Monday, March 29, 2010

Dear father god.....

last week one of the night when i put my boys to sleep, as usual we will have some talk before they sleep. Out of sudden, Cruz cross his fingers and pray "dear father god, thank you for giving me food and bla bla bla" I was surprise he do that, but i know they learn all this from the kindy. Their kindy is a christian based kindy, so they learn how to pray and read verses.

I was giggling at side listen to his little prayer. Then he continue again, "dear father god, thank you for giving me "jut jut" and bolster"!!!! I cannot stand what he pray and i laugh so loud. I know i am bad, still havent quit them on pacifier. :(

I asked him, teacher teach you all how to pray? He said "yes" but i know not the bolster part, he just want to be creative. Then he continue again, he said "daddy, Fearles, mummy and Cruz, we die on the cross" O..O *i am speechless, don't know what to said*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meeting The Pumpkins !

On Sunday, last day of school holidays, i brought the boys to kizsport at Bangsar Village and meet up with mamapumpkin and her two pretty girls and Elaine and Amber. I wrote earlier, during this school holidays i didn't bring them to anywhere, to end the last day of school, i let them play at the "big playground".

We met up with mamapumpkin and Elaine at 10.30am (to be a bit kiasu), as it always very hard to get parking in Bangsar Village on weekend. After register the kids, they start to play and we order breakfast from opposite cafe - Fit for two.

This is my very first time meet up with Pasty (mamapumpkin), a very friendly, funny and lovely lady, despite she just got maidless last two weeks,she still look good and doing good. I salute her, bring one baby and one little girl out all by her own! *wipe sweat on my forehead* and i finally got to see her pretty Tessa and Cutie pie Tia!! I tell you i will never get enough of Tia, she is very cute and smile always!!

We three mummies yakking and eating our breakfast and the kids enjoy themselve at the play area. We spent about 3 hours there, after that we went for a late lunch @ Chatterbox. I think this is the longest meet up! We only left home about 4pm, my boys are tired but i can see they are having so much fun playing with Tee and Amber. They are so drained out, after we came back from dinner, they dozed off less than 5 mins!

do you know her? The cutie pie - Tia

pretty Tessa

Patsy aka mamapumpkin !

see the kids, never get enough of the ballsssssss....

Cruz took this picture for us......

finally a picture of the four kids! Amber, Cruz, Fearles and Tessa

play with the rocking fish, they are too old for that already. hahahahha

Cruz the social bee with Tessa on the rocking crocodile..

Amber chilling out on the rocking toy

Fearles took this picture for us....

another picture taken by Fearles....

before leaving, another picture of the kids.

Monday, March 22, 2010

My Creation - Part 38

Time flies, one week school holidays over, i didn't bring my boys anywhere, they just "rot" at home during this one week holidays. Anyway, i will bring them for holidays in April and May :), so i better save some leave . :P

My boys had about 20 pages homework for the one week holidays, english, malay, chinese, colouring and math. I make it one day do few pages and one day rest, so final last Saturday finish all the homework and practise their piano and their music homework too. When they are doing their homework, i fixed them some bento last Saturday. Fearles love pasta, and Cruz love rice, that is why i fixed two different bento.

Someone ask me, everytime i fix bento for my boys, when i don't fix do they eat "normal" food. YES! In fact they don't bother their food look nice or not nice, they eat their meal. I fix bento, when i am in the mood and since i "invest" so much in bento tools, if i just put there it is a waste, so i better use it when i still have the mood to fix bento. :)

Fearles's pasta top with a cheese in car shape, pork chop with plum sauce, anchovies, apples and cherry tomatoes.
Thought want to introduce them the cherry tomatoes, they told me not nice, end up i am the one who ate the tomatoes. :(

Cruz's rice bento, i decorate it with a boy and a girl and with same food as Fearles. Anchovies is their favourite. :)

Happy Bento-ing.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Mushroom vs small mushroom.....

What is all the mushroom about lei?? It is no other than Alice in Wonderland movie lo. After i read the post that cleffairy posted, i said i must bring my boys to see it, sure they will like it. Last Sunday, we brought the boys to MV to see the huge mushroom, but not the movie. :)

We had our dinner @ TGIF Garden, then we walked over to MV centre court, big crowd at the centre court. Everyone is taking pictures, including your truly's husband! LOL!

Dinner @ pictures on the food. :)

can u see the small mushroom ( my son's hair) and the big mushroom? LOL

do not touch, but we three itchy hands!!

Cruz with sad face because he want to see the show on stage!! I told him there is no show, he is not happy about it.

look very real and scary...

we saw there is coffee bean stall and selling this cute cupcakes, in Alice In Wonderland theme.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

said "yes"

I don't like when i ask my boys something, they don't answer me yes or no, when they are in the mood they will answer you, when they do things wrong they will just keep quiet. I want them to learn to admit things they do.

