Monday, April 25, 2011

My boys's masterpiece - Part IV

It had been sometime since i last posted my boys art and craft. Here are some of their art work.

this is their craft - photo frame.

Last december, they did some cake deco. They suppose to do ginger bread, but instead of ginger bread, the art teacher give them a cake to deco, they are having tons of fun too.

Fearles's cake

Cruz's cake

Friday, April 22, 2011

Reminisce @ Mid Valley

I know i still have not finish my Korea trip post and i got a lot back log post too. :( Hope i can blog as much as i can. Next month, May going to be another busy month for me, and now i got three mini "projects" in hand, i won't reveal it now till i get it done. :)

Want to share some food that we had weeks ago. Read about this place in some blogs, finally i got a chance to try it out.

The eatery place is called "Reminisce", same row as Maybank at Mid Valley. Very unique interior design, it bring back a lot good old days memory when we are still a kid, especially for those who born in year 70's.

you can see this outside at the entrance..

some toys for display, i remember that wooden piano at the bottom shelf, i got one when i am young.

some jellies and chocolates

tennis ball, colorful marbles, and what you call that, can blow a balloon

some toys...


chocolate, i remember when i am young, after i finish all the chocolates i will tie a rubber band at the side and wear it as a mask, are you doing the same as me too? hahahha

Fearles want to take a pictures with all the heroes.

Here come our food.....

Fearles's milo, it looks like the one that serve at Papa Rich - Milo Dinosaur, full of milo powder on top.

Cruz want to have normal nasi lemak, taste quite good.

hubs nasi lemak with curry chicken.

Fearles want to have fried rice. Don't judge by the look, it look normal, but it taste very good! Even hub the choosy eater also said Good.

i order this dried meat and chicken floss sandwiches, i thought just a small portion, it was quite big portion. Bread a bit too dry but they are very generous with the chicken floss.

fried white radish cake, taste ok, it could be better. I still prefer the one at night market, got more "wok hei".

lor mai kai, taste quite good.

A quiet and a comfy place , good for friends gathering or family gathering, food with reasonable price but they only accept cash no credit card.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brown and Peach

Lately i had a lot interesting conversation with my boys.

As most of you know, my twin boys, one is fair and one is "tan" since their baby time, my friends use to call them "kopi" and "susu"Last week when i shower them, suddenly Fearles said.......

Fearles: mummy, why i am brown colour and Cruz is peach colour?

Me: *still blur, wondering what he referring, after i only realise he is referring to their skin colour*

Cruz: Yes, you and daddy are brown colour, me and mummy are peach colour.

I really had a good laugh.

After a while, Fearles still not happy he is "brown" colour and he said, "mummy actually i am just light brown colour and not BROWN, my friend xxx in school, he is BROWN (he is indian boy). My boys always refer indian as in brown colour. :S

So now Fearles is happy that he is LIGHT BROWN and not so BROWN. LOL!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Creation - Part 48

I checked my last bento making was 4 months ago!!! Oh no, it had been so long i didn't fix any bentos for my boys on weekend. Daily i still do simple mould bread for them to bring to school.

Some of you may know that i am participate a contest in Facebook, organise by Dutch Lady Malaysia, "What's in your meal container". My colleague saw it and ask me to join the contest, ask me to give it a try, no harm. Here i am, fix this two bentos last weekend and submit it.

This is the picture i submit for the contest, two in one, since i got twin boys, i fixed two. It is very kind of Dutch Lady Malaysia admin sent me an e mail and ask me if i mind to sent them two pictures and submit as two entries for the contest, i am more than happy to hear that. Immediately, i sent them another two seperate picture.

This is actually not the earlier what i plan to do, but with some "unforeseen mishap", end up it come up with this bento.

Sausage in mini bun, carrot stick, sausage octopus, egg flower and strawberries and a packet of dutch lady milk.

When i decide to join the contest, this onigiri bread come to my mind. I saw it at this creative mama bento blog and some other japanese mama bento blog too, i decide to do this and it is simple, not too complicated. :P

Bread onigiri with butter inside, sausage octopus, egg flowers, grapes and a packet of Strawberry Dutch Lady Milk.

So have you "LIKE" my pictures in facebook?

