Thursday, October 29, 2009

cough cough cough!

Everyone is down with cough. First start with Fearles, then pass it to Cruz, then daddy also caught the cough and sore throat. Cruz recover within few days, but Fearles cough from bad to worst. Had been three weeks already and he is still coughing and now is with phlegm! Brought him to see doctor twice, medicine finish, but he still cough, other than that he is still super active and "manja". :(

Fearles pass the virus to me, now we two coughing together and take medicine together. Since western medicine didn't work well with Fearles, now i have switch his medicine to chinese tradisional herbs. Every week i will boil some herbal soup for him to nourish his lung. Father in law gave me one chinese cough medicine pill, according to him, it is very good. After give Fearles the pills, I can see some improvement, less coughing and got appetite to eat, but i think for chinese medicine take longer time to see the result.

When Fearles having bad cough, the most i worried is he will throw out. There is one night while i was having my shower, hub was knocking on the shower room door telling me Fearles is vomit on the bed. I told him i was half way shower, not ask me to just walked out like that? Ask him to bring Fearles to clean up first then i will do the rest. After i'm done with my shower, i saw hub already shower Fearles and wrap him with three towels!!!! I just want to laugh! When come to this, i think all men are the same, don't know what to do. Agree?

This is almost everynight "drama", once Fearles cough, phlegm will stuck on the throat he feel uneasy, he just throw out, that make him feel better. After hub got the "first experience", second time, he get "cool" a bit, he didn't knock on the door, he bring Fearles to shower room and clean him up and told me Fearles vomit again. :)

Actually, we had a small pail in the room always stand by to catch the "gold", but Fearles like to throw out when i'm having my shower, but most of the time i manage to catch it before it dirty the bed.

Hope after he take the chinese medicine, he will recover soon. Poor Fearles, already a skinny boy, now i only can see bone on him. :(

this is the cough pills from chinese medicine hall, good. I am also taking it. Beside than cough pills, i give them cod liver oil also and different type of herbs, boil for soup or boil for water to drink. Haih.... when kids fall sick, we will try everything!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I wan to wear mask.....

There is one night i was blowing my hair in my walk-in wardrobe, my busybody Cruz also inside, he is busy checking around to see got anything to play with. Suddenly he found something and tell me, "mummy, i want to wear mask, i want to wear mask!!" I turn around and see him holding this...............

my bra pad for my gym attire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know what to said, tell him this is not mask, this is my thing, don't play with it, but he still insists want to wear it. *faint*

Look again, it does look like mask, just without the string. HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

Have a great weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Quit his jut jut (pacifier)!!!!!!! Ya, you can call me a lazy mum, my two boys still on their jut jut at age of 4! Not that i don't bother to get them to quit their "jut jut", but when i think of having two crying toodlers at night and kicking a big fuss make me scare and stress. I did try few times, tell them not to use "jut jut", they are tired and sleepy but they toss and turn for 1 hour + and cannot fall sleep, how lei? End up i surrender, i give them back the "jut jut".

Now Fearles quit his "jut jut" for one week plus already, he never think of his "jut jut" even i place it on the table. Last week, he told me his "jut jut" spoilt already, then i told him, i got no more "jut jut" then he has to go with "jut jut" less, he give me that kind of "no choice" face, so he went to sleep. Surprising not long after that he fall sleep, and morning wake up he also didn't look for his "jut jut". Today is the day 8, he didn't touch his "jut jut" and he is fine with it.

I'm so happy, and without me knowing, it is so easy to quit him off "jut jut"!!! Now i have to work hard on Cruz , the die-hard "jut jut" / hardcore "jut jut" fans!! Now i have been brain wash him everyday, i would said "see kor kor Fearles also no "jut jut", why you still have "jut jut" " Previously, when either one of them see the other one having "jut jut" they will got the "urge" want to have it too. Now Fearles see Cruz has "jut jut" he just ignore. hahahhahah. Since now Cruz got no more "gang" with him, "sometime" he will forget his "jut jut" but during bed time it still a "MUST" for him. :(

Fearles, now you look more handsome without the "jut jut"!!! Good boy!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Creation - Part 30

This is the bento i fixed for my boys last weekend.

rice in bird shape, baked bean, meat ball with a tongue sticking out and pork chop.

i packed the fruits in seperate tomica lunch box. Strawberries and Pear in bird shape.

Yesterday i fixed this bento for myself and my sons morning snack bento.
My lunch bento - rice with furikake on top, steam herbal chicken wing and meat patties.

My sons snack bento - peanut butter mini biscuits, cereal and grapes and strawberries.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My observant Cruz

Last week Wed, when i put my boys to sleep i thought of change a new music CD for them. Instead of the usual church music, i play Richard Clayderman for them. They notice i change a new music on that night, they ask me why i change the new one. I said since now they learn music, so must listen to more music and one day like this uncle ( Richard Clayderman) can play very nice music, and become famous and can earn a lot money, then can buy mummy things.

