Saturday, February 27, 2010

CNY = Catch Up & Gathering

Last Sunday, i met up with my bunch of good old friend where we have known for 17 years! They are my work mate when i first start work in a hotel in year 1993. From stranger to work mate to friends and now is good friends. Although we hardly meet up, but through e mail ,msn, sms, phone calls and Facebook we always keep in touch.

Every year we will try to arrange a meet up, it's really hard to arrange a big group, but the few of us always try our best to make it for the meet up. Last Sunday, we arrange a chinese new year meet up @ Oversea Restaurant @ Armada building PJ.

We instead of having the chinese new year set menu, we order it from a la carte, since everyone was bored with the 7 course set menu, and of course "yee sang" is a must!

salmon "yee sang" - not so colorful hor??

oversea restaurant signature dish - roast pork and char siew, juicy and yummy!!

shark fin soup.

taufu with vege


sweet and sour meat - kids favorite

fish fillet with thai sauce

braised mushroom, vege and sea cucumber - this is my favorite!!

kids before they warm up and get to know each other...

after one hour, see they become friends and start their monkeying around!!! Even play hide and seek in the room!!

Jayson, Cruz, Fearles and Sebastian.

ex Ming Court (Corus Hotel) gathering...

finally a group picture. :)

We had a great meet up and chatting and updating and laughing. Adults have fun and so do kids. Lucky we all in a private room, i can hear how noisy we are! Now most of us no longer in hotel line except for three of them still in hotel line. Hope our friendship forever and will keep up this catching up time more often.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Creation - Part 36

Have been a while since i last fix a bento lunch for my boys. Last weekend, since we are not going anywhere, i decide to do a not-so-look-alike "tiger" bento for my boys. You know i hate it, when every time i prepare the bento, my boys will in out in out the kitchen and see what i am doing, and they will tell me "quick mummy, i am hungry, i am very hungry" in fact they are not so hungry, but they just like to disturb me and make me angry, so everytime the lunch will serve in a "rush" way. Hope next time i can have more time and do a better one.

rice with not-look-alike-tiger deco, luncheon meat, meat balls and try to do an egg tamago with tomatoes and luncheon meat inside (my first attempt, but look not nice) and fruits- strawberries and red dragon fruits.

happy bento-ing......

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

our cny 2010

This year chinese new year, we didn't go anywhere, rotting at home, and the weather was so so so HOT, i just so lazy to go out. Since no one at home, we also didn't cook, just eat out. Everywhere still closed, so the only place is go to shopping mall and eat. Some shop in shopping mall also not open, we just walk walk and look see look see, want to enjoy the air-cond, but the air condition at the shopping mall also bad.

see how boring we are, ask the boys posing and take pictures around.

On the 3rd day night, we went to One Utama to have dinner, we went to this Paddington House of Pancake for dinner. My boys and my hub first time to this restaurant and this is my second time. You know my hub is typical chinese, he don't like these type of food, he said this is dessert not main meal. Anyway, me and my boys enjoy the pancakes very much and my boys love it.

Cruz's dinner
hub's lamb shank?
my pancakes and two yummy sausages
shrimps with nachos
Fearles's choco pancakes with strawberry

On the 4th day, i didn't cook, but i boil some soup and cook something simple for my boys. At least they got home cook food to eat. :) My aunty Esther called and said want to visit me, after that we went out to have lunch at nearby coffee shop. Then night before, Elaine message me said she will visit me on the night, since her hub got some appointment nearby my area, so she would like to hop by. Then i decide to do a small steambaot dinner, just me, hub and Elaine and the two maids. Sorry, no picture to show, but we had a great time, simple steamboat dinner but three of us so so full and we still got a lot left over, the maids keep it for next day lunch.

5th day of cny, my younger sister in law brought my boys to her mum place to play with her boys, so i got a half day off!! I went to Bangsar Village to have my Pedicure again, then buy birthday present for my boys schoolmate on Monday birthday party @ school. Back home, i enjoy a bubble bath, then not long after that my boys back home.

Time flies, another 5 more days is "chap goh meh", i am still in my chinese new year holidays mood, althought today is already my second day at work. Boring chinese new year, but i enjoy lazying around and spent time with my boys.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

1st day CNY and Valentine's Day

During this chinese new year, we didn't go anywhere, no visiting, just rot at home watch TV and go out lunch and dinner and walk around at shopping mall. The hot hot weather really put us away from going out.

On the first day of chinese new year, we met up with STP from Sibu. I start read his blog not long ago, and know he is from Sibu. Read his blog make me feel warm, he always update how is my hometown, and also the food that i miss in Sibu.

We pick STP up from his hotel and went for lunch, due to it's 1st day of chinese new year a lot shop was not open, end up we are at Seri Petaling for some dim sum. It's a quick lunch because STP was leaving to airport at 2pm. My boys after warm up with STP, they start cheeky, they start disturb STP ( so malunya!!) Cruz touch STP big tummy and asked "uncle, why your tummy so big??" and pull up his shirt too!! My god!! My boy!! Then Cruz pull up his too to compare his tummy and STP's one. *no eye see*

Then later he found out there is a mole on STP's face, Cruz asked again, "uncle, what is that on your face?" STP being funny, tell him that is the "raising" accidently stick on his face when he bake the cake!!! hahahahhahahhahahahha.. I really hope STP don't mind my two cheeky boys, they speak really direct or should i use this term again ? Kids are innocent, they said what they see. LOL

We had a great time chatting with STP and his missus, a very friendly couple. Food wise, not so nice, really feel not good bringing STP for that not-so-nice dim sum, that's why we didn't bother to take the food picture. After the quick lunch, we sent them back to hotel again, this is the first time i met up with a non mummy blogger. hahahhahhahah

me, my boys and Mr. & Mrs Wee

Back home, rest a while, you know what we do on the 1st day chinese new year afternoon? I get my boys to do their homework!!!! So much homework during chinese new year, i told them, finish the homework, then they can play the rest of the week, not forget they going to perform on their JMC book 1 graduation on 3/3, they have to sing and play one song!! Stress!

