Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Finally this is my last post on my Sibu trip. Phew!

Day before i came back to KL, i receive sms from STP asked me will i be at home in the afternoon he want to drop by my house. I told him, yes i will be at home, and i asked, "don't tell me you buy something for me to bring back KL? I said i got so many things already, don't buy any" He said "no, i just want to bid bye bye to you and the boys".

When he came, he not only said "bye bye" but he brought this for me and the boys......

few very yummylicious chicken pies!!! You can smell the rich butter fragrant ! At first i thought he baked it, after that he told me, he bought it from Aroma Bakery in Sibu, now that Aroma Bakery become very famous after he blog about it and make a big "huha". Everyone is going to "hunt" for that Aroma Bakery, and i give a piece for my mum to try, she is not a pies person, after she tried, she told me it taste so good!! She do go to this Aroma Bakery quite often to buy the famous swiss roll and bread but not the pies. Three days in a row she was there queuing to buy the chicken pies, it's a hot item, and the bakery owner only bake like 20 pies per day? That is how yummy the chicken pies is. I brought it back to KL and i only had it the next day, i reheat it at the toaster and go with coffee, it is so nice!!! YUM!!!! You can read STP's entry here ..

and he bought two set of clothes for my boys, how sweet right? I like what STP said about the reasons he bought this two set of Sarawak souvenir clothes, he want to remind my boys of "their heritage or where their mum originates from." Thanks again STP! Don't worry about the big size of the tee, i think they can wear it by year end, no need to wait till next year chinese new year or another 2-3 years time. hahahhahahha

In fact two of them already choose which one is belong to them, can you guess?

When i met up with STP and Superman, i give them some chinese sausage and some "cake" which made by my mum as gift. I don't know what to buy for them, since my mum was making this "cake" so i thought i can give them some to try, hope they like it. STP post it on his blog, this is the 'cake" that my mum made.....

shan yao 山藥 (picture from STP's blog)

a lot people comment it look good, and wondering what is that. It is something like yam, but this is "shan yao". Here in KL i think we can get it from market but is in white color, but in Sibu, it is purple color, so the cake in purple chunk is the original color, no coloring add. My mum told me this Shan Yao very good, if you google you can read a lot good benefit of taking shan yao, you can read it here too. Let me show you some picture of the shan yao from Sibu

this is how it's look like when u buy from market...

wash off the mud....

peel off the skin,'s purple color!!

cut it in chunk and can cook it like "yam" cake style.

Hope this can ease the curiosity of the readers who comment in STP blog. :) Those in Sibu, who like to try or taste it, let me know, i will tell you where to get. :)


BoeyJoey said...

I learn something new everyday. From your blog, it's mostly about food! hahaha! That shan yeo flesh looks like blue keledek hor? But the skin is very different pulak. Very intriguing.

You have such a nice hometown blogger friend :-).

mNhL said...

This is new to me. The name and the look! The purple colour is also very nice. STP very generous ya. I think Cruz choose blue while Fearles choose white?

sue said...

You made me hungry with this post leh... I love pies and kuehs! Hey that veg looks like a "fun kot" from the outside but inside it looks like sweet potato.

prince n princess mum said...

Nice gifts!

I like purple sweet potatoes!

suituapui said...

I pick the opposite from mHnL - Fearles the blue one, Cruz the other. LOL!!! it wasn't yam. Interesting. Never seen or heard of it before, much less eat it. Very nice, just like yam!!!

smallkucing said...

uiks...i thought it was ginger ...then look look saw look like swet potato. So that is how the yam look like. No wonder the yam cake that your mom made so colourful

CH Voon said...

yah... i know it through STP blog oledi.

STP so kind and you too.

LvBeii said...

so yummy all your posts,always make me hungry.:D and the pies and your mom's homemade cake look realllyyy appetizing I feel like biting my laptop screen ><

LittleLamb said...

very thoughtful of STP..

mommy to chumsy said...

how nice of STP. the food is yummy :D i think Cruz chose the blue one and Fearles the white?

Merryn said...

STP is so nice :)

err.. i dunno which is which leh.. :)

drool.. drool..

Lemonjude said...

I never see this shan yao before and the cake looks so good...

what a thoughtful friend u hav there...the baju make great remembrance to your boys on this trip.

Annie Q said...

Boey Joey: balik kampung is all about food right? hehehehhe. My mum said that Shan Yao is under "keledek" group wor.
Yes, STP is a very nice guy although i just start read his blog not long ago.

mNhL: unique ya? I think can get it here in KL, but is in white color, if i am not wrong. Yes, STP very generous a nice guy and very funny too.
Bingo!! You got the correct answer! Fearles choose the white and Cruz choose the Blue.

sue: oh, now i know you're a pies and kueh person. :) Yes, a bit like "fun kot" but it's not "fun kot", this Shan Yao is under keledek group wor, accoding to my mum.

prince and princess's mum: that is not sweet potatoes, that is Shan Yao, but in purple color. :)

STP: hahahhahah, i think still mummy know kids better. mNhL and mummy to chumsy got the correct answer. Fearles - white and Cruz - Blue. :)

smallkucing: that is not ginger, not sweet potaotes, not yam but it's shan yao "山藥".

CH Voon: STP nice to everyone, not only me la. :) If you visit Sibu one day, he will give you the same treatment too.

LvBeii: sorry to make you feel hungry, i know, pregnant mummy very easy to crave for food. Next time when you see is food post, you quickly close the screen ok? :)

LittleLamb: yes, he is.

Barb: BINGO!!! I told STP, i think mummy got the good guess. You and mNhL got the correct answer! Fearles - white, Cruz - Blue. :)

Merryn: refer my reply to mNhL, STP and Barb. :)

Lemonjude: maybe you have seen it in the market, but you don't know that is shan yao.:)
Yes, he is a thoughtful and sweet friend. :)

Mommy Ling said...

wow..again foods..went STP's blog just now, then came to urs, saw pie pulak n the yam cake...awww...drooling***