Sunday, September 12, 2010

Historic Town - Day 2

Second day, we woke up around 8.30am, my two boys wanted to go for a swim. Younger brother in law's two boys also want to swim, four of them are in the pool. When we are there, no one was there, they are having all the pool by themselves.

this is the hotel where we stay...

the very unique hotel sure won't miss this.

daddy as the "swimming coach" to teach Fearles and Cruz swimming.

After spent one hour at the pool, we have to "pull" the boys out from the pool, all of us are hungry. We had a quick shower, pack our bag and we check out the hotel, then start our "eating and shopping" trip again.

one picture for the album before we check out from the hotel.

When we just came out from the hotel, the sky was getting gloomy , heavy rain coming soon!!! Brother in law they left without us, they are here few months ago, remotely they still remember the place, they told us, to go for chicken rice ball for brunch, will meet us there. It start rain heavily when we still looking for the place using the GPS, it show us two different restaurant that serve chicken rice balls!! One is that Barb had, nearby the hotel where she stay, another one is on the Jonker Street itself. I told hub, i remember i had many years ago that chicken rice ball, was in a old coffee shop at the corner, near the bridge, but i really cannot remember the way. After few turn and the bad traffic in town, hub got really mad! hahahhahhahahah

Finally we found the original shop that famous for chicken rice ball, if you look at the queue you will faint. Heavy rain, they just hold the umbrella and queue on the road side, in front of the coffee shop not enough, there was another queue on the opposite road!!!! The coffee shop will close the grill, once they see too many people are outside, my sister in law told me, when they reach there, there was no table for a big group of us, they had to stand outside with umbrella and carry her baby!!! Actually the chicken rice balls taste so so only, nothing to shout about, i remember many years ago when i had that, the taste was a lot better than now. Brother in law said, want to let the kids try, they never try before, at least they know what is chicken rice balls. :)

this is the famous and original chicken rice balls coffee shop - Chung Wah!!

When we arrive there all the them actually finish eating already, so we just order one plate for me and hub and one plate for my boys. My boys told me, the rice not nice. :(

chicken rice balls, looks like fish balls?

Side track a bit, i remember while i worked in hotel many many years ago, one of my manager told me, he went to Melaka and to have this chicken rice balls. He didn't know they serve the rice in a ball shape. He told the boss, the want chicken rice, when the boss serve him this plate of rice balls, he told the boss " boss, i order chicken rice, i did not order fish balls!!" LOL!! I had a good laugh at his joke, till now when i see the chicken rice ball i will think of this joke.

kids on another table..

the chicken, so so only, i think some of the KL chicken rice shop serve better steam chicken.

inside the coffee shop.

After our brunch, we all hop over to " San Shu Gong" to buy some biscuit and tidbits. It just opposite the Chung Wah coffee shop. It still raining cats and dogs, so we spent some time in there to look see look see and enjoy the famous ice coffee.

While i am happily "shopping" at San Shu Gong, i receive call from Barb, asking me am i at San Shu Gong, i thought she got "bionic" eye sight can see what i am doing. She told me she was standing in front of San Shu Gong, and saw my hub there. They are "hiding" from the rain. After i done my shopping, we sit down and enjoy the coffee.

this is the famous and a must have ice white coffee at San Shu Gong, very very nice!!!

me and Barb

The pretty Ashley gaga...

After finish our coffee and finish chatting, and the rain getting smaller, so we walk to opposite side to have cendol!! Had read about Jonker 88 famous cendol and the assam laksa and the queue, but we went to this one, it taste very good. A very very small shop, seating like bar counter, very unique..Barb join us, and the kids and hub and brother in laws. Suddenly i only realize, where is all the ladies in the group, except me are with the kids. All the ladies they went to the shop nearby and shop, while we are having cendol.

this is the shop, cross the road opposite Sam Shu Gong..

the boss sure is coke fans and collector, look at the shop fill with lots of coke collection.

preparing our cendols....

this gula melaka, it taste really good!! Very different from the one in KL. It don't taste sweet, but got the nice fragrant.

my bowl of cendol, sharing with my boys, they don't really like and end up i have to finish it with hub, i still full from my ice coffee.

After bid good bye to Barb, she not join us for the "tour", then we proceed with our "no plan tour". I faster go and join my sister in laws for the shopping!! While men all taking care the kids! hahahahhahhahahhahahhahaha

Hubs walk around and took some pictures....

this is one of the chicken rice balls shop, we are stopping this place and we thought this is the shop that my brother in law was said.

see who is here before?? hahahhahahhahha

we missed this this time. I want to let my boys try on the trishaw, but it rain the whole day till we leave! :(

this is where i do my shopping and men are outside the shop and take care the kids. LOL!!