Night time, we went to Bernard Restaurant for dinner, since it's a valentine's night. Food was good, quiet restaurant, not a lot people. That is how's our 1st day CNY and Valentine's Day.

Bernard Restaurant

a family picture on Valentine's Day....

me and my two princes..

me and hub Valentine's dinner. hahahhahahhahhahaha
Cantonese fried noodles.

Cruz's nasi lemak, this is very yummy!!!

prawns fritter...

Fearles's Spaghetti Bolognise

fried chicken wings...

Monday, February 15, 2010

Reunion lunch

This year same as last year, we had reunion late lunch instead of dinner because all my in laws are flying off for holidays at night, so we had it earlier instead of dinner, so everyone can have more time to have last minute packing and cleaning.

A week before chinese new year, we all are busy. In laws and hub were busy with their biz and so do i ( i busy with kids, homework, music class, then my company dinner), almost every night i only sleep at 12.30am. I only manage to prepare the "ang pow" packets night before the chinese new year eve.

Saturday, woke up and packed some breakfast for my boys, then we start preparing the lunch. See what we had for our reunion lunch?

vege, two types of prawns - kam hiong and sweet and sour prawns, steam chicken, braised mushroom with meat, braised pork knuckle with mushroom and "fatt choi", fried meat roll and soup.

We had our yummy and simple lunch at 2pm in the afternoon, after lunch, hub and brother in law light up some fire crackers and all kids are excited ( you know we hardly can see or hear fire crackers or fire works here in KL). Unlike at my hometown Sibu, you can hear and see and play a lot!

After lunch, sister in laws and hub and mother in law playing mahjong, kids playing themselves, and i do my last minute cleaning in my room and kid's toy room.

We sent in laws off to KL Sentral at 7pm, then me and hubs and the kids went to hubs close friend's house to join them for steamboat dinner with their family. That is our chinese new year eve, and we count down chinese new year in front of TV. :(

Gong Xi Fa Cai Everyone!!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!

Here me & my boys take this opportunity to wish everyone have a prosperous year of 2010. Enjoy the family union and warmth gathering of relatives and friends.
May the year flow with Tiger ‘strength’ of GooD HealtH & ProsperitY !!

Xin Nien Kwai Le (Joyous New Year)!!

my boys wish everyone " Gong Xi Fa Cai"!! (art by them)




Thursday, February 11, 2010

upin ipin wallet...

This sweet mummy gave my boys upin ipin wallet when i met up with her last two weeks. My boys get so excited, now they got their own wallet. Back home can't wait and ask me to give them some money to put inside the wallet.

I give them RM1 to put it inside then they ask for coins, i give them 10 cents. When they go out, they bring their wallet and put it in the pocket.

There is one night, when i chit chatting with them on the bed, suddenly Cruz ask, "mummy, you don't have diamond ring?" Wah wah wah, i never thought my boys know what is diamond, i told him, no, mummy no money, cannot buy diamond ring. You know this sweet boy told me, mummy, i got money in my wallet i can buy BIG DIAMOND for you. LOL!!!! They still don't know the money value, they thought RM1 is a lot money, can buy DIAMOND! *noted this down, and want to show to Cruz when he is older and he better keep his promise to buy me a big diamond ring!* hahahhahahhahhaha

When i want to paid parking after their music class, my two boys rush to the parking machine and take out the wallet, fight with each other see who paid for the parking. I told them, their money is still not enough to paid the parking fees, last, i win and i paid for the parking. After that night, i cannot find where is Fearles's green colour upin ipin wallet, either he too excited want to paid for parking and accidently drop the wallet. I search high and low at home, still cannot find his wallet, he is a bit sad. I promise to get him another one.

It's good to let them have a wallet and keep little money in it, at least can teach them on the counting and the value of the money.

This is the story about their upin ipin wallet. :)

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

C2 - Cool & Clean Green Tea

Dong dong chiang! Dong dong chiang! Just another few more days, we will celebrate chinese new year, how time flies. Every year during this festival, we will busy stock up cookies and drinks, this year no exception.

Last few days, someone sent me these C2 - Cool & Clean Green Tea to try out, it taste refreshing and not sweet at all. I love Green tea, i drink green tea everyday, as we know Green Tea is having the highest amount of health benefits compare to other tea, it has least caffeine and with Anti-Oxidant.

C2-Cool & Clean Green Tea is a range of high quality non-carbonated ready-to-drink fruit flaored green tea, it comes in 3 refreshing flavours, Apple, Lemon and Forest Fruit. Sound interesting huh? It is made from 100% Natural Green Tea (not from powder and concentrates of green tea), it's brewed and packaged fresh on the same day.

When my boys saw the drinks, they got excited, can't wait to try out the tea. Give them this green tea drink it is definitely healthier alternative to carbonated soft drink. I love the bottle design, it's resealable PET bottle, and look very colourful and cute. My boys and myself try the green tea, we like the taste, not too sweet and it taste better when it chilled.

Now you can get it from 7-11, Mydin, Giant, Jusco or any supermarket that near your place. I will definetly stock up more for this coming chinese new year.