Friday, January 29, 2010

my weekend no longer interesting...

Last year, when my boys still in pre-kindy, they will have their homework on week day, twice a week. After i finish work, reach home, quickly had my dinner, then i have to coach them with the homework.

This year, they are in their kindy one, first week at school, they already bring back homework to do for the weekend. 8 pages of 3-10, it's still consider ok, as they wrote that in their pre-kindy, maybe this is just revision. Slowly, second week, i can see they also got some chinese homework, then they have to memories four lines of sentences, then some write one alphabet on one page, some kind of revision for them again? Come third week, i can see got some colouring to do, chinese homework, alphabet to write, sentences to memories.

Last week, i cannot believe i just sit there to coach them homework for nearly 2 hours +, do revision on the Bahasa, writting chinese, and i want them to learn recognise the chinese word and not by looking at the picture, and make sure they pronounce it correctly. I nearly choke myself when i point at the "cat" word and they read it as "meow", milk as "nen nen". Some words they pronounce in funny accent, that really make me laugh.

Back to english, memories sentences, so far they are ok, but, last week i got a shock when i see this word, "myrrh". OMG! I thought i see some alien word, but it is the word. I don't know how to read and how to get my boys to read and memories. Quickly i message my friend, Vivian, how to pronounce it. She ask me, do i get the correct word, i said YES! hahahhahah. End up i think of this terror english tuition teacher, Cleffairy, i sent her an sms and ask her how to pronounce, she helped me! So three of us start learn how to pronounce it, and later on i google and found out what is the meaning. :( Now mummy also learn the new words, see how not to stress over the weekend?

see the word i circle, i don't know how to read!! hahahahha

Beside than school homework, i have to guide them with music homework and piano practice. There goes my lovely weekend. That also said why i slow down on my bento making on weekend.

every week have to memories one page of this...

Fearles colouring...neat...

Cruz's colouring, messy.

homework need to do.....

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My Creation - Part 35

Last week i fixed a bento lunch for my boys. Now i'm getting lazy and also busy on weekend, that's said i slow down on the bento fixed. This is a quick and easy one.

Rice in bird shaped, sweet and sour meat and my boys all time favourite anchovies and rose apple. Since soup of the day is corn soup so i "peel" out the corn and put it as deco. :)

Monday, January 25, 2010

on my actual day....

i celebrated my day with my three princes. Just a "very quiet" dinner at Munakata Japanese restaurant in town. Had read so much about this Munakata Japanese restaurant, but i am actually a bit disappoint with the food they serve. A la carte buffet RM77++ (they just increase the price this year) for adults and kids 4-10 years RM45++. For the price we are paying, not much choice given, and the food portion is really small, we have to keep order and order. To make it easier we order one time in big portion, but it easily finish by me and hub, so you can imagine how big is the portion per serving.

Their service a bit slow too, i mean to serve the food, we have to wait quite a while for the food to come, what we had most are sashimi and tempura. Ok, no picture to show. :)

My boys are funny, when i told them we will go out for dinner, they get so excited, they keep saying, "today mummy's birthday! Happy Birthday mummy!!" To them, happy birthday means party, party means will have a lot people and got party packs, got food, got things to play. When they realise mummy's party means only go-out-dinner, they got disappoint. LOL!! While on the way back, they ask me "why mummy birthday no birthday cake??" I ask them "why you no buy for me the cake?" They answer " i got no money!" hahahhahahhaha

I'm happy and glad surronded by a bunch of wonderful friends and blogger friends. This year i receive few very meaningful birthday pressie. One day before my actual birthday this mummy was msn with me, after chatting a while i see no reply from her, i was wondering where she go. Suddenly my handphone ring, she called and told me she is downstair at my office, can i go down a while. She give me a shock and she pass me a pressie. Thanks Elaine!!! She know i love cornflakes cookies, her first attempt to bake cornflakes cookies and pass to me as birthday pressie, so thoughtful and sweet of her.

On my actual day, this hot,sexy and talented mummy called me early in the morning while i just step into office. I was wondering why she called me early in the morning and she said "hey! I was downstair, can you come down??" Now is in trend? Sent pressie to the door step? Thanks Sasha and Mott for the lovely gift. Sasha hand-sew a bag for me! How not to feel so honour to receive such a precious pressie?

This sweet, young and funny mummy wrote a post for me on my birthday, i nearly shed in tears! Thanks Cleffairy, although i just know you (i mean just start read your blog).

Thanks everyone!! I feel so loved and happy like a small girl, receive gifts, cut birthday cake, wonderful dinner and the company!

Pressies from my girlfriends (La Senza- some girl stuff, cannot share it here.:P)
Red colour wrapping paper - From Elaine...

