Friday, April 22, 2011

Reminisce @ Mid Valley

I know i still have not finish my Korea trip post and i got a lot back log post too. :( Hope i can blog as much as i can. Next month, May going to be another busy month for me, and now i got three mini "projects" in hand, i won't reveal it now till i get it done. :)

Want to share some food that we had weeks ago. Read about this place in some blogs, finally i got a chance to try it out.

The eatery place is called "Reminisce", same row as Maybank at Mid Valley. Very unique interior design, it bring back a lot good old days memory when we are still a kid, especially for those who born in year 70's.

you can see this outside at the entrance..

some toys for display, i remember that wooden piano at the bottom shelf, i got one when i am young.

some jellies and chocolates

tennis ball, colorful marbles, and what you call that, can blow a balloon

some toys...


chocolate, i remember when i am young, after i finish all the chocolates i will tie a rubber band at the side and wear it as a mask, are you doing the same as me too? hahahha

Fearles want to take a pictures with all the heroes.

Here come our food.....

Fearles's milo, it looks like the one that serve at Papa Rich - Milo Dinosaur, full of milo powder on top.

Cruz want to have normal nasi lemak, taste quite good.

hubs nasi lemak with curry chicken.

Fearles want to have fried rice. Don't judge by the look, it look normal, but it taste very good! Even hub the choosy eater also said Good.

i order this dried meat and chicken floss sandwiches, i thought just a small portion, it was quite big portion. Bread a bit too dry but they are very generous with the chicken floss.

fried white radish cake, taste ok, it could be better. I still prefer the one at night market, got more "wok hei".

lor mai kai, taste quite good.

A quiet and a comfy place , good for friends gathering or family gathering, food with reasonable price but they only accept cash no credit card.


2ma said...

Thanks for sharing abt this place! Wanna try it one day.

Pete said...

Ha ha ha, the chocolate mask....I remember! LOL!

Merryn said...

wow.. milo dinosaur! That's awesome! I love super thick milo!!! :D

suituapui said...

Lovely place - brings back old memories. The food looks so-so only leh...and at a place like that, I guess they always charge a bit more. :(

I think looking at the photos, the nasi lemak at MigLemon, my friend's shop - a whole lot better...and maybe the price also a whole lot better, dunno. LOL!!!

Small Kucing said...

didn't notice this shop when we went there the other day

mommy to chumsy said...

oh i love the decor. how come i haven't come across this restaurant eh? must check it out. it's kinda like the Otak Otak Place :) Anyway, i don't know much about the 70's cos i wasn't born then...muahahahahahahahahahahahhaa

jacss said...

ahh hah...this place looks very nostalgia huh?? all our childhood toys & goodies :D

Annie Q said...

2ma: Go and try, quite a unique place. Should go with more friends then can try more food.

Pete: heehehe...means we are around the same age la. LOL!

Merryn: heaty heaty, don't drink too thick milo.

STP: Food look so so, but taste quite ok wor, maybe my camera didn't take a good picture that night, because of the lighting. :P
Price still ok la, got air cond got free wi-fi so cannot complain. :)

small kucing: it is outside, that's why not much people notice this place.

mommy to chumsy: Like i said, it is facing outside, that's why not much people notice this place. What? You're not born yet? Sure or not?? hahahhahahhahahahhahahhahaha

Annie Q said...

jacss: yea yea, bring back our childhood memories.

prince n princess mum said...

Very comfy place...

Yee Ling said...

OMG, this place is so nice..can bring back lots of childhood memory. Wana pay a visit someday. i like the lo mai kai.