Monday, April 26, 2010

Food i missed @ Sibu

Reminder : Ok, this is another food post, if you are on diet, then don't scroll down and read, just stop here. :)

Every time when i go back to Sibu, beside than savour my all time favourite kampua, i will also go for some other food i missed. On my first night, after morning Kampua, night time i told my mum i want to go to Bandung to have some noodles and shells. During my school time i love to hang out @ Bandung, you can read from STP's blog, he love Bandung a lot, especially the kuih muih there, but that is for morning, I'm not a morning person, so i go there during night for supper.

this is the tomatoes keow teow, taste quite good, i think this is my first time trying, after i start read STP's blog i notice that, there is a lot food in Sibu which i don't know and some places that i also don't know, sometime good to know some bloggers from your hometown, since i am away, and only go home once a year, at least i get to know where is the new place in Sibu for good food, that is the plus point. On the minus point, they always tempt me with the food that i missed!!

this is fried kampua, i know this!!!! hahahhahahhaha

i like Balitong to cook in this way, which a bit different from here in KL. KL one will be with lots of chilies. Here no one like to eat this and my hub also don't like it. :(

We only paid RM11 for the food above, that is for one person, i am the only person who eat, my mum just company me and my boys are having satay. Cheap?

take a look at the drink's bill, it's more expensive than the food i order. When we ask the owner how they charge the drinks and it come out RM.18.60? They come out with this bill, and when i question why the apple juice is so expensive, and why they don't inform me in advance that if the juice with less ice that will be additional RM1, if they let me know earlier, i don't mind to paid, then come another question, why is the apple juice add honey in it, and we didn't request that! They said all the apples juice is with honey! :( You know my big mug of teh tarik only cost me RM2!!!! Sibu folks, if you all happen to eat at Bandung, please check your drink bill before you paid!!

After read so much about Ruby Restaurant in Sibu @ STP's blog, i told myself i must try the food there.

my favourite - sea cucumber soup. You know in Sibu, most restaurant do have this soup, sea cucumber is quite common in Sibu. My boys love this soup too, something like "shark fin" soup.

Midin or fern, it's a type of vege, i don't think can find it here in KL. It's also a common dish in Sibu town, most restaurant or "tai chow" will have it. Normally it cook with foo chow red wine or with belacan. I still prefer it to cook with foo chow red wine. Yummy!!

cangkuk manis, this is also another common dish in Sibu, only different is, who can cook it better. Sweet, crispy and yummy!!! I had this few days in a row, till i told my mum i had enough. LOL!

taufu with mince meat. This is so so only, maybe the color don't look tempting.

sweet and sour meat for my boys.

cangkuk manis at one of the coffee shop, i order this just to eat for fun. >..<

dessert - something like ice kacang, but we call it "jeng lok", good to have it during hot day!!

this is another food i miss. Kompia!! Sibu famour for K & K = Kampua & Kompia!! LOL
There is few types of kompia, either you can have it with mince meat inside like picture above or kompia in 'wet" type which is with gravy. The gravy i think is something with soya sauce or sauce that use to stew the meat. Some stall they sell kompia inside stuff with fat pork meat and gravy that is another good one.

or you can have something fresh from oven with original taste like picture below. When it fresh from oven, it is yummy and soft! YUM!!!

this is where the kompia "baked" from, they use charcoal and they stick the "kompia" on the wall and baked.
someone said this picture look like a mouth with full of teeth, what do you think? :)

this is the Jason Bakery @ Rejang Park, my mum said his kompia is the best in town? If i am not wrong, there is one TV show did interview them before.

this is another soup that i like "zhou chai", i think i blog this before, if you want to see how it look like, you can read it here, which i asked my mum to bring over for me. :)

this is the shell i mention before where i bought it from the Sibu Central Market. This is how it look like after it cook. Add some water, ginger and foo chow red wine.

use the tooth pick to pick the meat up and eat it. YUM!

Ok, that is all the food i had during my one week stay in Sibu. :) Hope you all enjoy it also.


prince n princess mum said...


~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Wahh... I betul betul katak di bawah tempurung... Never even seen this foods before... :D

smallkucing said...

yum yum balitong :D. Had nice ones in Penang. Never been to Sibu before

chewsheiwei said...

