Thursday, August 27, 2009

Poh Poh Birthday

YES, my mum was here already yesterday. She told me, when she just reached at the main gate, she saw my sons running out and greet her with a loud "happy birthday" song!!! LOL! She brought over my favourite and the food i missed - "kompia" and also some local mangoes which is so so sweet and smell good!! ( i didn't know sarawak got "local mangoes"?)

Yesterday was my mum chinese birthday and also it's the chinese "valentine day". I brought her to have a simple dinner nearby our house, Delicious @ Bangsar Village II, because just before we want to go for dinner, it rain cats and dogs and it is so so heavy and with loud thunder too!!! I know the traffic will be very bad if we go to downtown or PJ area, that's why we just choose a nearer place to have dinner.

First i pick up the cupcakes from Bisou, i order some cupcakes for my mum from Bisou. Hmmmm...i'm a bit disappointed with the cupcakes outcome, this is not what i expected, although this is the idea i give to the lady, tell her what i want, i thought she will make it "more beautiful" or "more attractive" a little bit? If this is the outcome, i shall just pick up the ready cupcakes at the counter instead of 'customize" my own one? I told the lady i don't want my cupcakes so sweet make it less sweeter, but it's still a bit too sweet for my liking. :(

cupcakes for my mum....

Anyway, back to our dinner, when we reached at Delicious, it's so packed, it's time for "buka puasa"!!! Lucky we still manage to get a table. This is the food that we order....

my duck conflict spaghetti...yummy!!

hub's curry noodles

mushroom soup, share with my mum

mum's spaghetti cabonara..

fried calamari

My boys had their dinner at home, so while we having our dinner, two of them are busy with their DS, and i feed them some spaghetti too.

After dinner, we went back home and had the "birthday cupcakes" cutting session. Light up the candles, and i got two singers can sing real loud "Happy Birthday" song, we got two version, one english and one chinese version birthday song! hahahahha

my two boys with their "poh poh"

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday
to poh poh, happy birthday to you!

blow blow blow.......

yummy yummy......

me and my mum.....(i look so fat!!!)

poh poh, me , Fearles and Cruz

slowly licking the sweet frosting.....

This is a simple birthday celebration for my mum. :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Creation - Part 26

It's been two weeks didn't prepare any bento lunch for my boys over the weekend. :P I still prepare lunch for them, but with no "deco", mummy getting lazy.

Last weekend i prepare something simple for them .

Rice with some luncheon meat and pork chop, anchovies and papaya.

Happy bento-ing!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Emo Monday....

Today, 24th August, is my mum's birthday and also my sons turn 51 months old!

My mum suppose to come over here last week Monday, and help me to look after my sons during this school holidays, but her pressure "shot up" on the day before, that's why she cancel the trip, if no today i will celebrate her birthday. Glad is, my mum re-book her flight on this coming wed, so she will be here this wed, and it so happen it's her chinese birthday on that day, maybe we will go out for dinner and have a simple celebration for her.

Today, also school holidays start, i told my boys over the weekend, i will be going to work, they got no school and will stay at home with "kakak". Over the weekend, Cruz had some cough, and getting better on Sunday, while Fearles caught some cough bug on sunday and with lots of phelgm. I got a bit worried, feed them cough medicine and told maid to monitor them and instruct the maid what time to feed them cough medicine again. Last night Fearles didn't sleep well, tossing and woke up every few hours, want to drink water, which is good.

