Tuesday, February 23, 2010

our cny 2010

This year chinese new year, we didn't go anywhere, rotting at home, and the weather was so so so HOT, i just so lazy to go out. Since no one at home, we also didn't cook, just eat out. Everywhere still closed, so the only place is go to shopping mall and eat. Some shop in shopping mall also not open, we just walk walk and look see look see, want to enjoy the air-cond, but the air condition at the shopping mall also bad.

see how boring we are, ask the boys posing and take pictures around.

On the 3rd day night, we went to One Utama to have dinner, we went to this Paddington House of Pancake for dinner. My boys and my hub first time to this restaurant and this is my second time. You know my hub is typical chinese, he don't like these type of food, he said this is dessert not main meal. Anyway, me and my boys enjoy the pancakes very much and my boys love it.

Cruz's dinner
hub's lamb shank?
my pancakes and two yummy sausages
shrimps with nachos
Fearles's choco pancakes with strawberry

On the 4th day, i didn't cook, but i boil some soup and cook something simple for my boys. At least they got home cook food to eat. :) My aunty Esther called and said want to visit me, after that we went out to have lunch at nearby coffee shop. Then night before, Elaine message me said she will visit me on the night, since her hub got some appointment nearby my area, so she would like to hop by. Then i decide to do a small steambaot dinner, just me, hub and Elaine and the two maids. Sorry, no picture to show, but we had a great time, simple steamboat dinner but three of us so so full and we still got a lot left over, the maids keep it for next day lunch.

5th day of cny, my younger sister in law brought my boys to her mum place to play with her boys, so i got a half day off!! I went to Bangsar Village to have my Pedicure again, then buy birthday present for my boys schoolmate on Monday birthday party @ school. Back home, i enjoy a bubble bath, then not long after that my boys back home.

Time flies, another 5 more days is "chap goh meh", i am still in my chinese new year holidays mood, althought today is already my second day at work. Boring chinese new year, but i enjoy lazying around and spent time with my boys.


smallkucing said...

wah...that is what u call "rot at home" ah? Like that i also wanna rot at home la...kakaka

your boys sure looked they were having lotsa fun there

IMMomsDaughter said...

Happy Belated Valentine and Gong Hei Fatt Choy to you & your family. We too rot at home and for most of the time, I was sick, even worse!

suituapui said...

Think I saw somebody tagging you in some photos on Facebook. Elaine? Next year, come back to Sibu for CNY - all the fireworks and firecrackers! The boys would love them!!!

reanaclaire said...

yo..u and elaine are like isi dengan kuku.. like me and elin? hahaha.. happy for both of u ..
eh, annie, got email for u.. pls take action fast fast? thanks!!

cleffairy said...

Ohhh... it's in between Midvalley and The Gardens. My lepak place.. o.O

eugene said...

Ya lor, like small kuching said, this one where got rot at home,,, mine lagi rotten lah,,,, went back to JB (wife's hometown)pratically nothing to do, rot rot and more fot,,,,,,

thank god CNY is over

Mummy to QiQi said...

haha....Annie, my hubby like yours too. thinks spending on western food is a waste. happy CNY to you and family!

cleffairy said...

I 'rot' at MIL's place like shit la... =( 8pm-9am kena curfew...sleep nia...dowan see her face ma... den rot til liddat! LOL...

Mommy Ling said...

Hi Annie,

First time dropping ur blog. So nice to see 2 leng chai twins.

If u dont mind i add ur blog link to mine.

Anyway, still not too late to wish u n family gong xi fa cai!

Irene said...

yah man, u call tis ROT? hehe! annie oh annie, u have a wonderful life. some more pedicure & bubble bath lagi. mak oi! rot your head. hahahaha!

Lovely Mummy said...

me too, cny mostly stayed at house. Outside is too hot unless go shopping malls. :)

mommy to chumsy said...

it's so hot during cny that it's best spent at the malls :D even when we were in ipoh, we went to the malls :D how nice to have some me time for yourself huh?