Wednesday, July 28, 2010


*Non Halal Post*

TME - The Meat Experts located at Plaza Damas in Hartamas. We went there last Saturday for dinner, this is my third time there. Food is nice, a small and cozy restaurant.

Hub was busy with his moutain bike racing things on Sunday the next day, so he didn't join us for dinner. Me and the two boys went out with my brother in law and his wife.

Wild mushroom soup, my boys love this, two of them sharing one bowl of this.

Pork Burger for sharing.....

Roast pork spaghetti, my boys had this too but without the chili flakes.
This is the portion that share between me and brother in law and his wife.

Pork Ribs! Yummy!!!

another type of Spaghetti with ham and bacon underneath. Very yummy!

2 happpy little customers....:)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Telling lie

24-07-2010 mark my boys turn 62 months old, ie: 5 years and two months old.

Cruz always the mischievous, cheeky, and full of naughty ideas in his mind. Last week Saturday, after they finish their homework and piano practise, i let them watch tv in the room while i am doing my pictures taking for my online store.

After done with my "project", i went back to the room, i find nothing wrong till i walk into my walk in wardrobe, i saw some hair on the floor. I thought that is my hair, since now i am keeping long hair, sometime there will be some hair on the floor, i pick up the hair, but it look short, could not be mine. I didn't think much, i clean the floor, and when i about to throw the hair into the dustbin i saw more hair inside the bin! Slightly longer and quite a bunch, i walk out the wardrobe and look at the boy's hair, see who is having the "new style" but both hair look ok to me. I start question who play with scissor and cut the hair? First one i question of course is Cruz, i know him. I check his hair, i did saw a few hair was standing up and slight shorter than other hair, i asked him did he cut the hair himself, he give me the innocent look and tell me "no" i asked thrice, he give me the same answer. I said "fine, who tell lie, god will know, and tonight when you sleep and your teeth will drop off, because you tell lie". Two of them give me a "ok" look.

Later in the evening, when i shower them i asked again (ya, i never give up on asking! hahah), i still got the same answer, "NO". Night time when i put them to sleep and greet them good night, i talk softly to Cruz " mummy don't scold you, you tell me, did you cut the hair youself?" He look at me, pause a while and nodded his head with his tearing eye. I said "ok, next time do something wrong, admit and said Yes you do, don't tell lie, i don't like people to tell lie". He nodded again.

The next day, Sunday, i never give up (hahhaha) i ask again Cruz about his misbehave. " Why you cut your hair yesterday? Did you cut your hair by yourself ?" Cruz said " yes", i asked again, "then why you tell lied yesterday when i ask you?" Cruz said " because i scare you scold me!!" (that said i am a fierce mama!) I asked, "why you cut your hair yourself ?" Cruz said " because i play helicoptor (the remote control toy) and it stuck on my hair." So this is the reason why he cut the hair himself, he scare get scold from me! :(

Cruz oh Cruz, now i have to keep remind him, cannot tell lie! Do something wrong, must admit and i also have to change my way to teach them, instead of scolding them, i have to tell them and explain to them why cannot tell lie.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My Creation - Part 41

Remember on my previous post i mention i went to 100 yen shop? This is my loots. Tada!

I prepare this bento lunch on Sunday, something easy but not healthy. hahahhahah..once in while should be ok i think?

new collection on bento box - Froggie and Bear, come with a spoon and bento strap. Nice?

Rice, one mini pork sausage, two nuggets, sweet and sour anchovies and grapes.

the silicon cups in the box are all my new collection. :)

closer look on the silicon cup, with ribbon at the side...

when i ask my boys to pick up their lunch box, they went "WAH!!! so cute!!!"

Monday, July 19, 2010

mummies morning...

Last Saturday, me and this terror "baker" decide to go to the morning market nearby Barb's house to do some "shopping. She had been telling us, the market there sell a lot of things.

It was an early morning (to me la, weekend ma, always like to sleep in till a bit late), we met up at Barb's house around 9am. Park our cars at her house and we walked to the market. 3 mummies bring 4 kids to market, you can imagine the havoc!!! Me and Elaine busy looking at the clothes, toys, stickers, shoe, hair clips and many more, while Barb keep an eye on the kids. HAHAHAH

We spent about 1.5 hours at the market then we went to nearby coffee shop to have the famous "pan meen" . I tell you, around that area, got so so many foods stall and coffee shop, so many foods to choose, from one end to another end all is FOOD!! (sorry, no picture of the food)

Kids get restless after walk under the hot sun, we decide to bring the kids back to Barb house and we (me and Elaine) went to nearby 100 yen shop to do more shopping. hahahhahah

Kids having fun at Barb house, messing up the house and my boys play with Ashley girl's toy! Our shopping didn't end there, after spending another hour in Barb house we decide to go to another 100 yen shop at Kuchai Lama, as i didn't get what i want at the 100 yen shop near Barb's house. More loots from the 100 yen shop at Kuchai Lama. :(

Cruz playing with Ashley princess bicycle!

