Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Girls are "dangerous"!

Every night before bed time, (no no, i am not reading bed time story to my boys, i am such a lazy mum.) i will have some casual chat with the boys. Like what are they doing in the school today, did teacher scold them for being naughty?

Usually they will tell me their friends, so and so, and who and who not coming to school because sick, or their friend's teeth broken, because eat too much sweets or this friend got some new story book, new toy, new school bag..bla bla bla.

My "social bee" Cruz, sometime he will mention some girls name, like i like Mxxxx, i like Txxx, i don't like Nxxxxx. He will mention those "pretty girls" name and tell me he like them *start worry*. On the other hand, Fearles hardly told me anything about "girls". He always told me i like Isaac, I like Ian (those are his cousins), i like Cxxxx (the school friend, a boy name).

There is one night i start "tease" him, how come he only like boys no like girls? I ask why you don't like to play with Nxxx? How about Mxxxx? He said "don't want, i don't like them" * Oh!! I start another worry, he only like boys and don't like girls? silly me right* LOL

I never give up, i still ask him "why and why and why" I know he is a "shy" and "quiet" boy, not like the brother Cruz, very good in "socializing"! Suddenly, Fearles told me this " mummy, MY BRAIN tell me, boys only play with boys, cannot play with girls!!" Oh yes, you can see a big "O" on my face, i thought i heard it wrongly, i ask again, "your what tell you?" Fearles look at me seriously and point at his head and said "MY BRAIN"!!! *i speechless for a few second and i cannot stop laugh out loud!!!*

Monday, September 27, 2010

Mid Autumn Festival 2010

This year we had two Mid Autumn celebration at home. On the actual day, we had steamboat dinner, then follow by light up a few lanterns for the kids to play, and for adults, we enjoy eating moon cakes and sipping tea and chatting under the moonlight. Due to next day, everyone have to wake up early to work, we just had a "short" one, not like previous year or year before.

Every year, my in law without fail, will celebrate this special day. Since on the actual day, we don't celebrate it "seriously", so they decide to do another one yesterday ie: Sunday night, whereby Monday is their off day, so they can stay up late.

We had a last minute BBQ at home and invite some close relatives over to enjoy the food, and eating moon cakes. Now let me show you what we had last night.......

mother in law bought these beautiful and "big" lantern!

pork belly, mushroom, sausage wrap with bacon.......


ribs!!!!!! ready to serve.......

we got pork satay, prawns, chicken wings on the grill.........
Chef of the night was my hub......

closer look of the prawns......

ribs on the plate..... this is a hot items, finish fast!!! I only had one stick!

some fruit salad....

another batch food on the grill.....

All the food are finish fast, we don't know why. Everyone standing at the tables, once the food on the plate, it gone just within a second. It's now you see, now you don't! No kidding!

The sausage below, i took one on my plate and i was helping hub putting the food on the grill, as his "assistant", when i turn around, my sausage was gone! Lastly, i manage to try one on my sister in law's plate. :)

it may look ugly, but it sure taste good!

this is how the plate look like while everyone still waiting for the food to be ready...

belly in the grill......

After everyone finish eating, then it was hub turn and sister in law and my turn, we sit on the table, eat slowly and enjoy the food, no one "fight" with us for the food. Kids playing inside the house while waiting the rain to stop. Yes! It rain heavily while we had BBQ, lucky we got "shade" to hide from the rain.

Some of my hub aunties and uncles, they start play mahjung, while we "young" one, light up the candles and lanterns, sipping tea and eat moon cakes. Now my boys are older, they are no more interested to play lanterns, they are more interested in playing candles!!!

some of the lanterns....

this is how my boys love to play, light all the candles on the floor. This picture i took on the actual night. :)

Everyone had so much fun, my boys too. I let them play till almost 10.30pm, this morning they nearly cannot wake up for school. ^o^ By the time we finish clean up, it is almost 11.45pm, and those playing mahjung, they still continue till 1am!!! *yawn*

This is how we celebrate our moon cake festival this year. How about you? Do you have a great one?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Garden @ The Curve

It was Raya eve, i am working alone in the office and everyone already start their Raya holidays. Rushing work for the whole day and didn't go for my lunch, i save my tummy for the night time dinner with my girlfriends.

