Sunday, August 08, 2010

Champ's @ Centre Point

Two days before my mum go back, we give her a surprise and mini birthday celebration. Her birthday is end of this month, and since she is in town, we had an early celebration for her.

We went to Champ's at Centre Point Damansara Utama for dinner, me and hubs been there many times, but my mum is the first time. I think i did blog about this place before, but i cannot find where is the post. :(

This is what we had for that night.

mum order their famous prawns noodles

hubs had the fried kuay teow

i had the beef cantonese noodles

my boys sharing the plate of fried rice with lots of chinese sausage in the rice.

this plate of ribs for sharing....

Cruz love the meat!

After we place our dinner order, i told my mum i go down to get something. I get her a slice of cake from Secret Recipe, knowing after the dinner, we are too full for a cake. I got the cake and ask the staff to keep it in the chiller for me.

After dinner, i told the staff to get my piece of cake. My mum thought i bought that for dessert at home. I didn't answer her, slowly i take out that piece of cake and put a candle on it, then i get my boys to sing "Happy Birthday" song to her. Cruz had loud voice, we had a good laugh, despite other diners all looking at us.

Posing with the slice of cake

another picture

singing "Happy Birthday" song..

Cruz already "eyeing" the candle.

Now, who's birthday is that? Cruz or my mum? Cruz just blow off the candle.

Even after the heavy dinner, the boys still have some space for the cake.

Tiramisu cake..


suituapui said... the ribs, and the corn on the cob. Drool!!! See your mum so very young, you two like sisters. Like when I went out with my missus and my daughter,somebody asked, "Are these your daughters?" Grrrrrrrr!!!! So frus! LOL!!!

mott said...


Tell her she look so "HAU SANG!!!!" Like a elder sister, not a mom!! (see..I don't even want to call her 'aunty' becoz she look too young!)

reanaclaire said...

wow...ribs!! love the slice by slice ...
hey.. your mum so young geh!!! like me only, yes? both of u looks like sisters la.. Oh, this is supposed to be a compliment ok?

smallkucing said...

That's your mom? The two of you looks like sisters more than mother and daughter.

I have been to Champs many years ago. Not bad

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

She really looks very young!! And a happy birthday to your mom!!

mNhL said...

Happy B'day to your mum ! She really looks very young. What a lovely mini b'day.

mommy to chumsy said...

Oh..happy birthday to aunty :) does she like the food?

Christina said...

yea! Your mom look so young! You two really look alike! :)

Happy Birthday to your Mom and wishing her stay young forever!! :)

Inspired Momx1 said...

Never been to Champ's though living nearby. The ribs look so yummy! Agree with the rest that your mom is so young!

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

I love the food there too, cos it's non-halal :) Happy birthday to your mum!

Shenny's mommy said...

Wow, your mom is very young, look like your sister leh. Her skin is very fair.
Happy birthday to your mom.

javapot said...

u and your mom look like sisters!!! happy belated bday to her.

Jen Cheung said...

look at all those delicious foooood! oh my im hungry now and i shouldnt eat. its 12:53AM here in toronto. or else i will gain a lot of weight!

Annie Q said...

STP: LOL!!! So funny!! You make me laugh so loud! Thanks for the compliment on my mum. :)

Mott: thank you for the birthday wish and the compliment. She must be very happy, everyone said her look so young. hahahhahahah

reanaclaire: Ribs yummy! I love ribs too! My mum your age? Hmmm..i think she is older than you :). Thanks for the compliment!

smallkucing: hahahha, ya a lot people thought we are sister instead of mother and daughter.

Agnes: thanks for the compliment and the birthday wish to my mum . Will convey all the birthday wish to her. :)

mNhL: thanks!!

mommy to chumsy: thank you! Ya, she like the food but most important is the company right? *wink wink* LOL

Christina: Thanks for dropping by again. :)
Thanks for the compliment and the birthday wish. Will tell my mum, my friend all wish her happy birthday.

Inspired Momx1: Oh, you staying nearby? Should have call you next time if we are there again. hehehe...
Thank you on behalf of my mum on the compliment. :)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama: yes, non halal food is YUMMYLICIOUS. Thank you on behalf of my mum on the birthday wish.

Shenny's mommy: Thanks for the compliment and birthday wish on behalf of my mum. Her skin fair ar? hahaha...maybe just the face look fair. :P

Javapot: Thanks for dropping by! Will link you up in my blogroll. :)
Thanks for the compliment and the birthday wish for my mum. :)

Jen Cheung: Warning - don't visit any food blog during mid night! Tho' mine not food blog, just happen i post something on food. :P

coffeesncookies said...

Happy Bday to your mum. She's so young, I feel funny calling her 'aunty'..
Now I know why you didn't take the har meen but settled for canto fried instead.. you dun like har meen, right ?
long time din go Champs jor.. shall we go n damn syiok ourselves one day ?

jacss said...

ooh dear, food food food :D
happy birthday aunty...hey, yr mom looks too young to be your mom ... alamak, **faster run away**
i'm serious, she looks young lar

etceteramommy said...

Yes your mom is young looking. You have her gene. When your boys are older they will look like your brothers rather than sons too. :)

the food sure look yummy!

Happy Belared Birthday auntie.