Here is the two simple step....

1) First, be a fan at Dutch Lady Malaysia, click "LIKE" on Dutch Lady homepage

2) Second, find my pictures, under "Kiu Siew Nee set 1 & set 2" and click "LIKE" .

Tada, you are done!

Here would like to said thank you to those already click "LIKE" on my pictures. Muakkks!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My little "musician"

On 30/3 /2011, my boys had their JMC book 3 music party, it also saying they are finished their book 3 and now they will in their book 4, the final book.

Two weeks before the party, my boys already choose what song they want to sing and to play during the party. I get them practice the piano and also the song, i know playing, they are doing ok, i am only worried their singing part. Knowing i got two shy boys especially Fearles, but this round Fearles give us a big surprise!!

Cruz, he want to be the first to go up and do the performance, playing part he is doing good, but singing part, he got stage fright this round, he didn't really sing and we hardly can hear what he sing also. Fearles being cheeky this round, keep telling the brother, we cannot hear, sing louder. LOL

Fearles want to be the last went up, before his turn, he keep checking with me on the song he is going to play and sing. They need to tell everyone what song they are playing and sing. He told me he is going to sing loud this time, i told him "good and try your best". He didn't disappoint me and yet he give me a surprise, he sing loud and not nervous like two previous time. Teacher give a good comment about him, saying he is the best performance for that night, he sing loud and with SMILE, my young man he feel so proud of himself!

Too bad, this time i don't know what happen to my camera, when i do recording, the sound turn up very very soft. Hence, i only upload the singing video up here and not the playing part. I do post some video in FB on their practice at home.

Well done my two boys, and now i start worry about their book 4, because they are going to sit for an exam after they finish their book 4 in Sept!! By then, they will finish the whole course and if they want to continue, they will proceed to another level.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

mother & son talk

I admit i am not a patience person, especially when coaching my boys homework.

Like i mention in previous post, this year, their homework are getting heavier, daily got 5 books, weekend 8 books to finish and not forgetting there are 5-6 pages of chinese words need to write.

Fearles is quite slow on his study. He always cannot focus and always in his own wonderland. Like a minute ago i taught him the word, he can forgot easily the next minute. Taught him how to do plus and minus, he can do the first three then suddenly he like lost his mind, forgot how to do the rest. I always end up scolding like a "crazy mad woman", pulling his ear, or use ruler to beat the hand *sigh*, which i really don't want this happen always. Final result, a stress mother + a crying kid = double stress and double sigh.

There was one day, after my boys finish their homework, and we spent sometime sit together and watched tv. I asked Fearles, is he angry with me, that i always scold him when doing homework. He shake his head and said "no", i asked again, why he not angry with me? I always scolded till he cried. He answer " because I always make you angry, that's why you scold me." Awwwww..make me feel more guilt! Fearles is a mature and quiet boy, he don't express himself much and he is not like Cruz, more cheeky and like to talk a lot. When he said this, i am a bit "shock" and also feel a bit "touch" too.

Saturday, April 02, 2011

Korea Family Trip - Day 2

warning ~ lots pictures~

I know i am really slow in my blog updating lately, too many things to do and this year my boys homework are getting heavier. Daily homework, 5 -6 books and weekend will have more to do. *sigh*

How busy i am, i still want to noted down the recent family holidays as a record. Please bear with me, i hope i can update as much as i can, and i will hop over to your blog soon, still catching up on my blog hopping!

Day 2 ~ Everland Korea

We woke up around 9am, get ready and start our journey to Everland. Hub is the tour leader, he

look at the map and we took subway and stop Gangnam station, walked out from the subway station, walked and look for the bus that is going to Everland.

When we came out from the hotel that morning, we saw this at the road side, all items selling at RM5, i didn't get anything, since we are going to Everland i don't want to carry all the things with me to Everland.

this is the subway station that near our hotel, Dongguk Station. Dongguk University also just next to the hotel that we stayed.

everyone line up and wait for the train.

we took subway to Gangnam Station then from there will take city express to Everland.

we took this city bus express to Everland, (sorry this picture we took at night, morning was too busy looking at the bus and forgot to snap a picture of it.) Bus number 5002, direct to Everland.

this is the bus station that we wait for the bus.

