Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Hair Comb from Beaded2Gather

As you all know , now i started keep my hair long after having 10 years short hair, a bit bored already. Keeping long hair, means it need some "deco" on my hair. Usually i do online shopping, mostly is "shop" for my boys stuff, now i start shop for my hair!! I am eyeing on few hair accessories, like those unique hair band, hair clips, and hair comb.

Two weeks before, while i am browsing through those online store, i saw Beaded2Gather was selling some unique hair comb, immediate i sent an e mail to the lady, silly me and not knowing it actually owe by one of the blogger mummy that i know, she is Shannon!

After few e mail, confirm what i want, she sent me the picture what she come out with, i am a happy customer with what she had design for me and she even come out with a pair of earring to match with my hair comb, she didn't "force" me to buy the set, but i love to collect earrings! Beside than the hair comb, i order a set of accessory too!

Thanks Shannon for the beautiful "masterpiece" i like it! Now, when i go to work, i will use the comb to "bun" my hair up, it look more tidy, instead of normally i just use a rubber band to tie a "bun" on my hair!

If you are like me, looking for some nice hair comb for your hair, always can check out Beaded2Gather!!

*this is not a paid post, but a happy customer to share her online shopping loot*

this is how it looks like..from the side

from behind...

Monday, June 28, 2010

My "easy peasy" cooking

I like to cook something simple on the weekend, just for my boys and myself. Most of the time, you can see sweet and sour anchovies in their bento, some people thought that is sambal anchovies, actually not.

One of my friend ask me how to cook this simple dish, so here you go.....

After wash the anchovies, dried with kitchen towel, then heat more oil in the pan, put in the anchovies and fried till brown.

this is the three items and sugar.....

after the anchovies turn brown like this, drain the oil then put the anchovies back to the pan again. Add sugar, stir well, then add in tomatoes sauce and chili sauce (if your kids can take chili sauce) I will put a bit, as Cruz like "stronger" taste.

after stir well the tomatoes sauce with sugar then last add some vinegar to add on the sourish...

tada!! Done. Easy???

After i read this no sweat dish from STP blog, i decide i want to give it a try. Really easy, i bought those ready chopped chicken piece back, so i don't need to chop. hahahhahahha
Follow same recipe as STP, but i add some chicken stock with water in it, no soya sauce or salt, it taste ok. Sweet taste and something like herbal chicken. You might want to give it a try too? This is what i called "easy peasy" cooking. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

my personal fashion consultant

Last week, i brought my boys for a hair cut before the school start again on Monday. Cruz get his hair cut first then Fearles. While waiting for Fearles to get his hair fixed, i told him, i went to the boutique that next to it to look see look see.

Me and Cruz inside the boutique, and i am looking at some floral maxi dress, i always want to get a long floral dress for myself, but i never have one. I saw there are 50% discount on the dress, i took one and put on and look at the mirror, it look good. I want to give it a try, but that dress got a deep V in front, i thought i will wear a tube top, at least it will look ok, and the lady at the boutique told me i can also sew it up a bit, and won't look so "sexy".

I went into the fitting room, Cruz follow me in, after i put on the dress, i look in the mirror, it look ok, but front look a bit sexy, Cruz look at me, and the conversation as below.........................................

Cruz: mummy, not nice!!! Too BIG!!!

mummy: huh? why not nice? What too big? *was wondering what the "big" he referring to* LOL

Cruz: not nice! It's too big!! The baju too big! Not nice!! * he is referring to the deep V shape in front*

mummy: no no, mummy will wear another one more inside than only wear this dress.

Cruz: NO, don't buy, not nice!! People can see your "neh neh poop"!!!!! *neh neh poop is refer to the breast, and i don't know why he call breast instead of "nen nen" he said "neh neh poop"!*

mummy: *laugh so so loud in the changing room* really not nice? Later mummy will get one more and wear inside so won't see the "neh neh poop"

Cruz: * he nearly want to cry* NO NO, don't buy!!!! Not Nice!!!

After change, i come out from the fitting room, the lady ask me, how is it? Fit? I said "fit" me, but ..a bit too sexy. hahahhahahhahahhahah So the answer is - end up i come out empty hand. :(

Thanks to my little fashion consultant - Cruz Lee.

Now i like to tease him, i want to go and get that dress, he will still give me the same answer! He somemore add on "later daddy will laugh at you! Because he can see your neh neh poop!!!" *roll eyes*

Cruz oh Cruz...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Creation - Part 40

I fixed another lunch bento for my boys yesterday. Didn't i said, Fearles is a pasta boy? He just love Pasta, and Cruz is a rice boy, he prefer rice to noodles or pasta, but once in a while he is ok with pasta or noodles.

Fearles request pasta for his lunch and Cruz want to have rice, this is what i come out with......