Fearles as usual just keep quiet on my comment, Cruz said " so i can buy mummy "ski" shoe? (he is refering to the roller blade shoe, because hub promise to get them one when they grow older, so he is keep thinking about that shoe) Then i said " ya ya, then you can buy mummy the "ski" shoe". After a while, Cruz said this.......

Cruz: mummy, you got A LOT money!!!!!!

mummy: *i got shock* mummy got money?? where?? why you said mummy got a lot money???

Cruz: yea, mummy got a lot money and put it in the box (he use his hand and act like how i close the box)

mummy: *i'm in deep curious* huh? Box? what box?? mummy put what money in the box???

Cruz: neh, mummy got money and put into the box.

mummy: *i still don't get what cruz said * no, i don't have the box got a lot money.

Cruz: got, neh, that day wai da gong (my grandpa) give you money RM100 and you put inside the box (my purse)!!!!!!!!!!!

mummy: *slap forehead* OH!!! ya ya ya

During my grandpa recent trip to KL, i had lunch with him and he give me some pocket money and ask me to buy things for the boys. When my grandpa passed the money to me, Cruz saw it and he remember it and he saw the RM100 note!! Lucky he don't know how much is inside!! hahahhahahahhahahahhaha I have to be more careful in front of Cruz!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Joke to share....

Received this forward mail from my friend. I find it is funny and interesting, here would like to share with all mummies out there.



I was out walking with my 4-year-old daughter. She picked up something off of the ground and started to put it in her mouth. I took the item away from her and I asked her not to do that. 'Why?' my daughter asked. 'Because it's been on the ground; you don't know where it's been, it's dirty,And probably has germs,' I replied. At this point, my daughter looked at me with total admiration and asked,'Mum, how do you know all this stuff? You are so smart.' I was thinking quickly and replied, 'All mums know this stuff. It's on the Mum Test. You have to know it, or they don't let you be a Mum.' We walked along in silence for 2 or 3 minutes, but she was evidently pondering this new information. 'Oh.....I get it!' she beamed, 'So if you don't pass the test you have to be the dad.' 'Exactly,' I replied with a big smile on my face.


Side note: If you think mummy's job is easy, it is not easy at all. I did not sit any "mum test" but i learn new lesson everyday. Nowadays, mummy has to be creative and smart to answer the kids on the never ending "why why why" questions and give them a satisfy answers. Sometime mummy also has to be a fierce teacher to coach them homeworks. Mummy has to be "naughty or playful" sometimes, to play monster or ultraman or superman or batman or what ever with the kids (if they are boys). Those working mum's work hour don't stop at 8 hours, back home, busy with the kids homework, shower them, entertain them. After they sleep, then only mummy's time to have a good shower, had a cuppa in front of the tv, that is also about 10.30pm at night. :) I'm not complaining, but just want to "ngam ngam cham cham" a bit. :)

Friday, October 09, 2009

My Creation - Part 29

This is the bento lunch on last Saturday.

rice with meat balls, chicken "pop and apples for Fearles, Cruz having the same except the fruit. Cruz like strawberries. :)

i fixed myself a bento too. Just a simple lemang + serunding + sweet plum in my new collection i get from Bento Market. :)

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

My "makan makan" week!!

Last week, four days in a row i been on "food feast"!!! First is my "crabbing night" then on Friday we are having "raya feast" in the office, this is yearly affair in our office. Since our office is small, and not many staffs, normally we will do pot luck. My malay colleagues they will cook and bring the food to office, and i will sponsor "lemang".

Our usual menu will be Roti Jala, one of the signature dish from one of my colleague, she make very nice roti jala, then we got curry, chicken rendang, jellies, cakes, moon cake and this year add on one more menu which is SATAY!

Since it is friday, and a bit "relax", my colleagues ask me to bring my two boys to the office in the afternoon, they never met my boys before. During lunch time, i went back home to fetch my boys, two of them are excited!!! They can play at mummy's office!! At first i'm a bit worried, they will get bored, but they are not! My colleagues entertain them and let my boys draw on the white board and they are happily playing with the staplers (this is something new to them!) and keep telling my colleagues that is 'fire crackers" *faint*

Roti Jala , jellies, nasi impit, serunding....

right corner is the best Lemang we had, we got it from Gombak, it is very very nice!! Very soft and nice smell!

moon cakes....

satay - beef, chicken and lamb (80 sticks) and we finish all!!

the satay sauce and the sambal......yum...
Cruz enjoy his share of satay at my desk

this is my collegue's daughter holding a satay

Fearles eating his satay, he don't really like, he only eat two sticks.

two of them "messy" at my desk

after "makan", Cruz enjoy playing his staplers and Fearles enjoy his spiderman in you tube at my colleague desk! hahahhahaha
see Fearles 'serious" face???

my boys's art on the white board!!!!!!!

