Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween !!

Last night, my boys attended their first Halloween party. It is organize by Da Vinci . One of my boys's friend from the music class is Da Vinci student, his mother ask me whether want to let my boys to join the party or not. Without hesitate, i told her i would love to let my boys experience it.

Two weeks ago, i found this costume for my boys.

Fearles the skeleton...

Cruz the Bat!!

the two brothers - Skeleton and the Bat!

posing with mummy before going to the party.

they said they want to ride their bikes to go to the party, they don't want daddy and mummy to sent them.

Fearles - the ghost rider? hahahhahahha

Cruz and his batman bike? hahahha

We reach there around 7pm+, the party start at 6.30pm. Initially, we are thinking leaving the kids at the center, let them have some food at the party and after that they will have games, then last they will go for the trick O treats. Me and hub plan after drop the boys at the center, we go for a quick dinner nearby then join them for the trick O treats, but once Fearles heard we are dropping them there and will leave for dinner, he start crying, holding my legs and told me he want to follow me. Even when i ask him, does he want to join the party or he want to go home, he told me he want to go home. :( :( :(. Cruz on the other hand, he just enjoy himself so much, he help himself with the food, and told me after light snack he want to join the game. We got no chance to sneak out, as Fearles just "keep an eye" on us. We stay for their game and trick O treats till the party finish only had our late late dinner at 10pm!!!

my crying baby Fearles....*sigh*

looks at all the kids.....

playing limbo rock..

listen to music and dance, and while the music stop, everyone have to stop.

Cruz is dancing happily

This is the last part which every kids can't wait for it, trick O treats. The thoughtful Margaret from the center, prepare each kids a very nice design goodies bags. Now ready to go for the trick O treats.

with Joshua, their friend from the music class.

look at the huge troupe ! We went to some of the kids house and those parent would like to participate, floor by floor to do the trick O treats.

We and some parents follow the kids and guide the kids to the house to collect the goodies. First house, my boys didn't get anything, too many kids and it's like so havoc and my boys don't know what to do and Cruz cried because he did not get any sweets!!! OMG!!!

So i took over the camera, let hub to help them for the goodies. ahhahahhahhahahhaha

look at the big boy, helping his two boys to get the goodies!

look at this sporting daddy, he put up a blue shopping bag and cut two hole in front and it just look like batman!!

i HEART this picture, can you see the tidbits and sweets are 'flying"? hahahhahaha,
I cannot look at the lens i just hold it up high and snap this, and "accidently" i got a nice one. LOL!

After visiting like 6 or 7 houses, we back to the centre, everyone are sweating and tired and happy with their loots. My boys had their second round helping. Cruz ate another 7 mini sausages, fried chicken and some drink, and now you can see some smile on Fearles's face already. When i ask him, does he want to go home? He said no, then i ask him, why he cried just now? He told me " I just blaff you, i no cried" *droll eyes*

look at their treats!!!

We all have a fun time, including me and hub. This is our first and this is a very good experience for us too. :)


mom2ashleyaidan said...

wow! this looks like fun!
And i think they really look cool on the bike!!!
and so many treats!

CH Voon said...

so happening party! every children look very happy.

why you not wear any monster ticket as well?

L'abeille said...

WOW.... looks like everybody had so much fun....

Nowonder fearless don't want to be left alone at the party lah, the kids dressed up like real monsters and witches there at the party..hehehe

Annie Q said...

mom2ashleyaidan: it is fun. Cool on the bike? LOL! Hubs help them to grab more treats. If no i think they will be back with empty bag.

CH Voon: yes, all the kids just enjoy themselves. Kids love party too. hahahhaha. Aiya, i don't need to dress up already got the "monster look" LOL!!!!!

L'abeille: Kids just love party and enjoy themselves.
hahahahhaha, all the kids make up look quite "scary" hor, like so real. Hmmmm..maybe this is one of the reason too.

cleffairy said...

Annie ah... every year Holloween is a an extreme horror for me... yunno why? LOL... many years ago... on Holloween nite, I gave birth to my son. hahahahaha... really bloody punya. Good grief... I still can't forget my Holloween 5 years ago... cilaka... that stupid doctor oso screwed up my episiotomy...damn pain la the bloody stitches, more pain that give birth! !@#!@#!!!

So from that year onwards... every Holloween, after celebrate my son's bday... I will go on my mad fairy mode and tell my hubby how unsatisfied I was and can go on and on #!#@!#! for hours abbout my labour. Every year same... will got the history session on Holloween. LOL...

ps: I like the Ghost rider picture. My fav. Today my boy turn 5... so we're going out to spread some horror. LOL! Well, I know I'll be spreading my labour horror again like many years ago! LOL. ( I still tarak syok wif the doctor... how come the stitches can be more pain that giving birth geh? GRRR)

Pete said...

