Thursday, February 10, 2011

Plan B @ Bangsar Village

Ok, now let me continue with my belated post on my birthday celebration post again. LOL!

On my actual birthday, i had brunch with my bunch of good ol' friends, we have knew each other for more than 15 years! They are friends cum colleagues that i knew from the first hotel i worked with. That time we use to party and hang out together and they are also my "zhi mui", when i get married! That's said how time flies and i am glad we still keep in touch although not meet up often.

We went to Plan B @ Bangsar Village, this is a new eating place at Bangsar Village which i have not been to, since it is my birthday, so i suggest this place to dine. :)

the menu...

the interior...

cake counter

this is how they serve their h2O

their big breakfast, yummy!

toast with jam

Fearles's spaghetti bolognese

my plate of big breakfast...yummylicious!

Cruz's nasi lemak..

After our satisfy meal, we order this piece of red velvet cake for sharing.

red velvet cake...

me and Wai Foon, she is my bridesmaid on my wedding.

four of us + my two boys. Actually there are actually six of us, one left early, and one can't make it.

We had a good time catching up, eating, yakking and we "occupied" that table for 3 hours!! hahhahahah . We should do this more often, or at least once a year.

You must be wonder, why on my birthday i only celebrate it with my girlfriends instead with my three boys? Actually on that night, we got a wedding dinner to attend, so there is no special celebration this year. But i never forget to take a picture of four of us on my special day before we went for the wedding dinner.

me and the three boys.

Beside than the dinner, sms, birthday wishes in FB and i receive some gifts too!

lovely tee from Barb

a nice wallet from Elaine

ring from Barb, a Swaroski necklace + pendant from my sister in law, earring and bracelet from my good friends.

Charles and Keith bags from hub sister and sister in law...

Last but not least, HBN and BHT from Alice and mamapumpkin!! If you're interested to get some HBN and BHT you can hop over to mamapumpkin's blog for more choices.

Thanks so much everyone, you all make my birthday a memorable one.


suituapui said...

That place looks BIG? And the food looks really good too. many presents and I did not get you anything. So paiseh...

reanaclaire said...

wow.. firstly Happy Birthday to u again.. cannot remember i wish u or not.. ouch!!

2ndly, the food looked good.. much better than what i displayed today!!

3rdly, your loe koong very cool yeng..

4thly, so many pressies and so expensive too!!

You will look very pretty with them!!

Alice Law said...

Wow at the H2o, look so exquisite! LOL, it's great to celebrate Birthday with a group of girl friends... then another little celebration with hubby and the boys! Hehe!

LOvely present, wishing you a beautiful belated Birthday!

coffeesncookies said...

i tot you had alternative plan when you said Plan B.. very happening bday and wishing you best of health and happiness k ?

eugene said...

surprise,you and wai fong look like real sister leh......

nice gifts,,

jacss said...

wow....that's lot of patsy stuffs, i wana see u wear it one day :D
it's good that even yr SIL also gave u pressies on b'day!!
may u continue to have wonderful b'day celebration yearly!!

Yvonne said...

oO~ Cruz had sambal for his nasi lemak? wow! my girl is scared of spicy food and will reject any mints.

Nice and lovely pressies from family and friends :)

Mom2ashleyaidan said...

Happy belated birthday and wahhhh! Lots of pressies!

Pete said...

Wah, all the nice gifts!

Angeleyes said...

Wei leng lui mommy wear your BHTs & HBNs and let us see leh....

anney said...

Happy belated birthday! Nice gifts! Happy Valentine's day too!

Annie Q said...

STP: the place look big? Ok la, maybe from the picture it look big. Food look good? Want to have it this week? Aiyo, no mention about the present, it always the thoughts that count. :)

Claire: hahahahhaha, thanks for the birthday wish, you're so funny!!

Alice: thanks thanks!

Elaine: I caught you too? hahahha, when i told my friend, we are going to have Plan B for brunch, she ask me, ok, so where we go for brunch? I told her Plan B, she said she thought i am saying going to follow Plan B since Plan A didn't work. LOL

eugene: someone said that to me before too. :)

Jacss: Thanks!! I already wear that HBN on chinese new year, will post it in my next post. :)

Yvonne: Cruz love spicy and food with stronger taste. He can take nasi lemak, with little sambal, too spicy he can't take also.

Mom2ashleyaidan: Thanks Dinah!

Pete: Thanks!

Angeleyes: Thanks again Alice for the lovely gift!

anney: Thanks Anney and Happy Valentine's Day to you too, hope you have a great celebration. :)

chanelwong said...

Blessed Birthday to you...
Sooo blessed with all the lovely gifts...

Unknown said...

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