Friday, June 11, 2010

Fruitful Sunday - Tanjung Sepat Seafood

After Bagan Lalang, my hub's friend Vincent, we let him decide where to have dinner, he is very good at "jalan jalan cari makan" and he been to Bagan Lalang many times already. We don't know the way, we all follow behind his car. I don't know where we go, i only know the road was very dark and narrow, like going to some "kampung" area.

We drove about 15-20 mins, and we reach that place, i saw the big signboard and a souvenier shop written "lover bridge" or Qing Ren Chiao. I heard from my friend about this place just two weeks ago and now i am here!! hahahhahaha

First thing caught my eyes was the stalls at the roadside selling "ding ding" candies aka maltose candies, i love that. I thought i want to buy some but my tummy was telling me, i am hungry, eat first then only come and buy, but too bad, before we finish dinner, the stalls already closed! :(

After checking with Vincent, i only know this place is Tanjung Sepat and famous for tourist too. I ask him what so interesting about this place, why got tourist. He said some people will come for the seafood, and also visit the factory that produce fish balls, visit dragon fruit farm, and there is one factory selling fresh "pau"! Must make telephone order and it finish fast, people will grab a lot back home! That day we reach there quite late already, all closed, no chance to see, advisable
to go there during day time, more interesting.

We went to the restaurant the next to the "lover bridge", see quite a lot people, most tables are occupied. Lucky we manage to get a big table, you know what, after we sitted, there are somemore people coming for dinner, but the restaurant owner told them, "closed already, no more food!!" That was around 8.30pm only, food all sold out, we are consider very lucky!

Vincent do the food ordering, and actually i also don't know what he order till the food served, i only request one dish, that is my sons request "red color meat" - sweet and sour meat, their favourite. :)

this is the souvenier shop selling tidbits, dried noodles, tom yam paste, sambal shrimp paste and a lot more. Mellissa told me, their tom yam paste was very good, and is hot selling items there. I didn't buy, because i don't know when i will cook tom yam. hahahhahahahhahha
The banners showing are some famous people are there before and "Ah Xien" also introduce this place .

Ocen Seafood looking at the picture i only realise the "ocen" missing a "a".

sambal kangkung - my hub favourite....

kong pou prawn mantis...yummy.

Tanjung Sepat famous fish balls. Fearles had 5!

nestum squid, this is really yummy, not much flour on the sotong, we can taste the sweet taste of the sotong. Simple and yummy!!

taufu "kang", something like shark fin soup, but this taste a lot better!! I like to have it with some vinegar, it taste more yummy. Fearles love this too! At least drink this taufu kang we don't need to feel guilty and it make our skin "smooth" too! LOL!

steam fish, yummy and very fresh.

red color meat, as how my sons call it / sweet and sour meat.

"or chien" hmmmm..look good huh? I cannot tell you whether it's good or not, but according to everyone, said "double thumbs up"! I don't take/don't like to eat "or chien", everyone more than happy to hear that i don't eat, because they can eat my share!!!! Elaine's hub said, should have order it big portion!!! hahahahhahahahah

the food we order....7 adults and 5 kids.

every dish polish clean!

total damage = RM170.20!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEAP!!!!!!!

this is the lover bridge, we didn't walk out, as it is quite dark and i think nothing much we can see at night.
After our yummy dinner, we went to the souvenier shop to have some shopping, buy some tidbits and we call it a day. Leave that place around 9.30pm, and reach home about 11pm!! We are so tired, my two boys slept in the car while on the way back, but we are happy, we got a wonderful day and it's a fun outing!!


reanaclaire said...

so much fun esp with elaine too.. so this weekend, go where?

Anggie's Journal said...

i eat at this restaurant 2 times .. not bad and yes ... is cheap :P
i like the steam prawn ... very fresh also

suituapui said...

Everything looks nice...except the or chian - not like the ones in Penang or the crispy ones in Kuching. RM170...just a bit expensive by Sibu starndard but for 7 people, ok lah. Most important thing, must be nice.

Mamapumpkin said...

Hungry! Armarmarmarmmmmmm.....*smells goooooooood*

prince n princess mum said...

I wanna eat seafood, too!

Annie Q said...

reanaclaire: hahhahah..ya everyone had fun! This week ar, rotting at home, no plan. :)

Anggie: Oh, you been there twice! Not sure why they didn't order prawns that night, maybe already sold out? Ok, next round, steam prawns!

STP: Don't judge the "ugly" look on that or chian, according to everyone, this is very nice and look like this is the signature dish of this restaurant, is a "must" order dish.
Over here, dinner @ RM170 with all the seafood on the table, consider cheap already, of course cannot compare with Sibu. LOL!!

mamapumpkin: Wah, can smell from so far? hahahhahahha

prince n princess mum: quick, this week go for seafood dinner. :)

chinnee said...

i been there once and until now, i still miss the BIG fresh oyster. The best or chien i had around this area!

2ma said...

we went thr once for day trip. quite fun! but, none of us like the famous pau???

jacss said...

actually i also dun udrstd why this place becomes famous apart fr the food lar...
so i'm wondering if tourists would be dissapointed after the visit, hahaha
** droooooooling ** must coax my loukung to go there and EAT EAT EAT

Horlic said...

planning to visit Tanjung Sepat.. the pic of oyster fried egg there has the highest exposure rate in all the blogs.. tq for ur sharing

speedmaster said...

The restaurant is very slow in bringing the food and it's very dirty especially the toilet. Food isn't that great tasting and service is third world. If you don't necessary need to eat there, I advise you to skip.

Unknown said...

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