Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween !!

Last night, my boys attended their first Halloween party. It is organize by Da Vinci . One of my boys's friend from the music class is Da Vinci student, his mother ask me whether want to let my boys to join the party or not. Without hesitate, i told her i would love to let my boys experience it.

Two weeks ago, i found this costume for my boys.

Fearles the skeleton...

Cruz the Bat!!

the two brothers - Skeleton and the Bat!

posing with mummy before going to the party.

they said they want to ride their bikes to go to the party, they don't want daddy and mummy to sent them.

Fearles - the ghost rider? hahahhahahha

Cruz and his batman bike? hahahha

We reach there around 7pm+, the party start at 6.30pm. Initially, we are thinking leaving the kids at the center, let them have some food at the party and after that they will have games, then last they will go for the trick O treats. Me and hub plan after drop the boys at the center, we go for a quick dinner nearby then join them for the trick O treats, but once Fearles heard we are dropping them there and will leave for dinner, he start crying, holding my legs and told me he want to follow me. Even when i ask him, does he want to join the party or he want to go home, he told me he want to go home. :( :( :(. Cruz on the other hand, he just enjoy himself so much, he help himself with the food, and told me after light snack he want to join the game. We got no chance to sneak out, as Fearles just "keep an eye" on us. We stay for their game and trick O treats till the party finish only had our late late dinner at 10pm!!!

my crying baby Fearles....*sigh*

looks at all the kids.....

playing limbo rock..

listen to music and dance, and while the music stop, everyone have to stop.

Cruz is dancing happily

This is the last part which every kids can't wait for it, trick O treats. The thoughtful Margaret from the center, prepare each kids a very nice design goodies bags. Now ready to go for the trick O treats.

with Joshua, their friend from the music class.

look at the huge troupe ! We went to some of the kids house and those parent would like to participate, floor by floor to do the trick O treats.

We and some parents follow the kids and guide the kids to the house to collect the goodies. First house, my boys didn't get anything, too many kids and it's like so havoc and my boys don't know what to do and Cruz cried because he did not get any sweets!!! OMG!!!

So i took over the camera, let hub to help them for the goodies. ahhahahhahhahahhaha

look at the big boy, helping his two boys to get the goodies!

look at this sporting daddy, he put up a blue shopping bag and cut two hole in front and it just look like batman!!

i HEART this picture, can you see the tidbits and sweets are 'flying"? hahahhahaha,
I cannot look at the lens i just hold it up high and snap this, and "accidently" i got a nice one. LOL!

After visiting like 6 or 7 houses, we back to the centre, everyone are sweating and tired and happy with their loots. My boys had their second round helping. Cruz ate another 7 mini sausages, fried chicken and some drink, and now you can see some smile on Fearles's face already. When i ask him, does he want to go home? He said no, then i ask him, why he cried just now? He told me " I just blaff you, i no cried" *droll eyes*

look at their treats!!!

We all have a fun time, including me and hub. This is our first and this is a very good experience for us too. :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nirwana Maju Banana Leaf Rice @ Bangsar

On days that kitchen closed for weekend, we will go out for our dinner.

Last week, hub said go for one nice banana leaf restaurant for dinner, this restaurant had been there for long time already, everytime when we passed by we never think of go in and eat. I had read a lot good review about this restaurant, and it always pack with people! Sometime you have to wait for the table, maybe this is one of the reason we didn't try till last week.

Hub's white rice with some vegetables, this is is in the set.

my bryani rice with chicken and three types of vegetables.
They will give you some curry or dhal to put on your rice, but i opt that out.

some side dishes we order...fried chicken, papadum ..

dried curry mutton, very nice.

another type fried chicken for the boys, non spicy.


my boys would like to have roti canai. They serve roti canai on the banana leaf. hahahha
my boys ask where is the plate? No plate? So i ask them to eat the roti canai with their hand.
Food is good, service is good and the restaurant is clean but only one thing, it's a bit stuffy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

before sleep time......

they do this...

apply lotion to their hands and legs before they sleep! Usually they will sleep before me, i hardly go to bed together with them. There was a night i was really tired so i sleep early together with them, before bed, i will apply lotion on my legs and hands. My boys look at me and told me they want to put some lotion too. From there on, if got chance, they will tell me they want to put lotion before bed.

apply slowly on the legs...

finish...took a picture with their lotion - Anakku! LOL

my two cheeky boys!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Boy's Masterpiece - Part II

Congrats to myself! I just realize my previous post was my 500th post! I start blogging in year 2006, i know it's a long time for me to reach for 500 post, maybe some of you already reach 500 post within a year, but i hardly update and i don't update it daily too. Hope i can keep this blog update as often as i can. :)

To start my 501st post, it is my boy's masterpiece. The last i post it here, this is the art that they painted in Month of Aug - Oct.

no need to said which picture is belongs to who, you can see the name there already. LOL

fruits basket...

this one is easy to spot too, look at the hair style. Can you guess who is who? hahahhahaha


underwater world....

not sure is this elephant, don't ask me why the elephant so skinny and long in shape and why it is in orange color!!



this is the craft that they did. On that night, Cruz was excited want to show me, he didn't hold it properly, end up he broke the bottle. Teacher did another one with him..
Inside the bottle, it is salt with multi colors, i never think of that, we can use salt, and add some food color to it, then can make an art already. :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Handy Mandy @ our house

Enough of my food post, today have to write something about my boys. :)
Two of them are doing good, just that lately their weekday school homework increase. :( Beside than school, homework, music class and art class, they do have their leisure time too.

The big kid (my hub) at home, bought this two weeks back. " I think" it is a game for PS2 or PS3, i am not sure. He bought the steering, gear and the pedals, it's a set, at first i was wondering how is he going to play with that.

Next day, when i back home from work, i saw him DIY this "table" to put his "new toy". See the two boys are so excited, they can't wait to play with it. Oh ya, didn't i said the big kid is the handy mandy in the house? Anything regard fixing, he is the first person we think of.

is the 'table" look good? DIY by the big kid.

Fearles's leg not long enough to press on the pedal, that's why he sit so near to the steering.

No, i didn't let them play everyday. They only get to play when they collect enough stars from me. :) So far they play once only.