Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Grandpa 80's birthday celebration

This is the main reason why every year i will go back around this time, just want to celebrate birthday for my grandfather. Last year, i was not going back, they are here in March, so i celebrate his birthday here in KL one month earlier. Two years ago, when i went back, i also celebrated his birthday in Sibu.

Every year we had simple celebration just among our own family member, but this year we had it a bit more “grand”, since this is his 80’s birthday. We invited his brothers and sister those are in Sibu to join us for the dinner. It also happen that one of the big shot in Sibu passed away one day before, so the uncle that in Kl also back to Sibu to attend the funeral and we invited him to the birthday dinner too. End up we are having three tables for that night.

Now let me share what we had for that night.

before dinner start, the 4th generation took picture with great grandpa first.

my boys and my brother's son - Anson

first dish - cold and hot combination

close up of the food....

Cruz pretending biting the display prawn

shark fin

Empurau fish!! The most expensive fish?

this is my portion...after this fish, i am so so full already!

the pigeon or spring chicken...

Fearles said "thumbs up!"

salted egg prawns, yummy! I only had one! too full.

when they serve this foo chow style fried mee, i cannot take anymore, i only had a spoon of it.

last...this is the dessert for our table (because mostly are kids including me? hahahhaha)
I still got space for the dessert. Yummy!!!! Ice kacang with assorted fruits and even honey star!

mash mash mash, start digging in!!

the birthday "boy" :)

a family picture, sorry for the blur picture, the person who took the picture got shaky hand. lol!

grandpa and his brothers, sister and sister in law

my mum and my two uncles

I had a good time enjoy the food and also catch up with some uncles which i have not see them for some time.


smallkucing said...

wow...4 generations?! baru 80 yrs old wor. Chinese believe 3 generations already kira as very good already.

the dessert really looked super:)

suituapui said...

I love the food at Sheraton...and a few other restaurants in Sibu as well, better than what I had at the wedding banquet in Kuching and RM550, so expensive!!! Ah...I see your VVIP uncle was there too!

reanaclaire said...

hoe miang.. 80years old!
wow.. the food, my goodness! shark fin, empero fish? and the 1st dish looked so impressive too!
wonder whether STP will take me there next time or not? LOL...

Pete said...

Wah, good leh, everyone in the family around to celebrate. Happy Birthday Grandpa.
Almost same age as my dad!

mNhL said...

The dessert over there is sooooo special! I've never seen a restaurant serving ice kacang as dessert.

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Ice kacang with honey-stars?? 1st time hearing :D

The food looks good!!

Annie Q said...

smallkucing: my mum kahwin early ma, so have me and my brother early also lo. That is how can have the 4 generation. :) The dessert taste more yummy especially on the hot day like now.

STP: i think they still keeping their standard. I remember 12 years ago when i had my wedding dinner there, the food is good also. RM550 for the wedding banquet consider cheap lo, here you hardly can find anything below RM700! That uncle is back for Robert Law's funeral, so it is last minute he join us.

reanaclaire: tell STP, if he want you to go Sibu ask him to treat you dinner @ Sheraton, then you will consider. hahahahhaha

Pete: Thanks! Not everyone, some of the cousins not going back, but this is consider a good one already, "almost" everyone is there.

mNhL: hmmm..i think this dessert is on special request and is the signature dessert at this particular restaurant. They do serve normal dessert like chinese pan cake or fruit ( i think ).

Annie Q said...

Agnes : ya wor, ice kacang with honey star, i 1st time see also. hahahhah, very unique.
Food looks good, price also very good!!! LOL *grin grin*

suituapui said...

Claire: Come to Sibu first, then we talk! You people over there so sombong, where got want to come to this little town...

prince n princess mum said...

The first dish decoration is so nice!~

Happy belated birthday to your grandpa!~

coffeesncookies said...

Ahh.. I see Anson. he looks like his mummy hor ? I'd think with gatherings liddis, you'd spend so much time yakking n catching up and sometimes forget about the food ? and yr dinner is really 'premium food' hor ? If I'm there, surely I'll pick on the fish, till it's all bones only.. not a speckle of flesh left.. YUMMMZZZ !!!

Alice Law said...

hi, swinging by from CH Voon's Life10! Oh, I have a twins... I was once wish to have twins too, don't need to suffer so many times of labor pain(chuckle)!

I never have ice kacang for any dinner, it looks so special to me... and mouth watering too! btw, Happy Birthday to Gong Gong!

have a nice day!

2ma said...

d ice kacang dessert is so interesting leh. dun think we can find such gigantic ice kacang served in restaurants here...

CH Voon said...

Happy birthday to you grand papa.

This is one of the reason u back hometown. ic ic.

i hope one day my grandson & daughter celebrate for me too.

Mummy Moon said...

wow all the food make me drooling now. The ice kacang sure can not get in Kl leh.

Mommy Ling said...

Scrumptious dinner...all yummmy foods..

Happy Birthday to Gong Gong!!

Lovely Mummy said...

welcome back...Happy belated birthday to your grandpa. Geee....I want to eat the ice kacang, look so yummy.

jazzmint said...

wah liao eh, that dessert vy keng!! Happy bday kung kung

jacss said...

omg annie, all yr photos r so attractive...and here i'm dieting, u know how torture is that??
love d pic of cruz holding d prawn, love the dessert & all d food. happy belated bday to grandpa, such long happy for him (yue suen moon thong)