Thursday, December 23, 2010

A trip to Zoo Negara

~ Another backdated post ~

Exactly two weeks ago, a day just before my mum and nephew fly back to Sibu. It was a public holiday, i asked my boys and my nephew, where do they want to go, bird park or Zoo Negara. I been to the National Zoo twice which was on many many years ago. My boys been there once too, they were with the school excursion two years ago, when they just start to go to this kindy.

I brought them to Bird Park last year together with Elaine and Amber. Since the cousin was here, and he never been to these two places , i decide to bring him to visit the National Zoo.

It was a last minute trip, we only decide on the day before, i was thinking if i can get more kids to join us, it will be more fun. Elaine suppose to join me, but she was not well. Ramblingmoo Alice was in town, i have not see her for long time already, i decide to ask her to join me for the outing. Last minute i manage to "drag" mamapumpkin and her pretty princess to join us too.

We all met in front of the Zoo at 9am+, still early, but we can see some crowd there already.

we start our journey, first stop is to see the giraffe and elephants.

Get all the kids to line up to take picture first...

L-R: Darrius ( Alice little boy), Tessa, my boys and Anson (my nephew)

Everyone looking at the camera, because i "threaten" them, not look at camera, we are going home now! LOL!

i use to have a nick name on this animals during my school day.


two kangaroos and some Emu

Alice bought a map, now look , who took over the map and decide where we head to! Kids are our tour guide!

a lazy and sleepy lion...don't bother to look at us also. :(

after some walk, the kids get restless, they decide to sit down and rest.

We thought of jump on to the tram and take the tour instead of walking. But the staff there told us it's already half way, not worth it, since we need to paid and get on the tram!

Smelly Racoon...

forgot what is this...

this baboon is having a good time sun bathing!

and these orang utan very professional, they like having training before, they can pose for tourist to take their picture. Look at this, he is doing a split!!! hahahhahahhaha

We stay at this area for some resting and looking at the baboon and orang utan doing their stunt, at the same time we had some camwhoring too!

mamapumpkin and Tessa!! Pretty mummy and pretty daughter.

Alice and her two kids, Darrius and Glenn the pretty princess. This is my first time met up with Glenn, she is so adorable! My mum love her to bits, took a lot pictures with her.

finally a picture of and my mum and my two boys.

My boys was impatient, they can't wait to go to see the reptile ie: snake, phython, crocodile and etc. Don't ask me why they like that. When they look at the map, they already point at the map said they want to go there!!!!

on the way, we saw this wild oink oink...we said good to cook with curry, but when we see he has "beard", we said maybe he is a bit too old for curry already! The meat must be as tough as a rock! LOL


two giant turtle.

We spent about 3 hours at the zoo, lucky weather was ok, not too hot. When we done with the walking, we are thinking to take the tram and ride one round to see the whole zoo, but when we see the queue , we give up. Overall, i was quite disappointed with our Zoo, the entrance fees was quite expensive, RM20 for adult and RM6 for kid. Not many animals in the zoo, and all the animals like so lazy, not lively. Alice told me, if got chance, try to visit Taiping Zoo, it is a lot better than our Zoo Negara. I think the one at A Famosa is a lot better than this too!!


Inspired Momx1 said...

I think Melaka Zoo is much more better than Zoo Negara.. We went there on our last Malacca trip. Always wanted to post up the pictures but always forget. Haiz..

Alice Law said...

Such interesting mommies outing and kids gathering! ^-^

happy holiday!

Angeleyes said...

Annie! You are so fast! I am still slowly clearing all my back log!

Btw, thanks for inviting us! The kids had so much fun though there was a lot of whining!! hahahaha

Small Kucing said...

hmmmm...not that good ah? was tempted to go. Coz Hubi want to bring J but the been raining so often so kept postphone lor

Annie Q said...

Inspired Momx1: Yes, i have to agree with you, Melaka Zoo is a lot better than Zoo Negara!! Now you can still post up the pictures, still not too late to post. :)

Alice: Ya, we all have fun! Happy holiday to you too.

Alice: I am not fast!!!! I want to clear all my back log, i want to finish all the backdated post by year end, new year, new post ma. LOL!! Thanks for joining us!! Don't know when we can catch up again.

Small Kucing: me la, not so interesting. Very little animals to see, and most are walk walk walk and more walk. :( I still prefer bird park compare to Zoo. If you never been before, maybe can bring Joshua, i think kids will enjoy it more compare to us adult. hahahhahahhaha

coffeesncookies said...

aahhh.. you cropped patsy's pic..
the babi hutan - so tua la.. i think too tough to go in the pot
the baboon - sexy betul
the orangutan - i like the porpor orangutan alice took better... neh.. the one w sagging cheeks... hehehehehe

UmmiRosma said...

Your mother really looks like you...very beautiful and looks young still...

Mamapumpkin said...

Hello Beautiful, thank you for making me pretty hor, hor?! Merry Christmas! Ho-Ho-Ho! I'm a happy camper!

Elaine - Ssshhhh!!

Ps- u know, my back log post since CNY!! :-O

jacss said...

so the zoo is not really good ehh?? then i can use this excuse to avoid it coz i NO like zoo, haha

2ma said...

You can also check out Melaka Zoo at Ayer Keroh. It is quite good!

Etceteramonmy said...

Alamak.. So you wouldn't recommend the zoo? Feel like bringing my boys there. They bn to SG zoo countless tines but never stepped foot in our homeland's. Mmm... But how did you all kill 3 hours there? Kfc still there?