Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Korea family trip 2011

I am back. I am not just got back, but came back a week ago.

Once i am back here, right the next day morning i had a bad purging for three days, that explain i still on my blog break. Now, i am all well and back on blogging track again and i will blog about my recent family trip to Korea. Don't feel bored ya. :)

We arranged this trip quite "rush" and quite last minute, it just a month before we fly off. It's me and my hub third time going to Korea, we went there before we had kids. Since this trip was travelling with kids, we decide to go on our own instead of joining tour, knowing the "rushing" timing, so i name this trip as our "adventure" tour to Korea, since the communication in Korea is a barrier.

We took Cathay Pacific because they are having some promotion, but one thing we need to stop by Hong Kong for transit. Our flight on the 21/2 late afternoon at 5.45pm, reached HK at 9.30pm, we have already in mind, what we want to do with the 3 hours transit. Once flight touch down, we went to transit hall, then we walked "super fast" from Gate 60+ to the eatries near immigration.

Althought this is not their first time flying, but they are still very excited. Look at the picture, they are not looking at the cartoon on the screen, they are paying full attention on the safety instruction given by the stewardess. LOL!!

reached HKIA, hub and the boys walked so fast...i am at the back try to catch up with them.

reached this place, i remember this is the eateries that we bought our roast goose back last two year, but this time, they have change name. No wonder some of my friends cannot find it. For those who go to HK and want to pack the roast goose back, this is the place for the roast goose rice.

the name of the eatery "Zhen Dou" in Cantonese.

we are the last two customer...it is already 10.30pm.

this is our supper - roast goose rice. Two bowl of roast goose rice - RM60+!!

we order porridge for my boys, but they seems they prefer our rice more than their porridge. :S

After our satisfy and yummy late supper, we rush ourselves to the departure hall again. Flight from HK to Korea took about 3 hours + , four of us sleep through the journey and ignore the in flight meal.

Reached Incheon International Airport at 4.45am (Korea time), their time are an hour earlier than MY. That explain the airport was quite quiet at that hour. We find our way to take the train to transfer to another terminal to get our baggage and also immigration.

look at my two boys, they are still have tons of energy at this hour.

as for me, i am dead tired, i just want to sleep.

We spent some time at the airport and hub go around and get some brouchers, map and transport info and asking around where and how to take aiport bus to the hotel. While he walking around, me and the boys waiting and i had my cuppa of coffee from the convenient store.

monkeying and get dress up and wait for our bus to come and bring us to the hotel.

Bus ticket for adults around RM40+ per way per adult
Bus ticket for kids around RM30 per way per kid.

It took about 1 hour+ to reach our hotel, Grand Ambassador Seoul.

time schdule for the Korea Airport Limousine (KAL) from the hotel to airport and also the route.

We reached hotel before 9am, knowing it is a bit too early for us to check in and this hotel is always running full. When i made my room booking i did put on request saying we are early arrival, but since the hotel was running full, they also can't do much. No room for us, so we told them we walked around first and have breakfast.

The view of the hotel we stayed.

We walked and maybe it is still early, a lot shop and restaurant still not open. We saw this, a very small shop in the centre of the road, we went in and had our first breakfast here. Inside the shop was small, it only had 4 tables, but the food was nice, we even go back again on our forth day.

this is the shop

the menu on the wall, lucky got picture and with english word.

my korean instant noodles. Nothing beat a bowl of hot and spicy noodles soup in the cold cold morning.

hub order some sushi, not exactly sushi, taste a bit different, suppose this for my boys, but they just eat one.

Kimchi, every meal we had, they will give complimentary kimchi. I don't really fancy about kimchi, i prefer their pickles. :)

hub's hot and spicy seafood noodles.

we order something wrong, don't know why it come out another bowl of noodles. It look spicy right? Actually it taste good, not too spicy and the noodles are COLD!!!!! I love this noodles, but i am too full to finish it. Winter eat cold noodles? My teeth cannot take it. LOL

After our breakfast, we walked around and bought some pastries for my boys, since they don't have their breakfast and also check out their subway, since we got lots of time to kill.

this is the small slope and the route we need to walk everyday if we took subway back to hotel.

it is the view once we come out from the subway, another side of the city.

