Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hong Kong Trip - Part 2

* warning!! long post and with LOTS pictures *

Since day 1 we arrived quite late and all sleep late, we all woke up a bit late. After shower the boys and get them drink milk then we start our 1st day "tour". Just before we left the room, hub passed me something, it's a pressie, i was wondering who give me pressie, then i only realise the day is 05.05, our 12 anniversary! I remember earlier, but on the actual day, i totally forgot.

a Fossil Charm Watch

It's really suprise, i never expect to receive any gift. :) Thanks hub for the lovely watch.

First day itinerary, we already plan to go Stanley Market and The Peak, the place we missed out last year, as we don't have enough time. Hub is a "adventurous" person, he like to take bus, MTR and walk and walk and more walk. He is our "tour guide", he look at the map and we just follow.

First place we went is Stanley Market, we took MTR from our hotel till Central. From there we walk to the main bus terminal and took bus to Stanley market. The bus ride around 30 - 40 mins, in between it stop at many places.

Bus terminal on the right hand building.

the view from the bus on the way to Stanley Market. If you travel by bus, it will go up hill then down hill again. If you travel by taxi it take normal route, no up hill and down hill. Road is winding, but not as bad as like going to Cameron Highland. ahahhahahha. Along the road, we can see a lot nice view and nice houses and condo. I would think, this is the "rich-man" area?

Here is Stanley Market! Immediately, we look for a place for brunch, me and hub didn't have any breakfast. We saw this Stanley Restaurant, we walk in and had our brunch. It is so packed in the restaurant, mostly are Hkers, the local people having their lunch. We even have to share table with other people. We order some dishes and rice for our brunch, and seeing most patrons they order rice lunch, which is one dish with rice, and the portion of the rice really "scary" SO HUGE!

Stanley Restaurant..

this "wan tan" soup is very yummy, the prawns inside the "wan tan" very fresh and big. We had two bowls of wan tan soup.

don't know what 'brinjal" dish, and there is one more dish, chicken with lemon sauce, we forgot to take picture.

After having our brunch, we walk around and take pictures and do some shopping. Although, this is tourist spot, to me the price still reasonable. I even told the boss, "i am tourist, but we are not "mat salleh" don't slaughter me!!" hahahhaha..some of the shop they will give you discount, some they will told you it is fixed price. Look at the shop below selling kids stuff, i cannot control myself and bought some!!

don't ask me why Fearles had that cheeky face, lately he like to take pictures with lots expression!! *shake head*

while mummy shopping, father and son cam-whoring!

this is the main street of Stanley Market, a lot pub and restaurant. We didn't dine here, just take some picture then we off to The Peak.

Here we are at The Peak, foggy, look cold but it's not cold at all. hahhahahhahah

mummy done her shopping at Stanley Market, now is the boys playing time, let them enjoy the playground while me and hub cam-whoring around there (more pictures in FB). After the boys "waste" some energy there, we head to Mcd to have our afternoon tea. We didn't know opposite The Peak Galleria got more fancy restaurant, where we can have "romantic" tea break and oversee the HK view.

here is my grilled chicken, Malaysia don't have this. This is yummy!!

that 45 degree building, inside there is a lot nice restaurant, oversee the Hong Kong, very nice scenery.

taking escalator up to the top to have the better view.

a family picture...

me try to act cool, actually my both legs wobbly!! I feel scared when i stand near the clear glass and look down!!

Fearles not scare at all, he even sit near the glass there..

We didn't go Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, thinking the boys won't enjoy seeing all the wax people in there and just taking picture. Since Bruce Lee is at the entrance, we took a picture with Bruce Lee. After coming home, i look through the picture and saw this picture, can you spot what is wrong? ------------------------------------------------------> Did you see where Cruz Lee put his hands on Bruce Lee???? I think he is wondering, why so many people taking with this guy and this guy not moving at all and he look so real, so "accidently" he just "rest" his hand on "it"! LOL!!!

We took the tram down to the foot hill, then took the bus to Star Ferry then took the Ferry to Kowloon. We are joining a night tour at 7pm, and it depart from Avenue of Star.

me and the boys in the tram

while walking to take the Ferry, we saw this ice-cream car, the boys want to have some ice cream, we have a rest and let the boys had some ice-cream. Very soft and yummy.

The boys are excited, they took airplane, bus, train, taxi and now boat/ferry!!!

Avenue of Star, last year we were here, so i am not going to post a lot pictures here, you can see last year post here...

kill some time here while waiting for our night tour start at 7pm. What else? Cam-whoring again lo!! more pictures can view in FB. We walk from one end to the other end of Avenue of Star, if you been there, you will know what i mean and how long it is!! My legs are so painful and nearly "broke".

this is the night tour bus we took. I think is RM100 or RM150 per person, for one hour tour, kids they don't charge us. We bought the package while we are at The Peak, they are having some promo, so that is the special price.

the tour bus stop at certain spot and let us took the nice view.

then it round the city centre and you can listen to the introduction through the ear phone, it will explain to you where is where, ladies street, food street, jade street, temple street and a lot more places. It's quite worth it, no need to walk a lot and you can see all.

famous ladies street!!

The Peninsula Hotel...

After the tour, when we stop at Avenue of Star, it was 8pm, that start the light of symphony, so we stay back a while and look at the light again. After the light of symphony, we walk around and look for some food. Thought want to have some Japanese food as celebration of the anniversary, those good one and yummy one i think all is long queue. You know, we saw one restaurant, the queue is long till everyone is sitting on the stairs and wait for their number!!!!! End up we just stop by one small "char chan teng" and have some simple food, all of us are tired and hungry, after walking for the whole day. This is our meal......

roast duck ...this is not roast goose. :)

some noodles and fried rice and wan tan soup again!!