We eat from morning till evening, i stuff with lemang, roti jala and satay!! Cruz love satay and he ate 6 or 7 sticks and a lot jellies!! I skip my dinner on that night and my boys definetly had a good time in my office. hahahhahahha

Saturday, mid autumn festival, we had steamboat dinner at night.

Sunday, another "makan day". My grandpa was here for some medical treatment, i didn't manage to meet up with him on Friday and Saturday, so i met him on Sunday lunch. We had our Sunday lunch together with my "suk kong's" family (grandpa's brother). It is the birthday lunch arranged by my "suk kong's" sons and it happen this trip some of my "ku pors" and "suk kongs"(grandpa's brothers and sisters) from Sarawak were here too. They think this is a good time to get everyone together and had an earlier birthday celebration for "suk kong". We had a wonderful lunch at Reunion Chinese Restaurant at Bangsar Village. Another round, i stuff with food till i cannot eat the dessert! My grandpa got the chance to see my two boys again, this is his second trip to KL within this year after his last trip during May. This year i didn't go back home, but good that i can see him in KL and he can see his two great grandsons. :)

Happy birthday to my "suk kong"!!!
"suk kong" and family!!
my grandpa with the brother and sisters and brother in law!!

Four days on food feast, now i need to work out more harder to shed off the "FAT"!!

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

"moon cake" night......

My parent in law quite particular about this festival, every year they will celebrate this day without fail. :) Every year we will have dinner at home, last two years, we had dinner at home just among our family, last year we invited some relatives and friends come to our house to have dinner and play lantern. This year we had steamboat for dinner, just invite some close relatives and one or two friends over. I told some of my friends, we got "lantern playing" later at
night, if they want to bring their kids over. Most of them are celebrate at home too, i only got one friend who bring her little boy to come and join us. :)

Sorry, no food picture and the steamboat. I'm too busy to enjoy my dinner and so do the photographer ( my hub!!) hahahahhahahahhahah

while i enjoy my dinner, kids had their dinner earlier then start playing lantern with my mil guiding them. My boys and their cousins.

chinese tea + moon cakes ( i only had one slice, over-eat from the dinner!!)

some of the lanterns...

mother in law do her praying....

finally everyone took a picture at this bamboo tree! hahahaha
This is how i celebrate my "lantern" night. How is your mid autumn festival??

Friday, October 02, 2009

crabbing night...

I had a good "crabbing" night with my girlfriends last night. Ever since my maid left two months ago, i hardly go out ALONE to dine or yam cha with my friends. My two boys will always tag along, as they don't really want to follow the new maid and new maid still not very sure how to handle my two boys. My two boys also a big bully, they know who-to-bully!!!!!!!!! *faint*

Thursday is "homework" night, and i also want to meet up with my girlfriends, they are my college friends till now, we hardly meet up but do keep in touch through e mail or FB or calls. Finish work, i rush home, FIRST thing i ask my boys to quickly finish their homework, i told them i want to bring them out. While doing homework i think twice, if i bring them out, sure they will bored and want to go home early. I successful to "brian wash" them and let me go out alone, i told them to play with the cousins at home and let the maid put them to sleep.

We are having dinner @ Robson Heights Restaurant at Taman Seputeh. I was late again, due to the bad traffic!! When i reached at the restaurant, Irene and Jackie already there. Before we start our dinner, something happen to "spice" up our night. While we are yakking happily, suddenly someone come to our table and carry a durian ask us want to buy or not, i told him we don't want. The durian seller is a young guy but with GANGSTER look, he keep asking why we don't want to buy, he said " you did not try, how you know not nice? Once you try, you will fall in love with it!!!" I wanted to tell him, i don't take durian and not that i don't want to buy, but i didn't said it out, look at his gangster face already make us scared. There is a few of them in the restaurant, walk around and ask the patrons to buy durian. Later on, they got chase away by the restaurant owner or captain in a polite way, but the durian seller give them a "scary" stare, like telling the restaurant owner, you wait and see!!! Not long, they come back again, but not carry any durians, they went to the counter and "talk" to the owner, i don't know what is the conversation, then they walked out again. Then walk in again, talk over the counter again, then walk out. My back was facing the main entrance, suddenly we heard a loud sound, i trun around, and saw the durian seller, they are throwing the tables and chairs!!! Outside the restaurant got some patrons also (non air cond session), i think all of us got shock to see this scene! Just like watching those HK movies in real life!!!! The restaurant staffs all run out and like want to put up a fight but luckily the durian sellers went off! Phew....lucky i didn't bring my two boys, quite scary lei!

We had a good time yakking and crabbing!! We left around 10.30pm, reach home my two boys already slept. Hope our next gathering won't take another year!!LOL!!

my two good buddies, Irene and Jackie!

me and Jackie

me and Irene

Ice Wine....

chinese wine "frog" ( i don't touch this) :P

kam hiong lala...

fried rice

salted egg crabs.....

sambal squid!