Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Creation Part 16

This is my bento for the boys over the weekend again. This time, i want to try to do a "panda" hahahhahaha, hmmmmm, not very look alike, but my sons did tell me, it's "panda" :)
Last weekend is a simple lunch, all is instant, luncheon meat and nuggets, just fried it. :) I do the same for the "two tuition teachers" but i think i forgot to take the picture??

Well, i am not a creative person, actually i got all the idea from other "pro bento mummies", i salute them for being so creative, little & simple thing they can make it so pretty, i like to read their website and blog, at least i can get some idea what to do for my sons. :)

rice panda, aeroplane shape lucheon meat, nuggets and grapes.

This is Sunday Bento lunch, rice with sweet and sour meat, and
apples and with a quail egg, using the quail egg mould to do the "dog"
printed, but cannot see clearly. Try to do four eggs, but two fail, one the egg
too big and broke and the other egg too small to fit the mould :(

Happy bento-ing everyone

Sunday, March 29, 2009

How is your Earth Hour ?

How is your Earth Hour? Did you participate in? I'm glad to said that, we did! Before this, we can see and read a lot about Earth Hour 2009 on TV, magazines, news, advertisement and this is also the first year Malaysia join in too, i feel excited and i thought i want to join in by just switch off the light for one hour and kept the homes dark in support of the international effort against global warming.

On the other hand, i do think my in laws or other family member will think i'm nuts by switching off the light for one hour. Yesterday morning while i am preparing lunch for the kids, i told my sil whether she heard about Earth Hour 2009 or not, she said yes, then we two said maybe we should just switch off the light and maybe at that hour we also out for our dinner. Me and hub and the boys were out for dinner around 7.50pm, we went to KL area to have some simple dinner, before we went out i switch off most of the light, except one in the living hall. By the time we finished dinner it's about 8.50pm, we can see most building off their light, KLCC, KL Tower, Berjaya Times Square, all in the dark. Nearby our house, we also cannot see mid valley building and also "The Garden" signnage, the telecom building were keep in the dark.

Back home, i surprise to see my sil had off all the lights!! Even the parent in law house too! Since it's dark and the time is around 9.05pm so i thought i just let the boys run around at the house compound, and wait till 9.30pm. My boys keep ask me why the house so dark, why got no light, i told them, there will be light at 9.30pm so we waited. One of the maid did try to on the light, i told her no no, don't on the light till 9.30pm, they must be wondering why. hahahhahahha

This is my Earth Hour 2009! :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

My Creation Part 15

This is the bento lunch that i prepare for my sons over last weekend. I did prepare for the "two small tuition teachers" also, similar to my sons one, all having noodles on Saturday, since the cousins are rushing for their tuition class, and i was super late to serve the lunch, so just do a quick work and with little deco and somemore my maid make things worst, make me angry and i don't have any mood to do a better one. :( Now i realise when you have mood, the bento can look better. :)

Noodles with egg star shape and an "octopus" - first try, after i fail it last round. :P
Pork chop and kiwi. It can look a bit better
if i can add more little extra detail on it.

This is the lunch bento on Sunday.
Try to do a cute face, first try, but look like the face a bit "out"
need more practise.
Rice, tulip lucheon meat in flower shape and meat with sauce
and two types of fruits.

Happy Bento-ing everyone.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Daddy's 1st.........

time handle the boys for half a day to bring them out to do their passport, but of course with the help from the "lazy princess" maid. :) (i must jot this down, because this is his first!!) hahahahah

Yes, we are bringing the boys for a holiday beginning of next month, it is my long-long-overdue holiday and this is also for my boys 4th year old birthday present. :) Actually we plan to go holiday in month of Feb, but my colleague was away for her maternity leave and only be back end of March, so we have to postpone our holiday to April. We will bring the boys to see Mickey Mouse, the place no other than Hong Kong lo. We never been to Hong Kong, this is our FIRST, hahahhahaha, so "kampung" huh??