While on the way walk back to our hotel from the MTR station, we passed by temple street, and saw these two cute JAWs bags, we bought it for the boys and ask them to carry back to the hotel.

That is our 2nd day, fully utilize the time!! Can't post too many pictures here, there are more pictures in FB.



smallkucing said...

Looks like the 2nd day food can make up for the horrible tasting Cantonese fried noodle that you had wehn you arrived.

Lovely photos. The boy can really walk ya :D

CH Voon said...

wah you took a lot photos!

i dream go to hongkong one day..

first because of the food.

second because of the view.

third... because i never go there before.

jazzmint said...

wahhh the view from the peak vy nice huh :)....and it looks freezing!! Hahaha...I gelak so loud when I saw that pic of bruce lee and read your blog post. If you never say I also won't notice :P

reanaclaire said...

going on your own also very fun, eh.. i took pic with bruce lee too last time.. hahahaa.. he "punched" me...
btw, your hubbie is very yau yeng!
Happy belated Anniversary to both of U!

suituapui said... sweet! Imangine you forgot and yet your hubby remembered! Usually it's the other way round. Happy Anniversary...and many many more to come!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the boys' JAWS backpacks... So cute!!! Bought in Kongkong too?

suituapui said...

*oops!!! That was my comment too! Salah click! LOL!!!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

hahahaha the photo with Bruce Lee is super funny!!!!!!!!!!!

2ma said...

i love the jaws bag!! and i also love the mcD grilled chicken burger. it is so juicy *yummy*

mommy to chumsy said...

waahhh..Mr. Lee is sooo lomantic :D eh..forgot to ask you..did you take the double decker bus to stanley market? so much fun to go up and downhill eh? man, i want to fly there now.

Mommy Ling said...

It's nice to travel on own, at least time wise is pretty flexible. I m waiting for the Disney Land pics..hehhe

mNhL said...

Happy anniversary. What a lovely hubby you have got. So, did u buy anything for him?

The wantan looks so yummy. and the roast duck too.

cleffairy said...

Wah! So long wan, this post! I love it! =D It's nice to see you and family had such a nice time together. =D

And happy belated anniversary to you and ur hubby, Annie. (Mine coming soon. Ahahahahaha!)

Annie Q said...

smallkucing: second day food consider ok la, the better one on the last two days. LOL. Stay tune for that.
My boys got the good training from last year, walk a lot. *bad mama*

CH Voon: ya, this year we took more picture than last year. More pictures in FB, not load a lot here, this is only "part of it" :P
Yes, should go to Hong Kong, for the food and bring Vanessa to Disneyland.

jazzmint: ya, the view very nice, you can get better view if you go to Peak Tower. The day we went, a bit foggy, look cold but actually not cold at all. LOL! Cruz Lee and Bruce Lee ya. hahahhahahhaa

claire: thanks!

STP: hahahhah, i thought all the while is me who remember the date and i never expect he get me a present this year.
Ok, that should be "jaws" backpack instead of "shark" bags!! LOL! Yes, we get this bag from the road side stall, i think is part of the temple street, we will walk pass that area every time when we talk MTR. It happen we saw it and buy the backpacks, they even got adults one.

Bryan & Brandon's mama: ya, we had a good laugh too, after seeing that picture. When we ask him, he don't remember why he put the hand at there.

2ma: yes, the grilled chicken burger very juicy and yummy. When i type this, i miss it, can't get in Malaysia. :(

mommy to chumsy: Mr. Lee only once in a while lomantic, not always. LOL! Yes yes, we took the double decker bus to stanley market, we sit on the upper level, so fun.

mommy ling: yes, travel on own easier, at least time more flexible and we can plan where we want to go and can wake up late. hahahhaha

mNhL: thanks!! hahhahah i did not get him anything, thought buying him a nice dinner in HK, but end up didn't. :P

cleff: thanks! Yes, i remember your anniversary also this month. :)

CH Voon said...

wah... this only part of it!... i feel this a loooot liao hehehe

ur hubby look a bit fierce lah hehehee included u too.

Health Freak Mommy said...

We were at the playground at The Peak too 5 years ago. We took the hill walk up all the way up to The Peak which was really long and tiring and the view of HK up there is fantastic.

Lovely Mummy said...

Aiyo, so shiok went to HK again. wei, when go travel again? see if we so 'gam' or not. :P i am sure you know what i mean. hehe...

Sasha Tan said...

aiyoh i nearly die laughing looking at the bruce lee picture. I was thinking how come he never look into the camera then see what u wrote.. OMGGG!!! he char ngam ngam hor? hahah dang funny my hub also see and laugh. Sigh yr hk trip is so fun la. My hub say we go again..this time without my mum , hehe dunno wil be as nice as yours or not

Anggie's Journal said...

So super nice u get to go HK the 2nd time, who mine go the 2nd time, if the trip is good .... Happy Belated anniversary to u and ur hub, the watch chain from fossil is sweet :P

p/s: btw, nice to meet u in person that day ... u r real tall la ...and pretty :P so busy with the kids, no time to chit chat more with u :P

BoeyJoey said...

I read your posts on Hong Kong, I like very much. Next time if we get to go, I'l come back to your blog for reference... hahah! Thanks for being a free (and very good one) virtual tour guide! :-D.

laundryamah said...

i m wondering how ur boys manage to walk so much hor...i m thinking kylie will surely complain..

Mummy Moon said...

The backpacks are very cute... I like it.

Irene said...

hehe, your loukong so sweet! at least he remember yeah! way to go! walk n walk n walk. i guess when u go holiday all u do is walk! depending which country la i think. hahaha... and not forgetting shop, shop, shop!