Thursday, May 28, 2009

4th Birthday Party @ home

We had a small birthday party at home for the boys. Since i spent too much time on the school "big project" so i thought at home just a really simple one. I told hub to get a "lok lok" car this year so i don't need to cook and prepare so much things. Very tiring. This "lok lok" car actually already in my mind last year, but hub said don't want, so this year we thought give it a try.

Cake, food, guest list all settled, since is a small one, we also not invite a lot people, just some close friends from my side here and hub's friends, easy peasy, so just wait for the day to come. 6 days before the actual day, hub suddenly ask me, did i get a clown for the kids, i said no, i thought is a simple one, so didn't plan so many things, and my brain cannot think so much also (that is before my big project day).

Quickly call Peggy for the clown contact and also browse through online , those famous one, price are expensive and just for one hour. My colleague give me a few online contact, i browse through and give them a call, majority are malays, price a bit cheaper than the usual one but i doubt the "quality" of the clown. End up i choose this Party Pops , spoke to the person in charge, Ms Syakirah, a friendly and nice lady, the price reasonable, 2 hours - RM450 Balloon Sculpting + games + magic show!!!! Everything settle in 2 days time. Phew!
On the actual day, sil help me with fried "mee hoon" and i fried some nuggets, sausages, drummets for the kids and not forget preparing some more konnyaku jellies. The birthday party theme is "spiderman & batman" i don't know why suddenly my boys are into this two characters. I dress them in batman and spiderman costume which i bought in Hong Kong.

Now, just let the pictures tell the story........

Father in law, barb and hub's sister start attack with the foods..

batman and spiderman theme of course got the theme paper plate, too bad i only manage to find one design for batman.

sister in law's fried mee hoon, very yummy wor...

some drummets, sausage and nuggets for the kids.
the birthday boys - Cruz in batman costume and Fearles in Spiderman costume. I get the balloons with the matching colours and also one each spiderman and batman balloons. :)

Ashley the little model with her por por

Scot, one of the handsome twin boy of Jacss (hope i got it correct??)
this is the guests i invited. :) Peggy and family, Angie, Jacss and family, Barb and family, Jazz and family ( she is not in the picture, she came a bit late)
Elaine and her sweetie pie - Amber

Two bat boy and girl. Guess who is the other bat girl?? That is Faythe!! Jazz's little girl!!
clown doing the balloon sculpting

view of the party

all kids enjoy themselve with the clown

see how excited all the kids!!!!
magic show with a bird!!
game time!!!!
kids and their partner..

mummy wrapping!!! this is my first time!!!! hahahhaha
Peggy in action!!
me in action..hahhaha
Fearles wrap by my sil

Peggy with her "piece of art"
me with my "art"

sil with Fearles...
And the winner for the mummy wrapping was won by Peggy and her boy Kieran!!!!!

this is another game, i don know what is that, i was not around, i was busy entertaining with my guests. :)

this is another game involve parent and the kids. This time, Jacss and her hub and her twin boys in the game too and also Laundry Apah and Kieran.
Dancing around the newspaper and fold till the smaller piece than stand on it. Everyone is sweating!!!!! But everyone had fun!!!!
me and Jacss and Fearles
Now i know, Cruz can really dance!!!

this is how they stand on the newspaper and see who can stand the longer! This is the ending part, from big piece to the smallest piece of paper.
Here come the batman & spiderman birthday cupcakes from Lea Oven, same baker to the Dibo birthday cake.

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!

kids can't wait to attack the cup cakes!

my two happy boys!!!!
two birthday boys with their cousins!!!
Last but not least, my boys would like to said "Thank You" to Aunty Sie Choo, Misha jie jie, Aunty Sasha, Aunty Peggy, Aunty Angie,Aunty Jacss, Aunty Alice, Aunty Barb, Aunty Elaine, Aunty Jazz, Vivian jie jie for the lovely pressies and thanks for those who come to the party to make it more interesting and more fun!!! Muackssssss!!