After planning the trip, settle air ticket and hotel accomadation then we have to 'worry" when and who will bring the boys to do passport!! I had been asking daddy to bring the boys to do passport, because i can't take any leave, and since he is off on Monday, so will be easier. Always Monday off day, daddy will have his own things to do, and also "i think" he is worried he cannot handle the boys with the maid alone. hahahhaha

Today, must give him a thumbs up for handle the boys from morning till late afternoon. Morning, we bring the boys to have breakfast (yes, they skip school today, since they are still having flu and cough), after breakfast, sent me to work, then they off to Damansara Immigration. Daddy called after 1 hour plus saying that system was down, so cannot do the passport today!! This is what i hate most, when u take leave and go and do passport, then you will get the answer like system down, power failure lei, this and that all the execuse, there go your day off! The officer at the immigration told daddy can come on Sat and Sun as immigration are open on Sat and Sun from 8am till 1pm!! WOW! This is really a good news to those working mum or those who cannot go on weekdays and now can go on weekends!! For KL area, it is only at Damansara Immigration.

Since it is still early, daddy try his luck at Sri Rampai @ Setapak, he reach there around 11 something, take number, queue, submit and waited, the boys got the passports around 3pm! Service had improve, compare to last time, we have to queue since early morning and waited till afternoon. On the other hand, actually i'm quite worried, on off will give them a call see how are the boys doing. hahahhahaha. Lucky morning i did pack some cake and ceral to put in the bento box for the boys to munch, otherwise i think they will super hungry since they have to wait till afternoon.

Overall, i think "they are" all doing ok, beside than i heard over the phone, daddy shouting like "don't run!" "come here!" Should be no any "big drama" happen. :P

Now i can minus out one to-do list from my list already. :) Phew! Thank you daddy!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Creation Part 14

School holiday started, i also take a break on my daily bento-ing. This is what i serve to my sons and also the two "small tuitions teacher" on last week.

Daily snack bento - trying out on the two different size star
shape cutter from Daiso. Bread with cheese and Fearles with
Dragon fruit and Cruz with strawberry.

Bahulu with cheese flower on top, cereal and papaya.

swiss roll, cereal, kiwi and snacks.

this is the lunch that i prepare for the cousin brother, since
i am preparing for the two older sister i prepare one for him too.
Rice, baked bean, mince meat and grapes and a "monster" quail egg.

this is the two bento lunch for the "tuition teachers".

my sons with the same food but instead of flower i use star.
Then fruits with strawberry and sweet plum.
Happy bento-ing everyone. :)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Busy week with mum and grandpa in town

My mummy, my grandpa and my uncle (my mother elder brother) was in town last week. Last minute trip as my grandpa was here to do his body check up.

They were here on last Monday afternoon, and so coincident my brother was here too for the business trip, hardly can get so many people together in one time, unless i was back in hometown, so i arrange a dinner and also a surprise small birthday celebration for my grandpa, he will celebrate his 80 years old birthday next month, and i will not be home, so i thought i just celebrate it earlier.

signature duck from Magic Wok

Pork belly with salted fish

duo kailan, yummy...

veal meat

We had our dinner at Magic Wok at Damansara Utama, foods was nice and my grandpa love the foods a lot. After dinner, i get my boys to sang birthday song to their great grandfather, and cut the birthday cake together. Everyone was too full after the dinner, each of us just had a small piece of cake, balance i brought it home.

me and my mummy and my boys



the birthday cake

my boys with their great grand father

me and my younger brother. :) Look alike??

Whole week was busy, my mother and grandpa they all are staying at my grandpa's brother house, everyday after work i will spent sometime with my mum, to bring her for a quick shopping or go to the uncle house to see my grandpa, only one night that i have to teach my sons on their homework so i didn't meet up with my mum.

My grandpa hardly go travelling, now he is quite old and his leg are a bit weak so cannot walk too far. This trip, his brother arrange him to come over and have the medical check up and at the same time his brother also organise a trip to Koh Samui for all "Law family" the brothers and sisters and nephews and nieces. My grandpa and my mum didn't join them as my grandpa miss his "home" very much, after all the check up they went back on saturday. Since everyone will be coming over to meet here then only go for the Koh Samui trip, my uncle (grandpa's brother) at the same time also arrange a house warming for his new houses. Four houses "warming" in one time. They bought four houses together, one house for the uncle, the other three is for the sons and daughter. I can said it's a great gathering for the family member. I have not see some of the aunties and uncles for ages, this is a great time to catch up with them and we had a great time. They are having stalls parties as house warming dinner, got famous damansara char keow teow stall, yong tau foo, nasi beriyani with curry chicken and lamb, roti canai, teh tarik, two roast lamb, tempura, satay, assam laksa and etc, i find it is really unique or i'm "kampung" never come accross this stalls parties before. :) We stay till about 10.30pm then bid good bye to the host and my grandpa and my mum and uncles then we back home. Next day, my mum they all got an early flight to catch.

