Monday, May 16, 2011

Bye bye my love

Finally, my two boys quit their "jut jut" ~ Pacifier, just before they turn 6 in another one week time!!! Yeah!

I always thought it is hard to quit them off their "jut jut". "Jut Jut" is their life, is their "comforter" when they feel sad, tired, sleepy. Even when we go holidays their jut jut also follow us to holidays. :S

Fearles, did quit for few times, there was once he quit for 7 days, after that he had his jut jut back again. Then another time he quit for 5 days, end up he took back his jut jut again. As for Cruz, he is a hardcore jut jut fans. He cannot live without his jut jut. I had a hard time to persuade him to give up his jut jut.

When they are young, still baby, i gave them, because it will be easier for me to take care them. When one crying, i just put the pacifier into their mouth, it will pacify them.

Now, let me tell how they quit their "love". Exactly a week ago ( to be exact ~ 9/5/2011), my hub told them, they are going to move to their new room and sleep on their own, they are excited, can't wait to move there. (this is one of my mini project, paint their room, put in deco, bed, wardrobe, that explain why i am being caught up with so many things. Will post that later, when everything ready.)

Back to the story, hub told them, if they are still in their jut jut, they are still baby, so have to sleep with us, cannot go to their new room. Two of them, agree no more jut jut, and today is the 7th days!! So far they are ok, never ask about their jut jut, i think this time will be successful and time to said bye bye to their "love"!

Anyway, i still got a lot their pictures with "jut jut", here are some to share.

when they are 2+, they go to nursery with jut jut and bolster!

we go to PD, they are with jut jut..

they are playing hair dresser at home, and watch tv at the same time, also with jut jut...

two years ago, on their first trip to Hong Kong, they had their jut jut in flight!

Well done, boys!!


suituapui said...

Muahahahahahaha!!!! So big already still on that. Later when they grow bigger, sure they shy to see the photos! We call it tet-tet!

mommy to chumsy said... sad to see them without jut jut huh? good that they managed to quit but this means they are big boys already. now i feel kinda sad that ashley's not sucking her thumb anymore *sniff*

reanaclaire said...

gosh.. cute! old are they now? 5 or 6?

Alice Law said...

LOL, Congratulation!!! Proud of them.. afterall gian is really hard to refrain!

jacss said...

those photos must be very nostalgic... they look very cute in them :D
baobei is also a hardcore fan :P
but then i can't imagine 6 yrs old sucking the pacifiers, hahahaha :D
good job!!

etceteramommy said...

Looking at the pics shown they have grown so much! GOld job boys!! How about their bolster? Kicked the habit too?

CH Voon said...

wakakaka... they look cute with jut jut on it :) wakakaka.. very cute.

My daughter never use jut jut before until now. She don't like.

they look really cute :)

Shenny's mommy said...

Your boys look cute in jut jut. Ha..just wonder how they feel to see their photos with jut jut in public!

Mamapumpkin said...

Waaaa!!! Big boys already!!

Nisha said...

Oh... they must be missing their jut jut's but for the brand new room its okay for them :D hehe.. but u know what they look reallyyy cute and innocent with the jut jut..

Small Kucing said...

The photo of playing hair dresser one is cute.

J suck jut jut 1 day oni. When he had colic when he was 3mths old, i beh tahan . Went buy jut jut for him

he suck 1 day oni then after that ka mau already coz tarak taste LOL...MIL say rugi and tried to give him but he doesnt want anymore lol

Alice said...

congrats or....can save cost already instead of keep on buying pacifiers. my sister has to replace the pacifier every month because her daughters got sharp teeth or what....:P

Annie Q said...

STP: know once you hook on it, really hard to quit, just like those who like smoking, ask them to quit, it is so hard!! *wink*

mommy to chumsy: heheheh..ya wor, suddenly they like so grow up, when they don't quit we nag them to quit, once they quit like not get use to it. :P There was once someone comment, let them had till they want to quit, anyway this is only once in a life time. They won't put back their jut jut once they grow up.

reanaclaire: hehehe..they are still 5 now, next week will be turning 6.

Alice: YES!! Just like what i reply to STP, like those who smoke, ask them to quit, also very hard.

jacss: case is exceptional. Because i got no heart to quit them off, but on the other hand i want them to quit. Now, finally they quit and it's such a easy way. I always thought it is hard.

etceteramommy: no, they still holding and smelling their bolster and sleep. The one i don't mind they to keep till they grown up!! The only comfort thing now. hahahha

CH Voon: heheheh..thank you thank you. Yea, they look cute when they are young but not now, now look naughty! good, your girl never use jut jut, can save a lot also. :)

Shenny's mommy: they should be ok? Since they not shy at all, even how we tell them it is shame to have jut jut in public. Picture, can be a good remembrance for them. :)

mamapumpkin: yea, turning 6 soon. :)

Nisha: hahahahha..thanks Nisha for your sweet comment. :) Ya, jut jut exchange with the new room.

small kucing: cute! Actually from begining Fearles also not into jut jut. Till one fine day, he took Cruz jut jut and suck and only realise this thing is "so good"!! hahahah From there he also start using jut jut.

Annie Q said...

Alice: Ya ya, can save cost already, and pacifiers not cheap also! hahahhaha.. Oh ya, tell me about it, Fearles got sharp teeth too, his pacifier get spoilt very often!! First time here? Thanks for dropping by Alice, will add you in my blogroll.

Bananazą®‡ said...

Well done! It would be interesting to keep the two jut jut until their 21st birthday wrap them up nicely to surprise them..hahaha. My daughter gave it up at age 4 when she got ulcers all over her mouth.

javapot said...

sonny never got the hang of this though he has his personal comforts, some of which took a while to let go.

Ann said...

LOL....the pics when they were big with jut jut so cute! Glad they managed to kick the habit AND move in their own room what more!

Happy are you mummy.

prince n princess mum said...

Wow! Big boys!~

My kids still having pacifier...

Annie Q said...

Bananaz: hahahha, ya wor, great idea, but Fearles one already broken, Cruz one i still keep it and hide it somewhere. They thought it's their daddy throw it away. LOL
Fearles got ulcer in his mouth when he got HFM, that is he give up his jut jut for 7 days, but after that he miss his jut jut again.

javapot: i think if not jut jut then should be ok right? Everyone also has their own personal comforts. Some will keep this comforts till they are old. :)

Ann: Oh yes, they can't wait to move to their own room. Am i happy? hmmmmm...mixed feeling, i will miss their smell, hope i won't be the one that sneak into their room and sleep with them. LOL

prince n princess mum: Don't worry, your kids still very young, let them enjoy. :D

Yee Ling said... cute of them with the jut jut in the plane.

Yvonne said...

I noticed their jut jut are different every year. You must have a wide collection of jut jut :)

Eh, btw how to identify their jut jut when they are the same brand and color?

mNhL said...

Both look so cute with the jut jut. My kids also like to play hair dresser at home. haha

coffeesncookies said...

Did you keep the juit juit for them ? As a memoir of their early years ?