Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sports Day 2010

My boys had their sports day yesterday, this is the second year they participate. Last year, they had it in May, my mum was in town that time, she manage to join and cheer for the grandsons.

This year a bit quiet on our side, as older kids all go to primary school, only left three still in that kindy, my two boys and another cousin, Isac. Sport start at 8.30am and every parent will bring some food for the sport day. This year, i bought mee siam and i do the konnyaku jellies, and my sister in law bought vitagens for all the kids.

Sport day banner at the kindy...

the three naughty boys from Lee's family...

the awards for the kids, everyone the champion!!!

Line up before they matching boys are in blue team with Isac too.

Isac lead in front holding Malaysia flag....

welcome and opening prayer, praise and workship, and sing Negaraku....

Then start the events with..........

- Hopping Kangaroos

- Models in the making

- turtle eggs

- Colourful H2O

- fishing for coins

- walking tortoise

Cruz in "models in the making", make sure the small pillow don't drop from the head.

Fearles with the colourful H2O, pour the water in the big container, see which group got the most water.

Fearles, fishing for coins...

Cruz turn for fishing for coins...

This year, the kindy set up a bouncing castle at the compound to let the kids have more fun time. I can tell you all the kids just can't wait to go to the bouncing castle and play, with the scorching hot sun, all kids were cover by sweat! Due to the hot hot weather, Fearles got nose bleed, lucky is after the event and while all the kids play at the bouncing castle, someone accidently kick Cruz's nose, and it bleed a bit. :(

Those kids after finish their event, they start to play at the castle, and the sport still continue with some event, where by participate by some ex students and also mummies.

look at the kids, having tons of fun time, jumping and sliding.

me and my sister in law, notice the colourful necklace on our neck? That is the game we participate. We need to put the beads slowly in a string and attach a smiley round token as pendant. You know, i always don't have the luck, and i always "kalam kabut", when i half way doing, all the beads drop and i have to start all over again and i think i got the last, and my sister in law got the second!! LOL!

The result, my boys's blue team got champion!!!!!

After the prize giving, we got refreshment, lots of food!!!! I am too busy eating, didn't take any picture of the food and the weather was too hot, we have to "hide" in the classroom and enjoy the food.

This year one of the teacher's husband, volunteer to get the kids face painting, another highlight of the day. Kids were having so so much fun.

Fearles want to paint a tiger on his hand...

Cruz decide to paint his face as tiger!! Cute?

After seeing Cruz as a tiger, Fearles want to have another tiger on the face...

this is my two tigers!!!!

After back home, had shower, then they took out their last year prize, they said want to show daddy their awards. Fearles took this picture, two were from last year, and another two are from this year. :)

That hot afternoon, we three were too tired, after another light lunch, we had a long afternoon nap to recover our tiredness. LOL!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Creation - Part 44

This is another bento lunch that i prepare for my boys two weeks ago, don't feel "sick" by reading all my bento post. ^..^

"chic rice", does it look like chic? hahahahhahah
baked beans, and omelette with mince meat and dragon fruits.

Afternoon tea break, i prepare them some bread, and i prepare some for the cousins too. Bread with cheese and butter and sugar, and since i make some konyaku jellies, so it's in the box too. Two elder jie jie, they prefer to have coco crunch in their box, my boys prefer to have some twisties. Simple and not so 'healthy" afternoon tea bento. :)

first time i am using rice mould to do the bread onigiri, quite interesting. The stack of flower bread, i use the flower shape cutter to cut them out from the bread and use a food pick to hold them together.

my boys's bento, dinasour and the bread onigiri.

Happy bento-ing!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ring Ring...Guess who??

These had been happen quite often lately...ring ring...guess who??

Two weeks ago, i was out for a girl's night out with my good friend cum ex colleague to celebrate Vivian's birthday. We are having dinner, enjoy ourself with the food and yakking, laughing. My phone rang, and i saw the name "father in law", ooopppss..father in law called me? Must be asking me where am i and what time i go home?

Pick up the call........

me: hello

caller: hello mummy!!! Where are you? What time you come home???

me: * Shock* why you use "yeh yeh" phone to call mummy? Where is daddy?

caller: daddy in the room play computer, i come to yeh yeh room to call you.

me: ok ok, mummy will be back soon.

Last week, while i was at work, suddenly receive called from father in law again, Fearles was not well that day, having same virus as Cruz, but he was mild type, give him medicine and let him rest at home. I thought father in law want to tell me something about Fearles...when i pick up the call......again.......

me: hello...

caller: hello mummy, where are you?


me: mummy at work la, why you call mummy?

caller: because i want to see mummy.

me: why you ask "yeh yeh" to call mummy again? Where is daddy?

caller: daddy not come back yet, still working.

me: ok , you "mun mun" already? * ask him whether he had his lunch already*

caller: yes, now i play in "yeh yeh" room.

me: ok, better go back and have your nap.

caller: ok, bye.