Wah...look so yummy...made me want to fly there to try lor...:) Hope i have the chance!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Luckily i was eating something while reading your post else mati lor! I like kompia also.....very tasty especially when fresh out from the oven. Sibu has so many interesting types of food.

BoeyJoey said...

i think the kompia must be very yummy... crispy outside and soft inside? then soak in gravy? mmmm... must be yummy :-P

Pete said...

Lots of nice food. I like Balitong....mmmm, nice! so long didn't eat already!

mommy to chumsy said...

i am on diet but i still scroll down to read...hahahhahhahahahhaha. *greedy*

eh..i was reading the papers yesterday and somewhere in Perak also is very famous for kompia. They were baked the same way too :D

Merryn said...

tomato kuey teow? never hear of that.. many things oso never seen before.. the vege oso tak pernah jumpa... sama like agnes.. me macam katak here..

CH Voon said...

feel want to visit sibu liao.

food like this... eat until die also feel good!

reanaclaire said...

hahaha.. many will find them yucky.. but u and i love them!! cheers!!

Annie Q said...

prince & princess mum: yes! Yummy!

Agnes: not that you're katak di bawah tempurung, that are all the special dish in Sibu, hard to find it in KL here, that is why i missed them a lot.

smallkucing: KL also got some nice balitong, only that i hardly eat it here, because don't have gang to eat with me. Plan a trip to Sibu la, you can get free stay, free food, free transport and a free tour guide to bring you around, that will be STP.:D

chewsheiwei: heheheh, small town, nothing much, but you can try some "unique" food there, which hardly can get from here.

Bryan and Brandon's mama: hahahhahhaha..won't be "mati" so "kua jiong" la. Oh ya, i remember you leave message in FB said you did try kompia and kampua before, so you know how they taste. :)

Boey Joey: yes, crispy outside and soft inside, and with the strong sesame taste on the skin. Yummmm!!

Pete: are you going to cook balitong soon?

mommy to chumsy: hahahhahaha, lucky you still can control yourself by not "drool" a lot. :P
I think setiawan do have something call "kompia" too, but their version is in bigger size, i try before, but still a bit different from Sibu one.

Merryn: if you are regular reader in STP blog, you can see him blog about tomato kuey teow, that is how i know Sibu got tomato kwai teow. That Midin cannot find here, but you can see cangguk manis here, but cangguk manis in Sarawak taste sweeter and crispy.

CH Voon: Kuching to Sibu very near ma. Next time when you make a trip back to Kuching, just hop over to Sibu for 2 days 1 night stay, then you can enjoy the food. :)

reanaclaire: yea!! give me five, both of us love shells!! LOL!!

lyncpf513 said...

Annie, when is ur next trip back sibu?? hahahahahh

suituapui said...

Wah? Free advertisement for STP hah? LOL!!! I love those shells...but these very small, real chore try to get the insides out...and not cheap also!

mNhL said...

Wow..the drinks are really expensive!!! Yummy foods.

Annie Q said...

lycncpf513: you want to follow me back ka? hehehehhe

STP: hehehhehe, make me more famous. The other day when my mum bought that price still ok lei, RM5for that much, still ok right? :)

mNhL: drink is kena "slaughter" i think. :S

Mommy Ling said...

Beh tahan seeing the yummy foods..arrhhhh..scratching my head now**so hungry!

cleffairy said...

Balitong... I dunno how to suck suck those balitong. :( Tried before and ended up choking!

coffeesncookies said...

i really like foochow cooking, sis' MIL is foochow and she'll cook up a storm for us when she stays over many years ago. Now, she's too old to travel. As I remember, foochow style of soup is very thick and starchy, very comfort food style,and entails many ingredients. I tried a soup similiar to sea cucumber but she used fish maw instead... and it's sooo yummy.
Annie, you think you can pick up some skill and cook up a storm for us (except gong pia , I know u dun like baking) ? We'd love to try Foochow food but lazy to travel to Sibu la..

jacss said...

ooh no, what a mistake to have seen all these food porns...saliva also dropping but am diet leh, cham mou :D

Unknown said...

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