Thursday, May 05, 2011

Korea Family Trip - Day 3

A very back dated post, i know it is already two months i came back from my holidays in Korea, and yet i have not finish update my trip.

Continue with my Day 3........

Before i go for this trip, i do my homework, places want to visit, things want to buy, 1st day go where and second day go where. One of the place in my top list is i want to go for "Nanta Show". Few years ago when i went to Korea, i don't have chance to see Nanta, i told myself, this trip i must go.

We woke up quite late on Day 3, knowing we want to go for Nanta Show and we got the timing. Problem is we didn't book the ticket, we thought of walk in. We approach concierge counter check with them on the Nanta Show and ask them to help us to book for us. They try to call, but the counter was closed, no one is picking up the call. We said we just walk in and try our luck.

We took hotel shuttle bus to Myeong Dong, because there is one theater at Myeong Dong. It is quite easy to locate the place.

We are at the hotel shuttle bus. Every hour they got a shuttle to main shopping district.

We saw this man at the road side, he is advertise for ginseng chicken soup at his restaurant.

Din Tai Fung..

this is our hotel shuttle bus.

Myeong Dong, and can you see the red sign - Nanta?

We are so happy to see the sign and happy it is so near no need to walk far, but when we walk closer, it is closed and they put a sign there said they are closed temporary for renovation. So sad and we look at the Nanta leaflet see which one is the nearest that we can go. Before we leave, i saw skin food next to it, and i went in again. hahahahhahahhahaha

While i am shopping inside skin food, the three boys outside waiting for me and they are queuing for this------------------------- soft ice cream!!

a cute guy is selling the ice cream, and it is long queue.

Fearles look so happy with his tall soft ice cream

Cruz's tall soft ice cream

Two of them didn't want to eat till i come out from the shop and show me their tall ice cream.

We are thinking to find a place to have lunch, but don't know what to eat, end up we have some street food and went into Starbucks to have a cup of coffee and some cakes for the boys. In Korea, you can easily to get coffee, beside than starbucks, they got a lot their own brand coffee.

After a quick bite, we need to walk to Gangbuk to find the Nanta Theater. Look at the map, hub said we can go there by walk, so we just follow....

walk down to Myeong Dong underground shopping centre....

long way to walk......

I think after 15 - 20 mins, we came out from the underground and while we are heading to the theater direction, we heard some loud drum sound from the back. Lucky we turn back and see what is happening. We are at this Deoksu Palace, at first we thought there was film shooting, actually this is daily performance, there will be two or three times a day, cannot remember. Look at the crowd and lucky we manage to squeeze ourselves inside . :)

Deoksu Palace, it look so grand with all the warriors!! We call them "warriors" and general.

My boys want to take a picture with this General!!

even the big one also get excited, he even took a single picture with the General.

Poor mummy was attack by mild gastric (must be the night before that strong coffee + another cup of coffee on the morning itself) feeling not so well and not in the mood to take picture with the General.

After the show, we continue our walk to find Gangbuk Nanta Theatre. I tell you, it is another long walk, but with the cold weather and nice scenery and quiet place, it is actually quite good to walk.

take a break, before continue with the walk again. Look at the beatiful scenery at the back and with very little snow....

along the way, we saw this cute statue...

After 20 mins walk from Deoksu Palace, finally we found Gangbuk Nanta Theater!! But the counter was closed!! The staff want to go for their break. We told the staff that we want to see the evening show, can we buy the ticket or reserve the ticket, at first they ask us to come back, then we told them, if it is already fully booked no point for us to come back again. The staff are very nice, one of them check the seat for us. Ticket all sold out, except left 4 seats which is VIP seat and is seperate seat, two and two. Without thinking, we said ok, reserve the ticket, and we go back later to purchase. That was around 3pm, we got 2 hours to kill before the show start at 5pm. Nearby Gangbuk nothing much to see and shop, so we decide to take a cab to Nam Dae Mun Market.

A lot things to see here, like grocery, seaweed, instant noodles, spoon, chopsticks, shoe, clothes , souvenier, plates, cups and many many more and very crowded too!!!

look at the crowd *faint*

Definetly not up to the mood to shop, when with two kids and not feeling well and plus the crowd. We spent almost one hour there look see, and manage to buy two pairs of shoe for my boys. Clothes are all winter clothes, so save my money. :) We took a taxi back to the Nanta show place.

here we are at the Nanta Theater.

the counter...

souvenir counter

while waiting for the show to start, i was munching on this sweet, big and juicy strawberry that i get from Nam Dae Mun market. It cost RM17, cheap? Actually, after that i saw a few places sell even cheaper, some only sell at RM13 or RM14. :(

the stage

It was an interesting 2 hours show, at first, i worry my boys might not enjoy, but i was wrong, two of them enjoy so much and so do us. It is quite funny and with the loud music, we really enjoy, no regret. We are sitting at VIP seats, and just second and third row from the stage. Don't know lucky or unlucky, hub been "invited" to the stage and participate some "show" too. Too bad, we are not allow to take video or picture during the whole show. If you are interested to know what is all about Nanta Show, here is the link

closer look of the stage, all kitchen utensils

here we are before the show start. Fearles sit front with daddy and Cruz sit with me at the back row.

after the show

after show, everyone is checking out who is the actors for the day.

I was really unwell after the show, we took a taxi back to hotel. After throw out some "wind" from my stomach, i feel a lot better, we decide to walk to the nearby to have dinner. We discover this place while in the morning we took hotel shuttle, they use this short cut way and we only realise actually they are a lot nice restaurant nearby, all hidden and all by walking distance.

We decide to check out this place, korean BBQ .

camwhoring, while waiting for the food. Me and Cruz..

Fearles and daddy..

another picture of me and Cruz....

fresh beef on the hot plate

variety of Banchan ( i just learn this new word)

Fearles enjoy his meat...

Cruz enjoy his meal too...

oh ya, two of them can use chopsticks and eat. :)

duck and pork, so many meat......

Actually i don't have much appetite on that night, and we order too much meat, end up hub have to finish all. LOL

outside the restaurant...

it is freezing cold at night!!!!!

After dinner, we walk back to the hotel and had an early rest.


reanaclaire said...

I saw the Nanta was pretty boring, right? too long la.. hahhaa.. i nearly dozed off..but with the loud music, cannot sleep also... yes, we also threw the balls.. hey, how come u all know where to eat..what to eat... so pandai one!

Small Kucing said...

wa.....the ice cream so Taalllll....tarak topple over very good leh

suituapui said...

You did not go for the ginseng chicken soup? Nice... Wah! Even the ice cream man so those Korean actors. LOL!!!

Bananazą®‡ said...

Its a must not to miss the tall ice cream in Korea haha

etceteramommy said...

You have good memory. After 2 months you can still remember the details.

The General looked intimidating but I like the Nanta show. What did they ask your hubby do? Perform?

Shenny's mommy said...

Now, I realize few things must see and eat at Korea.

Mamapumpkin said...

Looks like you had an amazing time!

jacss said...

i know the beef must be very very yummy :D
i agree the cold weather must be very good for walking, must hv burnt quite a bit of calories too:P