Monday, September 06, 2010

Hutong @ Lot 10

I had heard so much about the food at Hutong, but never been there. I don't even remember when was my last trip to Lot 10, it must be many moons ago. Last weekend, since it is a long weekend, many people are away from town, we decide to go to Lot 10 to have our dinner. Traffic was ok, we park the car at Sungai Wang and walk over to Lot 10.

That area had change so much, i remember during my college time, this is my hang out place after my class, yes it is that long.

Hutong is a lot different from other food court, when we walk in, we nearly get lost in there, quite a "confusing" place. Not like other food court, one glance you know what stall is selling what.

While hub go and order the food, me and the boys do nothing but camwhoring. LOL!

my boys's Bak Ku Teh - dried version, quite tasty, my boys finish it all. Meat are tender and soft.
This single portion cost about RM15++!!

this is the stall that sell BKT..."mou sang" something?

Kajang satay, my boys told hub, they want satay, when we pass by the stall. You know this plate of satay cost how much? 3 stick satay = RM10 and hub order 9 sticks, this plate of satay - RM30+!!! The most expensive satay that we had!! But no regret, the size of the satay, it's so much meat, and big stick, I think three sticks you will full already. Meat are juicy, not dry and taste good too.

char siew, roast pork and roast duck + wan tan noodles. I don't know how much it cost. Fearles love duck a lot, he had quite a few of it.

star duck....

hub's plate of wan tan noodles to go with the char siew, roast pork and duck.

this is what i had. Pork terriyaki burger, so yummylicious!!!!! It come with a free green tea, this pork burger, RM8+

Hong Thye famous for their Singapore fried hokkien mee, we didn't had that, we see quite a long queue at the stall.

after the dinner, me and the boys share this bowl of ice kacang!!!

we sit near this stall, but not order any food from there. Everything they serve is in a mini wok, very cute.

After dinner, we walk around and camwhoring. hahhahahhahahahhahahhaha

the boys!

me and the boys.

see the two small boys, when ask them to pose for the camera, this is what they will do.

look at the small "samseng" bully the elder brother. :(

Check out this place, if you're staying around bukit bintang area, food taste good compare to a lot other food court and a lot old and famous brand you can find it here too, like my previous post on Soong Kee beef noodles, you can find it at Hutong too! But one thing is, the price are quite steep. :)


smallkucing said...

yikes...the food quite pricey

coffeesncookies said...

you look great and slim !
@ Hutong, I think the price you paid for all the dishes is more pricey than a lunch at a chinese restaurant
I like Hutong's food but i hate the place. Feels like going round and round in a maze, if you ask me now how to get to the hokkien mee stall, I'd say follow the smoke n smell, I can't give instructions.. the place is so freaking complicated !

suituapui said...

The food looks really good! Oooo...the pork for the bakkutteh looks like to die for! Yum! If I stay at Bukit Bintang in KL, I can go there easily. Which floor? I used to go to the food court in the basement... The food there not bad to Isetan supermarket.

BebeMom said...

Wor...looks like the burger very yummy. I hardly go KL, dont think will have the chance eating out there

prince n princess mum said...

So many food!

mommy to chumsy said...

hey, i still haven't been to this place though i've mentioned many times that i want to go and try out the food :D the pork burger is yummy! maybe i'll go this weekend :D it's so funny that the boys like to pose like they are fighting and the girls will be smiling coyly when we ask them to pose for the camera :D

mNhL said...

We been there last month. Food are nice but very expensive ya. haha... for the sake of trying something famous....still ok to do it once a while.

jacss said...

hey i heard abt this non-halal food court a lot too but also haven't got a chance to visit until now...just kenot cope lar, sigh :(
wuah...u hanged out at Lot10 during college time ahh, me hanged out at kota raya aje ler, lol

laundryamah said...

walao beh tahan leow...heard so much about it & i have yet to visit...must go tomorro!

Christina Ling said...

wao! all those food look very very yummy ooo... hm... better plan to trip to KL again to try out all those food! *muahahaha...

The last picture is super cute! hahaha...

Inspired Momx1 said...

My bro in-law packed some beef ball noodles for us @ Hutong last Saturday when he was there and the taste was good though I still prefer the original shop. :P

cleffairy said...

Alamak.... I'll come back after breakfast.... else will faint cuz of cravings. LOL.

ps: Your boys looks more and more handsome...and becoming more cheeky too. :D