Friday, December 31, 2010

A movie day out with my boys..

Last week Tuesday 21/12, i had a date with my two boys, we went for a movie. Since i still got 4 days leave i need to clear before end of the year, I took a day off.

I told my boys night before, i will be bring them for movie. Wake them up next day, after shower them, i told them we go for breakfast first then only go for the early movie. At first we thought to have Mcd for breakfast, but after few rounds turning, hard to get a parking, end up i told them we are going to Garden and have breakfast there.

Reached there, i go and check out the movie time first and also get the tickets first, then we went for breakfast. This is my first movie show alone with my two boys. We watched Rapunzel a tangled tale, heard so much good review about this movie, finally we get to watch it.

I bought two seats at Golden Screen Cinemas, their seat are slightly bigger than the normal one, it just nice to fit three of us. Morning show on a weekday is a good choice, less crowd.

before the show start......see two of them give me the monkey face.

Overall, three of us enjoy the show very much and we enjoy the mother and sons bonding time. After the show, i brought them for Mcd late lunch, they had another good time at Mcd playland. Reached home, they just worn out. :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Penang Trip 2nd day - 13/12/2010

We woke up quite early the next day morning, waste no time, after change, we went to the coffee house to have our breakfast. Our room rate include only two breakfast, my two boys are chargeable. It is really crowd at the coffee house, lucky we are a bit early and we don't need to wait for the table long.

A bit disappoint with the breakfast they serve, not much variety and the most common nasi lemak they also don't have. Mostly are bread, one type of noodle, porridge, some fried stuff, some cereal. There is an egg counter, but when you see the queue you will tell yourself, just forget about it.

We had a quick breakfast, then walked to the beach, my boys can't wait to jump into the water since the day we arrived.

beautiful and very clean beach......

they warm up with sand play first.....then..................

leave all their beach toys behind and they went to .........................................

the sea.......

After some play at the water, we saw this.......

what you call this? Beach bike? My first try, well, at first i was a bit scare, some more bringing two boys with me, one front and one at the back! I drive super slow......finally after one round come back...they told daddy, they don't want to sit anymore...

when daddy offer to bring them, they are happily agree and go round and round and i can hear them laughing loud!

see their happy face? They said mummy drive too slow, no fun. :(
After they come down and continue play at the water, i went and ride few rounds, more relax this time, because i don't need to carry two with me. LOL

they just love the wave....

after some play at the water, daddy decide to bring them for jet ski ride. This is their first too. At first they are excited, but after few rounds, they said they are scare, and want to back to the beach.

We spent about 2 hours at the beach then we proceed to the swimming pool and let the boys to have some swim.

they just love water....

after a short swim, we get the boys come out from the pool, we can see the dark cloud approaching and also it almost time for us to check out from the hotel.

look at the dark clouds. :(

After we checked out from the hotel, brother in law and family come and join us, since our friend Derek need to work on that day, so we use our GPS to locate the place where we want to have our lunch. We went to the famous CKT at Lorong Selamat. Heard so much good review about Lorong Selamat CKT, finally we got to taste it.

this is the coffee shop....Heng Huat

this is the aunty that fried the CKT, outside the coffee shop got a lot more stalls, you can order the food and bring it here. Let's see what we had.................

steam yam cake, hmmmmm..this one taste so so only...

fried yam cake, this is a lot better...yum!!

or chien....i am not a fan of or chien, but according to my bil and hub and sil, they all said very good!! The or chien all fat fat and juicy!

chee cheong fun for the kids....

curry mee, not too bad, taste a bit different from KL one. I still prefer KL curry noodles.

otak otak! This is very good!!!

the yummy otak otak, even hub also said the otak otak very good. He is not an otak otak person.

lobak! Nice!!!

look at the food we had....

hub order this ice kacang, very very nice, they use sarsi syrup, something different, hub having two bowls of this!

look at Cruz....

and the kids......

here come the main dish, the CKT!!!! Big plate and with huge prawns and lots chili. You know how much this plate cost? RM6.50 per plate!!!!!!

I had one plate of CKT and one bowl of curry noodles plus all the side dishes we order, you can imagine how we "torture" our tummy!!