Pressie from Elaine - her homemade cornflakes cookies and a CD (she know i love music) :)

Pressie from Sasha & Mott - a handmade bag.

my younger sil and hub's sister bought me this Charles and Keith's bag.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'm 38 and loving it!

Today mark i am another year older, title said it all, that is how "OLD" i am. Hopefully it's another year "wiser" but not body getting "wiser". LOL

Last night i had a great night out with my girlfriends, they celebrate my birthday. This year it happen my chinese calendar birthday fall on yesterday, it just one day apart from my actual birthday, so this year i got double celebration. :)

We went to Monte's @ Bangsar Shopping Centre for dinner. It had been sometime since i last went there. We had a great time, eating, chatting, kapoing, laughing, camwhoring, all feel "young" again! hahahah

view of the restaurant....

had some Patchi chocolate before our dinner....yum yum...

soup - chicken soup and farmer soup (all is vege, that why it call farmer soup)

salmon salad....

calamari rings...

bun goes with the soup...

baked potatoes skin, previosly i love this, but i don't know why this time it taste so "curry" inside.

black pepper chicken chop for sharing....

Mix Combo - LOBSTER and steak!! Ahem! You all must thought this will be my main course?? NO!!!! Find the answer at the last pictures. :)

cod fish!! This is so so yummy!! two thumbs up!

Aglio Olio

this is my pasta, clear sauce with clams....i remember when the last i dine there, they use to put a lot white wine, now become clear soup??? Taste still not too bad.

pasta marinara

tender and juicy lamb shank!!!

Tada!!!! My Black Sesame Birthday Cake!!!!!! It taste so yummy and soft. When you eat the cake it's like eating "tong yuen" with black sesame filling. Something new to me. :) Thanks for the girls and boy getting this "unique" cake for me... And look at the candles!!!!!! I know i'm old, but no need to do this to me...very shy.

my best buddy - vivivan, organiser for this birthday dinner. :) Thanks vivian!

"are you sure you want to put so many candles for me??????"

They sing really loud in a "busy and romantic" restaurant, make me so "paiseh", so old still sing and blow candles and cut cake. LOL

must post for the camera cutting the cake.

finally...there is a group pictures, all my best girlfriend.

do you think two of us look alike? Even my this girlfriend said when she saw me she think i look a lot like her. She is my long old friend, we use to work in same company then become close friend, then when i become mummy, i still don't know what blogging is, she is the one that taught me on how to take care babies and give me a lot advice, always come to my house and visit me. Now two of us always busy with our own kids, i'm glad that she can join us last night, i have not see her for so long, but we still keep in touch. I always call her my sister, because i don't have a sister.

Another group pictures. Here is the answer on who is having that big plate of "LOBSTER AND STEAK!!!" The only guy in the picture. LOL

While i'm enjoy my dinner, enjoy my "me" time, my two boys "sadly" waiting for me at home. When i reach home about 10pm+, they still awake, waiting for me, when they saw me, they ask me "where did you go mummy? why you come back so late?" Adoi!! Guilty? Feel bad? My mum told me this morning, last night she called, my sons pick up the call, my mum ask where am i , they answer in sad tone " i don't know where mummy go, no come back. :("

Tonight i will celebrate with my three princes, we will go out for dinner. :)

Thanks again for the warm birthday wishes, lovely gifts, dinner, sms, msn. I feel so loved! This year i received some really meaningful gifts, i shall blog about my gifts in another post. :) Thanks everyone. (is it getting older can get more gifts and more surprise???) LOL

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I got surprise!!

Yesterday when i was busy with my work, one of my colleague from another floor come to our office (our office got two floors) and pass me a parcel. I looked at him and look puzzle, why i got a parcel? My another colleague read to me, eh, it's from Delectable! I was like "huh? Delectable? I did not order anything from there or is it Su (the owner) so kind to sent me some cupcakes to sample?"

I quickly open the package and see a note on the box, it's from this lovely mummy. Oh no, it is really a big surprise for me! Lucky my heart strong enough, can take this kind of "excitment". I don't know why this mummy so "hak hei", i also don't know what i have done and she has to sent me this nice parcel as "thank you" token. She bright up my day!

Let's see what Barb sent to me. Gingerman cookies and two pieces of cake from Delectable. I always enjoy looking at Delectable's nice and beautiful cake and cupcakes. Browse throught the website and you will agree with me.

Thanks again Barb for the nice surprise!!

the box with the message.

cakes and cookies....very nice packaging!

Delectable forgot to put fragile sticker, so our uncle postman thought, that is a toy can throw, that caused the gingerman "broke" his head and the flower ribbon also flying somewhere. Lucky i still manage to 'stick" them back and took a picture. hahhahahahha

nice right?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

kids said the darnest things

Every morning when i sent my boys to school, i will have a small talk with the teacher on the boys, how are they doing and are they naughty in the school. Sometime no report from the teachers means they are ok.

