Thursday, May 27, 2010

5th Birthday Celebration @ School

This year i did not do anything special for school like last year. Last year 50 bentos for the school kids really a challenge. When i told the school teacher i will do a small party for the boys in school, ie: i will cook some food for the kids and teachers and have cake cutting session. Teachers asked me, " are you going to do something like last year again? hahahha, i told her, no no, i will cook some food and they will take their share"

My boys actual birthday is on Monday 24/5. I took a day off, after sending them to school, i am back home had some breakfast then start my cooking. Lucky i got maid to help me to fried those drummets and i fried "maggie mee". By the time we finish, it's almost 11.15am, get everything pack, get ready and off to school. Kids had early lunch at 11.30am, because some of the kids will go off by 12 noon so we do it early.

Beside than the food below, i bring some vitagen, tidbits for the kids, jellies and mini fruit tarts.

fried drummets..

fried fish ball.....

some combo..nuggets, fish ball and fish fillet

fried maggie mee ...

when we are there, the kids still having their class, my boys spot my hub.

must pass up the work first before start the party

when i took the cupcakes out, the kids can't wait, all round the table and said "wow, nice!" hahahhaha...then my boys said "move back move back, sit down first" sound like big kor kor. :S

putting on the candles.....

took a picture first, before the older kids come and join.

when all the kids sing "happy birthday" song, see Cruz reaction, he is so happy and with big movement, and yet Fearles smile shy shy at the side. Compare to last year, they are still so shy!!

after singing the birthday song, teacher ask them to pray....before enjoy the cupcakes. :)

hub took a picture of the boys and their teacher and their friends. 5 of them are in class age of 5, except the small boy on the left side.

having their lunch.......i think they sit on the place the teacher station them. Last year, my boys sat on the same place too!

first table is 6 years old kids, and the second at the back are kids @ 4 years old...

after lunch every kids have some fun before going home. :)

This is my boys 5th years old birthday celebration. Here, Fearles and Cruz would like to said a big "THANK YOU" to all the jie jie, kor kor, mei mei, di di, aunties and uncles for the birthday wishes and birthday pressie!!

i like this headscarf, i should get my boys wear this on the party day, i only saw this when they open the gift. It's one of their pressie. :)


smallkucing said...

cool pirates :D

prince n princess mum said...

I never seen such handsome pirates b4.. hahahhaahhaah~

Merryn said...

lol.. u see.. last year so SO impressive that the teachers anticipate the same this year! :D

u r such a great mom for doing all these :)

suituapui said...

Waiyor!!! Celebration in school also? I want to teach your boys!!! Put them in my class!!! Hahahahaha!

mommy to chumsy said...

look at Fearles and Cruz. They were so happy on that day :D Eh, i bet you are the only parent who cooked up a storm to celebrate your kids birthday in school, eh? good job annie ;)

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Another supermom! 50 bentos?!? I confirm cannot la... The headscarves are very thoughtful pressies lar :)

coffeesncookies said...

eh.. look ct Cruz, so cute, orchestrating the singing of the birthday song ! Very obvious who is the shy boy and the outgoing one.
I like the pic. both of the blowing the candles. they do look alike here.
Well done Annie !

Health Freak Mommy said...

I remember very clearly your post on the 50 bento sets! You are such a good mum. If I were you, I would buy everything, just no time to cook everything myself, plus I think it's so mar fan to cook myself, haha! What a lousy mum I am eh? You are really a dedicated mum!

Mamapumpkin said...

Yes, you are such an amazing Mom!!! Happy Birthday again, Captain Fearles! Happy Birthday again, Captain Cruz! May you both have many, many happy days & years & decades to come!

CH Voon said...

Happy belated birthday to Cruz and Fearles.

Annie Q said...

smallkucing: thanks!

prince n princess mum: hahahha...handsome?

Merryn: teacher tot they can save the time for serving the kids, if i do all of them bentos. :P

STP: I would be very happy, if i can put my sons in your class!! I know they will learn a lot from you. :)

mommy to chumsy: no lei, some mummies even arrange a big party at school. Mine ar, just a "small one" really cannot compare with other mummies. :P

Agnes: Supermom? No la, i am not consider a supermom. Doing 50 bentos just want to challenge myself. LOL!!!

Elaine: YES!! You got it right! Cruz was orchestrating the singing of the birthday song! He even said "sing louder"! I really cannot tahan him.

Health Freak Mommy: you're not lousy mom, you are a supermom!! You just don't have extra time to spare on the cooking. Imagine handle three kids!!

mamapumpkin: thanks Patsy!!

CH Voon: thanks!!

jacss said...

wow another party for the boys, very rajin lar you :D
lucky boys !!
me just cakes for them at school haha...
same cupcakes also u ordered 2 times from her?

Irene said...

u throw the best parties around woman! lucky boys!