No costume for mummy?

[SK] said...

hahaha, very nice and cute costumes.. i'm sure you must have had lots of fun in the halloween party.. :)

Shenny's mommy said... this is how kids celebrate Halloween..yeah indeed very interesting experience.

coffeesncookies said...

Happy Halloweens.. and...ahem.. ahem... you look great w your new hairstyle.
Do I get a treat for being the first to complement your new hair style :D

Ann said... NICE !!! Did they get to eat any of the goodies?

IMMomsDaughter said...

Your boys must have had a lot of fun. I never heard of trick or treating here before but it's a great start. Love their goody bags.

Alice Law said...

So much fun to trick or treat , I missed that during my childhood!:)

Anyway, Happy Halloween and have a great week ahead!

Inspired Momx1 said...

I trust the boys sure had a blast at the Halloween party. I can see they brought home lots of treats too. :)

smallkucing said...

fun. Wah the parents also so "sporting" hahahaha

I like the skeleton custome better

javapot said...

mummy didn't dress up??? glad your boys had fun.

Annie Q said...

Cleff: Oh, your boy born on Halloween day! Happy Birthday to Adrian, hope you all have a good celebration last night. :) I think after five years and every year the same "horror" story, your hub already get use to it? hahahah..who knows one year if you miss and didn't tell him the "horror" story, he will feel uneasy? LOL!!!

Pete: mummy already got the "monster" look, so no need costume. :)

SK: i think my boys are the one that enjoy more than us. :) But it is a good experience for us.

Shenny's mommy: Yeah, i think this is how everyone celebrate their halloween too? Will go house to house and do trick or treats?

coffeesncookies: hahahhaha *piak piak* Not much different la.

Ann: Yes, they get to eat the goodies, but i limit to them 3 per day. Now the bags is hanging in the room. ahhahah

IMM: Oh, never heard of trick or treats? I thought this is what they do during halloween?

Alice Law: Thanks!! You have a great week ahead too. This week only work 4 days, then we can have a long weekend.

Inspired Momx1: Yes, they had so much fun during the trick or treats. They have to said thanks to their daddy for helping them "grabbing" more treats! LOL

smallkucing: ya, the parents are sporting and funny!!

javapot: mummy got the natural "monster face" already, so no need to dress up. LOL!!

jacss said...

hey what a cool costumes & it sure looks like a blast there!!
alamak...fearles ooh fearles... on the oth hand little cruz so gaya dancing there, haha

yvonne said...

The kids (and adults) are really having a fun time extracting candies from house to house. Too bad we don't organize such event here :( Otherwise, my girl would be very happy to fill those treats into her goodies bag.

jazzmint said...

wow..really alot of kids!!

anney said...

Very cute costumes! I'm sure they had a blast on their first halloween party!

mommy to chumsy said...

wow, this is so much fun. i like the bat costume :) so you didn't get to go kai kai that night huh? did you and Mr. Lee end up eating the sweets for dinner? kakakakakakakkk. Eh..those houses that the kids went to for trick-o-treat, they were prepared with lots of sweets for them?

suituapui said...

So nice, such nice outfits too. Wah!!! That big bouncer followed the two, sure everyone scared...and would give a lot of candy! Muahahahahaha!!!!!

Ya...don't complain and say he's a cry baby. Now he wants to stick with you - later grown up, has girlfriend...he will want you to stay far far away lor... Kacau2 only! LOL!!!

prince n princess mum said...

Nice party!~ I bring my kids to another Halloween party, too!

Your kids on bike is very yao yeng!

chanelwong said...

both look sooo nice n cool ...

ChloeRuoyi said...

The boys' costumes are very cool... very suitable for Halloween theme. Suddenly Malaysia so "heng" celebrate Halloween. Last time we only saw it on tv. Nice experience for everyone.

Shireen Loh said...

love the boys' costumes. I'm glad everyone had a fun time. How long have u sent your kids to DaVinci? How are the teachers with kids? ok ok..think i should stop asking u so many things..hehe.

Irene said...

yeah le, so terer lah this wan! looks like msia is slowly catching up on this "angmoh" celebration huh... check out the sweet treats wahlaoeh!

Mummy to QiQi said...

organised by the condo management or their play school? seems so fun ler and many blogs are posting about their child's Halloween celebration out there!

2ma said...

So fun!!!! I miss such Halloween parties. We attended a few times when Shan Leo was younger. It was really fun!

slavemom said...

A really good experience n every1 had fun. Fuiyoh... look at the amt of sweets n junk food they got.

mNhL said...

Love their costumes! You and hubby are so sporting. A great experience though.

Mummy Moon said...

So much fun the kids have got there! I like their Halloween Costumes!