Friday, January 28, 2011

Birthday Dinner @ Plus One Steamboat

~ Another backdated post ~

I know i am "MIA" from blogging for another week again *sigh*, time just not enough for me. Lately, work also start getting busy and busier, my boys's homework from school also from thrice a week to daily homework, not to mention have to sit down with them to practise their piano at home and also sit with them at the music centre.

Ok, now back to my post. First, i would like to thanks everyone for the sweet birthday greeting on my previous post.

Last week, i manage to steal some "me" time to go out with my girlfriend to celebrate my big day. Every year, we try to make it and celebrate each other birthday, and in a way to keep in touch. They are my ex colleague cum friends from the previous company.

This time, i told them i would like to have steamboat for my birthday, and here we are at One Plus Shabu Shabu @ One Utama.

they have variety of sauces for you to choose to dip with the food.

we order a jar of sugarcane drink for sharing...

Vivian's pork bone soup....

Catherine's Tom Yam soup........

mine's herbal soup ....

Sorry, i miss out PS's soup base, she was having drunken chicken soup, she came late, and i am too busy eating and forgot to snap the picture.

I like this type of steamboat, because we can have our own pot of soup base and we can choose what type of soup we like and it is more hygiene too. :P

pork slice....shabu shabu

fried bean curd, quail eggs, century eggs, vegetables, bean curd..

Emperor noodles...

mixed balls....four different type of balls.

mixed mushroom..

After enjoy the yummy dinner, what else, start camwhore again! Last 30's birthday, so must snap as much pictures as i can. hahahhahahaha

Vivian partner in crime.

Vivian, Catherine and me...

PS, Vivian and me.

Enough taking pictures, here come the mini cake cutting session. I like what Jacss describe this cake - Diet cake!! hahahhahaha Ya, usually after a heavy dinner, we sure don't have anymore space for the cake, unless we have more people to share a cake.

me and my "diet cake" hahahhahah

ignore the number of the candles, they want to make fun of me, i am not 50 yet!!!

look at what Catherine design this card, she put all my picture from 2006 till 2010!!! I had a good laugh when i look at the card!

my pressie from them, bracelet and a pair of earring from Made With Love.

Four of us yak, eat and taking picture the whole night, till the restaurant almost close and we are the last table to leave!

And finally we get the staff to take a picture of four of us.

Thank you very much my dear friends for the lovely dinner and the pressie! I do have a great great night!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Last 30's celebration!

Yo Yo Yo~ Yes, i am another year older today!! This is my last year to enjoy my 30's birthday. *sob sob* I know i know, it's just a number, but still i feel kind of sad.

Well, last night my bunch of girlfriend had a small celebration with me, we had a fun time, will blog that later. Today, i don't have any plan but will go out to have lunch with my old friend from the first hotel that i am working with, which we have known for 17 years. Tonight, we will attend a wedding dinner to "celebrate" my big day. LOL!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes through sms, Facebook and birthday cards! Thanks everyone and with you all have a great weekend!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I am Master Chef for the day....

Ok, i know this is a really backdated post, i better do now. Lately just too busy with work and also school homework and acitivities. :(

Remember i mention in my previous post, i said i rushing to another place for an activity for my boys after the casting? Two of them want to become a master chef for the day! I register them for the Marche holiday baking program, I missed the one year before. After i read Barb brought Ashley to her first cupcakes bake in the first week of December and i check with her, is Ashley going for another one, she said yes, she will go for another one on the last week which is buns making. Right away i told Barb to make booking for my two boys too, i want to let them try.

Tada!! Now...look at the three master chef for the day...Cruz, Ashley, Fearles.

After they put on their apron and hat, their "cikgu/teacher" lead all the master chefs to washroom to get their hand wash then only start their project.

firstly, the teacher taught them what to add in the flour... some yeast, egg, butter, then mix them up.

kids are looking carefully how the Main Chef knead the dough.

while wait for the dough to raise, they got one ready one, he cut it and divide to all the kids. Every kids get to get three dough.

Fearles got his share...

Cruz got his too....

After few knead and time to add some raisins and chocolate chips..

one of the assistant come and help/teach how Fearles how to add the raisins inside and how to close it back.

Fearles enjoy baking!

this is Fearles's buns with neatly arrange chocolate chips on top.

look at this messy Cruz with all the raisins on top of the buns!!

