the money is from last year gong xi fa chai one. Then hub asked again, who will give you RM100 one piece as ang pow??? Don't lie!! She answer, she go out to the shoplot behind and change all the small note to RM100 note, smart ass???? Hub said again, "ok show me which shop you went, i had been staying here for more than 30 years, i know them well, which one you show me." She keep quiet, my hub asked again and again! She still denied it, hub wanted to pull her to the car and sent her to police station, she keep said "don't want". Hub give her another chance, either to tell the truth or go to police station. She said "yes, she took it from hub's pants while washing the clothes!!!!" My Godness!!!! My heart so pain and sad and disappoint when i heard my hub told me. I never expect she will do that, even though i always scold her for being lazy, slow, and she always drive me up the wall, but i really really didn't expect she will steal!!!! Hub called the agent and seek for advice, agent told us we cannot deduct their salary, but can give them warning, as they are really come from poor country, and the family member didn't do anything wrong, they are waiting for the money to sent back. Next we can do is to sent her back to agent for counselling, but i'm sure if we sent her back she will still be the same! Anyway, her contract is going to finish in another 7 months. I bet today she really scare her shit out of her pants. First time my hub spot check her thing and let him caught her red handed. Although i always spot check hers, i only found some tiny things, and some small toys, not as major as MONEY!!! I told my hub, "W0ah!! I salute you, you make her said out the truth, which she never ever tell me the truth, the answer she always give me is NO NO NO NO!!! I'm not doing that! Even though how fierce i am, how i tell her i will sent her to police station she also don't give a damn!"

Last, hub ask her to choose, to work or to go back home, she said she still want to work, hub give her last chance, if we caught her doing anything wrong again, no more "counselling" straight back to agent or police station. Me been really mean, after i came back from work, i didn't ask her immediately, after dinner i only ask her, "You steal thing?? Why you never admit when i ask you?" She give me a shy smile, you said i want to vomit blood or not???? AAARRRGGGGG!!!!! I hope she really learn from this lesson.

Monday, February 02, 2009

My Creation - Part 12

This is some snack bento i prepare for my boys before chinese new year.

mickey bread, cornflakes cookies, grapes and my leftover
birthday cake.

since chinese new year round the corner, i give them a CNY
snack bento contain most CNY cookies and apples :P

round shape bread, cereal and my birthday jelly cake. :P

Sunday, February 01, 2009

My Chinese New Year....

First would like to wish everyone, Happy moo moo year and Gong Hei Fatt Choy!!!! Hope everyone do have a good one. As for me, this year is a quiet new year, didn't go anywhere, just stay at home. We had an earlier "reunion lunch" on the chinese new year eve, as my Pil and Bils will all fly off on the night itself. This is the first time we had it in the afternoon, after lunch, had some chit chatting, then in laws start their last round checking on their bagagge.

Evening sending 2nd Bil and family to KL sentral, as their flight is a bit earlier, then Pil and younger bil flight a bit later which we sent them off again at around 8pm. I can see my boys dissapoint and sad face while they see all their cousin are flying off for holidays and left two of them at home. They are so so quiet in the car, so i told them i will bring them to go "kai kai" and see lion dance. They keep telling me they want to sit airplane, i told them i will bring them next time, sit airplane and go see Mickey. Till today, they still ask me " we go sit airplane???" Actually we are planning a trip to HK with the boys but so far nothing confirm yet. :)

I told hub, why not we go to Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen temple (佛光山东禅寺) in Jenjarom, i heard there is chinese new year celebration there every year. Had heard so much about that place, but never been there and i heard on the eve, My FM and Astro are having a live show there. Didn't know Fo Guang Shan Dong Zen temple is so so far away, we took almost 1 hour to reach there, lucky the traffic are ok, not so bad. Reached there around 9.30pm, not many people, maybe it just after rain. We walk around the place and took some picture and see lion dance. Many people are going there for praying, but not for me, hahahhahahhaaha. I just want to feel the chinese new year atmosphere.

me and the boys with one of the "moving" turtle

Astro and MY FM live show

the only family picture taken by my maid (after a few tried!)

"moutain people moutain sea"!!

Fearles with the Moo Moo Cow!!

We left around 10.30pm, because it start drizzling, and the crowd start pouring in too. Two boys dozed off in the car.

Chinese New Year Day 1:-
Wake up late, after show then went to hub good friend house for visiting, they had vegetarian lunch for all the relatives and friends, so we had our lunch there. :P After stay for about 3 hours then we left. Went to my biz partner Vivian house for visiting. After Vivian's house, my boys told me they want to have Mcd, since we don't know what to eat and still full, we just had simple Mcd for dinner. Reach home, two boys are tired and sleep early.

my boys with my biz partner - Vivian

posing with the dog

Chinese New Year Day 2:-
Sleep till late again, cook some simple lunch for my boys. Went to Mid Valley for shopping and me and hub had late lunch. Put two boys at Mega kids with maid, me and hub went for shopping. hahahhahahaah. When we fetch them after an hour plus, i can see their happy face, they had a wonderful time by playing with all the slides. They start to tell me " i'm VERY HUNGRY" this is the first time they tell me they are hungry. Bring them to have dinner, without me "nagging" them, they finish their dinner in no time. This is the most happy moment, when i see them eat by themselve and without any "shouting" and "screaming" from me.

Chinese New Year Day 3:-
Not going anywhere, stay at home and watch TV with the kids. Vivian paid a visit and we went out for a quick lunch. Night time bring the boys to the Curve for some "window shopping" and dinner. Finally i went to Daiso!!! Didn't get myself much thing there, only some moulds and lunch boxes and some daily use stuff.

posing with the Curve CNY deco



mummy with the boys

never ending with the battery operate "animal" ride

Chinese New Year Day 4:-
I suppose went to work on the day 4, but i did apply one extra day leave just in case i got something on. Receive a call from my good friend and cousin saying they will visit me on day 4, so i proceed with my leave instead of going back to work. My friend Janet and my cousin Esther, both also having a boy, both also born on the same year as my boys, "rooster year", can imagine 4 boys in the house? hahahhahahhahaha. My boys do have a fun time having some friends coming over and play with them. Went out for lunch with Janet and her boy Sebastian, three boys again having a good time "chatting" and playing and running around. :)

Chinese New Year Day 5:-
I'm back to work!!

This is how i celebrate my Chinese New Year, how about yours???