Last weekend, i bought breakfast for them, nasi lemak, meehoon, "tau foo fah". I told them to finish the food first then only can eat "tau foo fah", Fearles not happy about it. After a while, i come down from upstair, Cruz told me he finish his nasi lemak, when i ask Fearles has he finish the mee hoon, he didn't answer me, but sure me "sour face". I ask him again, has he finish the mee hoon? Just answer me "yes" or "no" he keep quiet again, after few times asking, i get angry, i raise my voice, he cried and told me "no, no finish!" I ask him why, he didn't answer, i told him, "it's ok to tell me you did not finish, but you have to answer me when i ask you yes or no, don't just keep quiet" he nodded his head.

Sunday morning, the boys woke up and i make them milk and on the tv for them. They drink their milk and watch tv and i take another few minutes to shut my eyes. I can hear two of them talking then Cruz start ask me something on the tv, so i just answer him "ng, ng, ng - as in yes", suddenly he said " Said YES, mummy!" it sound familiar, i fully awake i open my eyes wide and look at him and said "YES"! Now my turn to get it from them! :(

Friday, March 12, 2010

My Creation - Part 37

Most of the day i will prepare super simple snack bento for my boys to bring to school as breakfast. They will drink milk at home then will eat some snack before they start their class at 9am. Usually it will be bread, cookies, cake & some fruits. Over the weekend, i baked some cupcakes, so this is the bento i prepare for them.

orange cupcakes (homemade), and grapes. Super simple right?

i bought some "pau" night before for myself, since i got extra time, i decorate my "pau"!! Like winnie the pooh or not? My colleague said like "monster"!! LOL

Daorae Korean Restaurant @ Kepong

We went for korean food last weekend while my mum was in town. I think this is my first time bringing my mum for korean food, usually i will bring her for Japenese food instead of Korean.

We went to this Daorae Korean Restaurant in Kepong, don't ask me why we go all the way to Kepong to have dinner, it is hub's idea. We reach there quite late, it is almost 8.45pm and the restaurant packed with people. Saturday night, as usual, everywhere also pack.

We manage to get a table on 1st floor, which is seating like those japenese style, where by donwstair is those normal table seating. It's my boys second time going to a korean restaurant, first time was when i met up with my friend who come back from Australia for holiday last year, remotely my boys still can remember, anyway, most korean restaurant setting almost the same everywhere.

condiments, Cruz love the anchovies a lot!

me and hub is having this spicy soup. YUMMY!!

my mum and the boys are having this clear soup


By the time we finished dinner, it's almost 10pm+, that's why can see less crowd.

complimentary fruits and "tong sui" (taste like barley, but not barley)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

music class party @ 3.3.10

My boys attended Yamaha JMC class for past 6 months already, last week they had a mini party for finishing book 1, this week they are going to the next stage which is book 2.

On the last day on finishing the book 1, they will have to perform in front of all the kids and mummies, but just within the same group ,they need to sing a song and play a song. My boys hardly practise, i will "force" them to practise over the weekend when i am at home, at least they can play a song with both hands. For the singing part, i have to play the DVD every night in order for them to pick up the words, they know the rhythm, but not all the wording, the song is fast and with many words! I choose the most simple one for them to sing.

Last Wednesday was the actual day, we mummies has to bring some finger food for the party. I prepare something really simple, bread with cheese and chicken finger nuggets.

to make the bread look more interesting, i use some of the bread mould, winnie the pooh, mickey and minnie, marie and dinasour.

chicken finger nuggets and small sauce container, chili and tomotoes sauce.

Class start as usual time 8pm, after warm up their throat singing do-re-mi with the teacher, they start their "mini performance". When other kids went up to sing and play piano, my boys can't wait till their turn, keep asking me when is their turn. Most kids are stage fright, including MINE! Naughty when they are down there, when go up in front they got frighten! They can't sing but can play song. When Fearles time he nearly in tears, i can see him open his mouth mumbling something but cannot hear what he sing! Teacher have to stand beside him and keep remind him to sing louder, even i sit so near i also can't hear, lucky his play song session was ok. Cruz's turn, he is so excited, run up with a happy face, all mummies said he is very excited. When teacher on the CD, time for him to sing, he start marching his legs and moving his hand but he was singing but very very soft, same as Fearles!!!!! Adoi!! * i did take a video of them, but i don't know what i press on the button till the video is super small and is on the side way. I don't want everyone to tilt the head and see the video, so i choose not to upload here. *

After the session over, it's the party time, we had cakes, bread, puff, junk food for the kids, and all mummies the first time all sit down together and chat. Everytime when we are in the class, we only hi and bye, always rushing. It's a good time for us to know each other better, and the kids mix around, very soon they become friends and start running around! My boys's class, mostly are boys, 5 boys and 2 girls, all around same age, 5 and 6 years old. You can imagine the havoc! The music class teacher even told us, this is the most headache class, and this is also the first class she has to give warning to the kids!!! LOL

Hopefully next round my boys will do it better.