Monday, May 17, 2010

Hong Kong Trip - Part 3

3rd day, we are at Hong Kong Disneyland. Last year when we were there, it is a long weekend, there are a long queue and so many people in Disneyland. This time we choose on a weekday and a non peak season.

Since day before, we had a fruitful day from morning till night, then we decide to sleep a little bit longer, to "gain" more energy, before heading to Disneyland. We woke up around 9.30am, shower, get ready, then we went to a "char chan teng" just opposite our hotel to have breakfast. The food was good, last year we ate there too.

toast, ham and egg...

instant noodles - it come in a set with the toast. So i had this noodles.

extra sunny side up for my boys.

hub's noodles..

bowl of wantan soup.

Cut the story short, you can read here on our last trip on how to go to Disneyland..

this year, less crowd, we can take a proper picture on Disney train.

and we got plenty of seats inside.

Hong Kong Disneyland, we are here again!!!!!

After camwhore around, then time to have some rides. First ride we went for the buzzlight year again! My boys just love it, we went twice for it. No queue, such a breeze. Then we went for this autopia at tomorrow land. This we queue for almost 1/2 hour, only our turn. Two boys are on the wheel, while me and hub on the side step on the paddle, their legs not long enough to step on the paddle. Me and Cruz "fighting and argue" in the car, as he just simple turn left and right on the steering, while i try to control, he don't like it, two of us fighting over who "handle" the wheel. Haih.

Fearles behind the wheel...

Cruz and mummy...this is quite interesting, the car move quite fast and not slow.

After we finish the Autopia, came out, we saw this Buzz light year mascot was there for photo shoot. We follow the queue, and manage to take picture with him. :)

After the light buzz year Mascot, we went to the front entrance to queue for Mickey and Minnie photo shooting session. Lucky queue not too long, we manage to get a chance to take picture with Mickey and Minnie.

while queuing, we saw Gofy and Pluto walking around, but we can't walk over and take picture with them, we are in queue for Mickey. :(

finally, here they are, Mickey and Minnie!!!

both of them a bit scare of the Mickey and Minnie, i don't know why. That explain with their "fake smile" :)

a family picture with Mickey and Minnie. Don't know why Cruz look "so sad" hahahhahaha

After the picture session, we went to hunt for some tea break.

this is our tea break, some char siew puff, strawberry jellies, mango mouse cake (very nice) and coffee and some pop-corn and drinks.

After our short tea break, time to wait for the parade. Last year we missed this, so this year we want to see the parade, very interesting, and my boys love it so much!!!

Disney parade...

giant Mickey..

chipmunks, my boys favourite...

snow white and princess and the 7 dwarfs.

snow white..

Alice in wonderland..

little mermaid...

toy story, my boys favourite too.

last, is the Mickey and the friends....
THIS IS SCARY!!!!! Space Moutain!

After the parade, we walk around and passed by Stich story telling theatre, but it's in Cantonese, English one will be in 1/2 time, so we give it a skip, then we come next to it, it is this space moutain, without thinking, hub walk in. I told him, this look scary, something like roller coaster, he said "no la, just normal train, bring you see the view on the planet at outer-space, no scare one la".
I still doubt so, i told him, the picture outside look very scary, he just ignore me. There 4 of us went in and Cruz sit with him and Fearles sit with me. Then the ride start, we are in front of a door, then the door open, we are been "pulling up" on the trail, slowly and you can hear the sound. So Scary!!! Inside was so so dark, cannot see a thing, but you can feel the "cabin" is moving slowly upwards. At that time, i know it's a roller coaster and not just the normal-train-ride!!! Suddenly we stop on very top, and SUDDENLY, we just "fall", turn, twist, in a fast pace, now CONFIRM it is ROLLER COASTER!!! Oh no, i tell you i just scream and scream and scream and close my eyes, i was thinking will i die inside there, and on the other hand i have to hold tight on Fearles, i scare he "fly out" but i cannot hear he scream, he is very quiet, i have to worry whether he already "pengsan" and i still have to scream because I AM VERY SCARED!!!! Oh God! You know that 5-10 mins ride, to me it seems like few hours ride! Some part the ride stop, then i quickly open my eyes and peep, saw very dark, and see some stars and some planet then it start Zoooooommmmm again!! Once the ride stop, my legs went wobbly, i can't even stand and first thing i checked is to see is Fearles ok or not. He smile at me, and when i look at Cruz, he show me want-to-cry face! LOL! I scold hub for "con" us to take the ride, he said he also didn't know it so scary! I feel i want to vomit, i sit at a side to "cool" myself down, then my boys told me they saw stars la, those small lighs la, but scare. Fearles said he close his eyes too! LOL!! What an experient for the boys!! This is their FIRST ROLLER COASTER RIDE!!

kids playing at the water "spot" while i take a rest on the bench and watch them.