After i had done my shopping, i didn't follow them go to another shop, because it already burn a big hole on my pocket, on just this shop alone. :P

All of us went back to San Shu Gong to wait for the ladies to finish their shopping. Later on we only know that, they went to Jonker Cendol 88 to pack back the cendol, thought want to sit down for a bowl of assam laksa, but the long queue put them off.

this is the Cendol from Jonker 88 or Cendol in law said, still the one we had earlier taste a lot better.

you know what is this? Durian puff!!! Omg!! Me, hub, hub sister's hub we stand so so far away because of the strong smell!!!!

here...we had a group picture, except hub in the picture, he is the photographer!! Look at the huge group and with lots of kids. You can imagine the noise!!

By the time we leave San Shu Gong is about 1pm+ nearly 2pm. We didn't go to the historical tourist place to visit, due to the rain. End up, we go and had some beef noodles then back to KL.

this is the Tangkak beef noodles. Everytime when we go Melaka, we will go to this shop. Last time i remember is in a old coffee shop, i heard from my brother in law, they had move to the new place.

my hub's bowl with mix...

mine just meat and share with the boys...taste ok. Very clear soup, hubs said he still prefer the beef noodles in KL one. hahahhahahhaha

go to Melaka how to miss out not to buy gula Melaka? According to my second brother in law, the ugly looking one taste a lot better than the one with nice looking. Nice looking gula melaka is made from factory, and the ugly looking one still using very traditional way and done by Malay? He bought from one of the Malay stall at the road side opposite Mahkota Parade. He bought for my mum once, my mum said, boil vinegar pork leg with this, taste so so yummy!!! So now you know, when buy gula Melaka, must buy the ugly looking one like this, taste is really different!!

This is my short Melaka trip, too little time to visit all places, hope my next trip can bring my boys and visit more places and can go places where Barb went, those unique and antic cafe. :)


suituapui said...

Ya...I've heard of the beef noodles and of course, the chicken rice balls. I think it's the same...just that the rice is ball-shaped. Used to have that in Kuching - Green Road... The taste still depends on the cooking of the chicken and the rice. So mush fun, so much to eat - get to meet blogger friend some more. Next time, I want to follow. LOL!!!

Cynthia said...

One word - YUM! sorry two - HUNGRY! everything you posted looks SO YUMMY making me SO HUNGRY, down to the durian puffs! I am SO DEPRIVED! Need a trip back to M'sia me thinks, just to eat!

smallkucing said...

The Fanousa Dragon Rice ball not nice one. Been there before.

Hmm...the htel looks familiar. Look like opposite of the htel have a petrol station, right? Shell/BHP?

Alamak...guess i have to hop over to Barb blog to "get to know her". Then can bodek her bring me jalan jalan next time hahahaha

mommy to chumsy said... i am so craving for that Ice Coffee at Shan Shu Gong :) Oh my, your sister in law and the rest actually queued in the rain for the chicken rice ball? *faint* the rain was so heavy that time. did you have to queue or go straight in?

eh...I just noticed that the shop you went in to has a sign there - No Photo No Food No Drink but Cougar still managed to snap a photo? hahahahhahahhahaha

reanaclaire said...

wow..such a big group!!! so yit lau.. really had a nice breakaway, huh.. good food, godo company...

~LiLHypPo's mUMmy~ said...

Now you make me wanna go Malacca!

And you two ladies look so radiant!! *envy envy*

javapot said...

its been a while since i've been there. wished i had a bowl of cendol with good gula melaka!! looks like lots of fun :)

LittleLamb said...

you bought many pieces of clothes from the boutique or the boutique clothes very expensive?

jacss said...

i agree that the rice ball isn't tasty at fact i find the sticky texture a bit 'jelak' :(
i rather eat nyonya food than d chicken rice ball & those ppl actually queued in the rain, my god!! but the cendol, we wont miss it too :D
what a fun family outing :D

prince n princess mum said...

Nice trip with nice food!~

Jen Cheung said...

woahhhhhh! looks like a fun getaway! I want I want!!! I'm in need of another one.

mNhL said...

That is really a very big group of people!

I find the cendol @ Jonker st very very sweet.

I love the chicken rice ball. The sauce for the chicken have some kind of unique taste. But if need to queue with an umbrella, I rather not eat. hehe

chanelwong said...

been to melaka but yet to go to makan-makan trip...

seeing the photos .... made my saliva drool...

Mommy Ling said...

I went to the clothes shop before but i found de quality is not good. I wore once n wash it the button came off...sigh..i dont think will go back there eventhough i can see lot of varities there

Shireen Loh said...

hi annie. was in melaka a few months back and couldn't find chung wah so went into another shop and the chicken rice tasted funny. i thought chung wah renovated their place but only to realize that we were in the wrong shop!! aarrgghh...