Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pirate Theme Birthday Party!

Phew!! Finally all over, i mean my boys birthday celebration. When i thought i can take a good rest yesterday, after my boys birthday celebration at kindy, night time something "bad" happen to me. :(, another stress and headache moment (those friends in FB know what is happening, i will blog it in detail in another post).

Two months before my boys birthday, i already think what to plan for them. I don't like to rush and do last minute things, but nothing come to my mind, whether to do a small party or don't do any party or do it at fast food outlet or.........my boys had been asking me when is their birthday, whenever they attend any of their friend's birthday party. Always ask me "why take so long still not their birthday yet!"

It all till one week before we depart for our Hong Kong trip, suddenly my boys told me, they want a pirate theme birthday party, i thought it's a good idea and at least now i know what i need to get and prepare. I start hunt for birthday cake, what for party packs, where to do the party, what to serve. Oh no! I tell you, it is so stress!! I manage to settle the cake and get some idea on what small things i can put it in the party packs. Then i went for my Hong Kong Trip, after came back, i only got almost two weeks to plan everything!! You can imagine the stress!! From there, we decide to do it at home again, and we will have home cook food!! Mother in law, me, two maids and younger sister in law will be in charge of the food!! Nearer to the date, i got so many things to do, prepare party packs, and start daily to get some things ready, go through the list, what did i left out, guests i am going to invite and etc. That's why i am very slow in blog hopping, hope those who always come by my blog and comment, i promise i will drop by your blog very soon!!!

On the actual day, morning i do some deco at the compound and start prepare the food for the night. Afternoon, we all spent our time in the kitchen and do the cooking. My close friend cum my online biz partner come and give me a helping hand in the afternoon. Thanks so much Vivian!! Time just pass so fast, blink blink it's already party time, i get a quick shower, then guests start to come.

We had a great time, i told the clown we are having pirate party, so he also dress up in a pirate costume instead of the usual clown costume! I get the kids had some food first before the clown come. I told them if they didn't finish the food, the clown won't come. Kids having fun, adults enjoy the food (i hope they do) and enjoy yakking. Me busy entertain and running here and there. Those who come for the party, i didn't chat with you much, very sorry about it. Now, i will let the pictures do the talking!

party packs. I manage to get those brown paper bag, i find it unique. Due to the plain look, i decide to deco the white label sticker with some colorful stickers and with their name on it.

some "junk food" for the kids!!! Since it is kid's party! LOL!!

roti jala, i order it from my colleague, she do very nice roti jala!!

curry spare rib, everyone give a thumbs up on this, mother in law cook it. Roti Jala to go with this curry sauce. YUM!!!!

i cook this spaghetti, i know it look plain, i should add some parsley, but.........

fried chicken, everyone said good!! Secret recipe is the frying flour that we use do the magic. Crunchy, simple and yummy!!!! This is hot and spicy version.

Pork Chop!!

this is non spicy fried chicken for the kids and those who can't take spicy food. :)

this is another signature dish from our kitchen, every festival my mother in law will cook this. I think the photographer (my hub) missed out some food, the fried mee hoon, jellies, cucumber pickles, vegetables with mix mushroom and ROAST PORK!!!! Ok, don't blame me, photographer didn't do a good job and i am too busy to take pictures!!!

my two princes with their pirate look. Pirate Fearles and Pirate Cruz. I got their tee from Hong Kong, when i saw it, immediate i bought it.

pirate Fearles

pirate Cruz

i deco the area with lots of balloons at least look better?

pirates theme cupcakes for them. The same lady i order from last year, Daalia.

some mini tarlets as dessert, order from Daalia.

guests are "attacking" the food!!

pirates with their two friends. Ashley and Tess, two pretty young lady.

the "buffet counter" , look ok?? One of my friends thought we are ordering catering food!! LOL!

Captain G (the clown) was entertaining the kids!! Doing some magic, this is the same guy that i get last year too!! LOL!! Last year, he came as a clown, and some kids actually afraid of clown.

actually the Captain G doing the same magic as last year and even the game too!!! I still remember!! hahahhahah Should ask him to get more idea. Since last year i was participate in some game, this year i become more "pro" in wrapping the kids as in "mummy", my "mummy" chosen the best one. hahhahahahhahaha

nice? I wrap Cruz!

another magic show...Fearles with the red hair on.

tada!! They pull Fearles's underwear out! hahhaha

this is another game, mummy and kids to participate, i opt this out, last year i had it already, so this year i leave it to my guests to play. This two mummies...Patsy and Tess, Elaine and Amber!

laundry-amah and Kylie

laundry-apah and Kieran also join the fun!!

time for cake cutting...candles also in pirates!

my boy and Kylie on the right, Kylie also a May baby, her birthday just 4 days earlier!

4 kids born in May blowing the candles. Ashley is sharing the same birth date as my boys. Same year, same date, only time is different!!

blowing the candles!

they love the cupcakes, less messy and no need to cut. Just help themselves.

see the dirty pirate!

yummy and good!

me and my two friends since college time!! Jackie and Irene and her lovely girl girl - Esther!

picture from Elaine's camera - Barb, Me, Patsy, Peggy and Elaine! This is the only group pictures.