After that we went for this Buzz light year again for the second time! hahahahha

this is the buzz light year, you take the "gun" and shot for the point. First round i was on Level 4! ahhahahhahaha

After the ride, we promise the boys to get each of them a toys from Disney. It's expensive, not cheap!!

We went for an early dinner at one of the restaurant, because this time we want to stay back for the fireworks. We missed that last year.

Cruz's rice wrapped with egg, very nice and cute

mushroom soup...nice

hub's dinner...

me and Fearles sharing this plate of Spaghetti Bolognise.

we kill sometime by camwhoring around.....*again, more pictures in FB*

Here start the highlight of the night, fireworks!!

It is really nice fireworks and breath taking, with music and story background, make it look more interesting. We enjoy the 15 mins fireworks show, then we called it a day. Look at the crowd on the fireworks, while everyone leaving. OMG! People moutain people sea!! I don't know where are those people come from, during day time i cannot see so many people around, only when fireworks start, you can see people pouring in. It's like new year count down. LOL!

look at the crowd!!

time to said "bye bye" ....
We took Disney train and change MTR back to town, i tell you, we all so tired, no energy to walk anymore. We stop our station at kowloon instead of going to Sentral and change another MTR. We took a taxi back to Hotel from Kowloon. Then i bought some dried noodles, sausages and "char siew pau" back to hotel as our supper. Did i tell you we just love thier dried noodles in 7-11, just like our Malaysia version Indo mee..yummy yummy!! Even the "char siew pau" also very nice.



BoeyJoey said...

Wah... all so nice one! Cannot let my kids see your blog leh, sure they nag me non-stop wana go also. Even when I see your photos, I also feel like nagging my hubby to bring me leh! hahaha! Glad that you guys enjoy yourselves :-D.

Sasha Tan said...

ai.... i can only show jayden HONG KONG from yr post. kesian him cannot get to go at all last time

mommy to chumsy said...

oh man..the ride you all went was Space Mountain?? That's the scariest one which I didn't dare to go last time. love the fireworks :D

suituapui said...

I love Disneyland. Went to the one in Tokyo long ago... Hope to go again, maybe Hongkong nearer. Ya, Space Mountain - I closed my eyes...and did not open them till we reached the end. Hahahahaha!!!!! A lot of people vomitted, I did not.

jazzmint said...

ee...u make me so want to go there

reanaclaire said...

My first disneyland in HK... then when i went to japan.. i was same one?? hahaha.. all also almost the same except that japan one is 4 times me, sama saja.. disney characters all there... but if want to take mickey and minnie mouse pic, must pay one! HK no need to pay, right?

CH Voon said...

very nice, i never go to disneyland in hongkong yet.

ilike the night view of disneyland building. so pretty.

eat, sightseeing and play is the wonderful things.

Pete said...

Disneyland, sure is the happiest place on earth!

chewsheiwei said...

I went before CNY. But too bad, we didnt explore much there. The rides you taken I never see before & all we had missed. We only went for Merry Go round which was my gal favourite. Hehe:) Definetly will be back soon later when she grow older like ur boys.

smallkucing said...

wow so much of these day must go to HL already ...I wanna take pic with Mickey mouse too..still young at heart mah :p

cleffairy said...

I wanna snap picture with Eric from Little Mermaid. i always thinks that Prince Eric is hot.

laundryamah said...

looks like i hv to bring kylie to HK in my next trip hor..but i oredi told her, she must be good if not no way!

eugene said...

ok, ok Annie,tonight i must sit down with my lovely wife and start counting the money we have , if not enough then have to save some more,,,, must really visit one of the Disney once's a life time , right?

thank you for sharing

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Yor...nice trip... make me 'sum yuk yuk' wanna bring Maine go :D

jacss said...

hahaha...jahat lar daddy, but u made me laugh laugh lor coz i kept imagining yr reactions, LOL!!
what a lovely treat to the boys. i love riding the buzz lightyear car & shot the gun with my boys too:D
ooh i miss HK food a lot...
and the weather looks nice, at least not too burning!!
lovely pics of the fireworks

Mommy Ling said...

