Monday, March 14, 2011

Korea Family Trip - Day 1

~ cont' from previous post ~

After we had enough rest, we went out in the late afternoon around 4.30pm . Instead of taking hotel's shuttle, we take the subway. Our first experience with Korea subway, hub read the map and three of us just follow. Lucky, there is English wording on the station, so it's easier for us.

First place we want to go is Myeong Dong, a place for me to shop for cosmetic and skin care products.

going to take our subway, need to walk the stairs down. There was a lot stairs to walk up and down to the subway. A really good exercise for us, no wonder, all korean ladies are so slim!

inside the subway, lucky it is not so pack, we still manage to find a seat.

on the screen, it got Chinese, English and Korea word when it reached / before at the station and also with three language announcement.

when we see the escalator, we feel relief, knowing we don't need to walk the long stairs. LOL!

this is the underground shopping centre at Myeongdong. Looks there are just too much to see and to buy! But since it is winter, so i didn't get any clothes or shoes.

this is some of the small eateries at the road side.

Myeong Dong, the later the night, the more happening and crowd with people.

we get something to eat first before going for our late dinner.

almost every where we go, we can see this kind of stall selling sausage.

look at the street, it is full of people!!!

this is the place i do my shopping!!

After "street" shopping and walk around, we took a rest at the road side and camwhoring.

me and my boys.

After enough resting, we walk down to the underground and took another subway to the place we want to go for dinner.

We are at Sinsa, the place where we had our first night dinner.

Bon Ga in Korea. They got one branch at Solaris Mont Kiara. Since my hub know the boss from Bon Ga KL, he told my hub to go to his brother restaurant in Korea, give us the restaurant add. After checking with the hotel staff, he told us the add is not complete. We call the owner's daughter in Korea and ask her for the actual location.

Once we reached Sinsa, she was there and bring us to the restaurant, it's not too far from the Subway to the restaurant, about 7 mins walk.

the restaurant...

We didn't know that we get a "VIP treatment", Min, the owner's daughter brought us to a private room and told us, they have prepare the food for us. Since the menu all in Korean word, no picture and no English, she explain to us, what is the food she is going to serve. We told her, just give us something simple, don't need too much food, only two of us adults and two kids.

pretty lady, speak good English and explain to me what is on the menu.

Now, let's see what she order for us........

appetizer, salad and some pancakes?

another appetizer, white radish with kimchi sauce?

cold glass noodles appetizer...

ginseng, another appetizer..

seaweed soup, my favourite.

when she ask me, do i like fresh oyster, i told her, ya, can give me about 4, since hub don't really like it. End up a big plate on the table and we can't finish it!!

Oysters are fresh, i just eat like that without squeezing any lemon juice on it. Yum!!

Egg dish, my boys favourite.

hub want to have some local beer...


and another type of fish, very kind of the waitress, she even de-bone the fish for us!

Fresh Abalone!!

We don't know what is this, the waitress who can speak very good mandarin and explain to us, dish by dish, what is she serving, after her explanation only we know that is fresh abalone.

another green dish...

this is special for my boys. They know most food are seafood, and worry my boys can't take, so they prepare this big meat patties just for my boys!

there are more side dishes!!!!!!

Kimchi....a must side dish for Korean food.

another side dish - fried seaweed with little salt and sugar, very crispy and yummy!

anchovies, this is another nice side dish.

look at the whole table and full with food!! These are way too much food for two adults and two kids. Bad bad bad, we didn't finish the food.

After the fruitful dinner, they offer some sweet dessert and mini oranges and even ask do we want any coffee, we are too full, although i wish to get a cuppa after dinner, there isn't any more space in my tummy. When we asked for the bill, the boss don't allow us to paid, insists all on the house.

Bid good bye to the restaurant owner and took some pictures with him, and actually we promise to go back another day for the meal, but but, end up we don't have time to go back there.

We took a slow walk back to take subway back to the hotel. Lucky, there are still some walking to digest the food we ate. Drop by nearby convenient store to get some ice cream and coffee for myself.

side note: this is the T-card that we use for the subway during our stay in Korea. It can use for the bus and also taxi. Look really high tech, it looks like a thumb drive to me.

Starbucks coffee - my daily coffee. Can get this from any convenient store.

It's winter, but my two boys still can't resists to enjoy the ice cream in the room.

This is our first day in Korea.......


CH Voon said...

The "satay" look delicious. can i have one bite pls?

What a cute face you make with twin son. hahaha

hmmm never eat the local korean food before.

i hope i am not the one who wash the plates... SO MANY PLATES!!!!

Shenny's mommy said... eyes roll to see so many food served. The owner of restaurant is very kind indeed. Awesome!

Yvonne said...

The table is full with food!! But luckily the portion is not that huge :D

I like glass noodles dish.

suituapui said...

Some of the food looks quite nice. I wouldn't want to go thereon my own - can't speak the language and they can't speak English most of the time. Went once and when I wanted to buy something, I would just give them all my money...and they would take what the thing cost and return the rest to me. Got cheated also, would not know.

chanelwong said...

I am sooo amaze(feeling hungry) on the amount of food serve and the owner is sooo generous.....

prince n princess mum said...

I missed korean food in korea.. so yummy!

Pete said...

Real nice shopping in Korea. They always fill the table with lots of different types of food....I would be full before I tried all of them...ha ha ha!

laundryamah said...

was the food good? i think i need to see u before May..need to get all the tips from you since i'll b on my own tour..

Bananazą®‡ said...

Food food food..oh my the whole table all filled up..shall be waiting to see the expression of your two kids eating the one foot ice cream in your next few posts..hehe

Bananazą®‡ said...

Thought I saw your 'cute' pix with your two kids before (can't be deja vu) but just could not figure where..hahaha its your avatar pix..nice & cool!!!

Etceteramommy said...

So much food on the table!!!! Fast fast post day 2.

IMMomsDaughter said...

Can't wait to read the rest of your posts. Looks like you guys had a wonderful time and your boys are very goodlah ~ don't complain walk up and down the subways. Wish my kids were as adventurous.

jazzmint said...

eww, those oysters are so many!!! Wow all the ppl so rajin reading in the train huh