We went to this Garden Cafe at The Curve to celebrate one of my girlfriend's birthday. They got another branch at One Utama, we always pass by that place, but never go in and eat before. This is my first time at this Garden Cafe. The set up and concept is "garden" theme, with all white colour in the cafe, it give you a relax and very comfortable feeling.

does it look like a garden?

They serve their drinks in this unique "jar".
Passion fruits with soda and apple with soda...

this is the appetizer and soup that we order..
*picture taken from Catherine's camera*

fried calamari, tom yam soup, apple with soda, mash potatoes, wild mushroom soup and fried chicken wings.

here come our main course.....
*pic taken from Catherine's camera*

~ fried mee mamak (me and another guy sharing this plate of noodles, remember i said i am very hungry? LOL)

~Rib eyes, grill chicken, cod fish and spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Foods are good, i love the mee mamak, and my rib eyes steak also nicely done, not too dry, it's juicy. :)

After we stuff our tummy full, it come to "cake cutting" session, we didn't get Catherine a cake, i get some cute mini cupcakes from the restaurant inside my office building.

The cupcakes look cute? It taste good too!

i caught the birthday girl in action!!!

Before blowing the candles, we camwhore a lot and laugh a lot, and was the most noisy table in the restaurant!!!

group picture with the birthday girl...
*picture taken from Catherine's camera*

Are we look funny???? LOL!

This spec, Catherine bought it for the son's birthday two weeks later, but before the son use it, we big kids, all wear it and act silly to the camera! LOL!! We sure have so much fun and so much laughter!

Last but not least, a coffee latte before we called it a night. Cheers!!!! Oh ya, coffee only for three of us, not the other two, they can't take coffee at night. :)

I enjoy the food, the laugh, and the company, it did help to unwind some stress. :)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Dental Visit

Backdated post ~I must noted this down as a record.

Cruz went for his first dental visit on 7th Sept, a day after we came back from our Melaka trip. On the night before, he was crying whole night and telling me his tooth was very pain, i took a look didn't see any black spot or anything. I give him some ice to "sulk", after that he went back to sleep. He woke up again after 1/2 hour, crying, i use my finger and check on his gum, feel it is a bit swollen, either he is heaty or there was infection on the tooth. I took the propolis honey and apply on the gum and massage it softly, after a while, he told me not much pain already, so he went back to sleep.

It was already 4am in the morning, he finally doze off till the next day, i don't know what time he woke up as it was school holiday. I told the maid to apply the propolis honey on the gum, if he complain again on the pain.

Next day, after my work out at the gym, back home, my boys also finished their art class, i saw Cruz happily playing with Fearles and the cousins. BUT, i saw a big "pau" on the cheek, i ask him is it pain, he told me a bit. Immediately i brought him to see dentist, lucky there was one dental nearby my house still open.

Cruz is a brave boy, at first he was a bit worried, keep ask me is the doctor going to pull his tooth, i said i don't know, but have to let the doctor check first. He sit on the chair, and the doctor ask Cruz to wear the 'sunglasses" and she check on the tooth. It is so cute and funny, but i am not allow to take any picture there. :(

Doctor said there was a hole on the tooth, she show it on the tv screen, she need to fill it with medicine. That is the main culprit to make the gum swollen. When she do the cleaning and filling, i heard the sound it make me feel scared, and i walk so far away and dare not to see. Lucky Cruz didn't complain pain or cry, he act very cool. After "fix" the hole and clean the gum, Cruz was given one bottle of mouth gaggle water, antibiotic, pain killer and swell reduce medicine and he need to go back for follow up after two weeks.

On Monday, i brought him back to check on his tooth, everything ok, but still got some swell on the gum, doctor said it will take sometime to heal, but there was no more pain according to Cruz. Then i notice there was a hole on the last tooth underneath, in fact both side also got hole, doctor told me the holes must be there for sometime already, because can see the gum almost same level as the tooth. Doctor said better do filling for the holes, before it start another infection, so on that night, Cruz done two filling on the teeth.