After the late lunch at Heng Huat coffee shop, we end our Penang trip. Although it just a short trip, but we all enjoy ourselves with the food, and kids enjoy their beach. Hope my next trip to Penang, won't be another 4 years time and hope there will be no rain and less traffic in Penang. :)

Penang Trip 12/12/2010

During this long school holidays, i didn't bring my boys go anywhere, but just a short trip to Penang. My last Penang trip with them was 4 years ago!! Yes it is that long, that time, they are just 1 yo +, they don't have any memory about their Penang trip.

We left in the Sunday afternoon, after hub finish his work. Brother in law was there on day before, he was participate some cycling event. So we went and join them in Penang, but stay in different hotel.

Journey to Penang was a breeze, two boys slept in the car, but when they woke up, they keep asking how come Penang so far, still not arrive, they are just so excited about Penang.

Finally we reached Penang Bridge around 5pm, after 4 hours drive with two stops. Once reach Penang mainland, the traffic was really bad.

We checked into Hotel Flamingo around 5.45pm.

Hotel lobby...

we got a sea view room....

the pool in the hotel.....

our room, two queen twin bed, just nice for four of us. Actually upon check in i asked for extra bed, but after seeing the room, i told them to cancel the extra bed.

The hotel room corridor....

We join brother in law and their family and another good friend of us from Penang for dinner. We had dinner at Pulau Tikus, i told them i prefer hawker food rather than go to restaurant. I remember this place, four years ago, we also came to the same place to have the very nice CKT. This time, we had more people, this place a bit challenging if want to get a big table for us, we had 6 adults plus 7 kids!!!!

Now..look at the food we had......

Pulau Tikus Market..

look at the crowd....

this is the stall that selling very nice CKT, this uncle fried CKT plate by plate and you can request your CKT with duck eggs or chicken eggs. We all order our CKT with duck eggs. It take quite sometime for the CKT to serve.

Penang Assam Laksa, hmmmmmm...i am not Assam Laksa person, so i cannot give the comment on this. LOL

CKT...i actually had two plates of this!!!!

Chicken and Pork Satay!!! I think the pork satay at my house one is a lot better than this. hahahahha

kueh teow th'ng, very nice. We also order a few bowls of this...

Sushi also taste good, this also go few rounds, kids love it. The sushi very fresh and very unique, also need to wait long, as they only do the sushi when you order.

When we about finish our dinner, it start to rain. I remember during my last trip and while having dinner at the same place, it is raining too!!! :(

We were saying we want to have late supper at Gurney Drive, our friend said there was a stall there serve very good grill fish. Since it is raining, and the traffic was terrible, we decide to go to our friend house to wait till the rain stop and the traffic a bit better only go for supper. In fact i need to meet up with STP to pick up my things from him, my mum pass him something to pass it to me, since i know he will be in Penang too. I thought i will meet him for dinner, but since we are in a big group, a bit hard for others to follow my way. We exchange a few sms, i told him i will only be at Gurney Drive later at night, but he will be going to Cameron the very next day and need to rest early. Very kind of our friend, Derek's wife to sent me to STP'shotel to pick up my things. Although it is just a short distance from Derek house to Gurney, but because of the bad traffic, we stuck in the car for quite sometime. I feel so bad, trouble Sir Arthur to bring things for me and yet need him to wait for me. Thanks so much!!!

Finally we reach at the hotel, had a quick chat with STP, took my things and pass him some gifts then i left. At the end, we didn't go for our supper. Derek and his wife need to work the next day and also my hub want to go out with his friend for a drink. So we call it a night.

Want to know what the things i asked STP help me to bring all the way from Sibu to Penang?

more Sibu Mee Suah and very kind of STP to give me some daddy instant noodles from Sarawak. As i told him , i never try before. During my trip back in April, i am thinking to bring some back, but too many things to bring, end up i didn't try or bring it back here.

another thing is this ------------------> Jelly fish!!! LOL!!!!
You may ask why bring all the way from Sibu to here, because you cannot get it here. The jelly fish here is so so different from Sarawak. My mother in law also agree with me! hahahhahahha

this is how the jelly fish look like, eat it with dip the sauce, really yummylicious!!!!! I think the sauce did the wonder too. I gave some to my in laws try, they told me, the sauce is really good, ask my mum to do a big container for them.

That is our first night in Penang and stay tune for the next day food galore!!