Monday, February 21, 2011

Blog Break

picutre from Google

Yes, the blog owner will go for a holiday, won't be back till next week.

Thanks for those who dropping by here and "check" on me. :)

During this time, there won't be any update on this blog and also blog hopping .

Here, wishing everyone have a happy week ahead!!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sweet Surprise

Three days ago, early morning i received an sms, asking am i working on that day, i said "yes" and "why"? Answer was, someone is deliver something to you. I said "Oh, someone want to sent belated valentine's gift to me?"

When i reached office, i saw this beautiful flower cookies bouquet on my table. My first impression was "Wow! This is so beautiful!!" I took the card and read, it's my belated birthday gift from this lovely mummy! It is really a sweet surprise and it bright up my day too! The whole day i can smell the cookies smell, but it is too pretty to be eaten.

Nice and pretty..

closer view, the bumble bee is the card and there is another small container with cookies under the card.

another closer view...

now you can see another container with cookies.

Want to order this unique and something different for your loved one, friends, relatives or baby full moon gift, hop over to kindred kookies to look at the beautiful creation.

Actually till today, i still don't have "heart" to eat those pretty cookies, but i have to "clear" it before i go for holidays next week. Otherwise those "small friends" will eat on behalf of me. Kids at home, they just can't wait to finish for me, everyday eyeing on it, today when i ask them what color they would like to have, they happily tell me, i want big purple color, pink small one, bla bla bla.....

Once again, thanks so much Paik Ling for your thoughtfulness and also Chakle from kindred kookies for the beautiful bouquet.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Chinese New Year and Lion Dance

Today is the last day of chinese new year, so i better get this post done, before it get long overdue again.

Like i mention previous, this chinese new year is a quiet Chinese New Year for us. Actually, every year also a quiet one, unless i go back to my hometown then that will be another different story. :)

Before chinese new year, i don't have any yee sang, once start on reunion lunch, till today i cannot count how many i have already. This whole week had been eating since Monday, chinese new year gathering with friends, family dinner, company chinese new year dinner, then today chap goh meh dinner.

Overall my chinese new year not too bad, we had some friends come over to our house for visiting, although we don't really celebrate it, since no one at home, but it is more like once a year to catch up with friends and gathering more than chinese new year things.

Now, let the pictures do the wrap up for my chinese new year this year.

We had a mini steamboat late lunch at home on the forth day of chinese new year, while Esther Law, my aunty come and visit us.

First day chinese new year, we want to do some shopping, but too bad, the shop that we want to go was not open, so end up we were at Pavillion, and this is MY very FIRST trip to Pavillion. hahahah, so no more "suaku" ya?

got picture to prove, finally this "kampung girl" had been to Pavillion. :D

my three boys at the Pavillion entrance, to beat the drum and hope to get more "luck"

On the second day of chinese new year, we are invited to my good old friend house for the chinese new year open house. Blur me, i mixed up the date, i thought it will be on the third day, till one of them called me and remind me.

me and my two good old friends from college! Jackie and Irene.

Cruz, the social bee, met some new friends there, he is so happy, can you see he is full of sweat? He so adore his new found friend, he keep asking me to bring him to Irene's house, he thought this boy is staying at Irene's house.

This year, my boys didn't have a chance to see lion dance, i checked most shopping mall, they hardly have show during chinese new year or those have one, we missed the timing. My boys disappoint, then i told them, just wait the one at daddy's market. Some of you, if you read, you sure know every year there will be lion dance at TTDI market and without fail i will blog about it once a year. LOL

This year also no exceptional, there was one on last Sunday, before chinese new year, some mummies already sms me ask me is there any Lion Dance this year. Last year, Elaine was there, and this year, Elaine, Barb and Patsy came and one of my friend join us too and i was surprise to bump into Zara's mama there too! Just like a mini gathering !
It's a long lion dance this year, we spent about 4 hours there. This time, beside the normal lion dance, they have acrobatic lion dance outside the market.
Now...let the pictures do the talking again. ~ pictures from Elaine's camera, blur me again, too excited till i forgot to bring my own camera!!!!!~ Thanks Danny for the lovely pictures.

setting up the stilts...

lion standing up high...

look fierce?

