Friday, November 26, 2010

all i want for christmas is my.......

On 18/11/2010 (must note this down as a record), when i reached home, my boys run happily to me, they always do this when i am back from work or outside, but that day it's a bit strange, i saw Cruz keep smiling at me, and hiding something at his back. He show me a plastic bag, after i ask him what is that he is holding behind. I looked at that plastic bag, i see nothing, then to my "horror" Cruz smile at me and show me this

He lost his first baby tooth!!!! Don't know why suddenly i feel so so sad. LOL! I asked him why the tooth dropped so sudden, did he knock himself somewhere or how. He told me, Fearles play with him and "ACCIDENTLY" Fearles's bum bum knock on his tooth. I still wonder how "hard" is Fearles bum bum can actually "shake" the tooth. Cruz told me, he pull the tooth out himself (he is very proud of himself!!)

I am so sad to see he dropped his first tooth, but he feel nothing. Two days later was their thanks giving and concert day, i was thinking, aiya, should have let the tooth dropped after the concert. Lucky it is not so obvious, unless he smile big.

On that night, i was thinking should i put the tooth under the pillow, as they know about the tooth fairy tale. Cruz told me, tooth fairy will come and visit him tonight. I doubt, if i really put the tooth under the pillow and the next day Cruz found "tooth fairy" give him some token or money, i am sure he will be very excited. But what if he and Fearles want the tooth fairy to come and visit them again just because the token or money, i start to worry are they going to pull all their teeth out. LOL! You know my boys, they are very "creative" and very imaginative. To avoid it, i brush away this "tooth fairy" idea away.

Last night, while we are on the way to music class, out of sudden Cruz ask me this " how come tooth fairy didn't come ar? Maybe she don't know ? Because i did not put my tooth under my pillow? Or i need to put it on the bedside?" *faint*

Guess what i told him? Tooth fairy knew it, but she is too busy, so she didn't come and "visit" you. * I know i am bad with such a lame execuse.*

I hope this is Cruz wish for this christmas...all i want for christmas is to have my front tooth back!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Causeway Bay Spicy Crabs

~Backdated post~

Yes, this is another food post. :) Me and my girlfriend went to this place two weeks ago to celebrate one of our girlfriend birthday.

I never heard about this place, till one of them told me and i google and read some good review about the crabs here. “避风塘" this is Hong Kong style of cooking, heard so much this "bei fong tong" 避风塘 crabs, but never try before, and it's a lot different from what i had before.

Causeway Bay Spicy Crabs located at Desa Sri Hartamas, we went there after work, we were really early, and in the restaurant, it is only four of us till about 8pm then only dinner crowd start pour in!!

you choose the crabs, they got RM68 / RM80 and RM100, the higher price you paid, the more meat you get, i mean the crab meat, LOL!

this is 避风塘 "bei fong tong" crabs. Fried with lots of garlic and chili, they got few level of spicy-ness, we choose the mild one, we still can taste the spicyness, but it is really good!!


steam fresh water prawns with rice wine and egg white, very nice. We choose four prawns, maybe that night not so crowded, so it serve each of us in a individual plate instead of in a big plate, must eat it while still pipping hot. Yum!

a small portion fried rice for sharing....

salted egg crabs, look at the yolk!! it is not those "wet" type like what we are having in most restaurant. I think they fried the yolk, when you bite it, it is crispy, very nice and not salty, you can actually just eat the yolk like that, something different.

look at the food we i only realise we order one more pork dish, but i didn't capture it.

after the meal, they serve this "guai lin gao" - "tortoise jelly or turtle jelly" Cooling and nice to have one after the heavy meal.

Our dessert didn't end there, last but not least, the last part is the birthday girl cake cutting session. Want to know how old is she, go and count the candles. LOL!!!

macadmia cheese cake...

the happy birthday girl, Pui Sim.

we...the four ladies.

We had a good time catch up and enjoy the food, but, i been not well for that past few days, i still don't have much appetite that night, with so many good food, i only manage to have my plate of prawn, ONE crab, few vegetables and few spoons of fried rice, how sad!!! I don't mind to go there again!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Beautiful "kakak"/maid

Last two nights while i prepare my boys for their bed time, after brushing their teeth, wash their face, legs and hands, i change them into their pjs.

When changing them, i put some powder on their body, and Cruz my 5 years old said this....

Cruz: mummy, can you tell kakak not to put powder on my face?

mummy: i already told kakak not to, why? she still put powder on your face?

Cruz: ya, she like to put powder on my face. Mummy, can you BUY ME A NEW BEAUTIFUL KAKAK?

Pause a while on what i am doing and i laugh so loud......

mummy: why you need a NEW BEAUTIFUL kakak? This kakak not nice?

Cruz: beautiful kakak will smell nice.


Monday, November 15, 2010

can i go for holidays?