Ah..this is the post i m looking foward too...interesting. I know sure it makes me sam yuk yuk edy, but again we target to go in another 2 yrs probaly.

mNhL said...

Oh my!!! the roller coaster ride!! hahahaha....salute ! Your boys are so brave!

Disneyland are just so beautiful.

Annie Q said...

Boey Joey: Plan and bring your kids to Disney, they will love it. :)

Sasha: don't sound so sad, arrange another trip to Hong Kong, this time just 4 of you!

mommy to chumsy: YES! Space Moutain!! We didn't know what is it, sei mou? End up 4 of us went in and scream all our lung out, ok, only me the one scream loud. LOL!

STP: hahahhaha, you went to space moutain too! Wah! Tokyo Disney! tsk tsk tsk, wish one day i can go to Tokyo one. :) Claire said 4 times bigger than the HK one!

jazzmint: time to bring your kids there. Arrange a family trip there, i am sure they will enjoy it.

Claire: now you make me jeles! You went to two Disney! Tokyo one, hope one day i can go too. Oh, didn't know in Japan you took picture with Mickey need to paid? Lucky HK one is free but need to queue!!

CH Voon: never been to HK never mind, at least you been to other country, somemore so so far away one!!! hahahahha..Wait till Vanessa older a bit, can bring her for HK trip. With kids tag along, what we can do is, eat, sighseeing and play, hard to go shopping mall to shop!

Pete: happiest place for the kids, not for adults. :P

chewsheiwei: when your gal older a bit, bring her there again, sure she will enjoy more. :)

smallkucing: hahahha, i am also young at heart, that's why i still take picture with Mickey! LOL!!

cleffairy: too bad, i don't know who is Prince Eric, i am not as terror as you, knowing so many cartoon character, i am still in the learning stage. LOL!!

Peggy: yes, bring Kylie, sure she will like it a lot!!

eugene: can plan it slowly, i know you just bought a new car. :) Bring your two princes, sure they will like it just like my boys!

Agnes: wait till Maine older a bit, then can bring her go.

IMMomsDaughter said...

I really enjoyed reading about your trip Part 1-3. Your boys seems well behaved. I'm still contemplating whether to bring my kids as they're more hyper than yours. Btw, had a good laugh about your roller coaster ride. Just curious, your hub seriously dunno it's that scary?

Annie Q said...

jacss: my hub also didn't know it's a roller coaster ride, if he know, he also won't bring his boys in. They are still too young to ride the roller coaster. :( Yea, my boys remember that buzz light year and shot with the gun, they just love it, never get enough of that.

Mommy Ling: can plan early then wait two of ur girls a bit older bring them, a bit easier, and they will enjoy more.

mNhL: my boys and me not brave, we got no choice!! Already in there and no turning back, so die die also have to finish the ride! LOL!

Annie Q said...

iMMomsDaughter: my boys also hyper lei! This year a bit hard to control compare to last year, but you know me right? Fierce mama? hahahha, so no choice they have to behave!! LOL!! Yes, my hub he is not aware that is roller coaster and so scary, only when the staff ask him to take off the hat, he sense something not right, but no turning back already. :(

Superman said...

I want to go!!! Can tell it was such a nice trip for you and the family! Me felt younger after reading your posts for HK and Disneyland. Thanks for the nice pics and let me see Disneyland thru your lens.
Can't get thru the Airasia Zero Fare today...sigh. Give up.

prince n princess mum said...

The car is super nice... I think my son will love it... I'll bring him to HK disneyland next year.. Just bought Air asia flight.. :)

Mummy Moon said...

The nite view is very nice, I like the fireworks

slavemom said...

hahaha I LOL when I read abt ur Space Mountain ride. Can relate to ur "pengsan" or "fly out" concerns for the kids. That time, my girl was sitting alone in front of me n ah boy. So worried for her. Manatau, she wanted to go another round, but no one wanted (or brave enuf) to go with her. hehehe