This morning, while i prepare myself to go to work, Fearles woke up, i fixed milk for him and on the tv for him, Cruz still in his lala-land. When i changed, i was in the walk in wardrobe, i heard Cruz woke up and ask Fearles " kor kor, where mummy? where mummy??" I open the door and walk out from the wardrobe, i can see Cruz worried face then i give him a hug tell him i'm going to work, and will be back in the evening, then i will play with them. He knotted his head and said "ok", but with a sad face. I fixed him milk and i bid bye bye to them and remind the maid again on what food to give, when to feed medicine and give them water, bla bla bla then i off to work. When i just walk down the stairs, Cruz run out and told me " mummy, kor kor crying!" I walked back to my room and i saw Fearles cried badly and Cruz is wipping his tears, adoi!! I tell you ar, they are like mummy don't come back home anymore. I re-assure them, i will be home in the evening and play with them. I left for work with a heavy heart. :(

Reach office, receive sms from my good cum close friend, telling me, her mum passed away this morning. :( She found out her mum got cancer few months ago, and i msn her last week and asked how is her mum condition, she told me her mum is too weak to go for chemo and cannot take any anti-biotic too, doc said her mum max got 6 months life, or could be earlier, and today i got the sad news. My deepest condelence to her and her family.

最近 Typhoon Morakot 在台湾所造的天灾, 给我很大的感触和伤感。在这场天灾, 我们失去我们教会的7位弟兄, 还有我们在山上的圣别地。虽然我以经好久没去教会, 但是我妈妈都会告诉我教会的事。这次的事件, 给我很大的感触,是因为我曾经到过小林还有这座山, 现在这座山,许多建筑都倒了,地基也抽空, 我再也没有机会回到这座山了! 愿那7位弟兄, 安息主怀。

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Maid

came few days later after my previous maid left. This current new maid is not my "personal maid", last time i get myself a maid, because my boys are still young, i need someone to help me to look after them while i'm at work. Now, my sons is older, no more a "baby" so is a bit easy to look after and i decide don't want anymore maid for myself. The new maid is the "house maid" means will be doing everyone's job and doing housework. I just need her to help me for the afternoon session after my sons back from school.

During the maid-less few days, the vietnam maid (also another house maid) is helping me with the boys, but i tell you....tsk tsk tsk, because the vietnam maid is too soft, and my sons are having a great time at home, skip their afternoon nap, play to the max, climbing up and down, turn my room into the war zone. First day when i came back from work, i nearly faint looking at my room, pillows, bolsters everywhere, chocolate drop on the floor, Astro Card also slot in the other way round. MIL complain to me, saying my sons very hard to control, not listento my mil and also the maid. :( Lucky on that week, their class teacher is away so no homework, what a relief, if no......

After seeing my after-war-bedroom, i cannot stand, i clean my bedroom immediately, mop, vacuum, hub think i was mad, after work, still got so much energy to do the cleaning, but i am a clean freak, i cannot see my room so messy and dirty.

First two days a bit "havoc", morning i woke up a bit early, do my sons's laundry, put it into the washing machine and ask the maid to help me hang the clothes out later. Then i prepare their morning "snack bento" to bring to school, shower, then time to wake my boys up and fix them milk while i do my make up. Then rush them to have their shower, lucky the maid is helping me and i also have to show her how to shower them. Tell her what time to fix milk for my sons in the afternoon, get them to drink water...bla bla bla.....

Night time, have to prepare the school bag for the next day, get the clothes ready for the maid for the next day, just in case she don't know what clothes to take, put sons's clothes back to their closet after fold by the maid, refill milk powder into milk container, soak son's laundry, wash their milk bottles and etc. Then time for me to have shower while i let the boys sleep themselve.

On the day when hub go and pick up the new maid, my sons was so happy and excited, knowing there is "new kakak" coming. I didn't follow hub to go and pick up the maid, my boys can't wait to see thier new kakak, walk in and out and see whether their daddy come back already or not. While i'm taking some rest in the room watching tv, my boys heard their daddy's car come back, immediately they said "new kakak come already, mummy, come go down and see new kakak, come, mummy come." I told them "you go down and see new kakak, mummy tired" They went down and come up again, and said "come, mummy, come see new kakak!!" I went down and "greet" the new maid.

