Thursday, August 19, 2010

JMC - Book 2 "mini graduation"

It's almost a year, my boys learn their music at JMC Yamaha. Beginning of this year, they finish their book 1, they had a mini party and yesterday they finish their book 2 and usually they will have a "mini graduation" , they need to play a song and sing a song in front of everyone, then there will be a mini party.

This time, daddy get very excited compare to book 1. Week before i told him that, the boys going to perform. The boys need to practise the song they want to sing and play the song they need to play. Hubs very participate this time, he practise the singing together with the boys. I on the CD let three of them sing together and i read them the lyrics. LOL!

Tuesday, day before the performing, while i am working, receive msn message from hub asking, "is the kids singing tonight? 8pm right? I go for cycling at 5pm+, but will be at 7pm+." I had a good laugh and told him "not today but tomorrow!!!" That is how excited he is. On the night itself, out of sudden, Cruz not feeling well, vomit whole night, drink water also vomit, drama till morning around 4.30, he had two rounds purging, he feel better after that, but very weak. Went to bed to sleep around 5am, and so do i.

Bring him to see doctor in the morning and i let him rest at home. Finish work, back home, he still look weak, i told him, he rest at home, and tonight i bring Fearles go to the music class, he said he want to go. Feed him some porridge, he don't have much appetite, just had few spoons, then off we went for the music class.

this is what i prepare for the mini party, beside than the bread sandwiches, i brought some packet drinks and some vitagen for the kids, and some "junk food" hahahhahah.

During last mini party i also do the sandwiches, this round i add some nori on the bread and make it look a bit nicer?

Dinasour, bear, rabbit and some mini flower bread. :)

Before they start the performance, they practise a while. This time i can see more parents coming to support their kids, beside than just the mummies and some of the younger sibling also there to support their kor kor and jie jie. :) It look crowded in the class.

digging gold before the performance? hahahhahahhahaha

After the performance, it is party time!! Every mummies bring some food to the party. We have pizza, jellies, cake, drinks, party packs for the kids and sanwiches. Cruz having three pieces of pizza!!! OMG!!! After pizza, he and Fearles start play with their friends, everyone running around, play with the balloons, having a fun time and immediately Cruz just recover from there. hahhahahahhahhahah


look at the wording on the cake - Farewell Book 2 and Welcome Book 3 . LOL!!!

Kids with their piano teacher - Ms Yap. Did you notice, boys are more than girls?
There are only two girls in the class and 6 boys!!

Stay tune for the video in next post. :)


smallkucing said...


Inspired Momx1 said...

My boy's JMC class is also boys more than girls. 2 girls and 6 boys too! :P

Pete said...

Wah, talented kids!

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Love the sandwiches!! Very nicely done :)

chewsheiwei said...

The sandwiches look so cute & nice. Especially the bears....:)

suituapui said...

Those are bread sandwiches? Gee! I would never know... You're so good with your hands... So did Daddy sing with the boys? Video! Video!!! LOL!!!

reanaclaire said...

wow..such a lovely get-together for the performance, last time my girl attended JMC in Yamaha, no so homely like this one.. so nice!
I am also fascinated with yr sandwiches la.. gosh.. so much trouble.. hahaha...

Mummy Moon said...

the bread sandwich is very nice, I am sure it goes very 'laku'

Samantha said...
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Shenny's mommy said...


mommy to chumsy said... fast graduation already? Book 3 must be tougher huh? congratulations to the boys :)

Cynthia said...

Congrats to your boys!! The sandwiches look sooooo yummy! If I was a kid, I'd gobble them in a second. Being a grown up now I just want to have a look and "admire"!!!

javapot said...

fun fun fun!!! :)

those sandwiches look GREAT, want a dinasour too.

Mommy Ling said...

It seems ur sandwwich is the only homemade...Looks great. Congrats to ur boys!!

Annie Q said...

smallkucing: :)

Inspired Momx1: Oh, really? Hahhahaha, looks like now got more boys learning music than girl ya? Maybe boys more naughty, need music to "slow" them down a bit? LOL!

Pete: not talented la, still a long way to go. :)

Agnes: hahaha ..thanks!!

chewsheiwei: Thanks!! First time i using that bear bread cutter, now i only realise it is so cute(tak tahu malu). It's a gift by one of the mummy blogger. :)

STP: thanks for the compliment!! :)
Ya, ya, daddy sing! Must see the video, very funny. hahahha

reanaclaire: Maybe different centre, got different way of doing it. That sandwiches is a rush work, if you see closely, some of the kaya also spread out! So messy! This is the easier one to prepare for the party, no need to cook. LOL!

Mummy Moon: not "laku" la, since i am not making a lot and it did finish all. :)

Shenny's mommy: thanks!

mommy to chumsy: fast hor? Remember i get the book 2 from you, now they finish it, and going to book 3 soon! Yes, book 3 will be more tough, and after they finish book 4, teacher said they are going to sit one "serious and real" exam!! *faint*

Cynthia: Thanks!! hahahhaha, you can have it too, we are never too old to enjoy the cute stuff!

javapot: hahahhaha, sister in law went to japan holiday, and she bought me that dinasour bread cutter.

Mommy Ling: no no..there are some jellies and the teacher also brought tuna sandwiches. :) Thanks!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Your sandwiches are so cute! What a great party. Oh I keep postponing Chloe's enrollment in Yamaha's JMC... been telling hubs about sending her to this class since she was a baby!

coffeesncookies said...

I think I shouldn't wait any longer to enrol her to JMC. I always thought she's too young but I see your boys playing the piano, I'm amazed !

Mamapumpkin said...

Alamak, Tessa saw these bread shapes and she said she also want me to make sandwich like that. How come Mommy never make food like that? Where you buy all those shapes???

jacss said...

ooh...when i looked at d videos, it didn't looked to me that cruz was not feeling well, haha i guess this party boy got well knowing there'll be so much fun.
kids must be very excited with yr sandwiches :D