Friday, March 12, 2010

Daorae Korean Restaurant @ Kepong

We went for korean food last weekend while my mum was in town. I think this is my first time bringing my mum for korean food, usually i will bring her for Japenese food instead of Korean.

We went to this Daorae Korean Restaurant in Kepong, don't ask me why we go all the way to Kepong to have dinner, it is hub's idea. We reach there quite late, it is almost 8.45pm and the restaurant packed with people. Saturday night, as usual, everywhere also pack.

We manage to get a table on 1st floor, which is seating like those japenese style, where by donwstair is those normal table seating. It's my boys second time going to a korean restaurant, first time was when i met up with my friend who come back from Australia for holiday last year, remotely my boys still can remember, anyway, most korean restaurant setting almost the same everywhere.

condiments, Cruz love the anchovies a lot!

me and hub is having this spicy soup. YUMMY!!

my mum and the boys are having this clear soup


By the time we finished dinner, it's almost 10pm+, that's why can see less crowd.

complimentary fruits and "tong sui" (taste like barley, but not barley)


BoeyJoey said...

oh boy... both soups look so yummy *smack lips*. And the bbq meat looks good too... must go and try one day, but kepong so far leh... do they have branches?

sue said...

I love spicy korean soup... is the food there nice?

Mommy Ling said...

In my life, i have dinned in Korean rest once onie..probaly not that fancy the foods.

But i like to see the waiter BBQing the meat..very syiok..hehhe

smallkucing said...

The spicy food looks oily. Lovethe look of the meat

pss..pss...did you went to Giza last night(Fri)?

Lovely Mummy said...

I like Korean food...I always order the spicy kimchi soup. Oh, feel so hungry now. :)