Last week, one of the night, i was having a night chat with my boys before bed. We will talk about anything, what is happening at school today, what are they doing today, then you know me bad, i decide to "tease" them by asking them, " Can Mummy Go For A Five Days Holidays?"

They look at me and ask........

They: What is holidays?

mummy: holidays is sit aeroplane and go somewhere.

Cruz: then me lei?

mummy: you and kor kor stay at home with daddy.

Cruz: who will sleep with us?

mummy: daddy will sleep with you .

Cruz: I want mummy to sleep with me, daddy always go kai kai.

While Cruz talk, he is in his sobbing tone and Fearles keep quiet while Cruz talk to me, then suddenly i saw Fearles wipping his tear. Omg! Just a "small joke" and i make two of my boys sad. I feel so guilty. I told them, i am just jokking with them, i will bring them holiday together with me one.

Cruz: i don't want mummy go and sit aeroplane, i want mummy stay with me, if i naughty, mummy can beat me, but mummy cannot go and sit aeroplane.

How sad to hear that, they rather want me to beat them if they naughty, rather than i go for a holiday.

You know what, three days later, our co announced we are going to have our first company trip next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now shall i said, my dream has come true??

I have not tell the boys yet, but have told hub about it. He said, just go, anyway it just 3 days 2 nights, and he can care the boys....

*sigh* I need a holidays, but i have not left behind my boys ever since they are born. :(

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Breakfast @ Marmalade

Ok, i have "ignore" this blog for a week plus now, blame the lazy bug bites and also not feeling so well last few days, today i feel a lot better . Year end coming, just lots of things to do, and a lot things lining up. *sigh* Will be a lot busy this month and next month, hope i can find sometime to update my blog.

What we have up to? During last week Deepavali holiday, i met up with this pretty mummy and her cute girl for breakfast. We have know each other for few years, from she was still dating, till she married and till now she is a mummy and finally now we met. She is no other than L'abeille!!

We met up at Marmalade @ Bangsar Village for breakfast....

Marmalade, a kids friendly restaurant.

cute baby Janice...

enjoy her baby biscuit and carrot juice....

my two boys, i brought some notebook and pens keep them occupied while waiting for our breakfast...

me and L'abeille...* picture taken by Fearles*

Cruz's breakfast, hot dog bun and fries....

my big breakfast!!! Yummy!! I just love American big breakfast. Yummy.

L'abeille breakfast..corn cakes with avocado salad.

Fearles wants pancakes, it don't have it in their kids menu, so i order from the adults menu, it a bit too big portion for Fearles. And the pancakes, you can see the color, not like normal pancakes, as it made by wholewheat (i think), so it give extra fullness!

We had a good time chatting, on off my boys play a while with Janice, maybe she is still a baby, they didn't play much with her. I have to said thank you very much toMr Sun, L'abeille's hub, he just come and settle the bill for us and he didn't want to join us for breakfast, he said he want to give L'abeille time to chat with me, how sweet he is. Not only that, L'abeille also bake me two loaves of butter cake, which is very very nice, i had it all by myself!!! Burp!! It's not too sweet and not too dry, i just like it that way. Finally i get the chance to try her baking, didn't i said she is very good in cooking and baking? Check out her blog here.

Nice to meet you L'abeille and thanks for the breakfast and the lovely cakes!!!!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Kids iPhone @ Swag Soft

Kids iPhone? No no, i am not getting any iPhones for my kids nor there is new product as kids iphone. I think iPhone is not a strange word to anyone of us, and most of you are holding one too. Everyone in my house are having one iPhone, except me, i am not a gadget person, i rather spent my money on other stuff, unless someone want to give me free? *hint hint hint*

Even my two boys also hook on their daddy's iPhone. I tell you, they can manage it a lot better than me. They know where to find and how to play with the games, they remember the password too! :S

Do you know that now beside than all the games on the iPhone, you actually can give your little one some education on iphone too. I come across this website Swag Soft, they have some cool stuff for kids, like Katakune Super Flash cards, which contain more than 170 everyday commonly used words have been transformed into 180 beautiful rendered Flash Cards and organized into different categories.

If your kids like to sing, this Sing With Olive, will be your choice. Created by Emmy award-winning animation studio, Peach Blossom Media. Olive and the Rhyme Rescue Crew will teach the kids on the music and movement and also the new vocabulary .

Other than the singing and the flash cards, they also have Katkune Cartoon Series. Every kids just love cartoon, don't they. Katakune – An Award-winning Cartoon Series for Preschoolers and it is created for children 2 to 6 from Character Farm. Katkune already broadcasted in TV stations around the world, Swag Soft has now licensed Katakune to be distributed as iPhone applications.

Getting this cool stuff on your phone, you can keep them occupied and it also can be a token. I told my boys, if they behave well, finish their homework, collect certain point, they get to play with the iPhone.

If you want to check out more about Swag Soft, just log on to their website. You might find something that you like too.