Fearles play with Ashley's Cinderella V Smile Pocket.



Look how this boy play with the doll, feeding the doll somemore!! *slap forehead*

Cruz and Ashley....

Fearles and Amber, ask him to take picture with Amber, he shy shy.

After some damage on my pocket, we proceed to Health Freak mummy's house to pick up our order from her online store and we spent another good 1 hour at her place. Finally i got the chance to meet up with Cassey for the first time, she is so adorable just like a doll and not forget another two elder princess, Alycia and Sherilyn.

not easy to get all the kids to sit still and take a picture.
L-R: Cassey, Ashley, Amer, Fearles, Cruz, Sherilyn and Alycia.

We reach home around 4.30pm, we are all worn out but we do have a great time. Had been sometime didn't catch up with Barb and Elaine, we all had a good time unwind ourselves. Thanks Barb for letting us messy your house and thanks for the great company.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My personal fashion consultant - Part II

Today, my personal "fashion consultant" make some comment on my clothings again.

Morning usually is rush for me, get the boys ready and get them into the car, they will forever take their own sweet time talking. This morning while i told them hurry up to go into the car, we are running late, Cruz, my personal consultant said this................................................

Cruz: mummy, why you wear pants?

again, i got a "shock" when he ask this, and i stop a while and answer

mummy: i always wear pants ma, why? All this while you didn't ask why you ask today?

Cruz: mummy have to wear skirt!!!

mummy: skirt? why? later you said can see "neh neh poop"?

Cruz: No!! Boys wear pants, girls wear skirt!!


Ok, now i have to get some dress and surprise him!! LOL!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Revolving and World Cup

During our last trip to Federal Hotel to have their Dim Sum , one of my friend ask me, did i bring my boys to the revolving restaurant on the 18th floor of Federal Hotel, i told her no, it did come to my mind, one day should bring them go there and experience it.

Last Sunday, on the World Cup final, hub said, we go to Revolving Restaurant to have dinner. We told the boys, we are going to a restaurant that will "turn & turn" slowly. They got excited and Cruz ask " only turn? No Spinning? Why no spinning??? I like spinning" *roll eyes*

Had been so long i never been to KL area, passed by Pavillion ( one of the shopping mall that i have not set foot in there yet!!!!), massive jam! I thought it is because weekend, a lot people doing shopping. We caught in the jam for quite a while, when we reached at Lot 10 traffic light, we saw actually in front of Sungai Wang, they blocked the road and there are some stage set up in conjuction with WC final.

look at the massive jam!!!

We thought of giving up, but after few turning in the small lane, we come out in front of Federal Hotel, the traffic was ok and we manage to find a parking at the open car park.

The last i been to Revolving Restaurant was 15 or 16 years ago? It still look the same, not much chang, but of course it look a bit "old". First things my boys asked " not moving?" i said "it is moving, you look at the floor", after looking at the floor, they got a little bit excited, yes it is "moving". :)

After placing our order, what else we do? Camwhoring lo......



mummy and sons...

wild mushroom soup....not too bad...

hub's sizzling steak, this is very good!
my boys's fried rice.....
my kurau fish, written in the menu - recommend by chef, if no i would order salmon instead of Kurau. The fish taste ok, must eat when it still hot.
view from the restaurant, where the "programme" held in front of Sungai Wang.
After dinner, hub thought want to walk over to Sungai Wang area and see what is it all about, but after seeing the crowd, we give up and i still got phobia, on my bag being "slit" two months ago.

On our way back, we caught in a "mini" jam at Bangsar, there was also a street party, some road are blocked. After hub sent us home, yea, he went and join his friends for the WC final.

Monday, July 05, 2010

You know how to make pancake?

One of the night while my boys were watching their cartoon "Agent Oso" in TV, and i was doing something on the computer.

Suddenly Fearles asked.......

Fearles: Mummy, you know how to make pancake?

Mummy: *pause and look at him* Pancake? Why pancake? You want to eat pancake?

Fearles: ya, i love pancake

Overheard "Agent Oso" in TV teaching the kids how to make pancake, step 1, step 2, step 3...that is how suddenly it cross Fearles mind to ask me about pancake.

Mummy: you want pancake?

Fearles: You know how to make?

Mummy: hahahahhahahhahahaha, no need to make, we can just buy it!!!!!!


Boys, your mummy not superwoman or supermum, anything can make or bake. Sometime just go by the easy way, go to supermarket and buy the ready made . *blek*