Fearles's fried Spaghetti bolognise, fish ball, mackerel fish and sweet mangoes.

Cruz's rice, fish ball, two chicken drummets and mangoes.
*notice my new Anpanman's pick? My new collection from Bento Craft* :)

Happy bento-ing and Happy Father's Day to all daddies out there!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

what colour is elephant

School holidays coming end soon, during this school holidays, most of the days my boys just stay at home, beside than the first week bring them to bagan lalang. I let them play inside the inflatable pool on another weekend, and bring them to walk at shopping mall, that is all about their school holidays.

Beside all the leisure, watching tv and play their scooter and "monkey" at home. Not forget they also got a lot holidays homework need to do. Usually i divide it to few days to do the homework, i will sit with them at night and do the homework together.

There was one morning i told them to do coloring at home, and i told them i will check at night when i back from work. During night homework time, i check their coloring, i saw one of the page, they suppose to see the picture in the column and follow exactly colors and color it. I was a bit "angry" when i saw them color the elephant in Black/grey instead of light purple as the picture shown.

I asked them, why they color the elephant in black?? Why never follow the book? I said "later teacher will scold you" Fearles said "mummy, no, at school teacher said elephant is black color, not purple color!!!" Suddenly, it's like something knock on my head, now i know why they color the elephant in BLACK and not in light purple. What they said is true, elephant is black/grey color! But i as "mummy" i still don't want to "lose my face" i told them, but now teacher said must follow the color and color the elephant, although mummy know elephant suppose to be in black or grey, but now this is 'story color book" ma, but they don't buy my story! :(

I told them, ok, when teacher ask you why you never follow the color as shown on the book, you tell the teacher, elephant is black/grey, not purple!

two of them color the same!! *pengsan*

Monday, June 14, 2010

when the "why" never ending.....

My boys still in "why why why" stage, especially Cruz.

During our recent trip back from Tanjung Sepat, it's already 9.30pm+, i am dead tired, in the car, two of them still very energetic, chatting, talking, and Cruz start his forever "why" questions again. When he heard the GPS said, "turn left, another 500m turn right, keep to your right/left" He keep asking "why it said have to turn, why it said have to stop, why it said have to be careful on the turning?" After i explain and explain, the answer will always lead to another "why" questions. I told him, i am tired, can i rest ( i got a headache that time).

After a while, i saw him rub his eyes, so i asked ......

Me: Cruz, WHY you rub your eyes? You tired?

Cruz: No, my eyes got sand.

Me: WHYyour eyes got sand?

Cruz: because just now i go to beach.

Me: WHY you go to beach?

Cruz: because i like to play at the beach.

Me: WHY you like to play at the beach?

He stopped and look at me and a bit mad, and start show me he is "angry"!!! I cannot stop laughing and he get even mad! Hub was driving, he also cannot stand what i "did", two of us laugh so loud.

Am i mean or bad, this is the only way i can stop him from asking "WHY".

Friday, June 11, 2010

Fruitful Sunday - Tanjung Sepat Seafood

After Bagan Lalang, my hub's friend Vincent, we let him decide where to have dinner, he is very good at "jalan jalan cari makan" and he been to Bagan Lalang many times already. We don't know the way, we all follow behind his car. I don't know where we go, i only know the road was very dark and narrow, like going to some "kampung" area.

We drove about 15-20 mins, and we reach that place, i saw the big signboard and a souvenier shop written "lover bridge" or Qing Ren Chiao. I heard from my friend about this place just two weeks ago and now i am here!! hahahhahaha

First thing caught my eyes was the stalls at the roadside selling "ding ding" candies aka maltose candies, i love that. I thought i want to buy some but my tummy was telling me, i am hungry, eat first then only come and buy, but too bad, before we finish dinner, the stalls already closed! :(

After checking with Vincent, i only know this place is Tanjung Sepat and famous for tourist too. I ask him what so interesting about this place, why got tourist. He said some people will come for the seafood, and also visit the factory that produce fish balls, visit dragon fruit farm, and there is one factory selling fresh "pau"! Must make telephone order and it finish fast, people will grab a lot back home! That day we reach there quite late already, all closed, no chance to see, advisable
to go there during day time, more interesting.

We went to the restaurant the next to the "lover bridge", see quite a lot people, most tables are occupied. Lucky we manage to get a big table, you know what, after we sitted, there are somemore people coming for dinner, but the restaurant owner told them, "closed already, no more food!!" That was around 8.30pm only, food all sold out, we are consider very lucky!

Vincent do the food ordering, and actually i also don't know what he order till the food served, i only request one dish, that is my sons request "red color meat" - sweet and sour meat, their favourite. :)

this is the souvenier shop selling tidbits, dried noodles, tom yam paste, sambal shrimp paste and a lot more. Mellissa told me, their tom yam paste was very good, and is hot selling items there. I didn't buy, because i don't know when i will cook tom yam. hahahhahahahhahha
The banners showing are some famous people are there before and "Ah Xien" also introduce this place .