After sent their buns to the oven, they are doing some coloring while waiting for the buns.

color pencils and art picture and a small cup of coke was served.

When the kids are busy with the coloring, what did the two mummies doing? Since the two daddies are going for some window shopping in the Mall. Me and Barb decide we had something to fill our stomach.

we order a baked potatoes for sharing.....

a slice of fruit cake, very yummy!!!

and Panna Cotta, my favourite dessert!! But this one so so only, nothing to shout about. :(

After 20-30 mins, the buns were ready......

we saw this on the table....strawberry jam ...

Fearles proudly showing his buns!!

Cruz said "nom nom nom" i want to eat it!!!

The buns smell really good and soft, especially freshly baked from the oven. Now, they need to squeeze some strawberry jam inside the buns, or you can dig a small hole on the bun on top to do do like donuts, any way you want.

poke a hole on the bun with the butter knife, then squeeze in the strawberry jam.

daddy help pumping the jam into the buns.....

Ashley with Barb's help...

Fearles want to try his own baked bun..he said Nice and Yummy!!!

Last but not least they got a cert for that!!

Cruz with his Cert..

Fearles with his cert and some free meal voucher..

and one with their "teacher" for the album!

I can see Fearles enjoy himself very much, he told me, he want to come again, he want to learn baking. hahahhahahhahha
And yes, we bring back 5 buns with us!!!! (one eaten by Fearles already)

outside the restaurant, three of them took a pictures together...

After spending two hours at Marche for the baking, then we continue with some window shopping at The Curve. It didn't end there, we even went for a 6pm movie, we are watching Trons and this is the first time the boys watch a 3D movie.

Show end at around 8.30pm, we had a quick bite at A & W, since all of us already dead tired, this is my first time spending almost 8 hours in a shopping mall!! A bad experience at A & W, i am not really like A & W, but hubs want to have their root beer, so we went. It was quite empty, not much patrons, only 5 -6 customers. At the counter, there was only a lady staff serving us and she is having a bad flu!! Maybe she is not well till the suppose smiley face we also can't see, we only can see a sour face. That doesn't matter, we just want to have a quick bite and go home. We order two kids meal for the boys, me and my hub had our meals, but the kids one took so long to prepare. When the Corney Hot Dog serve, it just a plain bun with hot dog inside, no sauce at all and it look so dry. I am so tired, i open the paper and just pass it to the boys, lucky hub is quick, he said he saw some black mildew (fungus) on the bun, ask me to check. I had a closer look, there was a small patch, when i turn the bun i saw another patch on the bun. I went back to the counter and told the girl. She apology and said will change another one for me. I should have took a picture of it, *big regret* :( It's a long day, i don't have anymore energy to make a scene. I think i will ban A & W for a while.

What a fruitful and tired day! ~ 27/12/2010

Sunday, January 09, 2011

I want to be a star...

Remember last year December i brought my boys for casting? Exactly almost the same time, on the night that we had Christmas Party, while i am busy running here and there preparing the food for the night, i received a call from Chilli Pepper Films Production House.

They want me to bring my boys for another milk powder casting, since i was on leave the next day, i told them, i am ok with that. I was quite surprise to receive their calls again, i know my boys, camera shy, very slim chance they will be chosen, but i just want them to try and have some experience on it.

Next day, woke them up, get them prepare then off we went for the casting. This time hub went with us, we reach there around 11.45am. There was another two boys were there for casting too, lucky we were the first, because we need to rush to another place in the afternoon for a activities that i arrange for them.

Before they start casting, the staff told us what the boys need to do. Like previous, the boys need to briefly introduce themselves, then he give us a short script, then ask the boys to act. We explain to Fearles and Cruz what they need to do, tell them the story and what they suppose to do, but once the camera on, two of them shy!! Keep looking at the staff, don't know what to do.

Fearles didn't manage to finish act the whole script/story, he decide to give up. Cruz manage to finish, but he shy. When camera off, he is ok, once the camera on, he don't know what to do again.

Well, we didn't force them, but told them to try their best. After we left, two of them tell us, they are scare and shy, that's why cannot do well.

Get or no get, we are fine, at least it's another good experience for the boys.

Fearles introduce himself in front of the camera..look how shy he is..

try to act, but but...too scare and stiff. LOL!

Cruz turn, try to act cool, but we know he is nervous.

acting time.....