Last week when i sent them to school, suddenly my boys class teacher ask me " I don't know where your boy pick up this word." My heart skip a bit and think OMG! What my boys did again at school. Their teacher told me, the day before, she was away for a while and she overheard Cruz said "where is aunty Susan? Why so long one? She DIE already ar?" OMG OMG OMG!!! I don't know what to said when the teacher tell me this. I said..."hmmm..he (Cruz) might pick up this word from the cousins or we adults or the TV" Teacher ask "does he know what is the meaning of DIE?" I said " ya, "I think" he know what is DIE, but use at the wrong place and wrong time and wrong phase" :( The teacher didn't look very angry or sad, maybe she find it's "a bit funny"? After i go into the car i think back, i had a good laugh myself. *bad bad bad*!!!

Night time, before bed time, i talk to Cruz, I said "you cannot simply said people DIE, you know what is DIE? DIE is you forever or long long long time cannot see that person again or no more that person again and you cannot said your teacher DIE, ok?" He nodded his head and said "ok, but, aunty Susan go long long time no come back ma" I have to tell him again" that is not DIE, is not come back." everyday i have to remind him, cannot simply said people DIE ok? After i read Sasha's blog about her dog died, and how she explain to her boy, this morning i said the same things to Cruz again. I said "once a person died, we will put the person in a big box and buried under the "sand" so we no more see that person anymore" Cruz said"so we put some water on the sand?" He must be thinking playing sand at the beach. :(:( This will go no end, but i will try my very best to explain to him what is DIE.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


~ another food post ~

Heard about this Fireman BBQ restaurant before, but never think of want to dine there. There was one day when i blog hopping, i read about this restaurant (forgot which blog), i only know this restaurant actually serve BBQ and Steamboat, because me and my hub was missing Charcoal Bay a lot, they are already closed down for don't know what reason. Charcoal Bay serve the best BBQ and steamboat dinner, they use the very basic way - charcoal, that is explain why the food are yummylicious.
After telling hubs about Fireman Restaurant, last weekend we went to the one at Jaya One.It's buffet style, adults RM29.90+ and kids below 120cm is FOC. My boys are under 120cm, anyway they didn't measure them also, they just told us they are going to charge two person. This restaurant no serve pork, mainly chicken, beef and lamb and lots type of balls and vegetables and toufu. Variety wise ma, still ok, if compare to the other one that i had at Japanese style steamboat at Kuchai Lama, that is a lot better, and more presentable ( i didn't blog about it, don't know where i chuck the picture already. hahahahha).

When they bring the food to us, the food looks so "petite"! I told hubs looks like we have to order many more rounds only can feed us full. Overall the food still taste ok, and at night around 8pm they got "fireman" show! My boys are so excited to see that kor kor "swallow" the fire and play with fire, they are clapping hands and keep "wow wow wow".

It quite packed on the weekend, not too sure on the weekday. Rating of the food 6/10, nothing to compare to Charcoal Bay.

this is the thing we use for BBQ and steamboat.

the menu

interior, they got two floors, we are sitting

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Over the weekend, i got sudden crave for "kopitiam food" so i sms this mummy, asked her want to join me for brunch at PappaRich at Old Klang Road or not. Heard so much about PappaRich, but yet to try out the food. She called me back and said ok, since her hub is not around, she got no "date" for the day, i told her i will pick her up.

We order so many foods or should i said "I" order so much foods?hahahahhaha and my boys also busy on the menu. Let see what we had........

our drinks, on the far right is a must try, "milo volcano"!

Cruz's nasi lemak, the curry chicken is quite spicy.

Ashley's noodles..

Barb's naan bread with curry chicken.

my char keow teow, not bad.

toast with butter and kaya.

Fearles's instant noodles, i find it so so only, not very tasty.

After lunch, we promise to award the kids with ice cream, if they finish the food. They not really finish, because the portion quite big. We still keep our promise, get them ice cream. Ashley had three scoops of ice cream, and her mummy help her to finish one, because she just recover from cough and i can hear her "screaming" at her mummy, "MUM! Mummy! I want my ice-cream!" LOL!! She is so cute and funny.

Ashley and her empty bowl, see the mouth still got ice cream. hahahhahaha

my boys are sharing the banana split.

Fearles with his milo volcano.

three of them posing for me, so hard to get them to look at the camera.

while Cruz enjoy the ice-cream, Fearles and Ashley decide to pose "ultraman" for me!

We had a wonderful lunch, kids enjoy themselves running around, and mummy enjoy the food and chatting. Hope we can have this more often, i mean "yam cha" la, not eating. LOL! Thanks Barb for the company!