this is the I-Damansara in Damansara Heights, i took this when i
visit them during chinese new year

front of the house view

house warming party

my boys with their poh poh

this is one of the art given by the "big ppl" to my
uncle (black and white stripe is my uncle - grandpa's brother)
saw a familiar face here?? *wink wink*

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My sweet talker & very observant sons

*little note to jotted down*

Last Saturday, we want to go out for dinner. After i changed ( i wear a 1/4 pants and a PINK tee, which is an old tee, i hardly wear), i come out from the walk in wardrobe, at the same time my boys also changed and come into the room. When they saw me, they open their eyes so big and said "mummy, you look so nice!!!!" and come and touch my tee and said "very nice, mummy!" hahaha, i had a laugh at their reaction and told them this is mummy old clothes la, not new one. They still keep asking "where u buy?" "who buy?" those question start pop out.

This kind of "reaction" normally happen in Cruz, when he saw me wear in pink or red or skirt (i hardly wear skirt) he will said "mummy, you look so nice!" what a sweet talker sons, but this little praise also make their mummy happy. :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Homework Part II

After the "1st homework" i think i got a bit "phobia" to see my boys bring home this blue file. hahahhaha.

Second day after back home from gym (it's quite late), first thing i ask maid is "the boys got homework today??" she said "NO" hahhaha, i think the teacher know i will go to gym twice a week, so don't give homework on my work out day?

Actually, the teacher only give twice or thrice a week, so i think is ok. Now maybe i have "master" some way to handle with the homework. Last thurs, i went home after my work, i had a quick dinner then start coaching my sons homework. I hold the hand to write two rows then ask them to do the rest by themselve. I proud to said, Cruz manage to wrote "4" by himself and without the dotted line, but of course in between have to make some "praise" or make some "agreement" like after finish homework can play with the dog, or i will give them ice-cream. hahhaha, this is bad mummy way to teach the boys homework huh. :)

Now i also engage "two little" tuition teacher for my sons, which is my sil's two daughter. Since my boys are close to the two "jie jie" i make a deal with them, after school, if my sons got homework can help me teach them do some first then when i back home i will re-check the homework. The rewards is "I FIX BENTO LUNCH FOR THEM ON WEEKED!!" hahahhaa, two of the girls so thrill when i told the mother about it. Last week i fixed them the first bento, simple one since they are rushing for the tuition class, i have to speed up. Since i am doing for the two elder daughter then i have to do one for the younger brother too, so all three bentos! My sil told me, the kids finish the food without any fuss, usually took them long time to finish the food, sometime can be 2 hours!!!

bento for the two "little tuition teacher" and one for the

After the cousin went for tuition, i fixed another two more bentos for my sons. :)

Yesterday afternoon, i saw my sons brought back the homework ( monitor through cctv), because i saw the two blue file. I saw the small tuition teacher teach them doing the homework, i feel ease a bit. My mum and grandpa was in town (will blog that in another post), but they are not staying at my place, they are staying at my uncle (grandpa's brother) house. Lucky distance wise quite nearby to my house, but to go to the uncle house a bit "troublesome", the security TOO TIGHT! My mum told me she want to go and get some shoes, i thought after work i can bring her to do some shopping at MV, after reach home, i quickly check my sons homework to see whether they have finish it or not. To my horror, i saw Fearles was writting and while my mil feed him dinner. He still got 2 pages have not finish. I have to rush him, then only i can sent my mum to go for a quick shop. Really bad, i make Fearles to write while he is eating, he is not concentrate, he keep looking at Cruz running around and the cousins talking. I hold his hand to write "5" after two rows, he did manage to write by his own, i praise him doing a good job, can write "5" by himself. After one row, he start day dream again, don't know how to write instead of write "5" he wrote the other way round and can tell me the "c" - under the "5" small little curve is an ear. *faint* To my surprise yesterday Cruz manage to finish the writting with the "tuition teacher" and feel so proud and show me he had finish his homework.