New maid is another Cambodia maid, but this one look more pleasant and got smiley face, fairer than my previous maid. New maid had been with us about two weeks now, since she is the "house maid" no more my sons personal "butler", so most of the things i still do it myself, i didn't ask the maid to help. So far, we are happy with her, she is very observant and take initiative to do work, no more "one kick, one move", i know it's too early to judge, but this new maid got "common sense" at least won't so "vomit blood". Every night and morning i still do the work myself, but she observe what i'm doing, and without me ask for help, the next few days she is helping me with the work, at l east ease some my "burden" :P

One thing is she is a bit soft and cannot speak much, so my sons like to "bully" new kakak! Not listen to her, get them to nap in the afternoon, non of the day is successful, unless they are too worn out then they will sleep on the sofa. :( Get them shower is a fun acitivities, because this new kakak don't know how to scold them and control them, i tell you, they are having a fun time playing water in the shower room (report from my mil). If i'm at home then that is another story, because the fierce mama at home, they will behave! *headache*

This new maid, she worked in Thailand for 4 years, she got experience in taking care kids and doing housework, and day time the vietnam maid is guiding her on how to do the housework and do some cooking and cleaning, don't ask me how they communicate. One speak limited mandarin and the other one speak limited English. hahahahahahhahahhahah

Hopefully this one will be a good one, don't give much headache and problem. Although, now i'm a bit tired, but i'm happy and less stress and i don't need to do any "follow up" on the work or spot check on the work, because most, i still do it myself!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Chatty + Cheeky = Cruz

I always mention, Cruz is a chatty box and very cheeky, always full of "ideas" and very good in social too! Here i want to jot down some funny conversation and incident.

There is one night while daddy bring the car for car wash, the car wash is those "Wash n Go" type, but is by man-hand-wash not electric type of auto wash. We are all sit in the car, waiting for the car washed and wiped dry . After done, daddy roll down the window and want to paid to the guy, my social bee said :-

Cruz : Hey uncle! Thanks for the wash!

mummy: o_o *then laugh out loud!*


After my previous maid left, and i got maid-less for few days and while waiting for the new helper (another Cambo maid) to come, temporary i stop my activities like going to gym or meeting up with friends, pedicure and etc. I go back home straight after work. One of the evening after dinner i was outside the house while my sons was standing at the gate and talking to our indian neighbour. I was curious what they talk, so i stand near the door and look at them. I heard Cruz said

Cruz: Hello uncle, my name is Cruz Lee. What are you doing?

Uncle: Hello boy, how are you? What is your name? (obviosly uncle didnt hear what Cruz said)

Cruz: Cruz Lee! Uncle, why you stand outside? Why you holding the thing (wire cable) later it fall down ar!

Uncle : Oh...ok ok...uncle no hold it ok...

And the uncle's wife come...

Aunty: Hello boy, where is your mother? (she must be thinking i'm the maid) hahahahhaha

Cruz: (no answer, he don't know what is mother? he only know mummy, self reminder, must tell Fearles and Cruz, mother and mummy is the same meaning)

Aunty: What is your mother's name and She go to work ar?

Cruz: (still no answer from him and i stand at the door there and laugh)

I walk over to them and tell my boys to go back to the house, don't disturb uncle and aunty. Before we walk off, i ask them to said "bye" to the uncle and aunty, out of sudden, Cruz come out with this question........

Cruz: uncle, why your head (point at the forehead) got red colour??

mummy: *oooppppsss*..Cruz...let's go...

Cruz: uncle uncle, why your head there got red colour?? *with giggling*

mummy: Cruz, no manners ar, to ask uncle this.

uncle: oh, boy, this is uncle praying one, then put a dot on the forehead.

mummy faster rush the boys to the house to avoid anymore embarrassment!

One evening while i'm having dinner in the dining room and i overheard Cruz talking to the new maid.

Cruz: kakak, Sponge-Bob

Kakak: sponge.........

Cruz: bob, again, said again.....Sponge-Bob

kakak: *cannot pronounce*

Cruz: Spi-der-man

Kakak: Spi-der-man

Cruz: again, Spi-der-man

Kakak: *pronounce wrongly*

Cruz: no no, kakak wrong, not ......, it's spi-der-man!!