After the first round teeth pain, now he paid more attention to his teeth, it been two weeks plus, he didn't ask for any sweets! When i ask him, does he want sweets he told me, cannot eat sweet, later the teeth "broken". On off he will check his teeth on the mirror, it is really a funny sigh. When i give him vitamin, he will ask me is it sweet, can he bite it, will it spoil the teeth? LOL!

From now on, hope he can "love" his teeth more.

Monday, September 20, 2010


that explain why i have been "MIA" and neglect my blog for sometime and also hardly blog hopping.

I don't know why this month is such a busy month for me, not only work and also my own things. A lot things "pop up" sudden.

~ beginning of the month, a dearie blogger mummy passed away, which make me think a lot and sad for some time. Me and a few mummies went for her wake, we had a "small gathering", but we don't hope this happen again, we don't want this type of "gathering".

~ Almost every week i got a dinner outing with friends, birthday celebration, friend back from down under, an old friend/a hotel guest from Hong Kong paid me a surprise visit.

~ Raya week, most colleges are on leave, so much work to do, even now after they come back, i still got tons of work to do...

~ Helping hubs at the market over one of the weekend, as parent in law and sister in law went for holidays.

~ birthday party to attend.

~ my brother, my "god sister" will be in town, but because of the timing, can't meet up with them.

Last but not least,

~ planning on my "first project"!!!

Am i that busy, i don't know, but time just not enough for me. Hope i can have more time to blog hopping and update this blog and please don't "mad" with me by turning this blog to "food blog" soon, because i just want to share the food that i had over the last two weeks. :)

*updated - beside than the above, this evening, STP sent me mms and show me that, my website have some "dangerous link" and it may contain virus, not safe to open my blog and it come from my "rpc blogrolling" where i put all the blogs that i visit at my side bar, now i have to remove the rpc blogrolling link, and all my daily visit blog link had gone. I have to add it up one by one again. Haih!!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Historic Town - Day 2

Second day, we woke up around 8.30am, my two boys wanted to go for a swim. Younger brother in law's two boys also want to swim, four of them are in the pool. When we are there, no one was there, they are having all the pool by themselves.

this is the hotel where we stay...

the very unique hotel sure won't miss this.

daddy as the "swimming coach" to teach Fearles and Cruz swimming.

After spent one hour at the pool, we have to "pull" the boys out from the pool, all of us are hungry. We had a quick shower, pack our bag and we check out the hotel, then start our "eating and shopping" trip again.

one picture for the album before we check out from the hotel.

When we just came out from the hotel, the sky was getting gloomy , heavy rain coming soon!!! Brother in law they left without us, they are here few months ago, remotely they still remember the place, they told us, to go for chicken rice ball for brunch, will meet us there. It start rain heavily when we still looking for the place using the GPS, it show us two different restaurant that serve chicken rice balls!! One is that Barb had, nearby the hotel where she stay, another one is on the Jonker Street itself. I told hub, i remember i had many years ago that chicken rice ball, was in a old coffee shop at the corner, near the bridge, but i really cannot remember the way. After few turn and the bad traffic in town, hub got really mad! hahahhahhahahah

Finally we found the original shop that famous for chicken rice ball, if you look at the queue you will faint. Heavy rain, they just hold the umbrella and queue on the road side, in front of the coffee shop not enough, there was another queue on the opposite road!!!! The coffee shop will close the grill, once they see too many people are outside, my sister in law told me, when they reach there, there was no table for a big group of us, they had to stand outside with umbrella and carry her baby!!! Actually the chicken rice balls taste so so only, nothing to shout about, i remember many years ago when i had that, the taste was a lot better than now. Brother in law said, want to let the kids try, they never try before, at least they know what is chicken rice balls. :)

this is the famous and original chicken rice balls coffee shop - Chung Wah!!

When we arrive there all the them actually finish eating already, so we just order one plate for me and hub and one plate for my boys. My boys told me, the rice not nice. :(

chicken rice balls, looks like fish balls?

Side track a bit, i remember while i worked in hotel many many years ago, one of my manager told me, he went to Melaka and to have this chicken rice balls. He didn't know they serve the rice in a ball shape. He told the boss, the want chicken rice, when the boss serve him this plate of rice balls, he told the boss " boss, i order chicken rice, i did not order fish balls!!" LOL!! I had a good laugh at his joke, till now when i see the chicken rice ball i will think of this joke.

kids on another table..

the chicken, so so only, i think some of the KL chicken rice shop serve better steam chicken.

inside the coffee shop.