After settle my boys, i bring my mum for a quick shop at MV, then sent her back reach home around 9.30pm. Today teacher told me, yesterday Cruz manage to finish one jigsaw, full of patient but for Fearles, he tell the teacher, he don't know how. This is really surprise, all the while, i thought Fearles will have more patience towards writting and jigsaw but not Cruz, but yesterday Cruz finish the homework and do good on jigsaw. Hmmmm, two of them change their character??

Friday, March 06, 2009

my boys's new friend

Remember i blog this before? Their weird pet? Now, finally they got their "real" pet. Last two days, their daddy brought home a small puppy for them. When i came back from gym, it's quite late already, i didn't notice there is a puppy at home. When Cruz saw me, tell me " mummy, daddy buy dog, come i show you the dog, come, follow me" . I just follow him and in my heart i was thinking what dog he is going to show me. hahahhahahha

To my surprise, yes i saw a puppy in the cage and looking at me. hahhahaha . Not "branded" dog, is just a normal puppy, don't have fluffy fur, but he do look a bit like "hush puppy". My boys love to play with him, but on the other hand they scare of the dog, because the dog also "hyper active" *pengsan*. Lucky MIL can help bath the dog, and maid can help with the sh**. I'm not like dog that much, i am a cat lover. :)

Now, let me introduce my sons's new friend (haven't got him a name yet, the cousin name him "lucky" i said such a normal name. :( )

action dog, don't want to look at me.

see the pity face, because i put him back to his "cage"

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

I serve this.....

to my sons last week. I still prepare daily snack bento for them to bring to school, but just those simple one, nothing interesting, so i don't take picture.

first time do this simple bread, see so many mummies is doing it
i also wan to give it a try, since i just got a big heart shape cutter from
Daiso. :)
Bread with cheese and kiwi and some snack "stick"

"Bahulu" with aeroplane and boat cheese shape on top.
Sweet plum and some seaweed. Another simple snack.

this is the lunch serve on the weekend. I just got myself some picks
from Cute Bento Supply. I want to play around with the picks.
My boys don't really fancy "hard boil egg" so i make some quail egg and
use the pick and make it do look like a balloon. My sons got trill when see
their bento. First thing they "attack" is the quail egg. hahahhahahahaha
See just use some "trick" and can make them to try on new food. :)
quail egg, meat ball, sweet and sour meat and anchovies (their all time favourite)
and two SOUR strawberries, Cruz love it so much!! He even take his kor kor Fearles's
Like my bento ?? hahahhaha, still in learning stage, hope can make more nice
bentos like other mummies. :)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Yesterday my sons surprise me by showing me a file holder contain some "homework" for them from school teacher. I think they got really excited by carry the "blue file" around and with their name written on it. They always see their cousins carry the file when they are still in the same kindy. Now it's my sons turn, of course they feel so happy, and they never think carry that "file" means they have to do "homework".

Two of them spent the whole afternoon playing with the cousins, not write a page of words the teacher given. When i'm back home after work, they show me the exercise book, one book for number which got 3 pages need to finish, and one more exercise book for words also got 2 pages need to finish. Oh dear! This mummy start to get panic, quickly get the pencil, book and eraser ask them to sit down and write their homework.

It is not an easy job, more stress than my own job i think. They cannot sit still and now they are not writting on dotted line, and it's the word and number itself on the square box and lined exercise book. I find that they got problem on holding the pencil and write by their own too. Ask them to write "0" on the line exercise book, it will come out all the tiny tiny "0" 20 or 30 in a row. Sei mou? I have to erase then ask them to write again. Ask them to write "3" it will the other way round become "E" or "M", end up i have to hold their hand and write together with them one by one. *sigh sigh sigh* While i'm teaching Fearles, Cruz told me he is hungry, when i taught Cruz, Fearles was yawning away. I really got no patience, first day doing homework, i already feel stress and already start screaming. hahahhahahahhaha

Hmmmm, now i can feel how other mummies feel the stress when teaching the kids on their homework. Now, my "honeymoon" time had passed, no more after work can go "yam cha" , watch my favourite TV and read my magazines. I can't imagine when my boys start their standard one.

side note for Fearles: Last night while we are having dinner at mid valley, when we are waiting for the food to come, you use the pencil draw on the paper, daddy ask you how to write "2" since you already write one whole page of "2", you didn't write it but you draw a monster face on the paper. I had a good laugh and i didn't know you can draw quite well!!! hahahhahahah