Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i am back

Yes, i am back from my one week holidays at my hometown Sibu, Sarawak and i survived travelling alone with two boys.

We had an early flight on Wednesday morning @ 6.55am, i woke up early to get myself ready and woke the boys up around 4.30am, when i told them, "wake up, we want to go and sit aeroplane lo". Get them ready, and airport taxi already in front of my house @ 4.50am. On the way to airport, Cruz fall sleep again in the taxi.

Checking in luggage and boarding everything was in a breeze, two of them behave well (maybe i am a fierce mom like those comment in STP's blog , that's why my boys scare me a lot and make things easier? LOL) I thought two of them will dozed off in the flight, but they are fully awake all the way till Sibu.

Reached Sibu, before load the luggages at home, we went for "kampua" breakfast first, that is how i missed "kampua" in Sibu. During my 7 days in Sibu, every morning i had kampua as breakfast. Cruz quite like it, but not Fearles, they got no choice, they have to follow their mummy go for kampua every morning. hahahhaha

We do nothing much in Sibu, most of the day are just eat and eat and eat. Till one day my boys asked me once saw us sitting down on the table "mummy, we eat again???" hahahahahhahahahha

Most of the post i blog later about Sibu will be mostly on food. :) Don't scold me if you're on diet. :P
Stay tune.


mNhL said...

Welcome back. When I went back to my hometown, i will also eat the same fav. breakfast every morning. haha....waiting for your coming food posts!

mommy to chumsy said...

i am already very hungry looking at the food in FB. That liver soup is really good. uh-oh tummy growling now *pengsan*

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Welcome back Annie! I love Kampua too! There was once I went to Sibu for training and all I remembered was the kampua and super-sweet pineapples!!!

smallkucing said...

so come back increased how many kilos? ;p

Of course lah...balik kampung must eat favourite food mah.Or else doesnt feel like balik kampung at all.

Lemonjude said...

Kampua mee must be the speciality there...ya, those food pic in FB makes me drooling....I think 3 of u gain a bit on weight?

prince n princess mum said...

Welcome back!

LvBeii said...

welcome back annie!:D Must be very exciting journey for your kids also! :D Can't wait to drool over the food! Psst..will send you the parcel next monday ya!:P Take care!

suituapui said...

No lah!! Not that you're fierce. Your twins are really good boys! Not like those spoilt little monsters - very pleasant and likeable... Boys, of course, not the same as girls...but my girl last time! Eyew...boys also kalah!!! LOL!!!

Superman said...

I agreed with STP, your boys are very good already. I bet you also teaching them well. My little nephew which going to turn 1 years old in two more months already very naughty and always wanted to move around. Can even sit quietly for a minute! :)

cleffairy said...

Ish, that evil kucing so jahat, ask you increase how many kilos...tsk tsk tsk! I bet you had such a good time over there...there's nothing like home, eh? =D

2ma said...

holidays is all about eating!!! actually what is "kampua"??? from the pics, it looks like wanton nooddles *hehe*

Krystal said...

i've never tasted any of the sibu food in KL, maybe you can consider opening one shop in KL...hehe...sure lots of business :)

Annie Q said...

mNhL: thanks! Ya hor, back to homewtown of course have to feast on the food that we missed right? LOL!

mommy to chumsy: ya ya the liver soup is nice, i like to add with some foo chow red wine, it taste nicer! Cannot have it too often, high colestrol!

Bryan and Brandon's mama: *give me five* now at least got someone know what is kampua and how it taste!! It sure yummy! hahaha...sweet pineapple ar? A lot people tell me about sarawak pineapple, but i am a pineapple fans and i don't eat pineapple. :)

smallkucing: dare not to step on the weighing machine, try the clothes and pants feel tight sure is put on weight already lo. *sob sob*. Ya wor, go back hometown, all is about food and eat eat eat!

Lemonjude: ya, sibu is land of kompia and kampua!! This is the two speciality you must try if you visit Sibu. :) I very confirm i did put on weight, my boys ma, not too sure, they are not so crazy like their mama. hahahahha

prince n princess mum: thanks! will hop over to your blog soon. :)

LvBeii: ya ya, very enjoyable and exciting trip for my boys. They already ask me when they will go back to their grandma house again! Ok, i will wait for the parcel, can't wait to see all the cute stuff!!

STP: yea yea, i "Look" fierce only, in actual fact i am very friendly hor, agree??? HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA
Thanks for the compliment about my boys, but sometime they still "speak" very direct, make me shy. Hope you don't mind. :P

Superman: I have to said again, nice to meet you!! My boys very good? hahahahha, wait till one day you "kena" from them then you will know. You just see them about 1 hour , true color still hidden!!

cleffairy: hahahahha, it's true ma, i really put on weight during my trip back, eating everyday, and i told STP i don't feel hungry in Sibu, because most of the time i am eating!! LOL!

2ma: YES!! Holidays is all about eating!! *give me five*
Kampua is a type of noodles, a bit like wanton noodles but taste a lot different. You have to try it then you will know. :) So far i still cannot find a nice one in KL, although sometime i can see they put "kampua" signboard but taste a bit different from the original taste in Sibu.

Krystal: you can find some food court do sell sibu kampua, but i find the taste a bit different, nothing like sibu. Open a shop here ar? hahahahha, some of the vege cannot get from here lei, like the "midin".

CH Voon said...

Welcome home!
Why your Fearles look not so happy???
Scold by you again? Poor boy!

Annie Q said...

CH Voon: that is Cruz not Fearles. :P
He is not scold by me, he is sleepy, because wake up so early and he cannot sleep in the flight. hahahhahahahha. Don't said scold by me again, i really that bad and fierce meh? hahahhahaha

Mamapumpkin said...

I wanted to ask u 2 take photos of ur kampung, wanna see what Sibu is like. What is kampua?! I also wanna try!! Better go fb now & see food pictures. Then train the mind to be strong & disciplined.

U fierce Mommy?? Where got?, fierce dragon!

Pete said...

Welcome back, glad you have a nice and safe trip. Have a nice weekend!

ryeli said...

so fast?! welcome back and glad it was a breeze for you with the boys alone. looking forward to the pics soon and yes, what is kampua?

i may need to go east m'sia next mth for work and if can, i will find it but i'm only going to kk and kuching though.