Monday, November 30, 2009

Steamboat lunch @ Elaine's House

During last week long weekend, me and Barb went over the Elaine's house for steamboat. We arranged this gathering on the very last minute. While i was chatting with Barb and Elaine, i said i got nothing on during the long weekend and hubs also not around, i told Elaine i want to go to her house and "disturb" her and ask her to teach me how to do "lor mai kai" so there we set it on the next day. We had steamboat lunch this round whereby last round we had "roast chicken wing" at my place.

I picked up Barb and Ashley from their place at 9.45am (very early lei)!! When we reached at Elaine's house, our first reaction is "WOW"!!!! BIG & HUGE & BEAUTIFUL HOUSE!!

We quickly bring down the "ingredient" then start prepare our stemboat lunch. We wrapped "wanton" and "water dog - sui gou", then all the balls balls. Elaine invite one of her good friend cum neighbour come to join us also. We four ladies are busy in the kitchen and all the kids are "messing" the toy room!!

Danny ( Elaine's hub) was the photographer, i did take a few pictures but not as nice as Danny (he is using DSLR lei), so i will use some of his pictures instead of mine. :)

picture time.......this is from my camera....
L-R: Cruz, Ashley and Fearles

get all the kids together....

L-R : Amber, Cruz, Fearles, Ashley and Sharon

mummy also want to pose at the beautiful fish pond.

By the time we had our steamboat lunch is about 12 noon. We settle the kids on the small table first then we adults start our yummy lunch, we yak and we eat. After our steamboat lunch, we help to clean up the place then Elaine start her lesson with me on how to do "lor mai kai"! After i learn i can bring back the "lor mai kai" and eat!!hahahhahahahhahhahahhahah. While waiting for the "lor mai kai", Elaine bake some orange cupcakes for the kids that morning, i cannot resist myself to have two cupcakes and go with coffee! The cupcakes are yummy, my boys love it a lot, each of them ate two cupcakes !!!

i brought this shabu shabu can having steamboat without
this lei....

this is part of the food...yee mee, quail egg, fish ball, meat ball,
four different type of vege, egg, crabstick, wanton, "water dog"
& etc........

what a nice view to have steamboat ya..facing the fish pond...

kids are having lunch on this table....

Cruz doing some "monster look"

Ashley also want to do some "monster facial"

Fearles also doing another "monster" :(

ingredient for "lor mai kai"

me learning how to do a "lor mai kai"

see how Cruz and Fearles enjoy their cupcakes...

Before we go back, we packed back some cupcakes and lor mai kai and also some "small fishes" from the pond!!!! My boys are so excited seeing their new pets. While in the car, Cruz insist want to hold the tupperware with small fishes inside. Reached home, i put all the small fishes in the small container, and add some marble into it.

Thanks Elaine for teaching me how to do "lor mai kai" and let us "messing" up her house!!! HAHAAHHAHA We really had a wonderful time to catch up. I call it "chan kar meet up" hahhaha

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Seo Gung Korean BBQ

Hubs was away for a week for his yearly cycling trip at Chieng Mai. He left last Tue, and my "makan makan"/eating spree start on Wednesday. hahahhahahhahahha

Wednesday we are having another round "makan feast" in office, same old menu as previous, but minus the lemang this round. :) We start our feast since morning till finish work, my stomach was full with roti jala, nasi lemak and satay. I skipped dinner on that night.

Thursday, i went for dinner at Seo Gung Korean BBQ at SS2 to celebrate one of my ex colleague from previous office. Four of us ( two of us already left and the other two still at the old office), we make it a point, we will celebrate each other birthday, to come out for dinner and also a time to catch up.

This time is PS's birthday (actually i got two long backdated post i didn't post on the other two birthday!!) She would like to have Korean BBQ for birthday dinner, we went to the one at SS2. I didn't bring my boys this round, i want to enjoy my dinner, so i told my friends, we have to go for an early dinner, so i can go home early. We went straight to the restaurant after work . Since i'm finish work at 5pm, i reach there before 6pm.

We start our dinner at 6.15pm (so early ya??). Slowly dig in the food, chatting and yakking at the same time. Too many food till we cannot finish!! Finish dinner, i still can eat two pieces of cake!!! Big eater huh. hahhhahah

Nice to have a girls night out once in a while. I reached home around 9pm, two boys are doing good at home, nothing "heart attack" moment for me. :)

Seo Gung Korean BBQ

we order set menu which include this......

this.......spicy chicken

this - pork belly for BBQ

this.......ginseng chicken soup


this...........rice in the stone pot

spicy tofu soup and korean style pan cake is on side order

steam egg is on the house

our yummy and fattening food!!

wrap the meat with the green, you can add on raw garlic..but i omit that.

Birthday cake for PS...

Me and the birthday girl - PS

Last, a group picture. :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Backdated - Starship Galactica

School holidays start, this mummy also become lazy. Not update my blog for a week...tsk tsk tsk.

This is a backdated post, my mum was here two weeks ago, she transit here for three nights, i took an off day on Monday ( 9/11/09) company her to go shopping. My boys also off on that Monday, since on that previous Saturday, it's my sons kindy concert, so they got an off day on Monday.

We went to One Utama for late lunch, me and my mum went for shopping, while daddy bring the two boys go to Starship Galactica let them "loose" some energy there. (Chin Nee, yes, i was at one utama on that Monday, you didn't see my two boys, because they are with daddy at Starship Galactica). Now it rain every day or evening, hard to bring them to playground, alternate way is paid and let them play at indoor playground. :(

camwhoring while waiting for the food.....

last but not least, took a picture with "por por".