Friday, September 24, 2010

Garden @ The Curve

It was Raya eve, i am working alone in the office and everyone already start their Raya holidays. Rushing work for the whole day and didn't go for my lunch, i save my tummy for the night time dinner with my girlfriends.

We went to this Garden Cafe at The Curve to celebrate one of my girlfriend's birthday. They got another branch at One Utama, we always pass by that place, but never go in and eat before. This is my first time at this Garden Cafe. The set up and concept is "garden" theme, with all white colour in the cafe, it give you a relax and very comfortable feeling.

does it look like a garden?

They serve their drinks in this unique "jar".
Passion fruits with soda and apple with soda...

this is the appetizer and soup that we order..
*picture taken from Catherine's camera*

fried calamari, tom yam soup, apple with soda, mash potatoes, wild mushroom soup and fried chicken wings.

here come our main course.....
*pic taken from Catherine's camera*

~ fried mee mamak (me and another guy sharing this plate of noodles, remember i said i am very hungry? LOL)

~Rib eyes, grill chicken, cod fish and spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Foods are good, i love the mee mamak, and my rib eyes steak also nicely done, not too dry, it's juicy. :)

After we stuff our tummy full, it come to "cake cutting" session, we didn't get Catherine a cake, i get some cute mini cupcakes from the restaurant inside my office building.

The cupcakes look cute? It taste good too!

i caught the birthday girl in action!!!

Before blowing the candles, we camwhore a lot and laugh a lot, and was the most noisy table in the restaurant!!!

group picture with the birthday girl...
*picture taken from Catherine's camera*

Are we look funny???? LOL!

This spec, Catherine bought it for the son's birthday two weeks later, but before the son use it, we big kids, all wear it and act silly to the camera! LOL!! We sure have so much fun and so much laughter!

Last but not least, a coffee latte before we called it a night. Cheers!!!! Oh ya, coffee only for three of us, not the other two, they can't take coffee at night. :)

I enjoy the food, the laugh, and the company, it did help to unwind some stress. :)


~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Avery great night out! I miss girls' night out so much :D

suituapui said...

So beautiful the place - would be nice for weddings, that kind of setting. Food looks good too. Wish you had not reduced them, so small...doesn't make me drool. LOL!!!

smallkucing said...

this place is great ...but i have yet to go...paiseh betul. big kids ah so funny lar

reanaclaire said...

wow...looks like everyone having fun there..

Annie Q said...

Agnes: I waited for almost 4 years plus only can have some girls' night out. :) Don't worry, you will have your turn very soon too. :)

STP: hahahahha, i reduce the picture, because i don't want to get blame for making them drooling. LOL! Goot that it didn't make you drool. :P

smallkucing: place and food are
good, but service a bit out. :(
hahhahaha, getting old, so sometime must pose some "silly face" to show that we still look young. LOL

reanaclaire: yes, all of us had so much fun. :)

Merryn said...

If only those plants are real wud be perfect! But all plastic :( But what is worth is you had fun there with great company :)

mNhL said...

So nice to have such mini party. The food sure look good.

jazzmint said...

wow Vivian cut her hair so short!!

Mommy Ling said...

Have not been here before cos i have no idea how the foods like. Now i know...hehehe..will give a try one day.