I was wondering what are they taking about, i had a peep outside the living room, kakak was folding their underwear and got the spiderman and spongebob cartoon character print on the underwear, so Cruz is teaching the new kakak ENGLISH!!!!! I laugh so so loud!! Lucky that day don't have ultraman, mickey, winnie pooh underwear if no that will never end.

Last Sunday, after clean up my room, vacumn and mop and do the laundry and everything, i so tired and sit in the room watch tv and enjoy the air-cond, it is so so hot over the weekend. Then i told my sons get ready to go shower then later we go "kai-kai". I saw hub was glue his bum on the chair play his mafia game in FB, i told my boys, go and ask daddy to give you shower. After 1 min, daddy still not moving his butt, Cruz said

Cruz: daddy, faster shower me, i am so smelly!!!!!

I had a good laugh!! This boy ar, always so funny and cheeky!!

This morning while i put on my make up and my boys are having their morning milk on bed and watching their morning "cartoon". Again, Cruz ask me this......

Cruz: mummy, why (we) got two beds??

We got two beds in our room, one king bed and one single bed adjoin together. Single bed suppose for the boys, but they want to sleep with me, so three of us (me and two boys) are occupied the king size bed and daddy is sleeping on their single bed.

mummy: we got two beds, because one is you and Fearles one, then mummy and daddy is the big one.

Cruz: NO NO NO!!...this is Cruz and mummy's bed (point at the king size bed) that is daddy's bed, i don't want sleep there!! (single bed)

mummy: 0..0

Now he is into those"why why why" stage, every day i got tons of questions from him. Sometime i got headache, i don't know how to answer him back. :(

Monday, August 10, 2009

We got visitors

over the weekend. We had this two lovely mummies over at my place last weekend, we planned this "small makan" session/gathering few weeks back, before my maid left. See the picture below, do you recognize them?? No no, these two not mummies, i mean do you recognize who is their mummy?

Amber & Ashley!!

Yes, the two mummies are Barb and Elaine and with their pretty girls. They reach at my place around 9.45am, because we want to bake/grill some chicken wing, but i don't know how, i must ask the "sifu" to teach me. I marinate the chicken wing night before using this mummy's recipe, but i opt out HP BBQ sauce and Tabasco Red Pepper Sauce, but taste still good. :P

Let's see what we had on the menu, we got bake chicken wings, homemade yam cake from Elaine and Barb bought some fresh and soft yummy butter and chocolate cake, not forget we still got mash potatoes and coleslaw too as side dishes!

When they reached at my place i just wake up not long ago so i have not prepare anything yet. hahahhahaha. Three of us after settle the kids, on the TV let them watch and Elaine's bring her maid and let the maid watch over them and we three and my house new maid stay in the kitchen do the preparation. The new cambo maid help me to peel the carrot and potatoes and cut the vege and do some cleaning while we three enjoy a cuppa of nescafe (not having any breakfast yet, save the tummy for the lunch).

We start baking the wings, sifu Elaine help me for that, then i also prepare some simple noodles bentos for the kids. On off, kids are crying, fighting outside, we went in and out. Barb is resting outside at the living room, if u read Barb's blog know she is a bit weak lately, so we don't want her too tired.

chicken wing before go into the "oven"

mid baking.........

"turning" the wings, both side must balance ma....Barb and Elaine in action
me taking picture.

After two hours, food is ready, bento is ready, there go our lunch! Of course at first we need to settle the kids's lunch first then only we adults can enjoy the food! We eat and yak and drink till about 4pm!! LOL! Kids are happy, mummies are full with the food! That is my fruitful Saturday!!

Bake chicken wings!!