After the lion finish his "stunts", time to light up some fire crackers!!

eight long strings of fire crackers....light and RUN RUN RUN!!!!!

pi plak pi plak pi plak....

Now back to the market, another round lion dance.....

Rabbit in chinese character..

Fearles with the lion head...

Cruz with the lion head..

finally a group picture of the mummies and the kids, too bad Agnes left early, and we didn't take a picture with her.

The last round lion dance at hub's stall.....another 4 strings of fire crackers setting up.

Cruz, Tessa and Fearles...looking at the lion dance...

look at Amber and Ashley, two of them really enjoy themselve, dance together with the lion!

father and sons with the confetti

lion "jumping" up high to eat the "vege"

light up the firecrackers, they light up too early without give us "warning and make all of us run-for-life. LOL!

Look at the aftermath, everyone choke by the smoke!!

Everyone of us are tired and with hunger, we spent too much time to wait for the lion to come down to the stall. But everyone of us had a fun time and all of us went for a very late lunch at nearby coffeeshop. It's a fun fun day!

Here i would like to wish everyone a very Happy Chap Goh Meh and Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

small chat during breakfast..

Last Sunday, me and the two boys went to "mamak stall" for breakfast, before we went to TTDI market to see lion dance.

While enjoying my roti canai and nescafe tarik, my boys were having their roti tissue, we saw some men are standing on the crane, and doing some renovation and painting on one of the coffeeshop opposite.

My boys were curious, they looking and see how one of the man inside and monitor the crane moving up and down, left and right.

F & C: Oh, they know how to move the thing?

mummy: yea

F & C: How they know? They learn?

mummy: ya, they learn how to operator the machine, that's why i said you have to study hard, so you know how to read and you can read the instruction on the paper or book so you will know how to operate it.

F & C: Oh, if i want to become police i also have to study hard?

* They want to become police, because they want to hold the gun, they think it is cool to hold a gun, and my house got tons of toy guns, from big to small, and they still never get sick, still tell me they want to buy more guns!*

mummy: Yes, if you want to become anyone, you have to study hard, so you know how to read and understand.

Cruz: OH! So i just WRITE STUDY HARD, then i can become police??

mummy: *speechless*

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Plan B @ Bangsar Village

Ok, now let me continue with my belated post on my birthday celebration post again. LOL!

On my actual birthday, i had brunch with my bunch of good ol' friends, we have knew each other for more than 15 years! They are friends cum colleagues that i knew from the first hotel i worked with. That time we use to party and hang out together and they are also my "zhi mui", when i get married! That's said how time flies and i am glad we still keep in touch although not meet up often.

We went to Plan B @ Bangsar Village, this is a new eating place at Bangsar Village which i have not been to, since it is my birthday, so i suggest this place to dine. :)

the menu...

the interior...

cake counter

this is how they serve their h2O

their big breakfast, yummy!

toast with jam

Fearles's spaghetti bolognese

my plate of big breakfast...yummylicious!

Cruz's nasi lemak..

After our satisfy meal, we order this piece of red velvet cake for sharing.

red velvet cake...

me and Wai Foon, she is my bridesmaid on my wedding.

four of us + my two boys. Actually there are actually six of us, one left early, and one can't make it.

We had a good time catching up, eating, yakking and we "occupied" that table for 3 hours!! hahhahahah . We should do this more often, or at least once a year.

You must be wonder, why on my birthday i only celebrate it with my girlfriends instead with my three boys? Actually on that night, we got a wedding dinner to attend, so there is no special celebration this year. But i never forget to take a picture of four of us on my special day before we went for the wedding dinner.

me and the three boys.

Beside than the dinner, sms, birthday wishes in FB and i receive some gifts too!

lovely tee from Barb

a nice wallet from Elaine

ring from Barb, a Swaroski necklace + pendant from my sister in law, earring and bracelet from my good friends.

Charles and Keith bags from hub sister and sister in law...

Last but not least, HBN and BHT from Alice and mamapumpkin!! If you're interested to get some HBN and BHT you can hop over to mamapumpkin's blog for more choices.

Thanks so much everyone, you all make my birthday a memorable one.