Ocen Seafood looking at the picture i only realise the "ocen" missing a "a".

sambal kangkung - my hub favourite....

kong pou prawn mantis...yummy.

Tanjung Sepat famous fish balls. Fearles had 5!

nestum squid, this is really yummy, not much flour on the sotong, we can taste the sweet taste of the sotong. Simple and yummy!!

taufu "kang", something like shark fin soup, but this taste a lot better!! I like to have it with some vinegar, it taste more yummy. Fearles love this too! At least drink this taufu kang we don't need to feel guilty and it make our skin "smooth" too! LOL!

steam fish, yummy and very fresh.

red color meat, as how my sons call it / sweet and sour meat.

"or chien" hmmmm..look good huh? I cannot tell you whether it's good or not, but according to everyone, said "double thumbs up"! I don't take/don't like to eat "or chien", everyone more than happy to hear that i don't eat, because they can eat my share!!!! Elaine's hub said, should have order it big portion!!! hahahahhahahahah

the food we order....7 adults and 5 kids.

every dish polish clean!

total damage = RM170.20!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHEAP!!!!!!!

this is the lover bridge, we didn't walk out, as it is quite dark and i think nothing much we can see at night.
After our yummy dinner, we went to the souvenier shop to have some shopping, buy some tidbits and we call it a day. Leave that place around 9.30pm, and reach home about 11pm!! We are so tired, my two boys slept in the car while on the way back, but we are happy, we got a wonderful day and it's a fun outing!!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Fruitful Sunday - Bagan Lalang

After our "sumptuous" dim sum brunch, we went back home and take a rest and get things prepare and we are going to Bagan Lalang beach outing in the afternoon with hub's good friend and i asked Elaine and family to join us too. Knowing she is quite "free" on that weekend. :)

We suppose to go in the early morning, and "picnic" there for breakfast, last minute hub's good friend, Vincent's wife need to go back office to settle something so we postpone it to the afternoon.

My first and last to Bagan Lalang was 9 or 10 years ago, that time we also went with Vincent & Mellissa, and we were camping there!! At that time, that area, still not famous and very quiet and not very well developed too. We had heard and read so much about Bagan Lalang, this time finally we can make a trip there with my boys. Long journey, it took us about 1hour + only reach there. Along the road to Sepang town, we saw a lot dragon fruits and also dragon fruits farm, i show my boys how the plant look likes. We didn't stop and get some, but we saw a lot stalls selling it, i think it must be very cheap.

It's Sunday afternoon, a lot people at the beach side, and also it is school holidays, so you can imagine the crowd at the beach. We reached there around 3.30pm, we manage to find a good spot, laid the mat on the floor and my hub even set up a tant, easier for us to keep the things. We thought we want to cook maggie mee there and also fried some sausage, we bring the mini wok, water, maggie mee, egg, ice box and etc, but end up we didn't. We went to opposite, there was a food court, selling some fried stuff, pisang goreng, ubi kentang goreng, nasi lemak, water, ice kacang . We just bought some banana fritters and mini sausages for snacking.

Elaine and family come a bit later, they reach around 4.30pm+, but they went to opposite and spent 1/2 hour doing their "shopping" there!! Buying kites, bubbles guns...LOL!!! By the time they come to the beach side, it's already low tide. Amber didn't manage to play with the water, anyway, the water also very muddy , like "milo"!

End up Amber and her daddy play kites, and my boys also play kites with their daddy and later on i also try my hand on flying a kites, and Elaine too! LOL!! Everyone had fun!

Vincent brought this big "ice cream" umbrella for the kids. I told him, later people thought here got ice cream for sell!! LOL

kids can't wait to play with the sand

i am resting, Vincent try to "shot" me with his giant water gun!

Palm Tree Resort....very nice!!!!

after a while, kids decide to play inside the water, despite the HOT SUN!! Less than 10 mins i can see the color different on my boys, quickly i apply sunblock for them.


they just love water..............


Suet Yoke - Vincent's elder daughter...playing with the sand..

Cruz with the muddy water!

Suet Yee, Vincent's younger daughter..posing for me....

Fearles and Cruz's Ben 10 kites!

Amber's princess kites next to ours


picture from Elaine's Camera - my boys running towards their daddy..

picture from Elaine...

flying kites together....

Now...MY TURN!!! Actually this is my first also. Vividly,I remember when i am young i did fly kites with my grandpa!

can you spot the mini crab?

another one........

low tide.......
Mellissa and Suet Yoke.....

After getting the boys shower at the public toilet, we left the place around 7.30pm, then we proceed to Tanjung Sepat for our YUMMYLICIOUS DINNER!!

Stay tune for next upcoming post on the food!!