After our brunch, we all hop over to " San Shu Gong" to buy some biscuit and tidbits. It just opposite the Chung Wah coffee shop. It still raining cats and dogs, so we spent some time in there to look see look see and enjoy the famous ice coffee.

While i am happily "shopping" at San Shu Gong, i receive call from Barb, asking me am i at San Shu Gong, i thought she got "bionic" eye sight can see what i am doing. She told me she was standing in front of San Shu Gong, and saw my hub there. They are "hiding" from the rain. After i done my shopping, we sit down and enjoy the coffee.

this is the famous and a must have ice white coffee at San Shu Gong, very very nice!!!

me and Barb

The pretty Ashley gaga...

After finish our coffee and finish chatting, and the rain getting smaller, so we walk to opposite side to have cendol!! Had read about Jonker 88 famous cendol and the assam laksa and the queue, but we went to this one, it taste very good. A very very small shop, seating like bar counter, very unique..Barb join us, and the kids and hub and brother in laws. Suddenly i only realize, where is all the ladies in the group, except me are with the kids. All the ladies they went to the shop nearby and shop, while we are having cendol.

this is the shop, cross the road opposite Sam Shu Gong..

the boss sure is coke fans and collector, look at the shop fill with lots of coke collection.

preparing our cendols....

this gula melaka, it taste really good!! Very different from the one in KL. It don't taste sweet, but got the nice fragrant.

my bowl of cendol, sharing with my boys, they don't really like and end up i have to finish it with hub, i still full from my ice coffee.

After bid good bye to Barb, she not join us for the "tour", then we proceed with our "no plan tour". I faster go and join my sister in laws for the shopping!! While men all taking care the kids! hahahahhahhahahhahahhahaha

Hubs walk around and took some pictures....

this is one of the chicken rice balls shop, we are stopping this place and we thought this is the shop that my brother in law was said.

see who is here before?? hahahhahahhahha

we missed this this time. I want to let my boys try on the trishaw, but it rain the whole day till we leave! :(

this is where i do my shopping and men are outside the shop and take care the kids. LOL!!

After i had done my shopping, i didn't follow them go to another shop, because it already burn a big hole on my pocket, on just this shop alone. :P

All of us went back to San Shu Gong to wait for the ladies to finish their shopping. Later on we only know that, they went to Jonker Cendol 88 to pack back the cendol, thought want to sit down for a bowl of assam laksa, but the long queue put them off.

this is the Cendol from Jonker 88 or Cendol in law said, still the one we had earlier taste a lot better.

you know what is this? Durian puff!!! Omg!! Me, hub, hub sister's hub we stand so so far away because of the strong smell!!!!

here...we had a group picture, except hub in the picture, he is the photographer!! Look at the huge group and with lots of kids. You can imagine the noise!!

By the time we leave San Shu Gong is about 1pm+ nearly 2pm. We didn't go to the historical tourist place to visit, due to the rain. End up, we go and had some beef noodles then back to KL.

this is the Tangkak beef noodles. Everytime when we go Melaka, we will go to this shop. Last time i remember is in a old coffee shop, i heard from my brother in law, they had move to the new place.

my hub's bowl with mix...

mine just meat and share with the boys...taste ok. Very clear soup, hubs said he still prefer the beef noodles in KL one. hahahhahahhaha

go to Melaka how to miss out not to buy gula Melaka? According to my second brother in law, the ugly looking one taste a lot better than the one with nice looking. Nice looking gula melaka is made from factory, and the ugly looking one still using very traditional way and done by Malay? He bought from one of the Malay stall at the road side opposite Mahkota Parade. He bought for my mum once, my mum said, boil vinegar pork leg with this, taste so so yummy!!! So now you know, when buy gula Melaka, must buy the ugly looking one like this, taste is really different!!

This is my short Melaka trip, too little time to visit all places, hope my next trip can bring my boys and visit more places and can go places where Barb went, those unique and antic cafe. :)