Bento's for the kids, two ultraman quails egg are for the two girls and my boys don't have ultraman in their bentos. hahahhahah, they are complain, because mummy's was too hot in the kitchen and cannot stand anymore, want a "quick fix" :)

Kids's bento - noodles, mash potatoes, quail egg, meat balls, mini octopus sausage and dragon fruits and straberries.

Picture didn't turn out good, while i'm taking the pictures, kids are fighting on who is taking which bento boxes!!! I want this, i want that, this is mine, this is yours! Havoc havoc. hahahahhaa

Elaine and Amber

Barb and Ashley



want to take a kids's group photo, you know how hard to put this four to sit
together and take picture??

Ashley and Cruz

we had a hard time to get them all sit still for us to snap the picture
the only way to get them sit still and look at camera is "Better sit properly
and take picture, mummy is sending this picture to ULTRAMAN!!!!!"
hahahhahaha, this trick WORK!! LOL! That's how all of them are with ultraman

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Final Episode......

story about my "princess". :) It's going to be a long post, if you like to read, then continue, if you don't like, you can stop it here. :) If you don't like my writting or too sensitive, please don't comment or "shoot" me!

On Sunday, finally we sent our maid off, she complete her two years contract with us. She still make us/ME pissed till the last day she left!!! Too many things about her, i just too lazy to write write it out. This is only about her "leaving story"!

I told her about her leaving on Thurs night, i ask her to give a call to her parent to pick her up in the airport and i tell her she will be leavning on this Sunday. She knows that she is leaving in August but don't know the date, i think she do think she is leaving in between 10-15 August. Thurs night she cannot get hold of her father, the number we called, said "the number you call cannot receive call???" So i give up, the next day i try to get agent to contact the agent in Cambodia to help her, but they said Sunday agent not working wor :( To cut story short, so i told her, since you're back in Cambodia, you should have no problem in communication, you can ask how to go back. You know after that what she tell my mil? She said, i don't want to take taxi back i want to take bus o_o.

On last Saturday afternoon, i told her, no need to boil soup on Sunday and ask her to wash her bed sheet and clean her place before she go back. She look at me and ask me " I'm going back tomorrow??" I said " yes, i told you Sunday???" she said "i thought is next Sunday!" I told her if today (Saturday) got time, pack some of your thing first.

When she start packing, my sons were having their nap, so i was watching her packing her bag and also i'm checking through her thing. I look through the clothes she bring back, mostly is we gave her one, and her old clothes, she leave it behind, tell me she don't want it anymore. I saw one piece purple sleeves top, which is i know not belongs to her and i ask her "whose clothes is this?" she answer me " ma'am this one i bring from Cambodia!!!" *louder tone than me* I ask her again "Cambodia?? You sure??" because i saw a big "momoe" word on the tops and also on the tag, she still insists that is she brought from Cambodia, i ask her "cambodia got momoe brand???" "YES!!!" *very confident!* I still put the top aside and slowly check other things. I found more hair accessories, clips, hair band, and some small bling bling things (she like all that). I ask her, she still tell me "this is Ma'am buy one!!!" Eh, of course i remember what i bought for her, but that doesn't look like i buy before!! Fine, she don't tell me that, small things i just let her take. Later i found she took new tooth paste, new pack of pads, i said those tooth paste for the other maid to use, since she is going home, cannot bring all these things back. For the pads i give her a few (but i found more the next day, she still tell me i give her!!) Actually this is all small things, if you ask me nicely i don't mind to give, but you don't ask and take, which i don't like. I keep back the tooth paste!

I check through her book and dairy, i found some telephone number. I ask her whose number is that all start with "o12" and "016", she said this is her uncle, aunty, brother in cambodia. I ask again, "huh?? Cambodia also got 012 and 016?" There is still got other numher which i know is Cambodia number but not "012" or "016". I ask her again, she still tell me the same, i try to call the number, and she start panic, she tell me "it's my friend" I ask"what friends?", she said when she bring the dog out to "jalan jalan" she know some maid nearby, one filipino, and one Cambo maid also, somemore can tell me that cambo is maid going back on 13/8 too!!! Looks like when she bring the dog out, she is making friends around and chatting with them! No wonder, mil had been telling me, when my maid bring the dog go out always take very long hour to come back, after that i stop her to bring the dog out again!!

