Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Aunty Nat

~ Backdated post ~

We went for this place for our late lunch after our zoo trip .

I been there quite sometime while i still worked at the old office. That time i got my lunch kakis. After 2 years plus i didn't stop by there, the food still taste good like before.

We reach at this restaurant around 1.45pm, since it is a public holidays so not much lunch crowds. We easily get a table for 4 adults and 5 kids. We all are so hunger by that time, lucky we don't need to wait long for the food to serve.

Aunty Nat, this is the branch at Sri Hartamas. They got another branch opposite Mid Valley.

very unique interior design.

kids are waiting patiently for their food....

we order fried rice for the kids...

omelet with onion

braised beef..the meat are tender and juicy..

we order two adults fried rice - thai fried rice and belacan fried rice. If you like spicy, these two are good.

sweet and sour meat for the kids. In fact the kids finish this plate and request to add another plate of sweet and sour meat!

kunyit fried chicken? Sorry my memory fail me.
This is really good, yummy!!!

Brinjal with dried shrimp, this is my favourite.

assam sotong, this is my favorite too!! YUMMY!!!!

We all have a good time, filling up our empty stomach and kids had a fabulous time too. I hope Alice do enjoy the lunch, I know mamapumpkin do, because she frequent to this restaurant too!!


Alice Law said...

I used to love sweet sour meat too when I was a kid, now I prefer Brinjal and dried shrimp!^-^

Shenny's mommy said...

Wow..all kids are so well-behaved in the restaurant.

javapot said...

also noticed kids so well-behaved, well done! food looks good too.

yvonne said...

That pot of assam sotong looks yummy~ *drooling now* And the sweet and sour meat, my favourite too! Well, everything you posted here are tempting ^_^

suituapui said...

Some of the dishes look home-cooked. Would be a good place for city people who seldom.never eat at home and miss their mum's cooking... ;)

jacss said...

heard abt this place but never got chance to visit coz too far.... maybe can try the midvalley one next time!! tks for sharing

LittleLamb said...

i can see the tired faces on the kids....

foods yummy!!!

reanaclaire said...

The food was fantastic.. and meeting up with your blogger friends made it even more so...

Angeleyes said...

The food was yummy! Thank you so much for the treat!

Ann said...

It;s been ages since I have been to this place. Glad its still as good.

Small Kucing said...

food looks good especially when with good company

Inspired Momx1 said...

Never been there before but have heard about it. Maybe next time when I am in MV or Sri Hartamas. Thanks for sharing this.

Annie Q said...

Alice: till now i still like sweet and sour meat!! hahahhahaha

Shenny's mummy & javapot: heheheh, because they use up all their energy at the Zoo!!!

yvonne: you come with empty stomach again, that's why all the food look so good? hahahhahah. Yes, the assam sotong is really good and the sweet and sour meat my favorite too!

STP: yes, the food like home cooked food. Nice and tasty, my mum said a lot better than the old china cafe wor.

Jaccs: Can try the one opposite MV, i think opposite San Francisco Steak House. Same building as all the slimming centre. :)

LittleLamb: Not only the kids, adults tired too. LOL

reanaclaire: food good and good company too!

Angeleyes: Glad you like it and enjoy it. Don't know when we can have this kind of gathering again after you leave Malaysia.

Ann: Oh, you love this place too? Yea, their food standard still there.

Small Kucing: yes, agree with you.

Inspired Momx1: Hope you like the food. :)