Today, i am smarter! When i saw father in law called....i pick up and said

me: hello

caller: mummy!!

me: i know it's you, why you ask "yeh yeh" call mummy again?

caller: *giggle* i ask "yeh yeh" to call you, i want to talk to you.

Now i should change my caller list from father in law to Cruz Lee!!!!!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Creation - Part 43

I got some back dated bento post. Here is another bento lunch and snack bento which i prepared two weeks ago.

rice coated with floss and top with bear and love shape cheese, fish finger, meat with soy sauce, grapes and strawberries.

Fearles's bento

Cruz's bento

Weekend if possible, i will try to prepare some afternoon snack for them to munch. Just in case we have late dinner, at least they won't starve.

bread with cheese , grapes and some candies. :)

Friday, August 20, 2010

My Boys's Book 2 performance

This time, they are doing fine, can play the song with both hands. Only singing part, still very weak. Fearles got stage fright, i can't hear his singing, you can see him keep rubbing his hands, after he finish his performance, he told me, " i am very scare!" :(

On the other hand, despite Cruz was not feeling well that day, he still do the singing and song playing. He sing quite loud, compare to last year, he is doing good this time. :)

Side note: Elina, if you're reading this, this is the tee you bought for the boys from Health Freak mummy's online store. Thanks so much!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

JMC - Book 2 "mini graduation"

It's almost a year, my boys learn their music at JMC Yamaha. Beginning of this year, they finish their book 1, they had a mini party and yesterday they finish their book 2 and usually they will have a "mini graduation" , they need to play a song and sing a song in front of everyone, then there will be a mini party.

This time, daddy get very excited compare to book 1. Week before i told him that, the boys going to perform. The boys need to practise the song they want to sing and play the song they need to play. Hubs very participate this time, he practise the singing together with the boys. I on the CD let three of them sing together and i read them the lyrics. LOL!

Tuesday, day before the performing, while i am working, receive msn message from hub asking, "is the kids singing tonight? 8pm right? I go for cycling at 5pm+, but will be at 7pm+." I had a good laugh and told him "not today but tomorrow!!!" That is how excited he is. On the night itself, out of sudden, Cruz not feeling well, vomit whole night, drink water also vomit, drama till morning around 4.30, he had two rounds purging, he feel better after that, but very weak. Went to bed to sleep around 5am, and so do i.

Bring him to see doctor in the morning and i let him rest at home. Finish work, back home, he still look weak, i told him, he rest at home, and tonight i bring Fearles go to the music class, he said he want to go. Feed him some porridge, he don't have much appetite, just had few spoons, then off we went for the music class.

this is what i prepare for the mini party, beside than the bread sandwiches, i brought some packet drinks and some vitagen for the kids, and some "junk food" hahahhahah.

During last mini party i also do the sandwiches, this round i add some nori on the bread and make it look a bit nicer?

Dinasour, bear, rabbit and some mini flower bread. :)

Before they start the performance, they practise a while. This time i can see more parents coming to support their kids, beside than just the mummies and some of the younger sibling also there to support their kor kor and jie jie. :) It look crowded in the class.

digging gold before the performance? hahahhahahhahaha

After the performance, it is party time!! Every mummies bring some food to the party. We have pizza, jellies, cake, drinks, party packs for the kids and sanwiches. Cruz having three pieces of pizza!!! OMG!!! After pizza, he and Fearles start play with their friends, everyone running around, play with the balloons, having a fun time and immediately Cruz just recover from there. hahhahahahhahhahah


look at the wording on the cake - Farewell Book 2 and Welcome Book 3 . LOL!!!

Kids with their piano teacher - Ms Yap. Did you notice, boys are more than girls?
There are only two girls in the class and 6 boys!!

Stay tune for the video in next post. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

when it just 3 of us

One of the weekend, hubs was invited to a birthday party by his cycling kakis, since it's "man" party, so me and the boys stay at home and "eat our own".

I bring them out for dinner at Sakae Sushi, it had been sometime that i last had my japanese food.

Two of them behave ok, except keep "disturbing" the food on the conveyor. :(

Fearles eating his sushi..we sharing for this plate of Sushi.


Tempura for sharing....

my set dinner, ginger beef, agedashi tofu, chawan mushi, rice and soup.

my boys's aeroplane dinner..tomatoes rice with unagi, fish cakes, two sausages, some fries and vitagen.

And additional i add on one sashimi for myself. Yum!!! hahhahahha Can imagine three of us having so much food??? After dinner, we went back home, watching some TV and cam-whore!
This is what we did...


We still can have some fun at home! :)