Finish checking her bag, i ask her to lock the bag and put it in my room, the balance of her things i ask her to put in another bag which i gave her. Now, back to the top issue, after snapping a picture of the Momoe top i sent mms to my sil and hub's sister, ask this tee belongs to anyone of them? Hub sister reply and said the top belongs to her which she had been looking for it high and low for so long already!!!!!!!! When i ask her later, she smile at me and said "sorry ma'am" ARRRGG!!!! I hate she lied so much!!! I told her don't think i'm so so stupid and always lied to me, on the last day still want lied to me!!!!! Which make me really pissed off!

Night time we brought her for steamboat as "farewell dinner", after back from dinner, my hub taught her how to use her new handphone (she request to buy handphone, of course this one is deduct from her salary). She is so naive, after told us she want to buy handphone, then we get her the handphone, she told us, it's ok, no need to call her parent, she can use her handphone to call. We ask her, no sim card how to call? Then have to tell her, after go back to Cambo then apply for the line or get the card. Duh'!

On Sunday morning, after me and my sons woke up, i just briefly check through her room see is it all the things cleared. Then i ask her to bring me her second bag to check, she a bit surprise when i said i want to check her second bag. Check through, i found three full bottles of shower gel/shampoo she want to bring back, one of it it's Victoria Secret bottle, i got a shock when i saw that, after that she told me, she re-use the bottle i throw away. :( I found more pads, and i ask her did i gave her so many on day before, i don't think so but as usual she answer me "YES! Ma'am give!!!!" *sigh* no point argue with her again, i let her take. Then i check one of the plactic bag again which contain all the bling bling hair clips and hair band, i surprisingly to find out there is one Cinnamoroll character hair band in the plastic bag which i didn't see it on day before. I ask her, she still insists it's i buy one!!!! I tell you!!! I'm SO ANGRY! I know that is belongs to my sil's daughter one, i saw her wear and she just bought it from Japan, and how can it be i buy one???? I called my sil's daughter to come and check her hair accessories thing. She said "omg!! This is all my hair clips!!!!" I ask the little girl to take back all her hair clips, and leave behind those not belongs to her. She want to lie, end up more things cannot bring back! Really sickening!! Finish checking, the bags are in my room, ask her to get change and shower then i do the final check on her. Saw her handphone already got some new bling bling dangling things hang on it already. *no eye see*!

We went for an early lunch nearby my house, then i went to pick up my sil at the market, she is going with me to the airport. I alone cannot handles two kids and one maid, i ask for her help. Reach airport, after checking in the bags then bring her to the immigration and pass her the passport and the doc and tell her if she don't know, please ask or follow people and show her which gate to board the flight, bla bla bla. After she took the passport and the document from me, she just LEFT LIKE THAT!!!! Not even said BYE TO US!!! If she don't like me i understand but she taking care my sons for TWO YEARS, no feeling at all!!!! I called out to her, i said "eh, you don't want to said bye bye to my sons ar??" Only she look at my sons from FAR and said "BYE!!!" then went off!!! 0_0

My sons said bye to their kakak then keep ask me "where kakak go?? why go back?? Go home already?? bla bla bla" then me and my sil we pass by a duty free shop selling chocolate, we went in and we had a good time buying the chocolates!!! I bought my sons some toy chocolates, this keep them "quiet" for a while not asking me about their kakak. In the car they ASK again!!! Till last night they still asking where is their kakak, no more come back??? :( :(

Last night my maid called my bil, because we gave her my bil hp, i didn't give her mine (so mean ya) So i suppose she already reach there safely? She told my bil, she want to come back to work again, BUT not at the house, she want to WORK AT THE MARKET! *blek* ask her to dream on la!