nearby our hotel, there are some exercise "machine" on the road side, we let them play on it. Almost everyday, when we walked back to hotel, we will stop at this place and let them played a while. Did i said, my boys had more energy and they become more hyper in cold weather? Like the energizer bunny, never get tired!!

another exercise equipment.

hotel lobby

After spent about two hours outside, we back to the hotel, but there are still no room available for us. I insist or i ask them to try to get a room for me, i know my boys are tired, they need rest and so do us. The front desk staff are very helpful and they speak very good English too. The staff manage to get me a room, he told me this room is slightly smaller than the actual room i booked. He asked if i don't mind to temporary stay in this room for a night and they will change my room the next day. I agree with it and finally we can take a rest after more than 12 hours travel.

view from our room.

our room, actually it is not small at all
*sorry for the people in the picture, camera man didn't do a good job*

yukata in the drawer

mini bar

they even got iron and iron board, slipper in the room.

After taking shower, yes we all took a shower even it is winter!! We all took a long nap till late afternoon.

Stay tune for the next post what we had for dinner on the first night.


Inspired Momx1 said...

Your post is finally up, something that I look forward to. :) By the way, how much did you pay per night for the hotel room? Looks pretty good.

Small Kucing said...

The boys are really such a happy travellers :D. Yummy looking Chic rice

Yvonne said...

Welcome back~

The small shop is indeed very small but the food looks delicious and spicy.

Irene said...

energizer bunnies! lucky kids! always get to travel... :)

mNhL said...

Welcome back! A great family trip.

Your boys look so cute in their winter clothings.

suituapui said...

Two bowl of roast goose rice - RM60+!! and bus ticket for adults around RM40+ per way per adult... I don't want to ask about the hotel rate - sure I will pengsan.

Been to Korea before ( a long time ago) - not that great. I prefer going to western countries like England or New Zealand...and I'm not a fan of Korean food.

chinnee said...

wah...HK nowadays getting so expensive ah!! 2 plates surely not enough for me, hubby and 3 hungry kids. Wonder how are we going to survive going vacation there end of this year.

Luckily u only got sick after you reach home. Hope u are completely recovered by now. Can't wait to read about everything in Korea!

reanaclaire said...

hey, u had a free and easy trip to Korea?? wow.. i dare not go by myself la.. but now after seeing u can, we can, right? hahaha... ok, looking forward to seeing more pictures...
still cold ah? when i went, it was minus degrees..grrrrrr.....

Shenny's mommy said...

That is a very adventure and interesting family trip. Your boys look so excited.

CH Voon said...

welcome home.

I guess you will feel, malaysia still the best?

i would to travel to korea one day.

I want go there play skiing :)

You upload too many photos a one posts. hahaha

i like the photos - u sleep. wakaka.

Your 2 boys look great with the winter clothes?

Annie Q said...

Inspired Momx1: hehehe...ya i should post this up earlier, sorry for the long wait. :) Hope i will continue "hard working" and post up all and not drag till another few weeks time.
This time we get a quite good deal for the hotel booking, we book it online, RM469 per night, not bad for a 5 star hotel rate.

Small Kucing: Everyone just love holidays and travel, including myself. :) Oh, that is not chicken rice, that is Hong Kong famous roast goose rice ( siew ngor fan) Yum yum!!

Yvonne: Thanks! Ya we love to find those small shop/stall, or at a small alley or some corner and not very noticeable shop for meal. Sometime you will get quite surprise, their food are good and it is a lot cheaper too.

Irene: Now their school homework still ok, can enjoy, later once go to standard one, they will start suffer already lo.

mNhL: Thanks! The winter clothes look too big on my boys? hahahhahahah

STP: Eating in Hong Kong always no cheap ma. Maybe the bowl of roast goose we order is because we get the drum meat? That explain it's slightly more expensive than breast meat?
Airport Limo RM40+ expensive? I think still ok la, from airport and straight to the hotel door step, no need to walk or change subway or anything, reasonable la.
I think girls sure like Korea, because can shop ma. hahahhahaha
I love western country, i want to go to Europe, haven't been to any.
Eh, the hotel rate still ok la, you won't pengsan. hahahahhaha