After one hour plus we reached Everland. Actually it only took about 50 mins - 1 hour to reach Everland, but due to the bad traffic, it took more than 1 hour.

Once we reach at the main road, we need to take anothe shuttle bus to Eveland. (long journey) :(

shuttle bus will stop at the assign spot. Make sure you noted down which stop you are getting down, when going back time, you wait at the same spot for the shuttle bus.

need some walk before we reach at the entrance, finally!

after purchase the tickets, once inside, you can see a lot stalls selling souvenier and toys, it is something like Hong Kong Disney.

some view of Everland, they are still having Christmas deco, i think because it is still winter.

We reached at Everland around noon time, we are all so hungry, went to this restaurant for our lunch.

other two set of kids meal and me and hub had fried rice and it come with free soup. Look how many bowls of soup we took. :P

we took the cable car to Zoo Topia.

first animal that greet us was the polar bear!!

my boys said, we want to take a picture with the tiger ( at the back)

took picture with white tiger ( at the back)

cute doggies and skunks!

sea lion

we are on time for the sea lion show. Quite interesting, it has story line, but the show was in Korean, we don't understand, but we still laugh and my boys enjoy too.

After the show, we went to the most exciting part!

Snow buster!!!!!! When my boys saw this, they can't wait anymore, carry the float they run up on the escalator and can't wait to slide down!!!

I try very hard to catch up with them, they forgot about me, sliding down, without waiting for me. That show how excited they are!

it's a long way to go up, lucky got escalator. They go round and round and rounds!!

finally the daddy join them, they go more round, and i walked around and look see look see.

i catch some show while the boys were playing with the snow buster with their daddy.

we queue this to ride safari bus for almost 1 hour!!! Long long queue, i don't know why i find safari no more interesting this time compare to 6 years ago on my first visit. It looks like having less animals this time, a bit disappoint.

white tigers..

ligers = lion + tiger.

we stop at this point for quite sometime, watching the bears greet us and the driver was feeding the bears some food.

after safari, we walked around and and saw this bunny mascot, my boys took some picture with the bunny.

hub company the boys go to this haunted house? I am not joining them, it said the house will turn 360 degree and everything will be upside down? After reading the note outside i told hub i will not join them, i wait for them outside. While we are at Everland, the weather was quite warm, i already had some headache, i don't want to get another giddy from this haunted house. According to my boys, it is very interesting, they are very excited and keep tell me what they saw inside.

roller-coaster. Look at it, i already sweat and freeze.

Zoo-topia space tour, i went in with the boys. It something like motion master in Genting Highland, but this is with 4D!!! It look so real and give me some fright!

sky is getting dark, and it is actually only 6pm!!

we miss out this place!! We only saw it when we took the cable car. When my last time here, this place still not ready, still under construction. It is a nice place for photo shooting during night.

took some pictures before we left Everland and it's getting cold again at night.

waiting for the bus. First round it is too many people, hub is queuing and we three sit and wait. We feel hungry, and munch on pop corn.

there is sign at the bus station so we queue according to the bus we took.

finally our bus arrived after 15-20 minutes wait.

reached Gangnam, we decide to eat here instead of going to else. We walked two rounds only decide what to eat. Too many to choose and most are almost the same, cannot decide which one to go in, end up we are having Japanese food.

we are at this small and cozy Japanese restaurant for dinner. Lucky the waitress at the restaurant can speak mandarin, so solve the problem on ordering our food.

Remember on the first day, we arrived early, and they don't have ready room for us? They told us, they are going to change our room on the next day, just ask us to pack the bags and leave it in the room and they will change and move our bags to our new room. When we back to the hotel, i go to reception and collect our new room key/card, and look this is our new room. It look so comfy and the bed is big enough for 4 of us. They got heat toilet seat with all the control buttons, mini bar you can even find facial mask on it!! Of course that will be chargeable .

our new room, and the most exciting part is...................................

we got our own coffee machine in the room!!!!!! We entitle to have two coffee pellet per day.

My cup of espresso!! Smell so good but i am not a black coffee lover, but i still finish it, smell too good to resists!!

That is my day 2....continue will be my day 3, Nanta show...