Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ring Ring...Guess who??

These had been happen quite often lately...ring ring...guess who??

Two weeks ago, i was out for a girl's night out with my good friend cum ex colleague to celebrate Vivian's birthday. We are having dinner, enjoy ourself with the food and yakking, laughing. My phone rang, and i saw the name "father in law", ooopppss..father in law called me? Must be asking me where am i and what time i go home?

Pick up the call........

me: hello

caller: hello mummy!!! Where are you? What time you come home???

me: * Shock* why you use "yeh yeh" phone to call mummy? Where is daddy?

caller: daddy in the room play computer, i come to yeh yeh room to call you.

me: ok ok, mummy will be back soon.

Last week, while i was at work, suddenly receive called from father in law again, Fearles was not well that day, having same virus as Cruz, but he was mild type, give him medicine and let him rest at home. I thought father in law want to tell me something about Fearles...when i pick up the call......again.......

me: hello...

caller: hello mummy, where are you?


me: mummy at work la, why you call mummy?

caller: because i want to see mummy.

me: why you ask "yeh yeh" to call mummy again? Where is daddy?

caller: daddy not come back yet, still working.

me: ok , you "mun mun" already? * ask him whether he had his lunch already*

caller: yes, now i play in "yeh yeh" room.

me: ok, better go back and have your nap.

caller: ok, bye.

Today, i am smarter! When i saw father in law called....i pick up and said

me: hello

caller: mummy!!

me: i know it's you, why you ask "yeh yeh" call mummy again?

caller: *giggle* i ask "yeh yeh" to call you, i want to talk to you.

Now i should change my caller list from father in law to Cruz Lee!!!!!


smallkucing said...

or put is as FIL/Cruz

mNhL said...

get him a handphone. hahaha

suituapui said...

Your boys miss you mah! So nice, they are so attached to you... Next time, got girlfriend already, dunno will still remember mummy or not. Hahahahaha!!!!

coffeesncookies said...

i'm laughing at yr FIL. It's him, the partner in crime who helped Cruz makes the calls. I guess he just wanna see his grandson fooling around with you and that's sweet moments to him. He sayang you n your boys la, Annie.

Inspired Momx1 said...

Enjoy the phone call while you can. Ten years down the road, your boys will be busy calling their girlfriends liao..:P

mommy to chumsy said...

hahhahahahhahaha....Cruz is so funny. Always up to lots of tricks. At first I thought it was Fearles who called you because he always manja you :D

CH Voon said...

hahhaa so funny punya father in law.

javapot said...

your boys miss you lah! cute.

Jesslyn said...

one day he will dial yr no himself, no need yeh yeh to help! :P

Beii said...

haha,manja boy ar cruz!

L'abeille said...

He misses you so much eh? :D

cleffairy said...

Hahahhahahaha... put FIL/Cruz for the caller ID. Hahahahaha... I think the boy miss you la, that's why ask Yeh Yeh call you and let him talk to you.

BoeyJoey said...

So nice to hear from your loved one during office hour... must have made you smile leh? hee hee hee

Mommy Ling said...

Ahhahah....your boy so cute ler. Aijor if u change ur FIL caller ID to Cruz, next time if ur FIL really call you, make sure you dont say I know it's you.....ahhahah

prince n princess mum said...

Calling mummy a lot wor.. hehehhe!

Annie Q said...

smallkucing: hahahah

mNhL: he is too young for a handphone!

STP: i think he just want to disturb me instead of "missing" me. LOL! Ya hor, next time got girlfriend, no more mummy! :(

coffeesncookies: Yes, agree, father in law is a partner in crime. Yesterday i can hear him laughing at the side. :(

Inspired Momx1: hahahhahahah, you are so funny!!

mommy to chumsy: Yes, he is full of tricks in his mind! Everyday there will be something new.

CH Voon: my father in law funny meh? No la, he is my boy's partner in crime. LOL

javapot: don't think he miss me la, he just like to "disturb" me, this is his new fond of "game".

Jesslyn: that's why i have not teach him how to call, if no, i think he will use the house phone and keep calling me!!

Beii: not manja but cheeky.

L'abeille: not miss me, but like to "disturb" me. Like i said, this is his new fond of "game".

cleffairy: he is more cheeky than missing me.

BoeyJoey: once in a while, still ok la, lately like too often lei. hahahhaha

Mommy Ling: HAHAHHAHAHAH, i am having the same thought as you. What if one day if really father in law called me and i answer " Cruz, why you call me again!!" ahhahahah

prince n princess mum: he still find it fun and interesting, after sometime i think he will get bored already, no more fun. :)

coffeesncookies said...

so, your FIL is also another playful fella ya ? or I think you n your boyz are his favourites ??

laundryamah said...

wah hope the yeh yeh doesn't mind the phonecalls hor..hahaha

jacss said...

haha...u r getting onto my boat. well, i will received such call PUNCTUALLY every working days sharp ard 6-6:30pm
= mami, i want u faster come back
= where r u
= i want go park
that was either my mom/dad phone & luckily they never complaint abt d bill...yet, lol
so be prepare for more, haha

Mamapumpkin said...

But his voice always sounds so cute over the phone, right???

Irene said...

hahahahha so cute!