Saturday, February 27, 2010

CNY = Catch Up & Gathering

Last Sunday, i met up with my bunch of good old friend where we have known for 17 years! They are my work mate when i first start work in a hotel in year 1993. From stranger to work mate to friends and now is good friends. Although we hardly meet up, but through e mail ,msn, sms, phone calls and Facebook we always keep in touch.

Every year we will try to arrange a meet up, it's really hard to arrange a big group, but the few of us always try our best to make it for the meet up. Last Sunday, we arrange a chinese new year meet up @ Oversea Restaurant @ Armada building PJ.

We instead of having the chinese new year set menu, we order it from a la carte, since everyone was bored with the 7 course set menu, and of course "yee sang" is a must!

salmon "yee sang" - not so colorful hor??

oversea restaurant signature dish - roast pork and char siew, juicy and yummy!!

shark fin soup.

taufu with vege


sweet and sour meat - kids favorite

fish fillet with thai sauce

braised mushroom, vege and sea cucumber - this is my favorite!!

kids before they warm up and get to know each other...

after one hour, see they become friends and start their monkeying around!!! Even play hide and seek in the room!!

Jayson, Cruz, Fearles and Sebastian.

ex Ming Court (Corus Hotel) gathering...

finally a group picture. :)

We had a great meet up and chatting and updating and laughing. Adults have fun and so do kids. Lucky we all in a private room, i can hear how noisy we are! Now most of us no longer in hotel line except for three of them still in hotel line. Hope our friendship forever and will keep up this catching up time more often.


mNhL said...

Wow...the roast & bbq pork look so delicious. It is great to have gathering with friends.

mommy to chumsy said...

ahh...lovely gathering with good friends :D the food is delicious and my fav is the sea cucumber dish too :D i heard this particular Oversea restaurant is the best in town ;)

suituapui said...

Ah! You were at Ming Court. Never stayed there - once or twice, did think of doing that but never did. Overseas has a branch at Jalan Imbi, right? Very famous...and price also very famous. Food looks so-so only leh... LOL!!! Boys will be boys...and four of them together, what to expect! Hahahahaha!!!

smallkucing said...

Nice gathering. Yup, kinda hard to get everyone together. Should be treasured :D

Wow...thekids so syok syok kakaka

Annie Q said...

mNhL: ya, this is the only and great time to have gathering.

mommy to chumsy: hehhehehe...nice hor, the sea cucumber? Over here we hardly eat, where by at my hometown, we can have it at normal restaurant, very common over there.

STP: Yes! My first working place was Ming Court Hotel after i graduate. Overseas restaurant they got a few branch, yes, there is on at Jalan Imbi. Famous and like you said the price also very famous!! hahahahha, you know how much we paid for that meal? Food look so so but it cost us RM700+!!!! I think in Sibu we can eat till we vomit.LOL

smallkucing: ya, getting everyone to get together is really hard.

reanaclaire said...

annieQ, the food looked ravishing esp the sea cucumber..i love that dish too..
this year i didnt do a reunion with my ex classmates, maybe next year cos of my late FIL..

CH Voon said...

it is wonderful time to meet up with old friends!

Agree... i also bored to order set of menu.... not nice!

kids are like tat! after know it other then start to play around.

Pete said...

Nice meeting with old friends, nice food....and the kids have fun too!

little prince's mummy said...

Nice gathering..

Superman said...

CNY is always the time for gathering with friends and family. That's why I love CNY so much.
I ate there once when I stayed at the Armada hotel. They foods are really nice. Now looking at your nice photos of the foods make me hungry now.

ryeli said...

the pics of the kids before and after r so funny. must have been really havoc when they started playing. ;)