Chin Nee: after our trip to Korea, i realize that, actually eating in Korea a lot cheaper than eating in Hong Kong. Sometime the drink can be more expensive than the food. Like eating at "char chan teng", the bill easily come to RM50 or RM60. But holidays ma, never mind la, must spent money. :D
Year end you're going to Hong Kong? Wow, your twin and QQ sure love Disneyland a lot.
Thanks, after the three days "detox", now i fully recover already.

reanaclaire: Ya, free and easy trip to Korea. We got a good "tour guide" ma - my hub, he in charge in reading the map and the direction and also the signage, me and the boys just follow him and walk. :D Lucky, we never get lost, not bad for a first timer. :D
Ya, it is still winter in Korea, day time sometime still ok, not too cold, but most of the night it is freezing cold, i think night time it go down to minus degree. We love the cold weather! Nice

Shenny's mommy: hehehe..they are first time to cold country ma, sure excited. I think they are more hyper in cold weather!!

CH Voon: thank you thank you.
I love Korea, i don't mind to go back for the forth time. hahhahaha
I love ski too, but this trip we didn't go for skiing, my boys still young, i don't think they know how to ski, maybe wait till they older a bit, bring them for skiing. My last two trip to Korea, we ski, not said very good, but at least know how to ski, it is fun.
Upload too many photos? hahahha, aiya, let the pictures do the talking ma, so i don't need to write so much. :D
Yikes, so many pictures, all not nice? Only my sleeping one nice? tsk tsk tsk. :S

jacss said...

the kids look so FUN lah... what a good memories this would served for them :D
i might need to contact u on the korea trip...since u so expert there edi !!
now, im gonna tapau the roast goose back during my HK trip back next month...tks for reminder, hehe

chanelwong said...

kids have more energy than adults..
I am sure they were happy....
looking fw to see more photos...

Annie Q said...

Jacss: No, i am not expert, hub is the one that bring us around, we just follow. When you going? I want to tumpang beli barang. hahahahhaa
YES!!! Remember your Hong Kong trip, bring back the roast goose!! Noted down the name of the shop, so you won't miss it.

chanelwong: Yes, they have more energy than us! We are dead tired, but they still can move non stop. :)

Bryan and Brandon's Mama said...

Wah do so many things even on Day 1??? Bet you pengsan-ed at night hehe

Pete said...

Wah, roast goose so expensive...

I love Korea, hope to back there again soon!

You are very familiar with the places in Korea!
Welcome back!

prince n princess mum said...

You makes me wanna go Korea again... :)

Yee Ling said...

Wow...Korea on own. That's pretty adventurous. But it seems that you all have well prepared ya..hahhah.

Bananazஇ said...

A friend once said two Chinese dialects could have easily pull a fast one learning the first 'hello' greetings in Korea. kanyong (hakka) + hosay bo (hokkien) = Anyong-haseyo.

Love the cute 4 tables restaurant. tQ

cleffairy said...

Oh, God, Annie, your boys looks absolutely adorable... and they actually paid attention to the air stewardess's instruction? Salute ur boys! =D

Ann said...

Was going through your updates on FB! :) But nothing like reading from the blog also.

Glad you are better now. Hope to read about the the other days soon. :)

Annie Q said...

Bryan and Brandon's mama: First day actually quite relax. We wasted 4-5 hours resting at the hotel. Only late afternoon go out have some shop and dinner.

Pete: Ya, roast goose is expensive, especially when you request to have roast goose drumstick! LOL
We love korea too, i don't mind to go again for shopping!! LOL
We are not familiar, this is also the first time we are on our own, first two times we are joining tour.

prince n princess mum: go go go, this time bring your two kids, just like me. :)

Yee Ling: yea, do some "homework" before going, reach there all have depends on the map and also get some info from the concierge counter in the hotel.

Bananaz: hahahhaha, even now my two boys also can said "anyong-haseyo" and "kamsa-hamida"! LOL

cleffairy: hahahahhaha, they are actually more interested when it said, what if the plane crush what you're going to do. They are keep asking me why no slip down from the plane!!! *Touch wood*!! You know kids, they are innocent, they think that is fun, while we think it is not nice to said plane crush when travelling.

Ann: Update in FB easier, no need to write just upload the pictures. :) But of course, i have to noted this down on my own blog also.

Unknown said...

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Mohd Saiful Izwan said...

Hi nice sharing. Your room is big. Normally difficult to get such a big room unless your pay a lot of money 😬