Friday, August 13, 2010

My Creation - Part 42

I always want to try out this simple mini bread pizza, after reading this, i said i must try this out.
Last week, finally i get a can of tuna, and a loaf of bread, i prepare the kids some mini bread pizza as their tea break snack bento.

ingredient - mayo, lemon juice, pasta tomato paste. I add some lemon juice and mayo into the tuna and mix it well. Kids don't like onion, if no i will add some into the tuna, it will taste nicer.

spread the bread ( i cut away the bread crust) with the pasta tomatoes paste

spread the tuna and add on some cheese on top.

put in oven for 10-15 mins. Tada!! My version of mini bread pizza.
I know it look plain, i should add some green on it, but kids just don't like green. :(

I cut the mini pizza half and put into the bento box as my boys's snack bento.

Cruz's bento - Vitagen, pizza, "wan wan biscuit" and some gummies. :)

Fearles's bento - Yakult, mini pizza, "wan wan biscuit" & some gummies..

I give some mini pizza to the kids at home, all of them love it! :)


mNhL said...

hmm...looked nice. Next time maybe I should try this.

I love the wang wang biscuits.... very nice.

suituapui said...

LOL!!! Somebody else made the other day - mommyling or who, can't remember now. Good! Good! Glad your kids loved it!

smallkucing said...

LOL...STP's recipe is getting to be very famous...first cleff did it then Ling and now you. Who's next? :D

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Kekeke!! Since everyone is doing, I also wanna copy cat and do. Maybe tomorrow's lunch la :P

Emm... 1 thing tho, Annie. Don't feel offended. I love the Wang Wang rice crackers too but my mum told me it is reported somewhere that they are 'poisonous' I forgot which daily reported it just few days back.

Annie Q said...

mNhL: ya ya, this one is super easy. :) Wang wang biscuit, i love it too, but i read LilHyppo mummy's comment and my mum just told me said wang wang rice crackers are posonous, harm our health. I better all throw away. :(

STP: YES, i saw it in mommy ling blog, she also do this simple pizza. hahahahhahahhaha

smallkucing: You will be next?

Agnes: Very easy, sure no problem to you, you are so good in baking.
No no, don't worry Agnes, if you want to comment anything just comment, i wouldn't feel offended, at least i know wher is my mistake and something that i don't know. Thanks for sharing about the wang wang rice crackers. My mum also just called me and told me about this. She said, it is few days in the newspaper saying this wang wang rice crackers are poisonous, not good for health. Well, i think i will throw all mine away. :(:(

cleffairy said...

@STP: LOL... Cikgu... it's Mommyling and me. LOL... thanks to your blog la... saw liao become kebuluran for this stuff. LOL.

@Annie: smalkucing won't make this. She dun like to eat cheese. LOL. And sobsob... when I made these and put in my blog, she told me I fell sick cuz I ate weird food. SOBs.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Hi Annie, I've been visiting your blog quite often, and decided to say hi today.

Your bread pizza looks so yummy and easy to prepare! And the kids' bento boxes... so inviting for kids :)

reanaclaire said...

hahaha.. i think stp menu has spread all over to KL and maybe IPoh.. i was thinking of doing it for my girl one day.. havent buy the cheeze yet la..

Health Freak Mommy said...

Good idea! I must try this for my girls' lunch! So easy and tasty!

L'abeille said...

Must make for myself this weekend for breakfast hehe! yum yum!

coffeesncookies said...

I also read another report saying the Wang Wang Crackers are safe wor.. Silly me, thought they were local made but I looked carefully today and they are made in china but repackaged her. I've been giving Amber Wang Wang's to school everyday.

coffeesncookies said...

I found the article. read this here :
apparently want want is ok wor..

Jen Cheung said...

you are such a thoughtful mother!! Loook at the colorful bento lah! The kids obviously love them leh :)


jacss said...

yeah..doing pizza with bread is so easy & the ingredients can be easily modified depending on individual preference :D