Monday, October 25, 2010

Nirwana Maju Banana Leaf Rice @ Bangsar

On days that kitchen closed for weekend, we will go out for our dinner.

Last week, hub said go for one nice banana leaf restaurant for dinner, this restaurant had been there for long time already, everytime when we passed by we never think of go in and eat. I had read a lot good review about this restaurant, and it always pack with people! Sometime you have to wait for the table, maybe this is one of the reason we didn't try till last week.

Hub's white rice with some vegetables, this is is in the set.

my bryani rice with chicken and three types of vegetables.
They will give you some curry or dhal to put on your rice, but i opt that out.

some side dishes we order...fried chicken, papadum ..

dried curry mutton, very nice.

another type fried chicken for the boys, non spicy.


my boys would like to have roti canai. They serve roti canai on the banana leaf. hahahha
my boys ask where is the plate? No plate? So i ask them to eat the roti canai with their hand.
Food is good, service is good and the restaurant is clean but only one thing, it's a bit stuffy.


smallkucing said...

stuffy ah.....really tempted to go la

Do they have the fried /dried bittergourd and cili?

prince n princess mum said...

Looks super yummy!

LittleLamb said...

oh i knwo this place. SUPER PACK one... and parking difficult too :(( BUt i like..

reanaclaire said...

feel like eating roti telur after seeing your roti canai

jacss said...

wei banyak makan-makan ahh... good life !! i'm sure the guilt kills, hahaha

yvonne said...

Now you make me drool over your banana leaf rice. I like going to the one in SS4... can't recall the restaurant name, as I've not been there since I'd returned to my hometown. Not sure whether it's still standing there, keke.

Alice Law said...

Ohhhh... the Biryani rice looks very appetizing, must be very delicious and fragrant! Thanks for sharing, must go for a try!;)

have a nice day!

mNhL said...

Love banana leaf rice! Best to eat with hand. The squid look so good.

suituapui said...

I like banana leaf...but at most places, the food is cold. Your bryani looks good though...and I love the chutneys.

Shenny's mommy said...

Oh ya, my ex-colleagues gave me birthday treat few years ago. The food is great and I am especially like their freshly cook briyani rice.

cleffairy said...

@Annie... the nasi briyani looks like to die for. OMG.... this one is in Bangsar? Oooo...I never heard about this one before. how is the pricing? How do they charge? The rice can add anyhow we like ah?

@Kat*evil cackle* LETSGO!!! The Kanna tarak briyani like this rite? Or Kanna oso have? I like briyani alot! OMG, *DROOL*

Shireen Loh said...

drooling big time!!

[SK] said...

hmmm, unless i really crave for banana leaf rice, i avoid having it, because they would charge without a standard.. sometimes they could be rather expensive especially when the boss's mood is not good~~

Ann said...

Nirwana is my colleague and mine all time favourite bfast place!

mom2ashleyaidan said...

mmm looks yummy!

HalfCrazy said...

Hey there!

Wow, I just had a Seafoood Dinner and now, I think I want to eat seafoods and a kilo of rice on a banana leaf! A couple of times a year, we have this family reunions and we eat seafood on banana leaves. It has always been a fun tradition.

Annie Q said...

smallkucing: yes, they do have. Plan one day we go together ok? hehehhe

prince n princess mum: yes, it is yummy.

LittleLamb: yes, parking is a big problem, we park the car at Bangsar Village and walk over. Unless you're super lucky then can get a parking outside.

reanaclaire: hahahahha..roti telur, i prefer roti pisang. Yum!!

jacss: ya, tell me about it. :(:(:(

Yvonne: SS4? Hmmmm...i am PJ blind. I think if i am not wrong, there is one quite famous at PJ, called Kayu something?

Alice Law: i like briyani rice, some more put it on a banana leaf, it make it more appetizing. Yummm.

mNhL: ya ya must eat with hand!! hahahhahahah, can add extra uummmpphh!!

STP: i think in KL you can find some nice briyani rice. Nearby my place got one restaurant serve nice briyani rice too. If you are in KL next time i know where to bring you.

Shenny's mommy: Ya, i think this restaurant quite famous, everyone seems to know this restaurant. I love briyani rice, but hard to find a good one.

Cleff: not sure about the price, we went together with brother in laws and family so he settle for the bill. Yes, i think you can refill the rice as much as you can, but they give big portion of the rice til my hub also didn't ask for refill.

Shireen Loh: hahahhaha..

SK: Ya, i think banana leaf and briyani rice are quite pricey compare to normal malay rice. Once in a while ok la, cannot have it too often. :)

Ann: Oh..breakfast, i saw their menu they serve quite a lot variety food.

mom2ashleyaidan: yes, it is yummylicious.

HalfCrazy: Thanks for dropping by!!
A kilo of rice on banana leaf? Wow, that is a lot rice!! I think anything on banana leaves will add more "power taste" to the food ya?

anney said...

All the food look yummy!

carol said...

actually i saw you walking in that day, as i was eating at the same place (seated near the entrance)..