Party over around 9pm, i know kids have to go to school the next morning, so i start the party @ 6pm. After i put my boys to sleep, i went and help the maid to do the cleaning and clearing. When i back to my room around 11.30pm, this is what i saw.......they are happy and tired, and can you spot the Elmo sleeping on the bed too?? Fearles's hand round Cruz's neck, two of them just love to stick to each other and sleep together.

Thank you everyone who "sacrifice" your Sunday family time and come for the party, hope you all did enjoy the fun and the food and thanks for all the lovely pressies and "ang pow"!!! Thanks once again!!


smallkucing said...

wow what a lovely party. Indeed the entertainer looks better as a pirate than as a clown kakaka...scarier :p

laundryamah said...

it was a great party as always! Love the food..home cooked is always the best..way to go Annie...

Etceteramommy said...

Wow what blast! Everything looked perfect. The boys were handsome in their couldn't be more appropriate costume, the food forever so mouth watering and the birthday boys mama looking good there too despite the hectic planning. Happy Belated Birthday Fearles and Cruz.

Beii said...

lovely!such a nice party and really pro food!looks like catering!lol!everything's so so nice!Hope you can have a good rest now!:)

coffeesncookies said...

Thanks Annie, for a great party, great food and great company catching up with you,Amah, Patsy and Barb. Next year, remember to invite me again ok ? (perasan betul !) kekekekkeke,,..

mom2ashleyaidan said...

Happy Belated Birthday Fearles and Cruz!

Merryn said...

where did u get the plain brown bag? i am looking high n low for it for my crafts purposes...

nice party there :D

zmm said...

Wow wow wow.. better don't let my daughters see this..

Everybody got theme party.. pool party.. we only get house pizza party. :(

Happy Birthday to Cruz and Fearles.

jacss said...

WOW annie, what a great job...planning, decor, home-cooked food some more, *salute*
what a BIG BIG miss, do it & invite me again ahh next year... hahaha
i can see the JOY in yr boys' faces, worth yr effort :D

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wow, what a BIG party!! Some more you said "small"? :)
I'm hungry just looking at all the food!!

suituapui said...

Aiyor...so nice the party! You prepared all the food yourselves, so lihai! I though you catered one...and those pirate cupcakes - so nice. Your boys are simply adorable! Lucky ma and pa!!! Everyone sure had a good time, too bad I wasn't there - must take note of the date and try to be around KL same time next year! LOL!!!

mNhL said...

such a lovely party!!! I bet the kids enjoyed themselves so much.

Annie Q said...

smallkucing: you also scare of clown? hahahha

laundryamah: glad you enjoy and thanks for coming and thanks for the pressie for the boys and pressie for me too!!

etceteramommy: thank you!! Thanks for the compliment. :)

Beii: thanks!! Hope you are doing good with your new baby? Will hop over to your blog soon!!

Elaine: you know you can't escape from my list!!! muahahhahahahhahahha

Dinah: thanks!!

Merryn: you can get from those bakery shop. I think at Kota Damansara bake with yan do sell this type of brown paper bag. 100 pcs for only RM3.30! Mine is my colleague help me to get from PJ old town.

zmm: mine is small party, cannot do a grand one la. House pizza party also fun lei, most important, kids enjoy and adults enjoy the company.

jacss: home cooked food that credit have to go to my mother in law. :) Sure, you will always in my list too!! LOL!

Bryan and Brandon's mama: it's really a small party lei. Only things is i get a clown to entertain the kids, so that the parent can eat in peace.:)

STP: I did not prepare all the food by myself, i am not so lihai! My mother in law is the main person in charge, i just helping to cook and do the preparing. Yes, book your flight for next year now. You will in my list too if you're in town!

Annie Q said...

mNhL: thanks and i do hope the kids does enjoy themselves. :)

prince n princess mum said...

Wow!!!!!! Very nice party!

cleffairy said...

Wah! So nice. too bad I'm a claustrophobic. Haihhh... I will never ever make such party for my boy. Cuz I'm sked of crowds. :(

reanaclaire said...

what a lovely party...your house looks enormoussss... wow.. next time can invite Me? (*thick skin*) haahaaa...

mommy to chumsy said...

thanks very much for having us again :) we always look forward to your parties because of the yummy food and great company :D i love the brown paper bag party packs :D thanks for the gifts for Ashley :D

Mommy Ling said...

Wow...a fun party for everyone.

hey ur goodies and foods are awesome lor..I think the brown paper bag is kinda of unique rather than fancy fancy plastic bag

2ma said...

in such a short time, you can do so much for a pirates themed party - keng ah!!! fun, fun party!!!

ryeli said...

wow! i'm not even talking on behalf of my girls but i want to be your kid too! :D

your boys are really lucky to have you as their mom and hey, not bad wor, short time to prepare but outcome so good!

love the last pic of them two - interesting to see them so close. must also be the bonding they had in your tummy. well done annie! :)

CH Voon said...

cool! this is really a nice party!

Irene said...


see the boys, sleep so lum lum. haha... sure happy giler dreaming about their bday party ;p

D.a.a.l.i.a. said...

Annie, thanks for the repeat orders... glad to see your boys and guests really enjoyed the party .....

psstt... can i take come of the pictures here to post at my blog / FB ? Thanks Annie

Unknown said...

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